La Brea (2021) s03e03 Episode Script


You want to learn the bow?
Then let one of our best archers
teach you, my daughter.
The day we fell down here,
I was actually on my way
to a job interview.
This is their business card.
I went back out to the chopper,
and I got the tail number.
It's from Ladera Air Force Base.
That's in Los Angeles.
If it's in the same
place it was up there,
then I can find it down here.
If we go to that base,
maybe we find Maya Schmidt.
She could help bring our families back.
When are you going to
give this up, Gavin?
You don't pull yourself together,
- you're going to lose your family.
- Don't you think I know that?
About a year before we got
down here, me and my wife,
we were going through a tough time,
I have a brain tumor.
Since I was diagnosed, I
just pushed my wife away.
She would always tell
me I never put her first,
and she was right.
Can you tell me what date it is?
September 12, 2021.
I found a connection
between Maya Schmidt
and the top secret
military program being run
out of Ladera Air Force Base.
I think we need to find someone
who knows more about that program.
I know exactly who we can talk to.
Who the hell are you two?
Why did you bail me out?

It's a lot to take in.
I know.
But I truly believe the three of us
can help to bring everyone home.
If what you're saying is true,
shouldn't we be warning our families,
warning everyone we know?
That sinkhole won't open for weeks.
Right now, we need your help.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how I can help anyone.
I just time traveled to
2021 from the Ice Age,
and you worked on a classified project
at Ladera Air Base
studying quantum physics.
I believe there's a connection there.
Look, maybe Ladera has the
answers we're looking for.
Can you get us on that base?
I've been to Ladera a thousand times.
I don't remember anything
about a secret project, okay?
I can't explain the
gaps in your memory yet.
And I understand why
this is frightening.
But if you explore this
with us, it will be worth it.
The lives of the people
you love depend on this.
I have to go to the bathroom.

Sure about him?
I'm sure about the man that I knew.
But this Gavin, he's hiding in a bottle.
His memory loss, that
separation from his family,
not to mention what a trauma
he endured on this project,
it's all things he's trying to suppress,
and we're asking him to
do the exact opposite.
What do you think he's going to do?
Either our entreaty will help
pull him out of his tailspin
or it will push him further into it.
I'm going to check on him.

He's not there.
Do you see him?
Well, I guess we know
which way he chose.
One thing I learned as a pilot is
memorize the terrain you fly.
I used to make a milk run to
Ladera Air Base every week.
This is a map to the base.
The terrain is going to look
a lot different in 10,000 BC.
Not the mountains.
That's Santiago Peak.
You can see it from the fort.
Pilots use it as a navigation marker.
Ladera Air Base is 15
miles west, right there.
And you really think Maya
Schmidt will be there?
Look, they already
captured her daughter.
Maybe they've got her, too.
Sam, this is our best
shot at finding out
what Maya knows about Eve,
Josh, and Riley, all of it.
So what's the rescue plan, fellas?
Levi and Petra are also on that base.
There's no rescue plan today.
No, this is just for recon.
We'll bring them back next time.
Okay, yeah.
Stay safe out there, all right?

You've been pretty damn quiet.
Everything okay?
Yeah, fine.
Just keep moving.
Yeah, that's not going to work for me.
We're approaching enemy territory.
I need you watching my back.
So if you're not 100%
right now, I got to know.
Okay, the closer we get to this base,
the more I get the
feeling we're in danger.
Well, we knew that much when we started.
I know.
It's different, like there's
something I should remember
about this place, but I can't.
There's another hole in your memory?
I just don't know what
I'm trying to remember.
All I know is everything is telling me
we should turn back,
and I don't know why.
One of the ways I survived Afghanistan
was trusting gut instincts,
and not just my own.
We don't take another step
until we figure out what's going on.

Stay still.

Or we run.

Don't move.
We're in the middle of a minefield.
Look for tripwires,
cracks in the ground,
places plants don't grow.
People from the base
must've laid these mines.

Hey, see those rocks over there?
Maybe there's a path out here.
I don't trust that right now.
Sam, chopper.
Coming in fast.
Guess we don't have a choice.
Ready to run?

I can't believe that worked.
Do not move.
I just finished sweeping the area.
Still no sign of him.
Maybe we try his home?
No, no, Gavin's already moved
out of the house at this point.
He is in the depths of his alcoholism.
Given that and how he left,
I'd say he's probably
at the nearest bar.
There's a half a dozen
of them around here.
How about I take these three?
- Are you okay there?
- Yeah.
You've been checking
your watch all morning.
Look, it's just, seeing
Gavin like this, it reminds me
of the dark place I was
in my life right about now.
I get it.
But right now, we need to find Gavin.
No, you're right.
I'll take these three bars.
You get the rest.

Yeah, I understand.
Thank you.

What are you what are you doing here?
I thought you could
use someone to talk to.
- That was your editor, wasn't it?
- Why the hell are you here?
- Look, I just
- The divorce is final.
You made it clear you
wanted to be on your own,
and frankly, I don't want to
be anywhere near you, so

I don't need you to therapize me.
I won't.
I am just here as your friend.
A friend, huh?
I was cruel to you for too long.
I pushed you away when I shouldn't have.
The cancer made me
It is far too late to
try and make amends.
I realize that, I do.
But it's not too late for
me to try and help you.
See, I'd say you're wrong
because I failed at being a lawyer.
I failed at our marriage.
I'm clearly failing at being
a writer, which you've said all
along was a waste of my time.
No, Sophie,
I just said those things
to take my anger out on you.
Your book is good.
Now, what part of, I
don't want to talk to you,
don't you understand?
Soph, wait, please.
Tonight, you're going to make a mistake,
one that you can't undo,
unless you make a change.
Mistakes are the only thing I'm good at.

Look at you.
This is like a romance novel cover,
which means I'm in a tawdry
tryst with the stable boy.
How naughty.
Get your fantasizing in while you can.
With any luck, I'm not going
to be a stable boy much longer.
- Mm.
So there's an open seat
in the leadership council.
Apparently one of the members
got hurt during the pterodactyl attack.
But I'm thinking about asking Ruth
to put my hat in the ring.
I feel like we just started
making inroads with her.
You really think now's the time to push?
- Oh, it's got to be now.
- Why?
We need someone from the
clearing on the council
to be advocating our position.
Our life is here now, and we
need to take control of it.
Oh, it's on.
We are getting you on that council.
Damn right we are.

Trespassers apprehended.
Standing by at rendezvous point.

Is it an animal?
I think someone else is out there.
Sam, what's happening?

We need to get moving.
More of them are coming.
Hey, I appreciate the help,
but we're not going anywhere
until you tell us who you are.
Oh, my God.
Sam, I think we should go with her.
Why would we do that?
Because that's Maya Schmidt.

Over there.

We'll be safe until the patrols pass.
Why were you out there in the woods?
I'm trying to find my daughter.
- You mean Petra?
- You've seen her?
Where is she?
Those people came for
her and took her away.
- Where?
- Listen, we'll help you find Petra, okay?
But I need to ask you
some questions first.
I got a message saying
you were the key to helping
me find my wife, Eve.
- You know where she is?
- Gavin, I have no idea.
I didn't know your wife was missing.
No, no, no, no, no.
I was very specifically
given your call sign.
I need to know why.
Hey, why would someone tell me that?
I'm sorry. I don't know what to say.
Hold on.
Let's start from the beginning.
This classified program
you two worked on together,
what was it about?
Well given that we're
standing in 10,000 BC,
I don't think it'll
come as a great shock
when I tell you that the
government was conducting
time travel experiments
at the Ladera Air Base,
and you and a handful of pilots
were at the center of
testing that technology.
What was the objective?
Imagine your unit was bombed, a tragedy.
But what if he could send a plane
playing back in time
and destroy the enemy
before they attacked?
It would change war forever.
What you're saying is on a level
with breaking the sound barrier
or building the atom bomb.
- I should remember that.
- You should.
But it was my job to
make sure you didn't.
The program valued
secrecy above all else.
Once an asset's work was complete,
I was tasked with
making sure they didn't
- remember any part of it.
- How?
Over the years, we've
perfected a biological cocktail
that induces targeted memory loss.
I have a year of my life
that I can't remember.
I am truly sorry.
- That's not good enough!
- Hey, hey.
You're right.
I know that now. I know that firsthand.
What does that mean?
I was going to become a whistleblower,
expose the project.
But before I could, I was caught.
Petra and I were locked up and
brought here, but we escaped.
We ran, but we got separated.
It doesn't make any sense.
Why would someone tell me
that you could find Eve, huh?
Maybe it's about something
I made you forget.
There could be a way to find out.
You're saying there's a way
to bring back my memories?
I'm saying I can try.

Thanks for coming with me on the hunt.
So what do you miss most
about where you're from?
I miss mint chip ice cream.
Imagine a combination of
snow, cream, and sugar.
Sometimes I feel like the
world is this huge place,
and I know absolutely nothing about it.
I feel that way all the time.
After my accident, I was told
there was a lot of things I couldn't do.
Not by my mom.
You know what she would
say about those people?
Screw them.
I wish my mom was like that.
What does your mom think
of you being a warrior?
She hates it.
She wants me training
to be on the council.
But you know what I'm going to
say about her rules next time
she brings them up?
Screw them.
She's going to love that.

What's wrong?
This is where the hunting
party was supposed to gather,
but they didn't wait.
It doesn't matter. We're
going to find our own boar.
Hold on.
You said these boars were dangerous.
Are you sure it's safe with just us?
We'll be fine.
So what if we don't get our own boar?
You don't have to prove anything.
Watch out!

- Leyla?
- Down here.

Can you get out?
It's a tar pit.
I can't move.

Stop. Struggling is only
going to make you sink faster.
What am I supposed to do?

You're not strong enough
to get me out yourself.
Go back to the fort and get help.
Izzy, you're not going to
pull me out with a dead branch.
There's boars all over here, right?
And saber-tooths, and dinosaurs
and who knows what else.
So leave me my bow.
You taught me, you can't
fire without leverage.
You're a sitting duck right now.
There's no way I'm leaving you.
Take it.
Don't fall in, too.
You ready?
You said it would take a while
for our groups to begin to mesh,
but I'm starting to see progress.
Me as well.
A lot of that's thanks to you.
Oh, all I try to do is
figure out how to turn
obstacles into opportunities.
Sounds like something Lucas would say.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Actually, I think I
see a bit of you in him,
the same calm under
pressure, the same ability
to get along with everyone.
The same desire to sit
on the Leadership Council?
I know what you are doing.
It's only fair that we
have a voice on the Council.
And I'm only pushing Lucas because he'd
be good at the job.
But also you love him,
and love blinds people.
Not when it comes to this.
Lucas isn't who anyone
expected would lead us.
When he first showed up here,
he wasn't the best person at all.
But then he made a decision to change,
to be more than what he was.
With your help.
I helped him live what he said.
And then I watched him grow
into a person who everyone
agreed should speak for us.
He's fair, he's honest, and he wants
what's best for everyone.
That's the kind of person you
should want on your Council.
It is fascinating to learn how a person
finds the means to grow.
Thank you for sharing your story.
Actually, there is something
else I'd like to discuss.
Even if you get that fire started,
the hunting party's
two valleys away by now.
They're not going to see it.
Stop. You're making me nervous.
What do you want me to do, then?
I don't know. Just talk
about something else.
I don't want to talk
about something else.
I'll ask you a question.
How many boar have you killed?
I thought you were a great shot.
I am.
But maybe I'm scared to miss.
What if I don't hit it,
and that proves my mother right?
I shouldn't be a warrior.
I don't want to live in a
box that anyone makes for me.
I get it.
I spent a lot of time fighting
against the same thing back home.
I'm kind of an outsider, too.
I did have one person that got me,
but then I lost him.
Your boyfriend?
No, my brother.
My twin.
We were completely inseparable.
What happened to him?
A few months ago, a
sickness came over the fort.
My brother and my father passed away.
My brother told me I was
destined to become a great hunter.
I wanted to come back with
a boar so he could see me,
so he could be proud.
Whenever I doubted myself
or others doubted me,
- he would say
- Screw them?
Something like that.

That's why I wanted
to hunt a boar today.
That's why I have something to prove.
No, we don't have time for fire.

There's a bottle in the cupboard ♪
Up on the top shelf ♪
I just got your message.
Thank God you found him.
Did you talk to him? Did you
ask if he could get us on the base?
Yeah, I tried. He's not listening.
Maybe you'll have better luck.
Hey, can I get a scotch neat, please?
You're going to try and bribe
me with a drink now, huh?
This one's for me.
Nothing you can do is
going to change my mind.
Besides, there's nothing in my mind
that can help you, anyway.
What I think this is really about
is your fear of facing a
painful part of your life.
But I'm done trying to convince you.
Excuse me. Another one, please.
You know, you say you have it bad.
And to be fair, you do.
But for me, being back
here, all it's done
is forced me to relive every
awful mistake I've made.
And what's worse, no
matter how hard I try to fix
those mistakes, I can't.
What kind of mistakes?
My ex-wife, she relied heavily
on alcohol and pills.
Over the course of our divorce,
it all started up again.
My life was ending, and I
allowed that to swallow hers.
Tonight, Sophie will try to fight
her demons at an AA meeting.
It won't work.
She'll walk out into the parking lot,
drink a fifth of vodka, get in her car,
and accidentally blindside
a young family's SUV.
The father will slip into a coma.
- What happens to him?
- I don't know.
He was still in the coma
when I fell in the sinkhole.
What I do know is that my mistakes have
left a path of destruction.
I broke a good woman's
heart, and it ruined her life.

You should tell her what you know.
Me as the messenger is the problem.
Maybe when it comes to you as well.
You're being a coward, Gavin.
I'm trying to get you
back to your family,
but it's never going to
happen if you're sitting here.
All I need to know is,
are you ready to face
your fears or not?

This should be enough.
Care to explain why
you're picking mushrooms?
What I've picked is poison.
Ingest too much, and you'll
slip into cardiac arrest,
but native people have been using
this fungus for centuries
to open their minds.
Great. So you want to get me high.
I want to expand your mind and guide
you to the memories you lost.
I'm a doctor.
I'm going to need more
than a caveman version
of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas."
In my line of work, I've used it
and other drugs like it extensively.
What exactly is it that you do?
I'm a PSYOPs officer in the Air Force.
Essentially, my job is
to manipulate behavior.
I've done it for ill, but
now I want to do it for good.
This will just take a minute.

Hey, you up for this?
That drug could be dangerous.
Yeah, it could be.
But, Sam, if this woman can help me
see something that will get Eve back,
I got to take that chance.

It's ready if you are.

Okay, good boy.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What was that for?
I thought you had a
thing for stable boys.
You okay?
I got to tell you something.
That doesn't sound good.
Ruth is impressed with you.
But she's also impressed with me.
She offered me the Council seat.
Why would she do that?
I told you, she's impressed with me.
Is that so hard to believe?
I mean, no, of course not.
You're amazing.
I'm just wondering why she
chose you out of the blue.
Look, I know what this means to you,
but you don't need to be on the
Council to get everyone's respect.
- You already have that.
- Okay, I know that.
So then why can't you
just be happy for me?
Veronica, I'm sorry. I am happy for you.
I am.
We don't need to talk
about this anymore.
Ruth wanted me to meet
the rest of the Council,
so I'll see you later, okay?

I think it's almost
long enough to reach you.
Hang in there.
We gotta get you out of there.

Come on. Keep going.
Come on.
Keep going.
It's a boar!
Get your bow.

Damn it.
- You did it.
- We did it.
Yeah, we did.
I need a bath.
- A little bit, yeah.
- Mm-hmm.
Thank you, Sara, for sharing.
So it's time to wrap up.
But first, I want to
acknowledge something.
Sophie, we haven't seen
you in a few months,
but you're here today.
Care to share anything?
- Not today.
- Okay.
I'd like to say a few words.
Sorry, it's been a while, but I
I felt like I had to come today.
I'm Gavin, and I'm an alcoholic.
ALL: Hi, Gavin.
The last few years, I've been hiding,
not from anyone out
there, but from myself.
I've been hiding in bars, alleys,
anywhere there's alcohol.
It's just easier than
facing my problems head on.
Liquor makes us believe
the biggest lie we all
have to face in this room,
that we're broken and can't be fixed.
Recently, somebody came into my life,
and they said that they could
help get me back on track.
But I didn't believe them.
In fact, when they said the
words that I needed help,
I got angry.
I got scared, and I did what I always do
when help comes along.
I ran,
ran straight to the bottle.

And that person came back.
And I think if you try and
knock someone down so hard,
but they still come
back and try to help you,
then I think you have to believe
that that person gives a damn.
Everyone in this room
needs someone who gives a damn
As none of us can do it on our own.

Can we talk?

Gavin, you're ready to
access the memories you lost.
But we have to guide
you to the right one.
You told me you got a message about Eve.
Where did it come from?
It was a signal, came
through a double aurora.
I want you to focus on that.
Picture that aurora.
What else does it trigger?

Gavin, are you all right?
Help me steady him.
Gavin. Gavin.

Let him rest.
That's what he needs right now.

How's your dad?
He's asleep.
Sam says he's going to be okay.
What about you?
Much better now that I got the tar off.
Really glad you had
that baby powder stuff.
Worked miracles.
Where did you learn that?
From the internet.
I'll explain later.
I never got to thank
you for staying with me
and keeping me safe.
You don't have to.
I do.
It's really nice to
have someone who cares.
You do feel that way, right?
I do.

I thought so.

Whoa, whoa. Take it easy.
- What happened?
- You scared the hell out of us.
You've been out for hours.
How are you feeling?
Sam, I feel like a ten-beer hangover.
Did it work? You get back any memories?
Yeah, I saw something, a double aurora.
And there was a safe.
- I opened it.
- What was inside?

There was some kind of microchip,
and I think I was stealing it.

But nothing about Eve or where
she could be, how to find her?
No, no, no, no, no. It was just a chip.
What do you think that means?
Maybe whoever sent
that message was never
trying to help us find Eve.
Could be they only want the
information inside of your head.
And they just wanted
the microchip all along.

Look, I
I think some time in rehab is
what I really need right now.
You have no idea how
happy that makes me.
Sophie, I am sorry about everything.
I know we didn't work out,
but I wouldn't be the man
I am today without you.
I'm sorry I can't do
anything to help you.
I know you don't have much time.
No, I'm actually hopeful
in that department,
taking something experimental.
But I need you to focus
on your better place.
You deserve love and happiness.
You need to promise
me you'll keep writing.
Do you really think it's worth it?
I do.
Thank you, Ty.
Be well, Soph.

So what did Sophie say?
I think Gavin's speech made
her see things differently.
I just said what I felt.
Well, what I heard made me
think you're ready to take
a step forward, too.
I am.
If there's a way to get us onto
the base, I'm going to find it.
That's the Gavin I know.
All right.
Let's say we get out of
here and talk next steps.
- Yeah, works for me.
- Let's do it over a coffee this time.


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