La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e03 Episode Script


South haven,
this is mooney-three-three-Gulf.
south haven.
We have you level at 5,000.
Rog. Request vectors, full-stop
landing runway three-two.
Copy, three-three-Gulf.
Turn right
heading two-seven-zero
descend to 3,000.
Altimeter two-niner-niner-two.
right to two-seven-oh
in the descent to 3,000.
( Beeping )
( Opera music playing )
How far apart are they?
Exactly one mile.
They're both inbound.
On a convergent path?
Very good.
Turn it up.
( Music playing louder )
Three-three-gold, you are
cleared final runway three-two.
Winds three-three-zero at 15.
Be advised
visibility is reduced on final
to half a mile.
Rog, south haven.
I don't see the field.
Continue vectors.
Turn left two-seven-zero.
Descend to 800.
Rog. In the descent to eight.
( Beeping )
How much longer?
Any second now.
you're lined up
runway three-two.
Cleared to land.
I have the field visual,
south haven.
Cleared to land.
( Shouting and cheering )
( Cheering )
It begins.
Warner Bros.
Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit
dans la nuit.
( Knocking )
( Knocking )
Carla, what's wrong?
I just need someone to talk to.
What's wrong?
Well, he's getting married.
Yeah To his ex-girlfriend
who he also
happened to be dating
the last three months
that we were going out.
When I think of all the excuses
that he made to cancel.
He's the one that told me
that he didn't
want the commitment.
( Phone ringing )
I'm sorry, Carla.
I've got to get it.
Man: Josephine.
As you know, the Internet
is frequently monitored
for any communication
that is interpreted
as a national
breach of security.
Two days ago
we detected
the recruiting efforts
of a group
we've encountered in the past
Glass curtain.
I thought
they were inactive.
So did we.
they're not
just recruiting.
There has been an incident.
Which was originally thought
to be an accident
caused by human error
but glass curtain
has claimed responsibility.
This politics
of chaos and destruction
is the brainchild
of this man here
Errol sparks.
His message is anarchy
and his weapon is technology.
He has a capable
group of malcontents
who do all his dirty work.
These are college students,
mensa members
They're all highly skilled
and willing devotees.
Spare us the history.
Just give us the relevant data
and let's move.
The last time I checked
on the protocol for briefings
it didn't include
disruptive behavior.
Birkoff is monitoring
the situation now.
We hope to have a hook
on it soon.
Now, until then, we're going
to be on close-quarter standby.
No one leaves the section.
Morrison, you and koi
report to comm.
See birkoff.
I should be
first team on this.
You and nikita will
anchor for me here.
You don't think I can do this?
No, I don't.
You're too emotionally vested.
Listen. If you can
convince me in ten seconds
that you can do it, Michael
Just look me in the eye.
Don't say a damn word.
you and koi will be team two.
Nikita, you go with Michael.
Who's glass curtain, Michael?
You heard operations.
This guy sparks
Do you know him?
I'll fill you in when I'm ready.
Then what was that about?
What have you got?
It's an I.R.C. In progress.
What's an I.R.C.?
Someone wasn't paying attention
in computer class.
Not today.
It's a chat room.
A place where social misfits
log onto the Internet
and argue with each other.
Which one of them
is glass curtain?
This guy right here hester.
The dude is laying some
heavy ideology on these freaks.
Anything about the plane crash?
Yeah. He brags about it
every other minute.
They're eating it up.
How do we get
to this guy hester?
We can't from here.
He's using
a dynamic address scheme.
Can we log
into the conversation?
Pretend to be a new recruit?
From what I can tell,
you have to have a sponsor
Someone on the inside.
They give you
a password. That lets you
into the group.
Can we locate one of them?
Already did.
This guy right here j.B.
All right. Let's go.
Birkoff: J.B.'S in there.
I flagged his screen.
It'll flash red, just like mine.
Nikita: I don't see any
flashing red.
Cover the exits.
We're going in.
Nothing this end of the balcony.
Got him, Michael.
Flush him, birkoff.
( Laughing )
Going south.
Let go of me!
Who's your contact
at glass curtain?
I don't know!
I wasn't going to join.
I was just goofing with them.
You were in the I.R.C.
How did you get the password?
They contacted me.
I never even met any of them.
Who is
your contact?
I said I don't know!
What are you doing?
Take him to birkoff.
Get the password.
Glass curtain killed Simone.
Who's Simone?
My wife.
( Keys clattering )
Oh, look at you.
( Opera music playing )
Did Leon ask any questions?
He was too busy
counting the money.
Let's put you
How long before you can q-a it?
This baby's plug-and-play.
( Keys clattering )
There it is
O'Hare airport.
Every electronic pathway
from radar control
to men's room light switch.
Is it live?
Let's see.
Woman: O'Hare maintenance.
Yeah. This is the cafeteria.
Did you guys
just order some sandwiches?
( Laughing )
Uh, I didn't, but hang on.
I'll check.
( Keys clattering )
Is that the fire alarm?
( Breaking connection )
It'll be 20 minutes before they
realize it's a false alarm.
I love your flair
for the dramatic.
O'Hare is yours.
Just tell me what you want.
It's been 24 hours.
What now?
Wait until j.B.'S
contact gets on-line.
Do you want me here?
Whatever you want.
Did Simone work for the section?
Michael, you can't tell me you
had a wife and she was killed
then just drop it,
get back to business.
Simone was an operative.
She did work for the section.
It was supposed
to be a cold mission.
The two of us went in
to gather information
about glass curtain.
Before we left,
she asked for a backup team.
I said it wasn't necessary.
I was wrong.
Was it sparks?
I don't know.
We were ambushed.
There was a lot of shooters.
It was three years ago.
It still hurts, doesn't it?
Listen, nikita,
you asked me what happened
And I told you.
You told me the facts.
Michael, I want
to know how you feel.
Sometimes you have to let
yourself trust someone.
I'm right here.
Hester's finally logged in.
It turns out j.B. Has
something they want.
What is it?
An electrical layout
to orly airport.
How did j.B. Get that?
He stole it from his father
Civil engineer.
Hester wants to see j.B.
In three hours.
Let's get ready.
Operations wants nikita
posing as j.B., not you.
Feels that nikita would be
more believable as
disaffected youth.
What's j.B.'S
favorite writer's name?
Who was he?
Tyranny of the state?
That's right. Bakunin.
Don't worry.
If you're stuck, we'll feed you.
( Whirring )
Birkhoff: Tilt your head higher.
I don't have all of it.
Birkhoff, can you see him?
That's it.
You j.B.?
Nope. Name's ray.
Franklin charter.
I'm supposed to pick up j.B.
Nikita: I'm j.B.
You alone?
Yep. Just me.
Get closer to him. Stand still.
We need to verify this guy.
What are you waiting for?
Get in.
I've never been
in a helicopter before.
I'm a little nervous.
Don't be. You're in good hands.
Not yet, nikita.
Come on. I haven't got all day.
Come on, come on.
There it is.
That's him.
You're clear.
Nikita: Where are we going?
I can't tell you that.
Put these on.
Zero margin for error.
Sparks: J.b., I presume.
Sparks: Interesting.
From the transcript,
you sound more like a man.
Is this hester?
Close enough.
Do you have orly?
Tell me about yourself, j.B.
I'm not committing
to anything yet.
Oh you're
committed, all right.
I understand you spiked
the punch bowl with l.S.D.
At your junior prom.
Nikita: Where'd you hear that?
Sparks: Tell me about it.
Never happened.
Nothing to tell.
Didn't do it.
My apologies.
I mistook you for
one of my recruits.
Tell me about your
eighth grade math teacher.
I put her in jail
for failing me.
How on earth did you do that?
You hacked
into the county records
and issued a bench warrant.
I hacked into the county records
and issued a bench warrant.
One more question, j.B.
What kind of music do you like?
( Softly ): Music?
Nothing here.
I don't listen to music.
Why not?
Music evokes emotion.
Emotion spawns genius.
Emotion blurs judgment.
Man: Jet ranger 45-Alpha
Descend immediately.
Drop the nose fast.
Where the hell did he come from?
See you in a few minutes, j.B.
What's j.B. Stand for?
"Juicy bod"?
What is this place?
You'll see.
( Click )
( Opera music playing )
So this is j.B.
What's wrong?
about the way you look.
Why? What's wrong
with the way I look?
Like somebody that's been
forgiven her entire life.
I don't need forgiveness
from anyone
including you.
You see, Siobhan
it's in the eyes.
There it is.
She brought the plans.
Check it out, Siobhan.
Don't run a virus scan.
The header block's
designed to launch itself
Don't tell me what to do.
If it detects a probe.
Let's go.
You're a long way from home
Underground, at the mercy
of a crazed revolutionary.
Why aren't you afraid?
Who says I'm not?
I don't like her.
I don't like you.
( Woman screams )
What was that?
That's Simone.
Yeah, government agent sparks
grabbed a couple of years ago.
He keeps her alive
Just in case.
Honeymoon suite.
Where do you sleep?
Looks like I have
the best bed in the house.
No cable.
Ah guess I'll have to find
some other way
to entertain myself.
Need some help?
You're easy.
I'm just nice.
( Rapid chirping beeps )
Got her.
An abandoned
military installation.
Got its own generator
and it's airtight.
Where can we put
the mobile comm?
Uh let me stroll
around the neighborhood
for a nice, quiet place.
When are you leaving?
As soon as we ready the Van.
Just be prepared for anything.
( Woman moaning )
Simone, I work for the section.
I'm going to get you out of here
but I have to get some help.
Do you understand?
Michael's here.
He still loves you, Simone.
( Distant door opens )
( Opera music playing )
Flight 19 is
in the air.
How long
until it's over the water?
18 minutes.
( Keys clattering )
( Beeping )
Mobile comm, can you hear me?
Mobile comm, can you hear me?
Sparks is going to down
some planes today.
All right. Get to
your exit point, nikita.
We're proceeding.
There's something else.
Uh, there's an innocent
down here.
A hostage?
Acceptable collateral.
Forget it. Just go.
We're about to launch.
No, you can't.
Let's not get into it.
Move, now!
It's Simone.
I saw her.
She's alive.
This is a potential
air disaster, Michael.
Don't even blink.
Nikita: Michael?
Get to your exit point, nikita.
I'm going to need you.
All right.
Flight 135 is in the air.
Flight 135,
you're about to meet flight 19.
Seven minutes, 13 seconds.
All right.
What have you got?
I counted 24, including
sparks all armed.
Their power line
runs underneath
the sewage canal.
Can't get to it.
Ingress and egress?
Only way in's
through the front door.
Is that going to be a problem?
Not if you got this.
How is she?
Not good, Michael.
They were here.
They were right here.
Birkoff, we've got a problem.
We got 48 seconds before
something happens. What do I do?
All right.
Looks like converging
trajectories on a timer.
I see a power switch.
Should I turn it off?
No! The program's been sent.
We have to correct it on-line.
What's going on in there?
Nothing! Now, come on, birkoff.
We've got 30 seconds.
Sit down at the main keyboard.
Type exactly what I tell you.
Birkoff: Ps dash e.
Ps dash
All right.
That's got to be it.
It's the only process
I don't recognize.
All right. Type this in:
Kill, space
minus-nine, space, 313.
You got that?
That should do it.
Nothing's happening.
Just wait.
18 seconds!
It'll work.
It just has to filter through.
Oh, god.
( Screams )
( Yells )
It's me, Simone.
( Moans softly )
Do you remember me?
You're okay now.
You're safe now.
It's okay.
( Cries softly )
You're safe now.
You're safe.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I thought
I would have never
stopped looking for you.
Never stopped loving you.
Oh, my god
We've got to get out of here.
Come back to me, Simone.
Come back to me, Simone.
I can't find sparks.
I'm here.
It's okay.
I know where he is.
Okay. Let's go.
( Groans )
He's in unit b.
Don't move.
You stay here.
Unit b.
He's mine.
( Distant yelling )
Go on. Go ahead and do it.
Sparks: Simone
Go. Get out of here.
Take her out, man. She's crazy!
Simone: It's too late, Michael.
I'm already dead.
After all the years
you've kept me here
we're going to
go together, sparks.
No, Simone!
I'm sorry, Michael.
Simone, please don't do that.
It's the only way it can be.
Please, Simone!
I love you, Michael.
( Sparks screaming )
The building will destruct
in 30 seconds.
This is not a drill.
Please evacuate.
28, 27
26, 25
There's nothing you can do!
22 21
The others, Michael.
19 18
Evacuate now.
17 16 15
14 13
12 11
Ten nine eight
Six five
Four three
Two one.
When he thought she died
three years ago
he just shut himself right off.
He didn't talk
to anyone until
Until you came along, sugar.
Let's hope it's not
so bad this time.
Thanks, Walter.
Michael: Nikita.
I wanted to thank you.
I'm so sorry.
If it wasn't for the section,
none of us would have a life.
What right do I have
to feel cheated?
You have a right
to feel any way you want.
Do you want to have
a cup of coffee?
I'd love to.
( Rock music playing )
Why can't you tell me
what happens
when the phone rings?
That's pretty.
I I have to
I've made some promises
to keep some things
Certain things, uh
So do you always keep
your promises?
I try to.
I like this song.
Warner Bros.
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