La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e08 Episode Script


I didn't mean to startle you.
( Chuckles )
Hey, I think you, uh
I think you dropped this.
No, that's not mine.
Are you sure?
I saw it come out
of your jacket.
I'm very sure.
Thanks anyway.
Wouldn't want to lose a
glove on a day like this.
I'm freezing.
Hey, I'm going to grab a coffee.
Would you like to join me?
No, thanks.
No. Really, I thought
you dropped the glove.
Nikita, wait.
How do you know my name?
I can get you
out of section one.
What are you talking about?
There's a number in this glove.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Don't play games.
If you want to be free,
I can make it happen.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
Hey, Walter.
Can I ask you a question?
What's up, sugar?
Does the section
ever test its operatives?
Tempt them, for example?
You got to think of the section
as a living organism
and like any organism
it will do whatever
it has to to survive.
Be careful.
Michael: Good morning.
How's everything?
All right.
New glasses.
Look good.
Don't go too far.
We have a briefing in an hour.
Yesterday two marine guards
were abducted
from a south American embassy
by a terrorist group
called tiburon.
Spokesman for that group
is a man named cassian Perez.
He sent this
an hour ago.
Several weeks ago
the government kidnapped
some of my men.
Of course,
they called it an "arrest."
As you can see
I have "arrested"
some of your men in return.
The solution is simple: A trade.
Andrew townsend, Lance corporal.
Serial number 548723061.
They are brave young men.
Don't make me kill them.
You have 24 hours.
What are the chances of a trade?
Considering Perez's men have
been dead for months, not good.
Can we trace the transmission?
It's scrambled.
We'll keep trying,
but it's a long shot.
Perez has a brother
named jerico.
Our sources tell us
they're very close.
If we can pick him up
we'll have significant
leverage with cassian.
He lives in a secluded place
heavily guarded.
( Sniffs )
Woman: Jer, can we eat?
How long can it take
to make soup?
It's not soup,
it's bouillabaisse.
It takes longer.
Then make soup.
I'm starving.
Hey, hey, guys, guys.
Not in the kitchen.
Come on. Let's go watch TV.
They're just playing.
What's the point in giving
the servants
the night off if
the kids are here?
They should be at your mother's.
I told you, she got sick.
That looks awful.
Just try it.
What if I don't want to?
What if I smack you?
Geez, jer.
What's the matter?
Paul, everything okay?
Paul, what's happening?
Mike, where the hell
are you guys?
Take the kids to our room now.
Boy: What's happening?
Hurry. Go. Go.
Boy: Why did the lights go out?
Drop it.
Who are you?
Drop it.
He said drop it.
Get out of here.
( Gunshots )
Hold fire.
Jer! No!
( Yells )
Go on back.
No one's going to hurt you.
What happened to my mom?
Take him to the Van
and get a body bag for her.
Take care of them.
I thought there weren't
supposed to be any kids.
There weren't.
( Boys crying )
Michael, they just watched
their mother get shot.
It can't be helped, nikita.
( Boys crying )
( Knock at door )
( Mellow rock music playing )
( Turns music down )
Hey, Carla.
What's going on in here?
Sorry about that.
I was just working out.
Got something to tell you.
Uh-huh. Really love this song.
I met someone.
Surprise, surprise.
No. This one's different.
Sure he is.
Want some water?
He's a musician.
I know musicians are trouble
but he's a classical musician.
That can't be that bad, right?
You okay?
Yep I'm fine.
It's nothing really.
Yeah, well, it's something.
What's wrong?
Something happened today.
Saw a car accident.
Mother was killed
in front of her kids.
It was awful.
I kept thinking I should have
done something, you know?
What could you have done?
I don't know.
I could have
I just can't really get
the sound of the kids crying
out of my mind.
( Ringing )
Man: Hello.
I'm ready.
Meet me at my apartment
in one hour.
I'll be there.
Ah, gee!
How do you know me?
Who sent you?
Nobody sent me.
How do you know
about section one?
I'm in it
Just like you.
Prove it.
Life in the section, nikita
Everyone is watched.
They have a camera
mounted over your stove
and in the corner
of your bedroom ceiling.
How do you know all this?
Because that's my job
They don't exactly
give me a choice.
They watch you all the time?
Not all of the time
but enough to make sure
everyone is under control.
Nikita, don't walk
away from this.
How do you know
you weren't followed?
I don't, not for sure
but I've been careful
or I wouldn't have
gotten this far.
If you hate
living like this
as much as I do
then let's do
something about it.
Even if we got away,
they'd find us.
Not if we don't exist.
They'd kill us.
No, I've created
a computer virus
that'll erase us from
the files completely.
We'll be ghosts.
Why me?
Because the plan takes two
and I know you.
I know I can trust you.
What's your plan?
You were out last night.
I called to ask
if you wanted to get
a cup of coffee.
I like coffee.
First you compliment me
on my new sunglasses
and now you're
asking me out for coffee?
I've been thinking
about you lately.
And what have you been thinking?
That we might spend
more time together
outside the section.
I didn't think
there was anything
outside section.
There is.
We've just received
another transmission.
I have seen too many comrades
lose loved ones
in our struggle for freedom
to give in at the thought
of losing my brother.
As much as I love him
I will not lift a finger
to save jerico.
But if you do not release him
I will kill the second hostage.
The first I have already killed
in retaliation for the death
of my brother's wife.
Did we get anything
out of jerico?
No. He'd have told us
in the first 30 seconds
but we may be able
to use him later on.
We've developed
a mission profile
thanks to the help
of Mr. Birkoff.
This second transmission
was scrambled, like the first
but I put together
a signal averaging program
and I think we have a location.
An old stadium in kosatz.
Memorize the schematic.
There'll be a lot
of nooks and crannies
that didn't show up
on the schematic.
Be careful.
Blow it.
They've taken the other
one somewhere else.
We don't know that.
Let's spread out.
Let's go.
There's a tunnel
under the stadium
that exits to the west.
We didn't find the hostage yet.
We'll be out of the city
in a half hour.
I'll tap in and
activate the virus.
Then we're free.
Now, come on.
( Man talking )
Do you hear that?
No, there's no time.
Come on.
Damn it, nikita, come on!
( Radio transmissions )
Hold it right there.
Turn around.
Put the gun down.
Come on!
Michael: We heard shooting.
Yeah, there was.
No hostages in sight.
I took down one of theirs.
Michael: Then you were right.
He's been moved.
We'll have to start
all over again.
Everything was perfect.
All we had to do was
Why did you wait?
Why didn't you
just go without me?
The plan takes two people.
It doesn't take two people
to run through a tunnel.
Is this some kind of game
the section's
playing with me?
Don't lie to me.
I won't.
Then why didn't you go?
I couldn't.
Not without you.
All those hours watching you
I couldn't go without you.
You're different than them,
nikita, like like me
and I-I-I know
that we could be happy together.
I can feel it.
I-I-I know you don't
feel the same way
but maybe in time, we
Listen, uh let's
Let's just get out either way
and whatever happens
happens, okay?
And just one thing.
You have a lot of reasons
to stay in section
but if you decide to stay in
the section because of Michael
please don't.
Why would I stay
because of Michael?
I've seen your face
when he calls.
He doesn't feel
the same way, nikita.
Do you watch him, too?
Enough to know.
They're working on jerico now.
He can't last long.
When they get what they need
they'll be calling us.
Be ready.
Do you want something to eat?
Just water.
How are my kids?
Your kids are fine.
Can I see them?
That's up to you.
I keep telling you
I don't know where my brother
is keeping this guy.
I believe you
but I want you to find out.
Contact your brother.
Tell him you're hurt.
They'll bring you to him
and wherever he is,
that's where the hostage is.
I will not betray my brother.
Not even
to see your children again?
You're all they have now
since you killed your wife.
Or would you really rather
sacrifice your life for this?
I will not lift a finger
to save jerico.
I will not lift
a finger to save jerico.
I will not lift a finger
to save jerico.
I will not lift
a finger to save jerico.
I will not lift a finger
to save jerico.
I will not lift
a finger to save jerico.
You just let him
walk out of here?
He knows we're watching him.
What if he decides
not to betray his brother?
He'll betray him.
Because of the tape?
Tapes can be tampered with.
Jerico knows that
as well as we do.
He wants to be free.
The tape just gave
him an excuse.
In the meantime, my advice
is to assemble the team.
They'll be needed soon.
The building is empty.
The hostage is on the top floor.
You'll take the point.
Your job is to scope
for personnel locations.
You'll have a few seconds.
You'll have to be
quick and accurate.
I understand.
You're here late.
Just going over the
parameters again.
That's not like you.
You're usually a quick study.
I must be getting
more dedicated to my work.
Somehow I don't think
it's the mission
you're having trouble
figuring out.
How did he get here?
What's his life like outside?
Does he even have one?
Would knowing the answers
make you perform your mission
more efficiently?
Is it his life
you want to know about
or his heart?
Does he even have a heart?
Michael loved once, very deeply.
Some men can only love once.
Whether Michael's
like that or not
I don't really know.
Gee, Madeline, I thought
you knew everything.
I know what I need
to know, nikita.
If you can say the same,
you'll be all right.
Get some rest.
Good night, Madeline.
Nikita, this is Eric.
Don't worry.
This call's secure.
Has the section
contacted you yet?
They will.
The mission can go at anytime.
I'll be ready.
I hope so.
( Knock at door )
Nikita, I want you
to understand,
this is our last chance.
( Knocking )
We're on standby, so I
thought we could go over
that plan again.
I know the plan.
I'm sure you do, too.
May I come in?
Of course.
Then we could have
that cup of coffee.
Or the drink.
All right.
No need to leave the apartment.
Whatever you have will be fine.
Well, what if
I'm out of everything?
That will be fine, too.
( Up-tempo jazzy music playing )
Are you trying to seduce me?
( Sighing )
I've never been able
to figure you out.
Why should today?
Be different?
It's very simple.
After Simone,
I thought if I ever
Cared for anyone again
it would have to be
someone from outside
the section.
But I was wrong.
No one from the outside
can understand who we are.
We fight all the time
just to stay alive.
Let's not fight
what's between us.
Let's take what we can get.
( Mellow music playing )
( Woman singing foreign ballad )
( Phone rings )
Madeline: We're ready to move.
Elevator. 15 minutes.
( Elevator bell dings )
Let's go.
( Elevator bell dings )
Hey, hey, hey!
Who are you?
I'm the temp that was ordered.
We didn't order any temp.
These elevators
aren't supposed to work.
What's going on?
We're security.
There've been break-ins
in here lately.
Oh, I guess the agency just sent
me to the wrong building. I
I guess they did.
Excuse me.
We're set.
( Rings )
Elevator panel activated.
Why'd you let her go?
Someone might have
seen her come in.
We'll be out by tonight.
Two guards directly
in front of the elevator.
Two more are on
the southwest corner.
The hostage?
Not in my sight
so he must be in
the northwest corner.
Perez: The deadline is here
and no word from your friends.
Any last words?
Andrew townsend, Lance corporal
( Slides breech )
( Kidnappers yelling )
Secure the prisoners.
Make sure the floor's clear.
( Bell dings )
You ready?
Let's do it.
Come on.
Nikita, listen to me.
At the end of the hall
there's a bridge to
the building across the street.
The virus is ready to go.
In five minutes,
we'll vanish into thin air.
Come on.
( Sighing )
Nikita, he does not love you.
( Sighs )
You go.
All right.
Well, I'll, uh
I'll take you out
of the virus then.
Didn't you have another weapon?
Not this trip.
My report tells me that
you had a snub-nosed .357.
I'm afraid I'm going
to have to search you.
Really? Go ahead.
( Chuckling )
How's the hostage?
He'll be fine.
Something came up.
Eric didn't come back
with the rest of the team
and some sort of virus
erased him from our
Primary data base.
You mean there's
a backup system?
He won't get far.
And anyone who went with him
wouldn't have, either.
You knew about his plan
all the time, didn't you?
This was all one
big manipulation
to keep me from going
with him, wasn't it?
To keep you alive.
But why?
Why bother?
Welcome back, Michael.
Prepare a plan
and a shadow team.
We'll need a psychological
profile on all major players
What's this? Your cameras.
I'm not having them
in my apartment anymore.
You're not?
If you don't like it
We can what?
Cancel me, because I'd rather
be dead than watched
like an animal
in the zoo.
Are you sure about that?
I'm very sure.
Cancel surveillance on nikita
at least for the time being.
Now, where were we?
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
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