La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e07 Episode Script


Congratulations, nikita.
You've crossed a milestone.
I have?
You've completed what might be
called a "probationary period."
You're a full-fledged
operative now
The equal of any operative
in the section.
To Michael?
Some are more equal than others.
So do I get a cap? A gown?
A merit badge?
We're very satisfied
with your progress.
Are there any issues
you'd like to raise?
You're inviting me
to ask questions?
That's right.
Why should I bother?
You're not going to answer them.
You won't know till you ask.
It's just another way
of building a data file
labeled "nikita," isn't it?
See, any questions I ask
you have more insight
to the way I tick
All the more for you
to wind me up when you need it.
You really have graduated.
Still, I do have one question.
I see a lot of young people
in the section,
but very few old.
Why is that, Madeline?
Surely not everybody's
been lost in action.
No. Not all.
So what happens to us
down the line?
Do we get a condo in Miami?
Or is it a bullet
in the back of the head?
That's a good question, nikita
Perhaps more profound
than you know.
And the answer?
Is highly classified.
Hmm. Naturally.
Madeline, I will be expecting
my merit badge in the mail.
From now on
you have to understand
more will be
expected of you.
Don't disappoint us.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
Stop it stop it!
( Choking )
What do you think
you're here for?
Not with everybody watching.
( Gasps )
That just makes it more fun.
( Woman moaning )
They're here.
Show them in.
Come on.
What do you want?
The agency wants you
out of the country.
The drugs were bad enough,
but then you kill a guy
just because he won't let
you "dance" with his wife?
You didn't see her.
You're out of control, suba.
You got 48 hours.
That's not possible.
No. There's still something
I got to do first.
And what's that?
Visit Disneyland.
Been here five years,
never been once.
Well, we heard
you've been
snooping around
nuclear power plants.
You wouldn't be trying
to get your hands
on some of that enriched u-235?
I bet a guy could make
a lot of bucks doing that.
Thanks for the idea.
'Cause you start
messing around with nukes
we won't just
kick you out of the country.
We'll finish you.
Two days.
You've been warned.
Your colleague here, boggs
Suppose I told you
that he's on my payroll?
Well, I'd say
you were delusional.
Did you hear that?
He called me crazy.
Did you ever see a more
surprised face in your life?
Go find me that bitch
who slapped me.
Hello, Roger.
Operations is looking for you.
There's a briefing
in five minutes.
I was so looking forward
to having
a relaxing evening at home.
Well, I'm afraid you're going
to have to postpone that
for a few hours
Or a few days.
Or forever?
How long have you been here?
My whole life
Just like everybody else.
Madeline told me
That I'm off probation now.
What's that mean
It means whatever
they want it to mean
until they decide
that it means something else.
I'm not trying
to be clever, just honest.
The only thing thanks.
You can do while you're here
Focus on the mission.
Stay alive.
"Stay alive."
Suba came here five years ago
after a coup in his own country.
Now, the agency sponsored him
because of his
anti-terrorist activities
but he's become a liability.
Lately he's been trying
to acquire
waste uranium from power plants.
He might already have some.
Now, the agency
has been compromised
We have to clean up.
They want him planted?
Oh, no. They might want
to use him again.
We're to deport him
quickly and quietly.
He likes tall blondes.
( Medium tempo
Latin dance music playing )
This is a private party.
I'm one of the girls.
Why are you late?
I had to take a philosophy exam.
You can frisk me If you want.
It works for me.
Let her in.
( Soft buzz )
Okay. She's in.
You need a stepladder
for that one.
I like her.
Michael: That's the tracker.
It's activated.
Good. She should be
out in a minute.
They're not going to let her go.
Get me in.
You got it.
I've picked up
their frequency.
Ravic, are you there?
Go ahead.
There's trouble out front.
What's going on?
Just get out here.
The guy in a red jacket
Suba says run him off.
Let's go.
Hey! Get your hands off of me!
Let's go.
Get your hands off of me!
Feisty, huh?
( Yelling )
There you are. Bitch!
What the hell?
It's not what it seems.
"Not what it seems"?
You think
I'm a fool?
Please tell him
nothing happened.
Let the man go.
Where did you get this dress?
It's a disgrace.
You're pregnant!
Let's go.
Where are you
going, friend?
Let me give you one
piece of advice, mister.
Don't get married.
Birkoff: The signal's strong.
Let's do a comm check.
D-1 radio check.
Okay. He's slowing down and
He's turning off.
There's an old farmhouse
about a mile back
from the road.
He may be headed
there. Slow down.
He's stopped.
Let's go.
Northwest corner, second floor.
Destroy all documents
and anything
that gets in the way
but we need suba alive.
There's no guards.
The way they party,
they'll sleep for a week.
Slowly, people.
Team two, cover.
Closing in on signal.
It's the tracker.
( Helicopter hovering )
( Groaning )
( Helicopter retreating )
Man: Yeah. Put him in one.
Man 2:
We got a gunshot wound
to the leg here.
What happened?
It was a trap. They
were expecting us.
Two dead, three wounded.
Suba found the tracker.
Where did you put it?
Inside his collar.
It was secure.
I don't understand how
he found it so quickly.
Well, he did.
Don't blame Michael. It was
Shut up.
It's my mess. I'll fix it.
Oh, so you know where he is?
I'll find him.
For your sake.
In time you'll learn
it's not enough to do your best.
I did what you wanted me to.
It wasn't enough.
Come on in.
How you doing?
It's just a scratch.
I'll be up in no time.
They found the tracker.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry.
Goes with the territory.
Forget about it.
Thanks for pulling me
out of there.
You'd have done the same.
Maybe we shouldn't have
put it on his collar.
Hey, don't beat yourself up.
It's their world.
You just live in it.
I mean, what the hell?
Guys with handguns
taking on a 50-millimeter?
Come on.
The chopper got off
a hundred rounds
by the time you guys got what?
You and Michael
Roger three.
No, it was three.
I've got his gun.
( Machine gun firing )
Two. I'm sure of it.
I thought I was going to die.
I remember.
Sugar, I checked the gun.
He fired three shots.
( Two gunshots )
( Single gunshot; Roger yells )
Your leg hurting much?
Oh, no.
It's fine.
I'm glad to hear it.
How about Now?
Are you crazy?
You set us up.
What are you talking about?
Don't mess with me.
I didn't set anybody up.
A 50-millimeter shell
would have ripped
your leg apart.
You only got a flesh wound.
I went back to the farmhouse
and on the floor
I found this.
It's from your gun.
You're out of your mind.
Should we take it to Walter?
( Groaning )
You shot yourself so you
wouldn't be suspected.
( Groaning )
Because they have my son.
Because suba has my son.
He's eight years old
and if I don't do exactly
what they tell me to do
they're going to kill him.
( Echoing laughter )
I was on death row at 20
and I deserved it.
But then, along came section one
and, uh, you know the rest.
They turned me inside out
and remade me in their own image
except for the one thing
they never found out about.
The only thing I did right
my whole life.
I had a son.
How did you keep it from them?
I never married the mother
so there were no records
or papers.
She died
when he was two, so I, uh
I gave him to another couple
to raise, you know.
Good people.
I figured he'd be
better off that way.
I was right.
The whole time
the section was training me
it was the only thing I had
to hang on to, you know?
My boy, my son.
And I never told them.
Every once in a while,
I go to his house, you know
and watch him getting ready
to leave for school, or
Playing in the yard.
You don't speak to him?
I wanted to keep him free
of anything connected
with the section.
How did suba find out?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I just know that my boy will die
if I don't give him
what he wants.
What does he want?
Suba has been smuggling uranium
out of the country.
He can't do it all at once
so he moves it a little bit
every few days.
I'm using section intel to find
out which exit points are safe
and I'm giving him
daily reports.
Ah, so you warned
him about the raid.
It was stupid to shoot yourself.
No one suspected treason.
They blamed it on me.
Well, I wish I'd known that
in advance.
I had to be absolutely certain
no one would suspect me.
If the section
took me off the case
I couldn't give suba
what he wants.
I suppose you can't
tell them the truth.
Section thinks
you've got a weakness
an enemy could exploit,
you become an enemy, too.
Nikita, help me. Please.
What are you
going to do?
What do you mean?
We have some down time.
You should go over the
dry mission profile.
I already have.
Go over it again.
We can't afford
any more mistakes.
When can I go home?
Maybe tomorrow.
Maybe never.
What have you got?
That could be dangerous
for your son's health.
I got hit in the leg
the other night during the raid.
I've been laid up.
Don't play games.
No games. I swear.
My uranium's piling up.
I got to get it
out of the country now.
I'll have intelligence
for you this afternoon.
Yes, you will.
What about my son?
( Sniffs )
Yeah. He, uh, had
a bit of a fever this morning.
You know, sweating.
He looked pretty bad.
Joking, man.
Lighten up.
( Car engine starting )
( Car engine starting )
Nikita: Remember me?
How did you find us?
Suba sent for me.
I wasn't told.
Aw, guess you're out
of the loop.
( Techno-funk
rock music playing )
( Whispering ): Kyle!
Kick the ball over here!
I'm a friend.
I'm here to get you out.
You have to trust me.
We've got to hurry.
What should I do?
There's a trailer in back.
Meet me there.
Kick the ball like you just did.
Found it.
Stay where I can see you.
Dekker: Ravic is down!
Head for the gate!
If you see anything moving,
you shoot it!
Check the yard now.
Hey, Carl, let's go!
Hurry up. Get the kid!
Get the kid!
Johnson, you're with me!
Kyle, come on.
I have to get the ball first.
Come on, come on!
I said now!
You're telling me
suba's vanished into thin air?
I'm telling you our sources
have come up empty so far
but we're working on it.
What about satcom traffic?
We're working on it.
I'm getting tired
of that phrase.
You're starting
to test my Patience.
Excuse me.
Can I have a word with you?
We're busy.
Michael, I need you
to do two things.
I can deliver
I know where he is, but he won't
be there long. I'll need
an eight-man assault team
and a ten-minute head start.
Isn't it enough
I can deliver what you want?
Do it.
I want a complete debriefing.
She's protecting someone.
Yes, she is.
Man: What was that?
What's wrong?
These tires are brand-new.
I don't understand this.
Suba: Fix it!
Let's go.
Who the hell are you?!
Good afternoon to you, too.
How did she get in here?
Are you all sleeping?!
Lady with the jealous husband.
That's right.
I also happen
to be a friend of Kyle's.
I wanted to say good-bye to him.
Don't come any closer.
I just have a little present
for him.
It's a golf ball, see?
In case he gets tired of soccer.
( All yelling )
Kill her!
( Yelling )
( Grunts )
Get inside.
Where are we going?
Shut up.
( Grunts )
If you make a move
I shoot the kid.
Now put the gun down.
Put the gun down!
That's better.
( Yells )
Come back to me, Kyle.
Get over here, kid.
Back up, Kyle.
Walk back to me, Kyle.
Come back to me now, kid!
Come back to me now!
( Suba groans )
( Yells )
Kyle. Who's he?
He's a friend.
Can I go home now?
Yeah. Yeah, I called
your mom and dad.
They're just over there.
Mom! Dad!
Mom! Dad!
Nikita if we don't
work together again
We will.
Thank you.
You want me to run the disk?
Where's Roger?
It was thought he'd be
better off somewhere else.
Where else is there?
Section had him canceled.
Say it, Michael. He's dead.
The section killed him
because he's weak.
He betrayed the section.
Lives were lost.
And a life was saved
An innocent one.
Leave it alone, nikita.
It's over.
Yes, nikita?
Come sit down.
What you did for Roger was noble
but it wasn't worth the risk.
How can you be so ruthless?
Because the other
side is ruthless.
If we're not stronger
then they win and we lose.
You're a good operative, nikita.
Don't let your humanity
get in the way.
My humanity?
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami.
Mon ami.
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