La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e02 Episode Script


( Screaming )
Who do you work for?
Did you make the bomb
or you just set it off?
Do you know how many people
you killed tonight?
I promise you this will be
the worst day of your life.
But it doesn't have to be
the last.
Who do you work for?
Jovan mijovich will die.
How do you know
mijovich is coming?
We know everything
we need to know.
Who's "we"?
Whatever it takes.
( Crunch )
Man: What's he doing?
Man 2: Stop him!
Cyanide capsule hidden
in a tooth.
We don't have much time.
You work every contact you know.
Assemble the team.
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Joseph, cherchez la femme.
Dan la nuit. Dan la nuit.
Jovan mijovich.
He's the key to peace
in his corner of the world.
Mijovich has agreed to negotiate
with opposing forces
at a neutral site.
The agency was in charge
of security.
It's been breached three times
in the past two weeks.
By whom?
We should find out
from a contact soon.
Nikita, you'll take the meet.
In the meantime, security
has been transferred to us.
Mijovich arrives in 24 hours.
The man is
a brilliant politician
but he's indiscreet.
He's bragged
about the negotiations
rather carelessly
and it will create
considerable difficulties
for security.
Now, the tracker's in the heel
and you activate it by kicking
the back of your shoe.
( Beeps )
( Pulsing tone )
All right.
Only transmit when necessary.
You want me to put it
on for you, sugar?
Just give it here, Walter.
( Phone rings )
10:00 A.M.
Here you go, miss.
Thank you.
( Tires squealing )
( Screams )
You were supposed to be here
four minutes ago.
When I give a time
it's 'cause it has to be
that time, understand?
You got something or not?
( No audio )
What the hell's this?
Hi. Um, Julie roark, remember?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to-to interrupt something.
Don't worry about it.
No, listen!
Monroe elementary, remember?
Um, fourth grade,
and Mrs. Willette
She used to keep separating us.
We were best friends.
I'm sorry. You must be mistaken.
No. I don't think so.
No. I think you're confusing
me with somebody else.
Excuse me.
If you do happen to remember
I work on the second floor
across the street.
It was
It was nice to see you.
The legion.
extremely well connected.
Believed responsible
for the world games bombing.
Three airline crashes.
Fun group.
I took a list of the names
from the peace talks
and crossed them
against a list of names
from legion detractors.
Jovan mijovich.
He had
two legion members executed
for trying to breach
one of his offices.
If mijovich knew
the legion was so close to him
he'd break off the negotiations
and head for home.
So it's up to us
not to let him find out.
How was the meet?
No glitches?
Unless you count the fact that
the contact's a basket case.
Oh, and I ran into someone
who said
she knew me in grade school.
I didn't recognize her.
But she recognized you.
I guess so.
Is that a problem?
Well, what was I supposed to do?
It's okay.
We'll take care of it.
What do you mean?
( Woman screams )
( Screams )
( Screams )
No, I-I-I know
but it's just that
our records
( Screams )
Help me!
Help me!
( Screams )
( Screams )
( Groans )
No! No! Please,
please don't hurt me.
I won't.
Let's get out of here.
Come with me now!
( Sirens blaring )
( Gasping )
What is going on?
Why were you wearing a mask?
And why were those people
shooting at us?
Shh. Keep it down.
( Sobbing ): I can't.
You can and you will,
or I'll do it for you.
Please, just tell me.
What is going on?
It may not feel
like it right now
but I just saved your life.
Why would somebody
want to kill me?
What did I do?
Nothing. You just happened
to be in the wrong place
at the wrong time.
Then then I'll go
to the police.
You can't keep me here.
( Loud knocking )
Do what I say
if you want to stay alive.
( Gasping )
Nikita: Just a minute.
Where were you an hour ago?
Come in.
I was shopping. Why?
What did you buy?
I couldn't find
anything I liked.
What's going on?
We sent someone to pick up
your friend.
Someone else
got there first
took her away.
You think that someone was me?
Who else would have done it?
Well, the contact I met
at the pool hall this morning
certainly seemed, uh
crazy enough.
Mijovich's plane lands
in two hours.
I hope you're telling the truth.
Otherwise, you'll only end up
hurting yourself.
And your friend.
Who are you?
You all right?
I can't give details.
You'll have to trust me.
You'll have to disappear.
Wha-what are you talking about?
I'm not going to do anything
until you tell me
what's going on.
When you saw me in the pool hall
I was involved
in something dangerous.
No one was supposed to see.
I didn't
I didn't see anything.
You saw me. Who cares?
Look, I can't tell you any more.
Julie, we've got to get you
out of the country.
Out-out of the country?
( Sighs )
What about my family?
What do I tell them?
You can't tell them anything.
You don't tell anyone anything.
But they'll think
that I'm
Oh, my god.
I'm supposed to make
my mother supper
on Saturday night.
Oh, my mom.
I'll protect you.
I swear.
Man: Perimeter guards in place.
Our guest is anxious to deplane.
Man: Standing by.
We're in position.
I had thought I would be
too busy for pleasure
but I think you have
changed my mind.
Very nice.
Very beautiful hair.
Stop it.
Oh, yes, that's much
more interesting.
Very, very nice.
I said stop it.
Oh, we don't need
to take it so far.
Then it won't be fun anymore.
I'm part of the security team.
Hands off.
Mijovich: You
are a bodyguard?
( Chuckling )
Oh, sweetheart
( Yells )
All right, all right,
I believe you.
( Chuckles )
( Grunts )
My, uh, sincere apologies.
Forget about it.
I'm sorry if I was
a little rough.
Oh, I don't mind
a little roughness
now and again.
You must allow me to atone
for offending you.
A dinner perhaps.
I've always wanted to try Sushi.
There's a rumor going around
that the real reason you're here
is to negotiate peace
for your country.
Yes, but does that mean
I must ignore
my natural human urges?
Speaking of which
The facilities on the plane
were sadly lacking.
You can't.
We're on a tight
What is wrong?
Nothing. Ready to go?
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, I would like to suggest
that you be my
personal bodyguard.
Remove the bodies.
( Yells )
It's me. It's me.
I'm sorry.
I must have fallen asleep.
I didn't
I didn't even hear you come in.
You all right?
Watch your head.
So what's going to happen to me?
You'll need a new name.
A new identity.
A new name?
I can arrange that.
A couple of days,
we'll put you on a train.
To where?
Wherever you want.
You just can't tell anyone.
Well, except for you, right?
No, not even me.
Nikita, I don't think
that I can live like that.
You know, I mean, every moment
of my life is going to be a lie.
You can do whatever you have to.
And you will.
Your name, how you look
the pieces of paper you carry
none of it matters.
Because nothing can change
what's inside here.
Go on, put it on.
( Chuckles )
( Chuckles )
I don't even look like myself.
Mirrors lie.
Just don't ever lie to yourself
and you'll be okay.
( Both laughing )
( Pop music playing )
There's one thing missing.
A tattoo.
Oh, come on, don't worry.
It'll wash off.
This just reminded me of the
Of the time we snuck
into your mom's bathroom.
I stole her lipstick.
She got mad at you.
Is it going
to be all right, nikita?
I mean, really.
Oh, nice.
I like it.
( Laughing )
( Clanking )
They're coming for me.
Stay here.
It's probably nothing.
( Whispers ): Nikita?
( Electrical crackling )
Where is mijovich staying?
( Water dripping )
I don't know.
( Electrical crackling )
( Gasping )
I don't know.
( Coughing and gasping )
It's in your power to end this.
You can be safe again,
free of pain.
No, wait.
( Beeping )
You have the courage of a man.
How would you know?
Perhaps you think
I'm the good cop
and he's the bad cop.
We're both the good cop.
In the next room is the bad cop.
Bring him on.
Nikita, I'm upset with you.
You told me this would wash off.
( Squeaking )
( Clears throat )
I, uh
I don't want you to
get me wrong, nikita.
I really enjoyed
our time together.
I did.
It's just that there are
more important things in life
than playing dress-up.
Like fighting
for what you believe in.
But then, you know, you're not
in this because, uh
Because you believe in a cause
but because you have no choice.
Hey, you know, tell me,
what what do you believe in?
How did you?
What? Get onto you
in the first place?
Section one isn't quite as
invisible as it likes to think
and we're very good
at what we do.
All those things
you knew about me
Actually, we probably
know more about you
than you know about yourself.
And the real Julie roark
was most helpful.
Before we disposed of her.
Now you tell me
what I want to know.
Look at me.
You tell me what I want to know
and you're free.
You'll live.
is mijovich right now?
Go to hell.
She's not going
to tell us what
we want to know
not in time anyway.
So I'm going to do what I can.
Kill her.
( Coughs )
I thought she was my friend.
The legion kidnapped her.
They must have been onto
our contact from the start
followed him to the cafe
saw the three of you together.
They grabbed her first.
Then, when they realized
their mistake
they went after you.
I'll notify the section.
When they debrief you
that's the story you'll tell.
Michael, why are you doing this?
Mijovich leaves in an hour.
So, peace talks have concluded
before our own negotiations
had a chance to get started.
What a pity.
Cheer up.
When war breaks out again,
you can come back.
I don't suppose either of us
would want that to happen.
I'll drink to that.
Then come with me.
I've told them to have champagne
on the plane this time.
Well, perhaps
I will come back one day
just to have Sushi with you.
( Chuckles )
All set.
She's all yours.
I feel her.
She's here.
Don't even think about it.
Come on.
Pull the trigger, nikita.
The world would be
a safer place if I did.
Then do it.
I'm not spending
the rest of my life
rotting away
in some prison cell.
Who are you?
Do it!
What's your name?
You want to know who I am?
This is who I am.
( Yelling )
( Moaning )
( Moaning )
( Moaning stops )
Nikita remains a puzzle.
She continues to break
section code
and yet she manages to succeed.
What code did she break?
Please, Michael.
You've been here long enough.
Information is what we do here.
If you don't think
I know every detail
of every operation
Why didn't you find Julie
the first time you went
to nikita's apartment?
I looked everywhere.
One would think
you didn't want to find her.
That's not true.
Nikita's not a trainee anymore.
She has to be held up
to the same standards
as everyone else.
If you can't demand that of her
then you both become
a liability.
That'll be all.
Everything all right?
It's fine.
Thank you.
There's nothing to thank me for.
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