La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e11 Episode Script


( Melodic pop music playing )
Charge is set.
Pull out.
( No audio )
( No audio )
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Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
on a successful mission.
The chemical weapons plant
was completely destroyed.
What about Michael?
Overnight analysis suggests
one chance in three
that he's alive.
And even if he is
one chance in ten
of bringing him out.
He'll be missed.
That's it?
Yes, that's it.
"He'll be missed"?
I don't care about the odds.
I'll go back for him.
I'm sure the others will, too.
I wish I could send you.
What's the crap
about overnight analysis
and ten-to-one odds?
I did a feasibility study
isolated key factors,
ran a sim
This is Michael
we're talking about.
Couldn't you have fudged the sim
maybe rigged the odds
just a little?
I did.
It's a hundred to one
against bringing him out.
Maybe 150.
Sorry, nikita.
Michael's on his own.
( Gasps )
Start the car.
Your place.
No tricks.
You're hurt. You need doctor.
A nurse is close enough.
The police are not always kind
to foreigners.
Perhaps if you
You turn yourself in
Shut up and drive.
They tell me the weapons factory
was completely destroyed.
This will be a tough one
to explain to the council.
That is my problem, frankel.
Yes, it is.
There's still no sign of the man
they left behind?
Not yet.
I understood he was badly hurt.
Yes, but look at the map.
The terrain near the factory
is full of ridges and gullies.
And excuses.
I assume absolute secrecy
has been maintained.
Of course.
No leaks?
Then create one.
Make sure the west knows
that one of their agents
is loose
and being hunted down.
Have you ever heard of Rambo?
( Chuckling ): In the movies?
Don't laugh, frankel.
If you understand Rambo,
you understand the west.
They believe in heroes.
You're trying to provoke
a rescue attempt.
And then we will have the agent
and the rescue team both.
Very clever.
We may have lost the cold war
but we can still score a point
now and then
if we use our heads.
This is assuming
we find the agent first.
Which is why I'm taking charge
of the search personally.
Unless you object.
Not at all.
It will be a pleasure
to learn from the best.
Yes, it will.
If you do as I say,
I won't hurt you.
If you don't, I'll kill you.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I'll learn what I can
about petrosian's movements
but you know it's never easy.
You wanted to see me?
I've decided to accept
your offer to bring Michael out.
We've received information
he's still alive
and eluded capture.
Given the amount of time
that's passed
that changes the odds.
But the odds still aren't good,
are they?
So, what changed your mind?
I want Michael
back, too, nikita.
I am human.
( Clears throat )
Of course you are.
You'll be teamed with Madeline
and flying out tonight.
In the meantime
she'll brief you
on the details of the mission.
That'll be all.
You are not
ordinary criminal.
Who are you?
Why you are here?
Be quiet.
Your wounds need treatment.
Untie me.
I can help.
That's right.
Lipsticks, gloss,
shadow, lotions
the entire line.
This describes their properties
in detail.
Know it by the time
the plane lands.
They may be expecting
a rescue attempt
but not by two women
selling makeup.
Who's petrosian?
Egran petrosian.
He's head
of their secret police.
He's a very brilliant man
And a very dangerous man.
Do we have any idea
where Michael is?
He's badly hurt.
There's a hospital not too far
from the chemical plant.
Our best guess is that
he's either in it
or not too far from it.
What are you doing?
The wounds need
to be cauterized.
You do exactly what I tell you.
Sit down.
Take the pliers.
Hold it tight as you can.
There was fighting last night
at chemical plant north of here.
We treated
some wounded soldiers.
They say the plant
makes chemical weapons.
Our government denies it,
so it must be true.
Empty the shell on the paper.
You are French?
Get me police.
It was mistake.
Let me take a look at your back.
You won't tell me who you are
what you are doing.
You can at least tell me
your name.
My name is Angie.
Angie georgiev.
You can call me Michael.
What is this place?
The import bureau.
We need a permit
to sell cosmetics.
Observing the formalities
only strengthens our cover.
Afterwards, we'll
Help. Please. Quickly.
An ambulance, please!
She's having a heart attack.
Get an ambulance!
( Siren blaring )
Investigate every
patient admitted
since the attack on the factory
including those who
have been released.
Pay special attention
to the emergency room.
Yes, sir, but I think we should
concentrate our efforts
on the wilds above the factory.
That is where he was last seen.
When a man is badly hurt,
he needs medical care
whether he wants it or not.
As you wish, colonel.
Man: Coming through.
Thank you.
It is plain, but nourishing.
I didn't mean for the soup.
You must think I am fool
for helping you.
I think you're very brave.
Our government pretends
to move to democracy
because it wants aid from west
but old habits die hard.
And the nail that stands up
still gets hammered.
Old expression of ours.
My father was nail
who stood up
For freedom,
for justice, for dignity.
And he was hammered?
If you are what I think you are,
it is for his sake I help.
If that makes me a fool,
so be it.
Are you willing to help again?
I need
a laptop computer and a phone.
I have phone.
I need a cellular.
You think you could find that
at the hospital?
It's very dangerous.
It's not fair.
I know it isn't.
Don't worry.
She's doing very well.
How do you feel?
What'd you find out?
There is a terminal
on this floor
with only one nurse
but the soldiers are going
from room to room.
I'll deal with it.
Well, you should rest.
We have to search
the records quickly.
This was a setup, wasn't it?
You took a pill or something
to induce the symptoms.
You could have warned me.
Your reaction
had to be convincing, nikita.
You actually induced
a heart attack, Madeline?
The doctors needed
to be convinced, too.
We're in.
Now let's make the most of it.
( Buzzing )
Oh, excuse me.
I lost my contact.
I just rubbed my eye
and it just popped out.
Contact, I mean.
No, no. That's fine.
I've got another one
in my handbag.
I don't want to bother you.
Thank you very much. Sorry.
Oh, excuse me.
( Beeps )
It's Michael.
He's uplinked through
a d.O.D. Satellite.
He's all right.
He's just a few miles
from the hospital.
Michael will stay put.
All we have to do
is contact Madeline.
Begin a sequence.
Your papers seem in order.
You sell cosmetics?
Yes, that's right.
A poor country like ours
cannot be
a very profitable market.
In a few years,
you won't be poor
and we'll be in all your stores.
My sample case.
"Alive 2,000."
It attacks cellulite.
It smooths and
retextures the skin.
Mmm. Does this junk
actually do any good?
Well, I use them.
Judge for yourself.
Western decadence.
Obsession with appearance.
Why don't you take some
for your wife?
I never accept gifts
while on duty.
These are samples.
It's my job to give them away.
No, thank you.
But I wish you
a speedy recovery.
Thank you.
( Beeping )
You know, Olga's skin does
I'm afraid you won't be
taking calls for quite a while.
Frankel, this is petrosian.
Come in.
Come in, frankel.
Where are you, frankel?
( Muffled voice )
When I was searching the file
I noticed a nurse
named Angie georgiev.
She left at lunch yesterday
and hasn't been back since.
Madeline: So?
So I checked
the personnel records.
She hasn't been absent
for the last three years.
It's much safer if
Michael kidnapped a nurse
than entering a hospital.
You have her address?
It's going to be all right.
My people are already
in the city.
I'll be gone soon.
You can't be disappointed.
This hasn't exactly
been convenient for you.
A little inconvenience
is not such a bad thing.
I am in forties.
I have no family
No husband, no child
Not much chance of either.
I have
A job, but, uh
A job is not a life.
That's not self-pity.
It's plain speaking.
Since you
You have been here
I have been, uh
Confused, worried
Scared out of my, uh, wits.
But I have lived more
in the past 24 hours
than I have in seven years
Since my father die.
It is not just for his sake
I help
But, uh, for mine.
I am glad you will be safe
Very glad.
And, uh
Pathetic as it sounds
I think when you go
Life will go with you.
Well, frankel
now you have something
to explain to the council.
But Dr. Roche and Dr. Gant
examined her thoroughly.
The heart attack was real.
I'm sure it was.
They are serious people
we're dealing with.
Turn this hospital upside down.
Report even
the slightest hint
of anything wrong
Missing supplies,
absentee workers, anything.
You understand?
Yes, colonel.
What is it?
Nothing, colonel. Just
Well, a nurse, georgiev,
disappeared yesterday.
Well, did not return from lunch.
She has not called in.
She has not been answering
her phone.
She's very responsible.
It's not like her.
( Engine starts )
You have to tell me
about yourself
someday, Madeline.
Someday. Get in.
You all right?
Just a little tired.
Don't worry.
They have to be careful.
They'll come when it's right.
Are you hungry?
Go ahead and eat.
The authorities
may trace me here eventually.
After I'm gone, I mean.
I will deal with it.
You don't have to.
What choice do I have?
Come with me.
You said it yourself
There's little reason to stay
not to mention the risk.
What would I do?
Be a nurse.
I'll see that you're set up.
I'll help you.
You will?
Of course.
I don't know.
Well, think quickly.
There's not much time.
( Water runs )
( Water stops )
( Pounding on door )
Open up! Police!
What do we do?
Open the door!
Police! Open the door now!
We don't like
to be kept waiting.
I'm sorry.
I was in the bathroom.
You left work at lunch yesterday
and you did not return.
I was ill.
Why didn't you call in?
I had fever.
I was delirious.
I was feeling better
this morning.
You live alone?
Had any visitors recently?
As I said, I have been ill.
Search the apartment.
You have a cigarette?
We're too late.
Pull into the alley.
Pretty good, ja?
You said you were alone.
I had two cups of tea.
Must I drink from the same cup?
A man has been here.
Where is he?
( Yells )
Anybody moves, he dies.
Don't shoot.
Get the computer.
Shoot, damn it! Shoot!
Don't risk it.
Shoot, damn it!
( Clicking )
( Tires screech )
Send for another vehicle
and an uplink scanner
so we can monitor
their communications.
They won't get far.
( Wind howling )
( Beeping )
We've met, haven't we?
At hospital.
I was scared half to death.
So was I.
You didn't look it.
( Beeping continues )
Is there a problem?
No. I'll have it in a second.
How you feeling?
I'll be fine.
I was worried.
I'm glad you came back.
( Beeping )
It's working.
They're close to checkpoint two
from the original mission.
Good. Tell them to stay put
and set up a meeting.
( Beeping )
A signal.
We have a fix.
Let's move.
How much longer?
Four minutes.
They'll get to us
before the chopper does.
We'll need a diversion.
I'll draw them away.
It's suicide.
It's the only chance we've got.
Madeline: No. Stay here.
Michael, establish
an alternate site.
( Typing )
The chopper may be
on radio blackout.
A new site's not
going to help us.
We can't outrun them.
I'll go out there
and slow them down.
Michael: No.
The chopper's still
three minutes away.
Then we'll have to fight.
Michael: Angie?
Give me your gun.
( Chopper blades whirring )
It's okay.
What's going on, Michael?
I don't know.
It's good to see you again.
And you.
Allow me to introduce
colonel egran petrosian
Chief of secret police
member of the national council
and for the last 17 years
deep cover operative
of section one.
It's good to be
on the winning side again.
Petrosian was an
invaluable source
of information.
In fact, he helped plan
the raid on the chemical plant
but there were people
that were becoming suspicious.
It was time to bring him out.
So it was never
about Michael at all.
It was about petrosian.
Rescuing Michael gave us a way
to extract petrosian
without letting the enemy know
that he'd been one of us.
But if it had to come
down to a choice
say, between him and Michael
Leave it alone, nikita.
( Laughter )
Care to join us for lunch?
I'd love to.
By the way
on your brilliant escape.
It wasn't brilliant.
You weren't really trying
to catch us.
Oh, but I was.
I had little alternative
under the watchful eye
of major frankel.
Your performance was, uh,
quite extraordinary
and I thank you for it.
I should thank you, too.
Your incompetence
allowed the rescue mission
to take place.
Or was it part of the plan
to get yourself shot?
Michael, just leave it alone.
I am sorry she died.
And so am I.
But I'm glad she lived.
Warner Bros.
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