La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e01 Episode Script


( Electric guitar plays )
( Rock beat plays )
Use delusion, wait,
and when the stars fly down ♪
catch a real shining,
look what you will see ♪
( Yelling and groaning )
In the whirling wind
from night end ♪
you will draw the words
of wisdom you'll need ♪
peace ♪
love ♪
( Sirens wailing )
Through the world you're
wheeling all your games ♪
You've been found guilty
of murder in the first degree.
I am sentencing you
to life in prison
without the possibility
of parole.
( Screaming )
Nikita: I didn't kill anyone.
Good morning.
I'm not going to hurt you.
What is this?
You're not in prison anymore.
The world thinks you're dead.
This is your funeral.
Row eight, plot 30.
My mama didn't come?
We've decided to give you
another chance.
This is where you'll train.
This is where you'll learn.
After two years,
if everything goes well
you'll work for us.
Why me?
A woman with your looks
who can kill in cold blood.
( Crying ): I didn't.
I didn't.
I didn't kill anyone!
( Keys jangling )
When you attack someone
from behind
go for the kidneys.
It disables
and they can't fight back.
Consider that your first lesson.
I don't want them.
I don't want lessons!
We start tomorrow morning
5:00 A.M.
And if I don't want to?
Row eight, plot 30.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit, dans la nuit.
Where am I going?
To meet your new mother.
So who are you?
My father?
Wait here.
They seem to think
you have potential.
Who's "they"?
Who are you?
I'm Madeline.
"They" are section one.
They own you now.
I didn't know I was for sale.
Please, sit down.
If you want to live,
it has to be on their terms.
So please, do sit down.
Look at yourself.
Admire yourself.
See your beauty.
You can learn to shoot,
you can learn to fight
but there's no weapon
as powerful
as your femininity.
We're family now, nikita.
She don't see his roving eye ♪
it never roves
when it's on her ♪
her friends
all look the other way ♪
and get together to confer ♪
someday he might spin around
to find his only one ♪
I tightened all the knots
till they were strong ♪
and gave away the heart
where I belong ♪
I tightened all the knots
till they were strong ♪
I wish they would break ♪
she don't notice
that he greets ♪
some objects
like they have no end ♪
You're late.
The training went long.
Take a look at this.
Van vactor.
He's brokering an alliance
between multiple anti-western
terrorist groups
Shining path, Hezbollah
everyone from the middle east
to the far east.
That doesn't make sense.
Half of them are enemies
to each other.
But their biggest enemy is us.
He's coming here to put
an operation in place.
Do we know the when and where?
No, but we think there's
an itinerary downloaded
onto a p.D.A.
Walter's on it.
He'll update you.
Michael, about nikita
What about her?
I've been watching her.
She lacks discipline.
She needs a little more time.
It's been two years.
That's our policy.
If we start making exceptions
we're no better than the c.I.A.
Cancel her.
I think that would be a mistake.
It would be a mistake
to become emotionally attached
to the material.
It has nothing to do with that.
I think she could be
a good operative.
If she fails, you fail.
That's it.
Very good.
How's it going?
You tell me.
Have Madeline get something
nice for you to wear.
We're going out.
What do you mean, "going out"?
Dinner. Tonight.
You've earned it.
That's it.
Much more focus.
( Piano dinner music playing )
Madeline taught you well.
( Chuckles )
It's hard to believe I'm here.
Where should you be?
I don't know.
It's just that I lived
on the streets for so long.
Why did you run away?
I didn't.
My mother preferred
her new boyfriend
And he didn't like me.
So she told me to get out.
( Chuckles )
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I never was.
You've come a long way
( Chuckling )
What? Say it.
The blonde-haired man
sitting behind me
has a p.D.A. In his briefcase.
Get it.
When you get the unit
don't leave through the front.
There's a window
in the ladies room.
Use that.
It leads to an alley.
The car will be waiting.
I-I thought we were
If you're not out of
there in five minutes
the car will leave without you.
I can't do this.
Five minutes.
If you don't mind
Wait till I leave.
Open it!
I've got my men everywhere.
You'll be dead
in a matter of seconds.
( Sirens approaching )
You knew?
We had to see
if you could improvise.
Did you get the p.D.A.?
Why didn't you tell me
This was a job
Instead of pretending?
No matter what state of mind
you're in, you have
to be able to perform.
You're sick.
You don't want a person.
You want a machine.
I can't do that.
You just did.
Let's go.
What's this place?
You'll see.
No, not until you
tell me what we're doing here.
Nikita, please.
You live here?
No. You do.
It's yours.
I hope you like it.
What do you mean
Everything you need
is in there
I.d., driver's license,
credit cards.
Tell no one who you are
or what you do.
Anyone asks, you're between jobs
and taking some time
to figure things out.
Your code name is Josephine.
What do I do now?
How long?
Could be a day
could be a month.
( Rhythm and blues
music playing )
All right ♪
mm-hmm ♪
I hope I can do this ♪
I'd start with the boys
that hang at the pier ♪
like bats in the night,
get tangled in your hair ♪
I'd take away the weekend
shore leave lovers ♪
that flood the ports
with drunken tales of far away ♪
I'd take
away the Eiffel Tower ♪
I'd take
away the Port of Spain ♪
I take your yellow coat ♪
no more romantic walks
in the pouring rain ♪
then I'd make washboard,
wind-blown, sea-side ♪
prep school boys disappear ♪
that flock in the summer
like gulls to the beach ♪
( Knocking on door )
( Volume decreases )
( Knocking )
that make you
look away from me ♪
( Knocking )
Then I'd have you all ♪
to myself ♪
doo-da, doo-UN-doo ♪
yeah ♪
ah ♪
all right ♪
I'd take away the guy with
the monkey-wrench smile ♪
( Knocking )
like a corner-store crook
on a prison break ♪
or a porno queen
in a party cake ♪
I'd take away
the Spanish steps ♪
I'd take away
the golden gate ♪
I'd take away everything ♪
oh, just to have you all ♪
To myself ♪
doo-da, doo-UN-doo ♪
Hey hi.
Um I'm Carla.
I live across the hall.
Welcome to the building.
It's a
It's a coffee plant.
Who sent you?
Who sent me?
Listen, if, uh
If this is a bad
time for you, I can
I can always come back later.
I'm nikita.
Uh, you want to come in?
You sure?
I'm a carpenter.
My mother still hasn't
quite recovered
from the shock of it all yet.
Whenever anyone asks her
what I do, she tells them
I'm an interior designer.
At least,
you like what you're doing.
Yeah. Ever since I was a kid,
I wanted to build stuff.
So what do you do?
I'm I'm between jobs
At the moment.
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
Hmm, well
You'll figure it out.
( Phone rings )
You want to go get
something to eat?
Yeah, sure.
I know this great burger joint.
( Phone rings )
Michael: Josephine
Take off your clothes.
Okay, this opens like
a normal lipstick.
This is your
explosive right here.
You jam it into the door
and then, you arm it right here.
( Beeping )
Michael: Okay, target's name
is Gideon Van vactor.
He's in suite 2105
with his mistress.
We have a 30-minute window.
She's expendable; He's not.
Take him alive.
Team one, you'll be
the coolers on this one.
Stay in position
as long as possible.
If you have to break,
two pulses.
Team two, you'll
be working the rim.
Okay, one more thing:
We don't know where
all his people are.
Be prepared for anything.
( Beeping )
I need her now.
This is your comm set.
Remember try and
keep your head still.
Team one in position.
Just two more on the left.
The control key is confirmed.
She has access to the room.
Now what?
Put the plastique on the door
And remember be quiet.
He's in the next room.
On two
Jo, someone's coming in.
Who are you?
Hey. Hey, easy.
Please, I'm just the bellhop.
Shoot him.
What are you doing in this room?
He's one of them. Shoot him.
Shoot him now.
Now, nikita! Now!
( High-pitched hum )
( Grunts )
Everyone abort!
Get your teams
off the perimeter! Now!
Let's move! Let's move!
Get up.
Section one
Is the most clandestine
on the planet.
It's our job
To bring down the criminals
and terrorists
that no one else can get.
I can't do what
you want me to do.
Mistakes are not an option.
I can't pull the trigger.
Why not?
Because I'm not
who you think I am.
I'm not a killer.
The moment I believe
that, nikita
You're canceled.
( Beeping )
Got something.
What is it?
It's Van vactor.
He's on his way to the airport.
All right,
find an intersecting point.
Start sequencing.
What's going on?
Looks like
a car accident.
( Siren wailing )
( Short siren blasts )
( Person groaning )
( Groaning )
It's a trap!
( Gunfire )
( Automatic weapons fire )
Never thought we'd see
the light ♪
I just want to be alone ♪
broken, shattered
splintered light ♪
I just wanna be back home ♪
stickers plastered
on the roof ♪
He's running!
Team two and three,
neutralize the area.
Team one, pursue.
bit off more
than you could chew ♪
I bit off more
than I could chew ♪
took you downtown I know ♪
there are some things
I wish I never knew ♪
( Whispering ): Stan.
Damn it.
We've lost team one.
( Whispering ): Michael?
They don't work down here.
( Groaning )
In here.
Pin him.
Why don't I know you?
You see, I make a point
of knowing my enemies
of which I have many.
You're lovely.
Yes, I definitely would
remember those eyes.
( Gunshot )
( Screaming )
Okay, should we end this misery?
Let's prolong the entertainment.
( Gunshot )
( Stan screams )
He's a friend of yours,
isn't he?
Go to hell.
Let's try something different.
Where do you come from?!
( Gunshot )
( Grunting )
You okay?
All right, let's go.
Fill the cup full
of blood red ♪
Blood red ♪
blood red ♪
fatal overdose again ♪
again ♪
every labored ♪
Breath is
now crowded out by ♪
Pain and the ♪
Downpour on the wind ♪
( Phone ringing )
shield ♪
hits like ♪
( Phone ringing )
Michael: Josephine.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit, dans la nuit.
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