La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e09 Episode Script


Hi, Walter.
Hey, baby.
Well, how did it go?
Guy never showed.
Then you didn't
use the beta unit?
That's too bad.
I was really hoping to
field test this baby.
Oh, don't worry, Walter.
There'll be other days
other living things to kill.
I guess you're right.
Good night.
We just got confirmation.
He never left Athens.
We'll try again next week.
Where do you go
when you leave here?
Very good.
It usually takes
the new ones several years
to ask me that question.
So how many years does
it take to get an answer?
I don't know.
I haven't yet.
Birkoff: No!
Kill all the nonessential
processes now.
Unmount everything
but the system volume.
What's happening down there?
Someone's running a program.
What are you saying?
The system's been breached?
I don't see how.
We've been totally off-line.
I've been running
in stand-alone mode.
What the?
Oh, no.
There's someone tunneling in.
It can't be.
We're not connected.
All right, birkoff, then
what is the problem?
( Machinery whirring )
Are we okay?
It must have been
a runaway process.
But we're okay, right?
You weren't on-line?
It was contained.
Nikita, call the agency.
See if there's any
similar activity
in their computer.
Nikita, don't.
( Ringing )
( Modem squealing )
Oh, no.
Damn it, birkoff, what is this?
It was a drone program.
When I was off-line,
it was collecting data.
When nikita dialed out, it used
a digital telephone to send.
Send what?
The directory.
Oh, my god.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
The directory
is a file containing
the identity and cover
of everyone in the section.
If we don't get it back
each of us becomes
an unprotected target.
We've switched operatives to
alternate cover when possible.
Why don't we bring
operatives in?
Because they have a job to do.
If they stop doing it
it will leave
the population unprotected.
Have all our people
been contacted?
We've reached everyone
but Porter and lange.
Could they be implicated?
We're looking into it.
What do you have?
Whoever broke in
knew our system.
Probably someone
we've communicated with
in the past.
He left us a message.
Leave all
channels open
for incoming only.
We're on close quarter standby
until we receive.
( Modem squawking )
It's incoming.
Sir, this is it.
( Clearing throat )
Sorry to cause so much trouble.
A small flaw in your security
system came to my attention
and, uh, I couldn't resist.
The file's encrypted.
I've broken it.
Prove it.
You're missing two operatives
named Porter and lange.
You'll find Porter's body
at the bottom of the canal
off broad street.
I've turned lange over
to ilya benko.
Don't pretend to be unaware
of one of the most vicious
terrorists on the planet
especially since
he regards section one
as the chief impediment
to the spread of his ideology.
Why did you give
lange to him?
I knew he'd require proof,
just as you do.
After all, you know,
fair is fair.
Shall we get down to business?
What do you want?
An auction.
Two bidders
The section and benko.
Send an operative
to Prague immediately.
Instructions will follow.
If you try to sabotage me
in any way
the directory
goes straight to benko.
Birkoff, trace?
The signal's scrambled.
Verify the body in the canal.
You'll leave for Prague tonight.
How much am I authorized to bid?
Whatever it takes, Michael.
( Speaking Hungarian )
( Alarm ringing )
Have you, uh, met Mr. Benko?
I know him by reputation.
And I went to all the trouble
of bringing you
a present.
Knowing how concerned you are
about your operatives
I took the opportunity
of returning Mr. Lange
What's left of him.
Thank you.
Well, shall we begin?
The procedure is simple.
Each of you writes a figure
on the sheet of paper
in front of you.
The winner gets the prize.
( Giggling )
Interesting problem, isn't it?
You don't want to overbid
yet, if you underbid
Well, the consequences
could be drastic.
I'd suggest
pulling out all the stops.
We have
a winner.
Who is it?
Let's not risk
any unpleasantness
discussing that now.
I'll be in touch.
The winner will wire my account
and the directory
will be delivered.
If the directory
ends up in his hands
we'll hunt you down.
There's not enough money
in the world to protect you.
If he gets the directory,
you'll be too busy running
for your lives to
hunt anything down.
never underestimate
the power of money.
Now, if you'll excuse me
I have
some arrangements to make.
30 million was too low.
He knows we have limits.
A higher bid wouldn't
have been credible.
We should have heard
from him by now.
It doesn't mean we've lost.
The directory is valuable.
He has to be cautious.
( Modem squawking )
( Laughs )
The streets won't be littered
with section one bodies
after all.
Where's the directory?
I've downloaded account numbers
to your com division.
When I have confirmation,
I'll be leaving Prague
and bringing the directory
to you personally.
How do we know the file
wasn't copied?
Why would I jeopardize
such a rewarding relationship
by double-crossing you?
You'll have the money
within the hour.
( Sighing )
( Siren wailing )
He doesn't have the disk.
Harding had the directory
when he called.
A few minutes later,
it was gone.
What about the bus?
It's been reduced to molecules.
We found nothing.
Operations: And the passengers?
Michael: There were 18.
We think Harding
planted the disk
on one of them
hoping to retrieve it later.
Are you saying he had
a partner on the bus?
No. Most likely,
he chose someone at random.
So are we going to pull
all 18 people off the street?
No. We'll work them covertly.
We've had little time
to prepare profiles,
but we've done what we could.
An approach has been
tailored for each passenger.
( Doorbell ringing )
Gray wellman?
That's right.
I'm officer Dennis Larsen.
I wonder if you could
come down to the station.
We need to ask you
a few questions.
My daughter
Has something
happened to my?
No. There's nothing wrong
with anyone you know
and you're not under suspicion.
We just need your assistance.
I'll grab my coat.
Thank you for coming
down to the station.
Wellman: No problem.
You were on a
bus yesterday
on ninth street.
Uh, that's right.
A man boarded at Alden,
right by the museum.
Do you know him?
Uh, no.
I saw him get on, though.
What did he do after he boarded?
Is he some kind of criminal?
Yes, he is.
Um, he got on, he sat down
he rode for a while
and he got off.
I need details, Mr. Wellman.
Anything you can remember.
Wellman will be with Madeline
for no more than an hour.
He's an architect.
The directory may no longer be
in a conventional disk form.
It may be on a microdisk
easy to hide
and the data can be transferred
to a disk in seconds.
It might even be in print.
Ignore no possibilities,
however remote.
Did he sit with anyone?
No. He sat alone.
He stayed on for a stop or two,
then he got off.
Any sign of stress?
No more than you'd expect.
Did he talk to anyone?
Not that I saw.
He did brush against
one of the passengers.
Did he try and
give you anything?
Do you think he could have
slipped something in a pocket?
I would have noticed.
Were you carrying a bag
or a briefcase of any sort?
I've checked the pictures.
I was just wondering what
we do if his wife came home.
She's dead
and the daughter's
spending the weekend
with her grandparents.
Just one
more question,
Mr. Wellman.
You're a fairly successful man.
Why were you taking the bus?
It gives me a chance
to look at old buildings.
I'm an architect.
What do you think?
I think he's an architect
who likes to ride the bus.
( Phone ringing )
He's on his way.
Let's put it back together.
How much time we got?
15 minutes.
We canvassed the passengers,
tore the bus apart
The directory has
to be somewhere.
Unless benko's already found it.
Our people haven't
started dying yet
but they sure damn
well will if he
gets to it first.
The only one on the bus
who had contact with Harding
is the architect wellman.
You think he's a player?
No. We checked him out.
He's clean.
Yes, but maybe we can use him.
Benko has his own
intelligence network.
By now he knows as much
about the passengers as we do.
We'll make him think
wellman has the directory.
If we can't get the directory,
let's at least bring down benko.
How do we get the
information to benko?
We know someone
he does business with
Mick stoppel.
Call nikita.
Q.h. 135
I'm so sorry.
Thank you.
They're still using
kicklighter's book
for design 101?
Uh, I guess so.
I just started,
like, a week ago.
You go to city?
Well, a word of warning.
Keep away from professor zaylor.
She's vicious.
You went to city?
Uh, yeah, for two years
and then I went to poly.
Really? Poly, wow.
I'd like to go to poly.
Actually, that's a great book
on the history
of post-modern
This one?
This one isn't bad either.
Benko, we've got
Mick stoppel on-line.
Benko: Coming.
What's up, Mick?
I've just received
an interesting phone call.
From whom?
A woman.
She says she's a friend
of gray wellman's.
A passenger on the bus.
She claims
to have the directory.
How much does she want?
She wouldn't talk price
on the phone
but she did say she'd like
to meet you in person.
This church is
one of the finest examples
of what they were doing
at the turn of the century.
It's beautiful.
I bring my daughter by here
every once in a while.
What, hoping she'll
get bitten by the bug?
No. The only architecture
she's into
is Barbie's Dollhouse.
( Chuckles ):
I should really
get going.
I'm sorry if I kept you.
No. Actually, if
you wouldn't mind
walking with me
I'd like to hear some more.
I'm not boring you?
Oh, my I don't believe it.
This is an old friend of mine
I haven't seen for years.
Can you wait one second?
I'll be right back.
Where's benko?
How did you know to contact us?
We were partners
with the late Mr. Harding.
Oh, really?
I didn't think Harding
had any partners.
There's a lot you don't know.
Does wellman always let a woman
do the talking for him?
Look, you're dealing with me.
Did you want to play
20 questions
or do you want the directory?
Okay. Here's the offer:
You give us the directory
We'll let you live.
( Silenced rifle shot )
I told you
I wanted to meet benko.
That's not possible.
I'll bet it is.
You tell him when he's ready
to meet me to give me a call.
( Chuckling ): How hysterical.
Let's go and eat.
( Phone rings )
Tomorrow, noon,
city center park.
It's a big park.
We'll find you.
Bring your friend.
You leave him out
( Dial tone )
Tomorrow, noon,
city center park.
Nikita: It's a big park.
We'll find you.
Bring your friend.
You leave him out
She was about to say,
"leave him out of it."
Yes, she was.
Why are we still at
this point with her?
It's a civilian.
He's done nothing wrong.
That's completely irrelevant
and you know it.
Doesn't she understand
what's at stake here?
She understands.
I know wellman is a widower
with a young child
but I don't want
any sentimentality
on nikita's part
getting in the way
of this mission.
Is that clear?
Of course.
( Door closing )
You've done a good job
with nikita.
She still lacks perspective.
That's all.
You don't think she's formed
any attachment to wellman?
They've only seen each other
a couple of times.
That's not what I asked.
I don't think she has.
But sooner or later, she will
Whether it's with wellman
or someone else
And when that situation happens
will you be able to handle it?
Why wouldn't I be?
That's a question
only you can answer.
Well, the first year
was the toughest.
I mean, Casey kept asking,
"when's mommy coming home?"
And it's a little tricky
to explain death
to a three-year-old.
So, how's she doing now?
She's good.
Of course, I think
she misses having a mother.
I'm sure you're
doing a great job.
Mr. Mom that's me.
They're leaving the rink
Heading south across the square.
Got them.
Not that smooth, am I
carrying on about my wife?
You're not carrying
on about your wife.
You're carrying on
about your daughter.
It's charming.
Stay in the grid, nikita.
A few degrees south.
Whose idea was it
to take a walk
in sub-zero temperatures?
It was mine.
Good idea.
I thought so.
Nikita, check out
the blue windbreaker
to your left.
See if it's benko.
It's weird. I haven't
been to that library
for months.
Funny how people meet.
Sorry, sorry.
What did you say?
I'm just babbling.
Michael, he's over an hour late.
When do you want to call it?
Okay. Everyone in.
We're terminating.
Nikita, I'll see you back
at the section.
Uh, listen, gray, I got to go.
Believe it or not,
I got homework tonight.
You need help? I got a home.
Not tonight. Thanks.
Listen, nikita,
I don't mean to scare you
I like being with you.
Takes a lot more than that
to scare me.
Now I'm scared.
Come on.
No sign of benko
at the perimeter?
Okay. Let's go.
I just sort of fell
into architecture.
There's a lot of stuff
I wanted to study.
I mean, I studied dance
for a while, and
You know
It's been working out.
Wellman: What's wrong?
Do you mind if we take a cab?
Listen, do you mind
if we take a rain check?
I've got some stuff to do
Things to pick up.
Is there something wrong?
No. Nothing's wrong. Not at all.
Just, uh, girl stuff.
Okay. So, dinner later
and I got your number
Absolutely. It'd be fantastic.
I'd love it. Thanks.
Michael, are you
with me? Michael?
Hello, darling. How are you?
Just remember, okay?
You asked for this.
Do you have the directory?
No. Not on me.
Why did wellman leave?
Well, we thought it might be
a little healthier to separate.
By the way, I never thanked you
for killing Harding.
You increased our profit
by a third.
That's all you care about,
isn't it
You people disgust me.
Ooh, I can live with that.
Shall we talk price?
Yeah. The price is your life.
Take me to the directory now.
I can't do that.
And why's that?
Because there's
been instructions set
that if I don't return
to wellman on my own
the directory gets destroyed.
( Clicking tongue )
You were right, Mick.
She's a real live wire.
Get her in the Van.
Killing me is not going
to get you the directory.
$50 million will.
Get in.
Open it.
What are you doing?
You see that statue?
It's wearing a necklace
just like yours.
How far away from here
is the directory?
How many miles?
Three maybe four.
The necklace is equipped
with a microphone.
Everything you say or do,
including any efforts
you might make to remove it
will be heard.
If for any reason
we don't like what we hear
I will see you
In the center of the square.
You be there in two hours.
Get out!
Can Walter defuse the plastique?
He says it's too risky.
Benko might hear it.
We have to give benko a scenario
that he's comfortable with.
How do we do that without
involving wellman?
Michael: We don't have wellman
but we have his voice
from the interrogation.
Birkoff says we can
simulate a conversation.
How much longer?
The sonogram's training
the voice program now.
How much longer?
Two minutes, we should be able
to generate short sentences.
And the other effects?
They're all ready.
We're just waiting on this.
What the hell is she doing?
Why aren't we hearing anything?
It's sending,
and we're receiving.
( Footsteps through receiver )
Here we go.
Wellman's voice:
Where have you been?
Did you have the meeting?
Yeah, I had the meeting.
Where's the directory?
And the money?
Forget the money.
I'm going to die.
What are you talking about?
This thing around my neck
is plastique.
Benko pushes a button,
I'm history.
Give me the disk.
Let's think for a minute.
I have to meet benko
in less than an hour
and he's listening
to every word we say.
It's in the top left drawer.
Stay here till I get back.
( Drawer opening and closing )
( Footsteps walking away )
( Moody rock ballad playing )
There she is.
Go get the disk.
One of you stay with her
until I've checked it out.
You lost again, benko.
Section one.
What are you waiting for?
Why don't you shoot me?
You might be worth something
to us alive.
Your girl
She's still alive.
Oh, yeah. Very much alive.
Go on, Mr. Benko.
Push the button.
Neither one of us
has very much to lose.
Go on.
Thank you.
I knew he didn't have the guts.
I see you lost
your necklace.
Well, I prefer my own jewelry.
So the directory's
still at large?
I'm afraid so.
Some of us continue
to walk around
with the sword of damocles
over our head.
Where are you going?
To dinner.
With Mr. Wellman?
Is that a problem?
That depends.
Is it about dinner
or something more?
I don't know yet.
Your relationship with us
is the only real relationship
you'll ever have.
If, knowing that
you still want to proceed
I just hope he's a good cook.
I'm sure he's a fabulous cook.
( Doorbell ringing )
Hi. Hi.
Take your coat?
Yeah. Thank you.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Mon ami. Mon ami.
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