La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e10 Episode Script


We packed 'em a little heavy.
I'm sure you won't complain.
All right.
It's all clear out here.
Good. We're coming.
( Slow, somber music playing )
( Gun hammers cocking )
Here's what's going
to happen.
Everyone's going to hand us
their weapons.
You're going to hand the heroin
over to me
get in your cars and disappear.
Thank you.
The money, please.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
What the hell is going on?
Heroin deal went bad
two days ago.
Buyers and sellers
were slaughtered.
We need to find the people
who perpetrated the rip-off.
We're suddenly chasing
street criminals?
This is as serious as it gets.
They were c.I.A.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
You know, it just
seems a bit too soon.
You don't feel
the same way I do?
No, I do.
Of course I do, and I
really want to meet her
I it's just she's
your daughter and
It's going to be hard for her.
We got to start somewhere.
I don't want to start something
that I can't finish.
If Casey gets attached to me
what if in six months,
it doesn't work out?
No guarantees in life.
Is there guarantees in life?
Oh, death and taxes
are guarantees.
What's up?
What's holding you back?
( Knocking on door )
Who's that?
What is it?
( Knocking harder )
Gray: Who is it?
It's, uh
It's your cousin, Michael.
It's not a good time, Michael.
Since when do you decide
when it's a good time?
I missed you.
You must be gray.
Pleased to meet you.
Who are you?
This is my cousin, Michael.
I feel like I know you already.
You're all nikita
talks about these days.
( Beeping )
Oh, I'll get that.
I'm sorry to burst in.
I tried to call, but, uh
I couldn't get through.
See, it's, um
It's disconnected.
I wonder how that happened?
I unplugged it.
And your cell phone?
It's broken.
Um, Michael
glass of wine?
Thank you.
Nikita, you never mentioned
you had a cousin living in town.
Oh, Michael works away a lot.
He's rarely ever here.
What do you do?
Buy art
for galleries.
You know what's weird?
We were just talking
about meeting family
That's nice.
So, uh, Michael,
what brings you here?
It must be something
very important
to come all the way here.
Yeah. It's your aunt Josephine.
She's uh
She's still not doing well.
So I told her you'd drop by
in the morning.
Welcome to the family, gray.
What gives you the right
to barge in on my life?
You don't unplug
the phone, ever.
All I wanted was
one hour to myself.
Is that too much to ask?
"Operation rosewood"
is the name given
to a covert task
force operating
within the c.I.A.
Your assignment
is to stem
of heroin
into North America and Europe.
We're monitoring Langley.
I've never heard of these guys.
They're not out of Langley.
Rosewood operates
outside of the agency.
Three days ago
a group of
heroin dealers
were ambushed
ripped off and killed.
One of the dearly departed
was identified as a member
of the rosewood group.
We now believe the perpetrators
are a rogue element
inside of rosewood.
Why don't they put their own
internal affairs on it?
Director wants to keep rosewood
invisible even
to his own agency.
He asked us to clean house.
Where do we start?
They're headquartered
on the third floor
of this building
under the pseudonym
pruitt distributors.
They're a very
well-funded group.
Do not underestimate
their security.
Ted, when you get the signal
send a burst of e.M.F.
And knock out the power.
Nikita, you'll have four seconds
until auxiliary power kicks in.
Is that enough time?
It'll have to be.
( Siren wailing )
( Garbled radio transmission )
( Smooth rhythm and blues
playing )
She's on the roof.
( Alarm sounding )
I'm in.
She did it.
Hope you're comfortable, nikita.
See you in eight hours.
Birkoff: Transponder's on.
She's booted up.
Are we receiving?
Good morning.
Who are you?
Mr. Price's secretary.
He has a conference call
in ten minutes.
I really should be going.
Thank you.
Art, they're waiting for you.
They need you to unlock l-12.
We downloaded
everything you sent us.
Comm is putting it
through analysis now.
Uh, Michael, if it's
all the same with you
I'll debrief in the morning.
No. You'll do it now
like everybody else.
Please, I have to get back.
It's very important.
The sooner you get started,
the sooner you get out of here.
( Mumbling )
So, what happened to your aunt?
She got dizzy.
Is she all right?
There's a little person
I want you to meet.
Meet Casey.
Hi, Casey.
She's a bit sleepy.
Thanks for coming in.
From what I've been reading,
it appears to have been
a letter-perfect operation
last night.
Sit down.
Would you like some fresh fruit?
No, thank you.
For every one of us in here
there comes a time
when we get confused
When we think we're living
two separate lives.
We tear ourselves apart
trying to reconcile them.
I don't need any advice today,
But you do.
See, there aren't two parts
of your life anymore.
This isn't a job.
You can't go home at night
and be someone else.
You've heard it all before
But now it's real.
Gray doesn't exist.
Not really.
Isn't it enough
that I do what you ask?
You will do what we ask.
You miss my point.
You can't hide who you are
from the people
that you care about.
What are you telling me?
I can't see him?
That I can't care about him?
One or the other.
Your choice.
Can I go now?
The world outside these walls
is an illusion.
It's not really there for us.
We're ghosts.
Rosewood's targeted
seven different drug lords.
When I started
analyzing the data
I noticed
that six out of the seven
have been subjected
to all kinds of infiltration.
This one guy here valery
Hasn't been touched.
They don't even seem
to be setting him up.
So they're ripping off
the other six
and selling to valery.
That'd be my guess.
Where do we find
this guy valery?
Finding him's not the problem.
Getting to him
He's heavily guarded.
Michael: We have to get valery.
He's the link
to the dirty c.I.A. Agent.
I'm not crazy about the venue.
My deal, my place.
Your place sucks.
You got the black?
The only reason
you're sitting here
and not doing 20-to-life
is because of me.
I own your ass.
Let's keep that straight.
I'm not one of your
street-slime homies
so when you talk to me
you look me in the eye
and you use complete sentences.
Are we cool, bro?
Do you have the heroin,
Mr. Price?
Much better.
Enjoy the food.
Nikita: So, what's the occasion?
Do we need a reason to get away
for a couple of days?
Not bad.
Not bad.
Only "not bad"?
So, you like it?
I love it.
( Phone ringing )
We're not here.
Michael: Josephine?
There's a headset under the sink
on the left side.
You'll get instructions
when it's on.
Thank you.
Who was it?
The front desk
They, uh, want to know
when they can come up
and turn the bed down.
I'm feeling a little sticky.
I want to take a shower
From the train trip.
Gray, I'm
No. Now
No. Alone.
I'll be two minutes.
One minute.
One minute.
( Sighs )
Fifty-nine fifty-eight
( Water running )
There's a removable panel
behind the blue towels.
Tell me when you've opened it.
Okay, it's open.
Pull out the unit and assemble.
There are six micro-cartridges
in the packet.
Put in two tranq-darts.
Go to the window and open it.
It won't open.
Now, nikita.
Everything all right?
Where's the target?
He'll be out in seconds.
We should go down
to the wharf for dinner.
That sounds great.
Be ready. They're coming.
The art gallery
is supposed to be fantastic.
Which one?
Pink shirt. Hit him
in the back of the shoulder.
Hey, there's this
exhibit at the museum,
which you might
find boring
All right, you're done.
Clean up.
Gray: You decide.
Whatever you want.
( Siren wailing )
What happened?
I don't know.
He just keeled over.
Is he dead?
No, but he will be
if we don't get him
to a hospital right away.
W-We'll take him.
Not possible.
He's had a massive coronary.
If he's not treated
in the next two minutes
you can take him to the morgue.
What are you doing in there?
( Garbled radio transmission )
You all right?
I'm not feeling very well.
( Siren blurts )
Okay, look
I know you don't like
to talk about your past
but every now and then
I lose you.
Gray, I'm sorry.
There's just some things
that I have to work out myself.
Can I help?
Why did we come here?
What do you mean?
What do you mean?
To be together.
Why here?
Why this hotel?
Is that why you're upset?
Did Michael tell you?
Tell me what?
Michael called me the other day
when you were out.
I told him
that we were going away
for the weekend, and he said
that you liked
this place
and that
What is the big deal?
Like you've got some
Family thing or what?
Yeah, it's a family thing.
Okay, then we'll go.
I don't want to go back.
I want to stay
and have a good time.
I want us to laugh and drink
and I want to stay up
all night long.
I'm not crazy.
I'm crazy
For you.
Hi, Michael.
Is there any reason
you had to involve gray
in our business?
There's a reason
for everything we do.
Is there a problem?
Nothing I can't handle.
Were you impressed?
With the dart gun
in the hotel room?
Handled just like
a trg-21, right?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
You can do anything
you want to me
and it can last
for more than a minute.
Have you ever been involved
with anyone outside the section?
Once a week if I'm lucky.
That's not what I meant.
Oh, geez.
Don't tell me.
You didn't fall in love,
did you, nikita?
That is not a good idea.
Why not?
Paula Davenport
Sweetest little
speech pathologist
you'd ever want to meet.
The only girl I ever had
that I didn't kick out
after the show was over.
Oh, that's romantic.
No, you know what I mean.
She had my number.
I mean I
I still think about her.
So what happened?
Not that I was ever
that big on honesty
but when you have
to lie to someone
every minute of every day
What if I didn't?
What if I just
told him the truth?
Oh, then just take a gun
and shoot him yourself.
So that's it?
You can't dwell
on what you can't have.
Hey, look, if you lost an arm
you could spend the rest
of your life depressed
because you can't play
the piano, or
Or you could learn to sing.
Do this guy a favor, sugar
learn to sing.
Who are you?
What the hell's going on?
My legs.
I can't move my legs!
I can't feel anything!
What what the hell
did you do to me?!
Who are you?
What is this place?
What the hell did you do to me?
I can't feel anything!
What the hell's going on?!
Hello, Mr. Valery.
I understand your confusion.
It's not important
where you are or who we are.
If you ever want
to have use of your legs again
you'll listen to me carefully.
We need some information
from you.
Because we knew you'd be
reluctant in advance
to give us this information
we had to resort
to some rather drastic measures.
You have no feeling
below your waist.
The reason for this
is we've injected you
with a nerve agent
That will permanently
paralyze you from the waist down
if you don't receive
an antidote
Within the next 90 seconds.
You're doing business
with someone in the c.I.A.
We want his name
Time and place
of your next meeting.
Are you prepared
to give us that information?
Take your time.
I know it's
a difficult decision.
You have 28 seconds.
( Muffled talking )
Oliver price. I'm meeting him
in two hours.
Give me the stuff!
The iron works
at fifth and grand.
Now give me the stuff!
The iron works
at fifth and grand.
Give me the stuff! Yes!
And his name is Oliver price?
Yeah, that's right.
That's the truth!
Come on! We had a deal!
We had a deal. Come on.
The feeling
will return to your legs
within a few hours.
There's no need for an antidote.
This is cool.
Daddy never lets me
eat French fries.
He wants me to eat salad.
That's 'cause daddy's
a very smart daddy.
This is really pretty
now, Casey.
I like it.
Where do you go
when you go away?
What are we going to draw now?
Where do you go?
Should we draw a big Bumblebee?
Who's aunt Josephine, nikita?
Please, not now.
Not now, please?
Look, whatever the truth is
it can't be worse
than what I imagine.
I'm not seeing
anybody else, gray.
Casey: I made this
for you.
You made this for me?
This picture?
It's very beautiful.
I'm going to stick this
beside my bed tonight.
When I wake up in the morning
it's going to be right there
so the first thing I see
when I open my eyes
is this picture
and I'm going to think
about your face.
We don't have
to talk about it now
but we do have to talk about it.
Yes, and we will.
That's very nice. Thank you.
You'll go back
with nikita, okay?
( Phone rings )
Casey, look at
the fish for me,
Just a few minutes.
( Phone rings )
Michael: Josephine?
I'm here.
Be here in 20 minutes.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Casey, we're going
to have to
Excuse me.
Did you see a little girl
go out the door?
Sorry terribly.
I'm sorry.
I need help.
I'm helping him.
I've lost my girl.
She's five years old and
Can we close the exits?
I don't know how to do that.
Call someone who can help me.
You've got to find her!
Excuse me, ma'am?
So scared.
Oh, I was so scared, too.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Yeah? Oh!
Where's the girl?
I can't go in without the girl.
Have you heard from nikita?
Not yet.
We go without her.
Bad idea.
Everybody knows
I'm superstitious.
I take a girl all the time
to the buys.
Forget it.
It's going to go down
too fast to matter.
It's your party.
Price is going to know
something's wrong.
Michael: It won't matter.
He'll be surrounded.
Just remember,
I'm not the target.
Michael: Duck.
What is wrong
with this picture?
What do you got for me today?
Every time we meet
you got a bimbo
hanging off your arm.
What's going on?
We here to talk
about my love life
or do business?
What's going on?
Nothing's going on yet.
All right, on-site teams
Take him down now.
Blue team, neutralize
the shooters on both sides.
( Gunfire )
Exterior's clean.
Let's move in.
Shooters first.
Everyone but price
is expendable.
( Gunfire )
You have cultivated
an extremely
dangerous situation.
Not only to yourself
but to the section.
If you think we just played
an impersonal game
of global espionage
the fact is
what we do here is try
to ensure the safety
of every man, woman and child
in this so-called
civilized world.
There is such a thing as evil.
It exists.
It's an insidious force
that trickles down
to innocent people.
Now, when we fight that force
we help save
those innocent people.
You're going to have
to let him go.
Well, no, I don't.
I-I can make it work.
I can.
I'm sorry, nikita.
You don't own my soul.
I'm not afraid to die.
( Door opens )
Uh, sorry I'm late.
Weirdest thing happened.
I'm crossing the street
Car comes out of nowhere,
almost runs me down.
It was like he was
trying to hit me.
I didn't get the license number
but I think I should
call the police anyway.
( Beeps )
We got to talk.
I'm not who you think I am.
Okay, we talked
about this before.
Sometimes I don't
know what to think.
But, uh
I love you.
Don't say that. I
Why not?
It's not going to work.
Because I don't love you.
I don't.
You don't know me.
You don't know
anything about me.
Nobody asked you to be perfect.
Gray, I don't have time
for you anymore.
Or Casey.
What happened to you?
Get out.
I don't want it anymore.
Cancel me.
I can't live like this.
I'm done.
This place the section
Is full of lies!
They talk about
all the innocent people
they save!
Well, what about the
innocent people we hurt?!
Like the four-year-old girls
just left wondering
why they've been abandoned.
You were warned.
You should have never
gotten involved.
You still believe in free will.
In here, there's no such thing.
You keep telling
me that, Michael
but I don't believe you anymore.
You couldn't handle
it, could you?
You got jealous of gray
because I love him and not you.
You don't love me?
Oh, you came up
with a brilliant idea
Almost kill gray.
Come, Michael, at least
have the decency to admit it.
Yes, it was my idea.
You're sick.
I only proposed it
after I heard theirs.
They wanted to kill him.
Gray will heal
his daughter will grow up
And they'll have
the life they deserve.
( Door shuts )
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
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