La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e04 Episode Script


( Indistinct conversation )
( Indistinct )
( Tires screeching )
You all right?
I'm fine.
You're sure?
Didn't even stop.
My bag.
Oh, don't tell me
someone stole my shopping bag.
Serves you right.
Next time you'll mind
your own business.
It's all right.
I'll replace anything
that's in it.
Just a pair of shoes.
I'll replace it myself,
thank you.
Dinner then?
Probably can't rely
on another meeting like this.
I'm glad I could help.
At least tell me your name.
I'm Alec Chandler.
Nice to meet you
Alec Chandler.
Find out who she is.
Okay, it's been eight hours.
You think he would have
called by now.
The setup worked perfectly.
He thinks you saved his life.
Why didn't you accept
his invitation?
Suppose he doesn't call?
He'll call.
( Phone ringing )
Man: Tracing on one.
Warner Bros.
Joseph, cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit, Dan la nuit.
So you spend most of your time
on the boat?
Chandler: A fair amount.
I have an office on board
and a bed.
What exactly is it
you do?
I'm mostly retired,
as you can see.
I do some investing,
a little charity work.
Oh, yeah?
What kind of charity?
I work with street kids.
I set up shelters and homes.
No big deal.
Bet they think it is.
They're mostly interested
to know where
their next meal is coming from.
Not like they can go home
and get a hug from mom and dad.
You got that right.
I pretty much grew up
on the street myself.
Well, you've done very well.
The one thing about the streets
is that you learn
to take care of yourself.
That, some brains
a little luck
( Door opening )
Ah, George.
I think you will enjoy
this selection.
Actually, George comes
from downtown.
I pay him extra
for the phony accent.
( Chuckles )
I'd like to see one
of these shelters.
Well, there's not really
very much to see.
But if you're really interested,
I'd be delighted.
I'm really interested.
( Sirens wailing )
Yeah, that's what she said.
It's one of the first shelters
I set up.
Reminded me of the street
back home that I grew up on.
I come here pretty often
so I don't forget
so I don't end up
back there again.
That doesn't seem too likely.
Don't kid yourself.
We all live
on the edge,
every one of us.
If we don't keep moving up
we slide back down.
Chandler: You all right?
Been looking for work?
Like hell you have.
Come on. Who's new around here?
Tell me, eh?
( Sirens wailing )
Take him away.
Put a blanket on him.
Nikita: You're here late.
I'm a driven man, nikita.
When I start something,
I can't stop
Even if it takes days.
It's how it would be
with you and me
Nonstop sweat.
( Growls )
You're truly dedicated, Walter.
You're the only one here
who understands me, sugar.
Let's finish this later.
How did it go?
Does he want to see you again?
He wants to know more.
I think he's having me followed.
Who is this guy?
He launders money.
Your job is to get close to him.
Identify his key contacts.
That's it?
He launders money?
Thank you, nikita. That's all.
Maybe we should tell her.
It's better this way.
She likes him.
Oh, yes.
Oh, now, she moved
like a liquid ♪
through the boys
of Mason city ♪
had every gatling
gun-slinging soldier ♪
every grease monkey,
every Walter mitty ♪
she finally settled
on some corn-husker ♪
with cotton-seed teeth
under a diamond smile ♪
dressed up for San Francisco ♪
but held up in Mason city
for a while ♪
Get the best rate you can.
Sell against the yen
as soon as the market opens.
Get out.
We're having
a meeting here
So am I. You're not invited.
You heard the lady.
You're having me
You're used
to owning things, Alec.
You don't own me.
Do you understand?
If you want to keep seeing me
you better.
I'm sorry.
It's late.
I'm going home to bed.
That's none of your business.
But yes
Birkoff: I don't see anything.
There's a better way to do this.
What about here?
Could that be
some sort of code?
I can't tell.
The resolution's lousy.
Where was the camera?
In her watch.
Tell her to hold still.
You try snapping pictures
when you're throwing a fit.
Madeline in?
She's in her office. Why?
I need a dress.
Didn't you just go shopping?
Uh-oh. She's hot for the guy.
Up yours, birkoff.
Anytime, babe.
My number's in the book.
Guy must be a stud, huh?
Chandler: Am I forgiven?
For what?
I got no time
for the corner boys ♪
For having you followed
the other day.
Down in the street,
making all that noise ♪
don't want no whores
on eighth Avenue ♪
'Cause tonight
I'm gonna be with you ♪
tonight I'm gonna
take that ride ♪
across the river
to the Jersey side ♪
take my baby to the carnival ♪
well, I'll take you
on all the rides ♪
down the shore,
everything's all right ♪
Trip ask about the trip.
on a Saturday night ♪
don't you know
all my dreams come true ♪
when I'm walking down
the street
I'm having a fundraiser
for the shelters tomorrow night.
Will you come?
Of course.
If you come to hockey
Saturday night.
Unfortunately, I'm out of town
for the weekend.
Business trip?
Does it really matter?
When you're wrapped up
in your baby's arms ♪
you know you give me
everything ♪
I know someday
that you'll wear ♪
What are you thinking?
my ring, damn sure ♪
About you.
The street you grew up on.
Not unlike the one I grew up on.
I know.
It's not that it shows.
Well, a little in your eyes.
You're a fighter.
You've survived.
Sha la la la la la la ♪
when you're in love
with a Jersey girl ♪
( Nikita laughing )
( Sighs )
( Nikita humming )
( Cat meowing )
Come here, sweetheart.
( Purring )
You and Mr. Chandler are having
quite a time together.
Why didn't you push him
about the trip?
Because he wouldn't
have told me.
You don't know that.
Look, what is he doing
that's so evil?
I told you, he launders money.
He also happens
to spend a lot of it
helping children.
( Loud music playing )
( Music stops )
You don't have to like the job.
You just have to do it.
I'll be at the party
tomorrow night.
His perimeter security
is very tight.
We'll have to work
from the inside.
You'll be briefed
in the morning.
And, um
Get rid of the cat.
It's a distraction.
When you walked in, it was
the first thing you noticed.
If I were an enemy,
you'd be dead by now.
Sometimes I think
you are the enemy.
Get rid of the cat.
Our intel is excellent.
Chandler has links
to the Russian mafia
to the triads, and through them
to terrorists
on both hemispheres
but we need some leverage.
We have to catch him in the act.
In the act
And alive.
Nikita is the key.
How is she doing?
All right.
I'd suggest the one beside it.
Does he trust her?
So far.
Is she sleeping with him?
I don't think so.
Whatever it takes.
Do you hear me?
I heard you.
So when completed, the new
Chandler foundation facility
will be the finest in the city.
As you can see, we're already
two-thirds financed.
We hope before the end
of the evening
with your help,
we've reached our final target.
Thank you all very much
for coming.
Enjoy the party.
And please, don't be afraid
to be very generous.
( Applause )
Thank you very much.
Ooh! Why don't you
make a charitable
contribution to me?
That is not a good call, Jack.
Uh my mistake, Mr. Chandler.
Chandler: I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You'll have to forgive me.
There's something
I must take care of.
I'll be right back.
I'll go powder my nose.
Don't get lost.
Oh! Listen, what
happened before
I'm sorry.
I thought you were one of his
It's okay, really.
The thing is
I really need Alec's business.
I'll put in a good word.
I'd appreciate that.
I'm actually in rather a hurry.
Excuse me.
( Knocking on door )
Are you going
to be long in there?
Nikita: I'll be out in a minute.
Thank you.
Hardin's on-line.
He's wiring the money.
Transfer completed.
Acknowledge receipt.
"Graystone" all caps.
Hardin wants
to know the middleman.
We'll use Skyler on this one.
Everything's confirmed.
Secure the system.
Mr. Chandler?
I think your girlfriend
may not be feeling well.
Nikita, are you all right?
( Knocking )
Are you all right?
I was worried about you.
I'm all right now.
Uh your hair's damp.
I splashed a little
water on my face.
But I'm feeling much better.
I just got a little
All right.
Well, let's go
back to the party.
It's downloading.
He's home free.
Using a middleman named Skyler.
Find him.
Right away.
Get out of there, Michael,
they're tracking you.
( Beeping )
We're downloading
a serious mainframe bug.
Run the anti-virus.
You're not supposed to be
in this part of the boat.
( Slurring words ):
You can't find
a damn bathroom
on this tub.
And I got to find one quick.
The bathroom's
one deck above, sir.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Excuse me.
It's a routine security check.
Good night.
Thank you very much.
Lovely evening.
Thank you for your donation.
Good luck.
What's going on?
Someone's been tampering
with my files.
It seems that I never learn.
I still trust people
I shouldn't.
Hey, great party,
Mr. Chandler.
Hey, listen
I'm giving you guys
20 minutes to cut that out.
You take what
you can get, right, pal?
You take someone in,
you trust them
and then they betray you.
Mr. Chandler, I didn't do this
I swear to you.
Why would I?
Somebody must have
planted that disk on me.
There was a gentleman
in the corridor
he seemed drunk
Maybe he wasn't.
She knows him.
They were looking
at each other at the party.
Come on, I saw them.
Mr. Chandler
she's setting you up.
Oh, Mikey.
Mikey, Mikey, Mikey.
Mr. Chandler
I took you off the streets
gave you a job, gave you a life.
This is my reward?
You got it all wrong.
You have no idea how sad
this makes me, Mikey
but there's
really no excuse
for betrayal
now is there?
Is there?
I never want to see
your face again.
Get him out of here.
Oh, I'm so sorry
It spoiled the whole evening.
I'm going to go check the system
to see what damage
has been done.
Of course.
Good night.
Good night.
Did we get what we needed?
So mission's over.
Not quite.
Why not?
Oh, 'cause we haven't
caused him enough pain.
'Cause he's still standing.
You've become quite fond of him.
What's it to you?
We found Skyler.
Is he ready to talk?
I think so.
Where are you going?
I'm coming with you.
It doesn't concern you.
Well, if it concerns
Alec Chandler
it concerns me.
Well, by all means
He has a meet this weekend.
With who?
A guy.
Named hardin.
Chandler's got a shipment
of kids.
What time?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What kids?
What kids?
What time?
It hasn't been set yet.
Are you talking about
the shelters?
Yeah, right.
What is going on?
If you can take down Chandler,
more power to you
But leave me out of it.
He never gave me a choice.
It was either play ball
or play dead.
What's he do
with the kids?
What does he do with the kids?!
Hey, they're big business.
I mean, they work hard,
you don't have to pay them
they don't fight back.
And then there's the perverts
Alec Chandler's a slaver.
The shelters are
a perfect front.
He works with homes.
Moves kids around
all over the world.
Makes them disappear.
Hey, I never liked what he did
but face it
Most of these kids
are from the street.
It's not like
we broke up
any happy families
( Yelling )
Thank you.
Nikita: Launders money!
You told me he launders money.
He does.
Why didn't you tell me
the truth?
You had to get close to him.
Care for him
make him care for you.
You couldn't have done that
if you knew who he really was.
Not enough to lie to them
got to lie to each other, too.
You have to go back to him.
Convince him
to take you along this weekend.
You do
what you have to do, nikita.
I'll be back
on Tuesday afternoon.
And well done, Greg.
We're getting a very good price
on this lot.
Mr. Chandler?
Yes, Kenny?
We've been doing some
maintenance work, sir.
I sent a couple of divers down
and they came back up with this.
It's a damer 28 tracking device.
I thought only the Israelis
were using these.
We found it attached
to the hull under
your office.
How long do you think
it's been down there?
It's not corroded, sir.
No more than two or three days.
The night of the party.
Mr. Chandler.
Call George hardin.
Advance the meeting.
Yes, sir.
I thought I'd surprise you.
This is a business trip.
Nobody can work 24 hours a day.
Yes, I suppose you're right.
I thought we'd make
this trip special.
Then let's make it very special.
Care for a drink?
No, thank you.
I'm glad you came.
Me, too.
Very glad.
I said no.
I think you're going to need it.
I think I'll come back
when you're in a better mood.
Congratulations, nikita.
You had me completely fooled.
And you made me kill a friend.
An innocent friend.
You sell children!
You're scum!
No, no.
No, I don't sell them all.
Some are even gifts.
Call it
Customer relations.
Don't be naive, nikita.
They'd be dead in a year or two
and I don't send any of them
anywhere they haven't
already been.
Is that what you tell yourself
when you look
in the mirror?
Who do you work for?
I asked you a question.
Who do you work for?
All right.
It doesn't matter.
We'll come to it later.
I told you
how I feel
about betrayal.
What you have done to me
goes so far beyond betrayal
that thinking of a way
of getting even
hasn't been easy, but you know
I think I have it now.
You see, children
aren't the only ones
that can be sold.
There's still a very
reasonable market
in mature flesh.
The first thing your
new owners will do
will be to turn you
into an addict.
Two weeks is all it takes
and then you'll do anything,
absolutely anything
to get your next fix,
and believe me
they will find plenty of things
for you to do.
When they tire of you
which they inevitably will
they'll sell you to a house
The middle east maybe, or Asia.
You'll be dead inside a year
but you will wish you were dead
a long time before that.
When I get back,
you'll pay for that.
But then perhaps you
can just consider it
as part of your training
for your new life.
Can I have a cigarette?
Can I have a cigarette?
Can I have a light?
Where are the kids?
I don't know.
I-I I tell you
Chandler will kill me.
He's not here.
I am.
You're late.
You're ugly.
Let's cut the pleasantries.
This weather's playing havoc
with my shoes.
Where's the goods?
I don't like ♪
Bring it up.
when it's cold outside ♪
it's been a long time ♪
since I've sat down
for a write ♪
and I just wanted someone
to talk to ♪
Your turn, George.
Damn my pen ♪
it's gonna have to do ♪
Very good.
Take it away.
All right, my friend.
They're all yours.
Put your weapons
on the ground!
( Gunshot )
( Automatic weapons firing )
Don't shoot him!
Don't anybody move!
Or I'll torch the kids.
Put it out.
Go ahead drop me
and watch them burn.
I want a car.
Make that an armored car
with a driver of my choosing.
That wasn't
a request, little fellow.
That was an order.
I mean, unless you want to see
the children die.
So what's
it going to be?
Last chance.
Don't you want to know why
you're still alive?
I'm listening.
You shouldn't have interfered.
I didn't.
I just went for the lighter.
He was going to set fire
to the truck.
He was bluffing.
We needed Chandler alive.
He was the bridge
to our next level.
What next level?
That's none of your concern.
The lives of those children
are worth thousands
of your "next levels."
( Chair crashing )
We decide that, not you.
They were innocent children.
Innocent children.
( Knocking )
( Knocking )
( Key turning )
Can I come in?
What do you want?
I came to apologize.
You know, you're becoming
very predictable, Michael.
You lie
then you say you're sorry.
You lie
Then you say you're sorry.
Can you come up with anything
a little more interesting?
I do what I have to do.
We all do.
It's not what I would choose
for myself
or for us.
Will you answer
a question for me?
If I can.
Why shouldn't I
Just kill you?
Why shouldn't I
just pull the trigger?
I can't think
of a single reason.
( Cat meows )
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme
cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
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