La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e05 Episode Script


Hey, Chuck,
what's with the hair?
Had to do something.
I was starting to look like you.
Chuck here's your pack.
Walter tweaked your headset
so you won't get
any more dropouts.
We're going to miss
you up there.
Guess they thought we had
too much fun together.
Remember, our priority
is the trigger.
We have to get it
off the street.
If that's under control
then we can go for wicke.
When the deal goes down,
you'll receive your signal.
Bring me that trigger.
Did you make the delivery?
Yeah, I just handed it to him.
Chuck: He's in.
With the trigger?
With the trigger.
We're checking it out now.
Yeah, it's all here.
Hold on a minute, Michael.
What's wrong?
It's not a real trigger.
What is it?
It's a bomb.
Can you defuse it?
We're on it now.
It's not reading.
These are dummy wires.
How did it go?
We're almost done.
It's been activated.
Evacuate now.
There's no time.
Chuck, are you there?
Who were they?
We may never know.
Bring in everyone.
This is now priority one.
Warner Bros.
Joseph cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
The people who are responsible
for the loss of life
two days ago
John and Helen wicke
They've been dealing arms
internationally since 1984.
Their activity is mostly limited
to class-two
or -three explosives.
We believe now, however
that they're in possession
of a nuclear trigger.
It's a classified device.
It's just as valuable
as a warhead itself.
These people trust no one
but each other.
Until now,
they seemed invincible.
But we believe
we've found a weakness.
Just nikita.
Look, to qualify
for food and shelter
you got to answer me
a few questions.
Place of birth?
It was easy, John.
After I left Uzbekistan,
I flew to Greece.
Faganson printed me up
a new passport.
The trigger was with you
the whole time?
It never left my sight, sir.
There's no way anybody
can put me there.
Mark, can I get you
another drink?
Oh, I'm fine, Helen.
I have to catch a flight,
Do you have the key?
Right here.
Locker at the airport.
Like you said.
I'll wire the money
into your account
As usual.
Well, good-bye, gorgeous.
( Chuckling )
My best to Eve.
I will.
Thanks again, John.
Mark, take care.
You, too. Bye-bye.
( Silenced gunshots )
Okay, contact wallen.
Have him start negotiating
right away
and, um, cancel Paris for now.
We can see them in
London next month
And have Randy double security
until this deal is over.
Did it all.
( Phone ringing )
Helen, Charley Ross here.
Oh, yes, Charley.
Helen, I think
we may have something.
I'm pretty sure I've found her.
If it is her,
she's at a shelter downtown.
I see.
How do you want to proceed?
Do you want me to pick her up?
Yes. Of course.
Would you like to meet me
down at the shelter?
No. Here.
Okay. When do you want to do it?
As soon as possible.
Okay, I'll get her
as soon as I can.
What's wrong?
That was Charley Ross.
You haven't heard
from him in months.
He thinks he's found her.
Want some coffee?
They don't want any problems.
All right, well,
thanks very much.
What do you want?
I can walk by myself.
( Doorbell ringing )
Let go of me.
Leave me alone!
What the hell is this place?
Let me go!
I didn't expect you
to bring her this morning.
Let me go, please.
Who gave you the name nikita?
Who said that's my name?
Do you have family?
Are you
a prostitute?
Are you?
Drug addict?
I haven't done anything wrong.
What do you want?
I just want to ask you
a few questions.
If you promise to cooperate
I'll send them away.
Would you like
to come in and sit down?
What year were you born?
When were you born?
What year?
The date?
October 17.
Who were your parents?
I don't know.
I lost count after
the fifth foster home.
Where were you born?
Where in halifax?
I don't know where!
I think you do.
Say it.
I was born in jail.
My poor girl.
I may be
But I'm also your mother.
( Dog barking in distance )
I know this all
seems unreal to you.
I've never seen food like this.
What is it?
They're better
with cream and jam.
What did they tell you about me?
That you were dead.
Anything else?
Not really.
I didn't give you up.
They took you.
I was
I was in jail, unmarried.
It was the law.
When I got out
no one would tell me anything.
I've been looking for you
ever since.
Adoption agencies,
foster homes
How'd you find me?
I hired a detective.
Charley would call
every couple of months
to check in and tell me
there was no leads
and then yesterday he called
and here you are.
You don't believe me.
What difference does it make?
To me it does
and I hope
that one day it will
to you, too.
John: Helen?
Sorry to interrupt.
This is nikita.
Nikita, my husband, John wicke.
Hello, nikita.
Is he my father?
No. Your real father's dead.
Nikita, what were you doing
before you walked
into that shelter?
Stuff. Hanging out.
All of a sudden you
just needed some help?
I got cold.
She got cold.
We should go now.
Just wait right there.
I'll-I'll be right back.
John could you
do this without me?
I can. I'd rather not.
This is so important to me.
I know it is.
That's why you can't
commit yourself to this
until you know it's real.
It's her. I know it's her.
I want this for you,
darling, I do
and if it's really her,
I'll do
( Door slams )
Stop her. She's running away.
( Barking )
( Beeping )
Don't hurt her!
Can't keep me here.
You're free to go.
Just give me a chance first.
If I'm free, why are they here?
Has the package been delivered?
They're approaching
the target now.
It will be dropped
in three minutes.
These are the guest bedrooms.
The one that faces the
garden has the nicest bath.
That's the one I was
saving for you.
Did I say I was staying?
I see you've inherited
my lack of trust.
Look, lady,
you don't seem to get it.
I'm okay with my life.
I don't need anything
from you or anybody else.
That's what I thought
when I was your age, too.
Then I met John
and he made me realize
I needed someone.
I hope you like it.
What do you and John do anyway?
How did you get all this?
John's been very
successful in business.
What kind of business?
Oh different things.
Can I tell Louise
to put new linens
on the bed?
I'll stay a couple of days.
No promises.
No promises.
Come on.
I want to show you the garden.
There it goes.
Oh, no.
It's landed about 100 feet
from the target.
It's exposed.
Beyond that Ridge is a river.
John loves to go down
and battle the trout.
I'm sure he'd love to take you
along with him sometime.
Is that the guest house?
No. That's where John works.
Oh, it's getting cold.
Tell me
how you and John met.
It was, uh
It was about ten years ago.
( Heavy breathing )
What is this place, huh?
Who are you people?
We already know
there are people inside Baghdad
who want the nuclear trigger
we just don't know what group.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
John wicke,
the man who has the trigger
The man you spoke with
on the street this afternoon
Killed four of my employees.
Never heard of the guy.
We tracked wicke's
car to your meet
and saw the money exchange.
Do you think
there's anything I won't do
to get this information
from you?
I can't tell you
what I don't know.
You can torture me all day
and that won't change.
It's a deal.
( Echoing scream )
Comm picked up intel
from our friends at Mossad.
They've narrowed it down
to three potential groups.
Are there any other specifics?
What did you get?
So far, nothing.
I am getting tired
of hearing that word.
I mean,
has everyone in this place
suddenly become incompetent?
What do you hear from nikita?
No reports
for the last six hours
which is probably a good thing.
If she can form some bond
with Helen wicke
we'll have the leverage we need.
I have no intention
on failing this one.
may have to sacrifice.
Meaning what?
If Helen wicke believes
she's nikita's mother
She might not be able
to tolerate the pain
we inflict upon her daughter.
( Brakes squeaking )
( Dog barking outside )
Hi, darling.
You look exhausted.
How'd it go?
Were you in my office earlier?
No. Why?
Nothing. It went fine.
Should I call Emil?
No. I don't need a massage.
I'm, uh, just going
to take a hot bath
and go to bed.
Oh, um, how did it go
with nikita?
It was a good day, John.
Where is she?
She's upstairs in
the guest bedroom.
I'll see you in bed.
I'll be up soon.
( Knocking )
All right.
We're making progress.
I'm listening.
The trigger is due to arrive
in Tripoli in 52 hours.
That's it?
We're working backwards.
There's enough time left.
To do what?
We can't trace it
from the buyers.
They don't know where it is.
And wicke won't give them
a rendezvous point
until the very last
possible moment.
We'll tap into something.
Are you trying to convince me
or yourself?
Wicke and his wife
are the only ones
that know the location
of the trigger.
He's not going to crack.
But she might.
We're going to have
to use nikita.
There's no way
to avoid it.
Prepare yourself, Michael.
You like it?
I feel very different
in these clothes.
You are different.
You have a mother now.
Helen, you're a very nice woman
but I'm just not able to
You can't call me "mother."
No not yet.
As I was trying to say
I'm not quite as ready for this
as you are.
I understand.
It's just that
I've been waiting for this
for years
and now, here you are
( Sighing ):
More beautiful
and wonderful than I ever
could have imagined.
Helen, please
One look in your eyes,
and I knew
I'd never be the same.
( Chuckles )
Listen to me, the typical mom.
( Knock at door )
I'll take that.
Now, tea, we take
very seriously.
I see.
This is one of my favorites.
It's sort of like a darjeeling
only a little sweeter.
Try it.
( Chuckling )
This way's better.
Mmm. Thank you.
I like it.
Is that my grandmother?
This was one of the last times
she was able to take me out.
She died two months later.
She never had
a break in her life
but she was never bitter.
Look at you
I think there's some of her
in both of us.
This is wicke. Is he in?
What do you mean
he didn't come back?
No, I met with him yesterday.
No, you listen to me.
You find out what's going on,
where he is
and if he's not running
his own show, who is.
I've got to get this thing
out of the country
in the next 24 hours.
I'm sorry, Helen.
( Beeping )
Looks like one of those new
carbon fiber jobs.
Whatever it opens was made
in the last two years.
Could it be private?
No. They're mass-produced
for hotels, airports
Work it up.
What are you doing?
Helen said I could
use the computer.
I hope that's not a problem.
What's that?
It's a digital camera.
You're, um
You're not Helen's daughter.
I'm not.
What did you do to her?
Helen? I put her to sleep
for a couple of hours.
She'll be fine.
Who are you?
I'm a friend of Chuck's.
( Chuckles )
I'm afraid, um
I don't know him.
Oh, yes, you do.
You killed him a couple
of days ago
along with a couple
of friends of mine.
I see.
Where's the trigger?
And you know
I'll never tell you that.
If you love Helen, you will.
I don't love anyone that much.
That's too bad.
( Silenced gunshot )
That's for Chuck.
( Sighs )
I don't know
I don't know what happened.
I just got groggy.
How long was I out?
A couple of hours.
Did you see John?
He left a while ago.
Something wrong?
We-we have
a very important meeting.
This isn't like him.
Did he say where he was going?
He did seem in a hurry.
( Doorbell ringing )
Mrs. Wicke?
I'm detective Lewis.
There's been an accident.
What are you talking about?
Your husband was driving
on highway 116
and apparently lost control
of his vehicle.
He's dead.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
We're going to need you
to come down
to identify the body.
There's so many things
I don't
He did every Every
Don't worry
about any of that now.
I'll take care of you.
You will?
Of course.
You're my mother, aren't you?
Why are we stopping?
Out of the car.
What are you doing?
( Screams )
Leave her alone.
Tell me what you want.
Why are you doing this?
( Blows landing )
( Gasps )
What do you want?
The trigger.
( Chuckles )
You killed John
because he wouldn't tell you.
( Coughs )
You think I will?
( Gasping )
Where is it?
( Coughs )
Kill the girl.
( Sobbing )
I'll tell you!
She's all I've got.
( Beeping )
How is she?
She'll be fine.
Do we have closure?
The trigger
was where she said it was
and we picked up the buyers.
What happened?
You did your job.
Thank you.
I'm sorry it had
to come to that.
Don't be.
I'm getting used
to how things are.
Is Helen still alive?
For now.
Does she know
I'm not her daughter?
We haven't told her.
My real mother would have
let them keep beating me.
She would have let me die.
Get some rest.
However long she's got,
let her believe.
Warner Bros.
Joseph cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
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