La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e06 Episode Script


I won't waste your time
with small talk.
I know you're busy.
We've got elvirus.
Like other nerve gas agents
in its class, elvirus
combines chemically
with khso5
but only elvirus
has a bromine spike.
That's what your little dreams
are made of.
( Speaking korean )
This isn't proof.
This display
could have been simulated
in the software.
That's a good point.
( Cat mewing )
Andy, take frank
to the basement, will you?
( Mewing )
You hired me
to do two things
To get elvirus, which I did
and to pull the trigger
if your negotiations
with the government break down.
If your concern is
whether I have the resolve
to do what you're asking
that's legitimate.
After all, I'm only
in this for the money.
I've known Andy for ten years
ever since his parents died.
He's the closest thing
that I have to a son.
( Hissing )
There's your signature
Black eyes, black fingernails.
Do we have a deal?
I hope your discussions go well.
If not, I'll be ready.
Warner Bros.
Cherchez la femme
cherchez la femme
dans la nuit
dans la nuit.
Two days ago, an experimental
v.X.-Class nerve gas was stolen.
Now, the fact that
our government
was in possession
of this material
is a blatant violation
of the chemical weapons
This is Perry Bauer.
Hamas, red brigade, I.R.A
All of them have
done business with him
over the years.
He can procure
just about anything
Material, information, people.
Based upon the information
we've gathered
over the past 36 hours
we believe he has elvirus.
And what he plans
on doing with it is not known
but we think it's linked
to the recent threats
against the government
by red cell.
It's a rogue faction
out of North Korea.
How much time?
Elvirus has
a limited shelf life.
If they're going to use it
it's going to be soon.
Well, there's a freight train
on the badlands ♪
that carries my baby to me ♪
you do the job so well ♪
just a-rockin'
my baby to sleep ♪
well, there's a new wind
blowin' ♪
there's a thunder
rumbling down in the east ♪
and there's a king snake
coiled up ♪
in the arms
of an old pine tree ♪
well, the king snake
says to baby ♪
don't you know
that I'm a jealous man ♪
and I would never
let you leave me ♪
to wrangle alone in the sand ♪
but you were never meant
for roses ♪
you were meant to know
the wisdom of the fang ♪
take these thirty
silver kisses ♪
and live with me
in these bad lands ♪
Weapons, please.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ♪
In a moment,
you'll be separated.
You'll never see
each other again.
Understand that?
Whoever talks first
will go free.
The other will never
see the light of day.
You've been thinking about me?
Sure, Walter.
You're all I ever think about.
You know, they don't condone
sexual relations
between operatives
but I think in our case
They'd make an exception.
I've already done the paperwork.
Uh, Walter
Um, there's no "w"
in "menage a trois."
I thought I ran a spell check.
How did it go?
Hey, Michael, you mind?
We're having a moment here.
Thank you, sugar.
It went fine, Michael.
You're so bad.
And, uh, how's everything else?
I didn't know there
was anything else.
Have you made friends?
I thought I wasn't
supposed to get
close to anyone.
How's the apartment?
Michael, you don't have
to pretend to be interested.
Everything's fine.
I know the transition
is difficult.
It was difficult for me too.
I don't see anything
being difficult for you.
I guess I'll see you later.
You'll see me in ten minutes.
Madeline wants to see us.
Our guests have a meeting
with Bauer this afternoon.
The name's Peter.
Nikita, you're sage.
You met through
a man named feiger
in Frankfurt, Germany.
You specialize in a broad range
of mercenary services
Attack, diversion,
You've been married
for less than two years.
And judging from the fresh
scratch marks on their backs
it's safe to say
the relationship
is a passionate one.
Won't Bauer know
we're not these people?
Bauer's never met
Peter and sage.
They were referred
to him by feiger.
Now, just be careful.
Bauer's extremely suspicious.
Even if you do earn his trust
and you cross over
into his world
he's as dangerous to his friends
as he is to his enemies.
Meaning what?
He's got exotic appetites.
Whatever he has to do
to his partners to get off
he will.
He will hit on you, nikita.
I'm cool.
He could hit
on you, too, Michael.
Here. Put these on.
It doesn't fit.
This one's yours.
Do I have to love,
honor, and obey?
Just obey.
It's okay.
It's only till death do us part.
Let's see you kiss.
We'll be fine.
I know you will.
You've got to become
Peter and sage.
We will.
That's everything.
Which one of them cracked?
They both did, of course.
So, who goes free?
You better get ready.
A fresh scent of loneliness ♪
we seem to find ♪
( Beep )
Man: Yeah, what is it?
Peter and sage to see Mr. Bauer.
Unload them.
We'll meet them at the gate.
I don't get it.
Should I wait?
You're done.
The closer you get ♪
you'll never find your way ♪
The closer you get ♪
you'll never find your way. ♪
Who's the happy couple?
We're here to see Bauer.
Oh, really? What for?
We're here
for the job in the kitchen.
Who says there's an opening?
A mutual acquaintance.
Who might that be?
Let's go.
After you're all settled in,
you can hang by the pool.
We got a full bar, videos,
whatever you want.
When do we meet Bauer?
You in a hurry?
We came here to do a job,
not to watch videos.
That's too bad.
We got some pretty good ones.
You're late.
Why is that?
Are you Bauer?
You didn't answer my question.
What is it
with these guys, Peter?
They all got small ones
or do they just act that way?
Is this your wife?
She's got quite a mouth.
Sorry we're late.
Couldn't be avoided.
This job requires precision
And execution.
Convince me you can do it.
Well, talk to feiger.
He knows our work.
This doesn't feel right.
Meet ornett out front.
He'll take care of your fee
for coming out.
Thank you, darling.
He has no intention
of letting us
walk out of here alive.
Audition's over.
All right, that's enough.
Welcome to the team.
This is it.
Here's your itineraries.
Time line, location, floor plan.
Memorize it.
What are we doing?
We're going to release nerve gas
into an office building.
You know when you got hostages
and nobody pays attention
till you toss a body out?
That's why.
We'll leave in 12 hours.
If Bauer calls you
into the building
you'll wear a gas mask.
Don't take it off
until you're back.
Any questions?
Rock and roll.
( High-pitched whine )
10:00 tomorrow.
De anza building downtown.
He's bringing gas masks.
Got it.
So, what's the plan?
We evacuate the building
and let him
Have his fun.
Good luck, sugar.
( Beeping )
( Sighs )
You can see why
he chose this building.
Access in and out
on three sides.
The windows
are all tinted and sealed.
There's only one security guard.
Do we have a number?
During peak hours
we looking at four,
maybe 500 people.
In the mornings,
probably half that.
Did you run a sim?
Problem is
We're not sure
how many canisters
he plans on using.
He's got enough
to cover the building.
Past performances?
You want to know
if he'd toast this many people?
He's going in with the gas.
This guy's not bluffing.
You, you
cross over the north side
of the building.
We're going to exit on page.
Keep it clear.
Grab the masks.
Peter, sage, hang in front.
Anything comes in,
doesn't look right
you let me know.
Let's go.
Where are our people?
Stay put.
Hey, Joe. How are you doing?
( Drill whirring )
Excuse me.
( Gunshot )
Go, go, go.
( Drill whines )
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go.
( Whirring )
( Grunts )
Where's Bauer?
I don't know.
He was right behind me.
My god! Michael.
( Screaming )
There are people in there.
Give me that.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Come on!
( Yelling )
( Alarm sounds )
( Coughing )
( High-pitched bleating )
( Wailing )
( Various alarms sounding )
There's nothing we can do.
( Grunting )
( Coughing )
Let's go.
( Sirens wailing )
Section let those people
get slaughtered.
I told Walter exactly
when and where
it was going to go down.
Who are these butchers
we're working for, Michael?
Don't do this, nikita.
You don't have
all the information.
I don't care.
You don't stand by
and watch innocent people die
You find a solution.
What solution?
You grab Bauer
and you lock him up!
You don't let him walk
into that building.
Most likely,
Bauer had a fail-safe.
Instead of a dozen dead,
there'd be thousands.
You don't know that.
That's right.
And neither do you.
Just do the job.
How are you feeling?
Why did you come
into the building?
Your orders were to stay posted.
If we'd obeyed orders,
you'd be dead now.
Well, that's an interesting
management dilemma, isn't it?
Do I reward you
For disobeying me
or do I punish you
for saving my life?
How about feeding us?
I'm starved.
Come on in.
Let's get acquainted.
When I first hired
a five-star chef
my mother said I was excessive.
But I don't believe
in cutting corners
when it comes to pleasure.
Don't you agree?
I like fruit loops.
So where did you two meet?
Oh, that was in
Rio. During carnival.
The first time
I ever remember seeing him
was in my bed
The morning after.
I don't know how he got there.
We were totally wasted.
Peter's my first
My only
True love.
Bu-but that's odd
Because feiger told me
that you were with him.
At that time in Frankfort
and that he introduced you two.
( Chuckles )
Feiger's a liar and a pig.
He wishes he was with me.
Yes, that's my friend feiger.
Oh, yes.
I have something to show you.
You'll like it.
Red cell is giving
the government six hours
to accede to their demands.
What are they?
Releasing political prisoners,
lifting the embargo
public denunciation
of capitalism
The usual crap.
Will they meet
any of the demands?
Not a single one.
Could that change
over the next six hours?
We made any progress?
Michael and nikita
are with Bauer now.
We're not in real-time contact
with them
but we expect to hear
from them shortly.
Six hours.
You're my little sweetheart.
( Giggling )
Three is always better than two.
Yes, yes, yes.
Great dinner, chef!
I told you he was the best.
Primo gastronome!
( Woman giggling )
( '60s pop music playing )
Talk to me, baby ♪
come on and take my hand ♪
talk to me, baby ♪
so I can understand ♪
'cause I can't go on living ♪
being your sometimes man ♪
find it in your heart ♪
mm-mm-mm, to treat me kind ♪
Find it in your heart ♪
You two look so beautiful
Sage is beautiful.
Stephanie: You must be in love.
know all along,
darling ♪
We are.
You're undecided
in your mind ♪
( Glass shattering )
( Laughing )
I know
that you don't want me ♪
Get me some more champagne,
wouldn't you, love?
Mmm, you're such a pig
when you want to be.
Which is all the time.
If you know
that you don't want me ♪
why, oh, why
don't you just say so? ♪
Oh, girl, I'll have
to have your answer ♪
or I will ♪
You're a lucky man, Peter.
Lucky man.
Are we done with this job?
Go on ♪
I guess your clients
got what they wanted.
Nah. A total waste of time.
I knew it would be.
They're foreigners, you know.
They don't understand you don't
get in John Wayne's face
and tell him what to do.
They're fanatics, you know?
They'll wipe out
a few thousand people
they still won't get
what they want.
What people?
Watch the morning news.
Out of my hands now.
Let's not talk about money
tonight, all right?
Tell me something
What do you think of Stephanie?
Huh, petey?
She's all right.
Come here.
I want to tell you
a little secret.
that you don't want me ♪
Ever since
the first time I met you
I've been wanting you
to watch me
Have sex with your wife.
What do you say?
Just give us the money,
we're out of here.
Oh, no. Petey, I hate
to burst your bubble
but, uh, "we're out of here"
is not an option.
What do you want from us?
Listen obviously
You two have some perverse idea
about love and single partners.
I respect that.
So if you don't want
to do it with me
How about you do it for me?
Okay, kids.
Don't disappoint me.
( Blues guitar )
Oh ♪
babe ♪
look how you got me ♪
standin' 'round cryin' ♪
oh, babe ♪
look how you got me
standin' 'round ♪
cryin' ♪
Well, I know you
don't love me ♪
Take your clothes off.
Always restin' on my mind ♪
Oh, baby ♪
Perform for me.
I ain't
gonna be ridin' around ♪
in my automobile ♪
oh, babe ♪
I ain't gonna be ridin'
around in my automobile ♪
Well, you got so many men ♪
afraid that you
may get me killed ♪
Oh ♪
babe ♪
you just ♪
mess with me ♪
Oh, babe ♪
( Beeping )
You ain't nothin'
like you used to be ♪
( Beeping )
Get ready.
Well, when I was lovin' you ♪
You ran around ♪
with other men. ♪
Go to your room and stay there.
Come on, come on, come on.
Seal off the grounds.
Where's Peter?
He went looking for you.
What was that?
Did you hear that?
What's going on?
Probably won't be back
for a few minutes.
( Groaning )
( Groaning )
It's the train station.
Let's go.
What? Are you crazy?
We're going to die.
No. You'll die.
We'll be wearing gas masks.
Where is it?
I don't know.
He's an outsider.
I hired an outsider.
Who is he?
He's a kid.
He's got long blond hair
like when they're woven,
whatever you call it.
Dreads. Dreads.
There. Right there.
Right there.
Get those people out of here.
Okay, everyone, please get out.
Excuse me. Can you
get out, please?
Get out, please.
Please! Get out!
Get out.
I said, get out.
Where is it?
( Crowd yelling )
Where did he plant it?
I don't know, all right?
I swear to god, I don't know.
All I know is it's supposed
to go off at 6:04.
It's a track.
Get out of the way. Move.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way. Move.
Get out!
( Soft rock playing )
Apparently, you two
were very convincing
as a young couple in love.
I'm out of here.
Shades of gray.
There's no such thing
as the enemy anymore.
As long as Bauer's willing
to play both sides of the fence
he'll continue to do business.
( Chamber clinking )
Warner Bros.
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