La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e12 Episode Script


Where is everybody?
I don't know.
What are you doing?
I'm trying out
a new hartley transform
on these surveillance images.
Weren't you doing that
when I saw you this morning?
No. This morning
I was trying out
a fourier transform.
So, how'd you get like this,
Like what?
A cyber geek?
Hey, technology is beautiful.
You just haven't
taken the time
to appreciate it.
No. I just prefer
the real world.
Yeah? Which part?
The lies or all the idiots?
( Chuckles )
A little cynical, birkoff?
How'd you get in the section?
I killed my entire family.
I'm kidding.
Just my sister.
So, what are
you looking at?
Routine satellite surveillance.
Digitized images.
Anything my a.I. Program
flags as suspicious.
Maybe I'll just
leave you two alone.
What is this?
( Rapid beeping )
Someone's trying
to hide something in there.
Let's try an infrared scan.
How can you tell what that is?
I can't yet.
I need another view.
That can't be right.
What? What's going on?
I need operations now.
Yeah. We've got an s-7 trio
on a transport, headed west.
Yes, it is.
I will.
Nikita: So, what's going on?
There's a live nuclear warhead
about to come into the country.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Nikita, did you reload
the backup surveillance?
Yes. There's over
20,000 segments.
Probe every one,
not just with a program.
I want eyeballs
on every one of those tapes.
What do you have, birkoff?
The bomb is on a cargo jet that
left Helsinki eight hours ago.
We're using a d.O.D. Recon
satellite to track it.
The plane is on
an arctic trajectory.
It's now in our hemisphere.
Can we shoot it down?
Pilot's flying
over metropolitan areas.
We'd run the risk
of setting off a nuclear device
over a large population.
Any changes in altitude?
Constant at 38,000 feet.
Based on what we know
what are our sample spaces?
Birkoff: I've run a sim.
At this point, it could land
at any major airport
in this region.
All right. How soon
can you narrow it down?
As soon as he engages
anything that resembles
an approach pattern
we'll be able to target
a destination.
Assuming they intend
to land the plane.
I've alerted the Pentagon
and the n.R.C.
To work on one assumption
That it's going to be detonated
unless we stop it.
His altitude's dropping.
Average approach time
is 35 minutes.
He's going 550 miles an hour.
If his vectors are stable
I'll have a location
in ten minutes.
Let's get ready, Michael.
Darlene, you there?
Darlene: What do you want, Rudy?
Uh, is that, uh is that?
The large double cheese
Is that 132 north or 132 south?
Don't tell me you're lost again.
No, no, I'm not lost.
I'm out here at the airport
So I'm out here. I'm here.
Because if this ends up
another freebie
it's coming out
of your paycheck.
All right no, I got it.
Okay, it's here. I can see it.
I see it. No problem.
What? Is that it?
( Buzzer sounds )
Anybody there?
Rudy: Hey!
You guys order a pizza?
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
( Gasps )
( Yelling )
Oh, my!
Oh, my god!
Help me! Help!
I'm just delivering a pizza!
( Helicopter approaching )
Ow, ow!
Ow! Oh
So tell me again, Rudy,
why were you there?
I told you I deliver pizza.
No one ordered pizza.
I know, but I got lost.
I couldn't find the place.
I didn't know
if it was north or south
and I got confused.
I got to get back to work
'cause I'm going to get
I'm going to get in trouble
with Darlene.
She's going to get mad.
You don't work there anymore.
What do you mean,
I don't work
there anymore?
I still got the job.
Why are you doing this to me?
What do you want from me?
Michael: We don't believe you.
You're a drifter.
You go from job to job
city to city.
I told you why I do that.
An opportunity comes along
to make extra money.
I'm not like that.
What did they hire you to do?
Drive a car?
A decoy?
I deliver pizza for pizza pozzo!
I'll check his story.
See what else you
can get out of him.
Nikita: All right, Rudy.
Let's go over it again.
We lost satellite
Where are the local
The n.R.C. Has three
nest teams working.
So far, nothing.
How about the plane?
Completely empty and clean.
Any terrorist
communiques in
the last hour?
There will be.
How'd you end
up delivering a
pizza to a runway?
I told you before.
I was I was lost
I got lost.
Why don't why don't
anybody believe me?
I'm telling the truth.
How much longer are they
going to keep me here?
It depends.
'Cause I got to
I got to call my sister.
She gets very upset
if I don't call her every night.
She got the down's syndrome.
Did you ever hear
of that?
Yes, I have.
Yeah. She gets aid
from the state.
But I was trying to explain
to the guy before
but he wouldn't listen to me
that that's why
I move around a lot.
I'm not a drifter.
It's just that the aid runs out
we have to reapply.
We go to a different state.
Rudy Yeah?
I want to help you
but I can't do that
unless you give us
some information.
Well, what kind of information?
Helsinki was the
plane's third stop.
The cargo originated in Sudan.
We're cross-checking
our data base
of terrorist groups
that have operations
in or around that area.
Our pizza man saw faces.
Whose faces?
Two men one left by truck
the other by limo
moments before we arrived.
He told you this?
I think
we took the wrong approach.
This Rudy's on the simple side.
Just had to ask the questions
the right way.
State sent us an m-peg.
Cue it up.
Your complacent masses
will learn death and misery
on a terrifying scale.
Next time our people speak,
you listen
because you will understand
the way we have
for thousands of years.
Because of our action,
we'll have autonomy
without the influence
of your immoral culture.
A 20-megaton nuclear warhead
has been hidden
in one of your cities.
There is nothing that you
or anyone can do to stop it.
I'm the only one
who knows its location.
I'll give you
24 hours
To ponder which of you will die
and which of you will live
to mourn the dead.
( Man praying
in native language )
( Gunshot )
Get this to comm.
Tell them to append it
to kassar's file.
That's it?
That's it.
About Rudy's sister
What is it?
Rudy calls her every night.
She's institutionalized.
Forget it.
I just think it would help
his state of mind
before the debriefing.
It's not his state of mind
that I'm concerned about.
Rudy doesn't have a
lot of concentration
to spread around
and right now, all he's thinking
about is his sister.
He's a class-one collateral
in a defcom scenario.
We incubate. You know the rules.
I just think
they should be rewritten.
You might be right
about this sister.
Go back in there
and calm him down.
That is
a good idea, Michael.
Wow. I've never seen
a police station
like this before.
Look at the size
of that computer.
It's big. Belinda
likes computers.
Who's belinda? Your girlfriend?
I ain't got a girlfriend.
It's my sister.
You said I could call my sis
Could I use the telephone?
We've just got
to do something important first.
Come on.
I never done anything
important before.
Oh, boy.
You guys still angry with me?
No, we're not angry.
Sit down, Rudy.
Thank you.
How far along are we?
He gave birkoff the license
plate number of the limousine.
License plate.
I remember numbers.
My telephone number
when I was a kid
was cloverdale 2407.
Now, my grandpa's number
is gedney 62505.
The serial number
on my refrigerator is k-l
Can you tell us
about last night?
Well, there was two guys.
They was talking to one another
and one of them
had a fancy phone
with gadgets on it.
The activator.
Did you see this man here?
What is that?
Nikita: Rudy, just look at it
and tell us if you recognize
the man you saw.
Yeah. That's the guy
who walked to the truck.
Wait a second.
What is it?
This isn't a police station,
is it?
You're 500 feet underground.
This is called section one.
We're a secret
that helps people in trouble.
Now we need your help.
Can we count on you, Rudy?
Could I? Could I keep
this shirt when we're finished?
Sure. You can
keep the shirt.
We'd like you
to identify the other man.
Can you describe him to us?
What? The man in the limousine?
Well, he was
He was kind of
Take him to birkoff.
Who's birkoff?
Who is that?
Is he the big cheese?
Is that?
Who is he?
Operations told Rudy who we are.
That's a death sentence,
isn't it?
The moment we brought him here,
that decision was made.
Why? Rudy's like a child.
He's innocent.
No one will believe
what he said anyway.
We can't take that chance.
You don't deserve this, Rudy.
Don't forget
what's at stake here.
I'm sorry, Michael.
Just a temporary lapse
in humanity.
I'll get over it.
( Phone ringing )
They traced the plates.
It's an embassy.
The man we're looking for
works there?
we'll find that out tonight.
What's tonight?
A party? Like a birthday party?
It won't be that much fun.
It's an embassy dinner.
There'll be a lot
of stuffy people.
Is there going to be
baked potatoes there?
We're only going so
you can point out the
man you saw last night.
You're going to
need to wear this.
Birkoff: Can you hear me, Rudy?
I can hear you.
You're right in my ear.
We don't want them to know
we're communicating with you
so play it low-key.
Oh, yeah, right. I can do that.
What day is it today, Rudy?
Rudy, can you hear me?
Rudy, not that low-key.
Okay. Stay close to him.
We'll work it through you.
The function's at 8:00.
Where are we going now
to the party?
Rudy: Could I take the tie off?
The tie itches me
all over the place.
Is that better?
It itches my neck.
Is that better?
No. I want to take it off.
Please, Rudy, you can't.
Dr. Firestein, how are you?
I'm all right.
I'm Joan firestein.
I'm Janet winters.
The undersecretary
was just talking about
your research facility.
We hear wonderful things.
Thank you so much
for inviting us.
Thank you.
There's a lot of people here.
Remember, we're looking
There's music there.
We're looking for the man
you saw at the airport.
I haven't seen him yet.
Hey, isn't that the guy
from the?
Come on, Rudy.
Keep looking for the man.
Are you receiving?
I got you.
Rainman seen anyone?
Not yet.
That's very,
very feathery music.
Switch to channel four.
I'm getting static.
How's that?
It's feathery.
It'll do.
I got to go to the bathroom.
Just a little while longer.
I got to go to the bathroom now!
Michael, Rudy needs an escort.
I can go myself.
Michael will take you.
Just wait a second.
Rudy, Rudy, just follow Michael.
All right.
Oh, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to
spill the water on
Nikita: Excuse me.
Can I help you with that?
I'm sorry.
It's quite all right.
No problem.
My husband's a little clumsy.
These things happen.
They've separated.
Rudy's with Michael now.
Keep me posted.
The guy who was
giving out the towels
was really angry at me.
Hey, nikita, you should see
the bathrooms they got there.
The toilets flush
all by themselves.
Rudy, you feeling better?
Let's find this guy now.
Let's go and check another room.
Nice flowers.
Let's go and check another room.
All right.
Nikita, if-if I didn't want
to help you find this guy
what would happen to me?
What do you mean?
I've got to take
care of my sister
and she depends on me
and if anything
happened to me
Nothing's going to happen, Rudy.
Do you promise?
I promise.
Look at my face.
I promise.
I got to take this tie off.
You can't.
It still itches me.
You can't take
the tie off, Rudy.
What, Rudy?
There he is
talking to the two pretty girls.
Michael, we've got him.
He's in the east wing
at the base of the stairs.
They've got him.
Good. Bring him in.
Let's take him in.
Rudy, just wait here
for a second.
All right.
Excuse me, sir.
We need to ask you
some questions.
Who the hell are you?
We can make it
quite unpleasant for you
if you don't cooperate.
Birkoff: This can't be him.
David zacharoff's attached to
the Canadian trade commission.
He was in Brussels
the night Rudy
said he saw him
addressing a conference.
There's about 5,000 witnesses.
Voice confirmations?
I talked to half a dozen
people. He was there.
Rudy fingered the wrong man
either by mistake
or intentionally.
Have they found him yet?
No. They're working on it.
( Piano playing )
Ow! Ow! You're
hurting me! Ow!
Ay-yi-yi, you're hurting.
You're breaking my finger.
Okay. Now I'm going
to make a face
and you say from one to ten
how good it is, okay?
All right.
A five.
All right. Now this one.
A ten.
Come here, you
I love you so much.
You'll always be
my brother, always.
No one in the whole wide world
will ever hurt you
and if they try, they
have to get through me.
I will karate them
down to pieces.
( Laughing )
You're such a sweetheart.
I love you so much.
Who's a big girl, though?
Yeah, I am.
Who's a big girl?
I am.
So you don't need me
to call you any
You don't need me to call
you every night, right?
Belinda: Not every night.
Rudy: Yeah. You're big, right?
So you don't need me
that much no more, right?
Don't say that.
But I got to say
I need you a lot more
than I ever have
because you're
my only brother
that I've got.
So remember that.
Hi, Rudy.
This is my sister I was
telling you about belinda.
Belinda, nikita.
Hi, belinda.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah. Nice to meet you, too.
You know, a lot of people
think that I'm dumb
but I'm not dumb, you know?
Oh, I don't think
you're dumb, Rudy.
Well, I'm not saying
that I'm very smart.
It's just that I'm not dumb.
We don't have a lot of time.
Come on, Rudy.
You're a big girl, now, right?
Yes, I am.
That's right. You are.
So you don't need me to call you
every night, right?
That's right.
Yeah, right.
Ooh, Rudy got a girlfriend.
She's not my girlfriend.
It's nikita.
You gave us the wrong man
at the embassy.
I'm sorry.
Well, I was scared
that you wouldn't
ever, ever let me go.
So I had to go to see my sister.
And you did.
No more games, Rudy.
A lot of innocent
people can get hurt
if we don't do our job.
Yeah, right. You want me
to go back to the party?
No, Rudy. Rudy, no.
We have pictures of
everyone who was there.
I want you to look
at them and try
to find the man you
saw at the airport.
All right.
Come on, Rudy.
He's very mad at me.
I get on-line with
the agency heads in ten minutes.
I need to know
what to tell them.
Are we going to proceed
with Rudy
Or are we spinning our wheels?
I think he's a waste of time.
We should reallocate
our resources.
I disagree.
It's obvious
that he saw someone
at the airport.
There's a chance
that person was
at the embassy.
He's lied to us.
He needed to see his sister.
Now that he has, I think
everything's going to be okay.
You think?
Woman: They're waiting
for you downstairs.
You've got birkoff
for another hour.
If Rudy can't produce by then
cancel him.
What if he can produce.
Then what?
Let's just hope that happens.
Not good enough.
What happens
if he comes through?
You know we can't let him go.
Birkoff: Well?
No. That's not him.
Oh, yeah. I remember her.
She was pretty; Nice gams.
Rudy, not her, him.
Did you see that man?
All right, gentlemen,
we have nine hours left.
What's been happening
since we last spoke? George?
The trios are equipped
with a transmitter
that broadcasts
an electronic signature.
We're sweeping
the metropolitan area now.
About a third of it's covered.
So far, nothing.
So what you're saying, George,
is that you don't think
you can complete the sweep
in the remaining hours?
That's correct.
What's happening
over there, Margaret?
We're implementing
horizontal escalation
at all of our active sites.
We expect to see significant
improvement at this time.
We don't anticipate
any problems.
No, that ain't him.
That is not our job.
Section one should
be handling it.
Don't break
my rice bowl, George.
We're spread as thin as you are.
You should have
lined up your ducks.
We don't need
rudder orders from you.
All right. All right, gentlemen.
Settle down.
How many more, birkoff?
45 or 50.
What's going on over there?
Rudy nothing.
Come on. Focus.
At what point do we go public?
And when do we begin evacuation?
And how do we implement
that evacuation?
At this point, I think
Birkoff: Rudy, you can't
with no collateral benefit
or casualty reduction.
Operations: What's he doing?
Get him out of here.
Rudy, what is it?
Is that the man?
Yeah. That's him.
Frankly, based on the numbers
I think evacuation
would be a mistake.
I thought we weren't due
to convene
for another 30 minutes.
Something's come up, guy.
I need to see you.
See me?
I think
the section's been breached.
Can we meet somewhere?
Sure. Or maybe
you'd like to try me
from a secure outside line.
I'd rather not. I've got a lead.
That's fine.
Point Alpha green, half an hour?
He didn't want to meet.
Would you?
The head of the largest domestic
antiterrorist task force is
about to perpetrate
the unthinkable.
We'll assume he's
floating backup teams.
Will they know what's going on?
Doesn't matter.
Anyone between
us and him goes down.
I'll contact you from my car.
If I'm killed, implement
the chain of command.
What about Rudy?
We've got less than three hours
before a nuclear bomb goes off.
Keep your eye on the ball.
( Woman singing in French )
Shut off the lights.
( Metallic rattling )
Hello, guy.
It's an odd time
to call a meeting like this.
Why is that?
I hope your intel
was worth the delay.
Oh, it's worth it.
( Electronic buzzing )
Bring him up.
I don't think
you're going to make
your budget next year
once they find out
you've kidnapped
the head of fantec.
Where's the bomb?
Well, you
You heard kassar.
He's the only one who knew.
Start removing fingers.
( Muffled yell )
( Muffled screaming )
We'll put it on ice, guy.
I don't know
where the bomb is
But I can
Tell you
Where he was transmitting from.
So sew my finger back on!
Nikita? Where's nikita?
She said
she was going to come back here.
What are you doing?
Michael, the activator.
Birkoff, how much time?
7½ minutes.
It's a 16-digit code.
Can we deactivate it
from here without the bomb?
We don't need the bomb.
We need the 16-digit code.
At this rate, it'll take
two hours to generate
We don't have two hours!
That's as long as
it's going to take.
It looks like a phone.
Rudy said he saw a phone,
a fancy phone.
Maybe this is it.
Where is he?
Are you sure nikita didn't say
she wanted to see me?
What's the matter with you guys?
What, the cat got your tongue?
( Phone ringing )
Yes. It's for him.
Nikita? Tell these guys
not to hurt me.
I will.
Because you promised.
You promised me.
Yes, Rudy, I promised.
Remember the fancy phone
you told me about?
From the other night,
at the airport.
It's very warm in here.
It's very moist.
Rudy, did you see
any numbers on it?
What were they?
9-2-4, uh, 4-3-1 0
Nine, two, four, four
three, one, zero
Eight no! Seven.
Definitely seven.
Nikita: Keep going, Rudy.
That's all.
I didn't see any more.
That's all he saw.
It doesn't matter.
If those are right
it will sequence through
the rest in a couple of seconds.
Did it work?
I think so.
What do you mean, you think so?
We'll know for sure
in 20 seconds.
You wanted to see me?
The most difficult decision
we have to make
is the incidental
disposal of innocents.
Good euphemism for murder.
Some years ago,
there was a situation
involving someone
not dissimilar to Rudy.
He helped us effect a mission
which resulted in the rescue
of several hundred hostages.
What did you do to him?
I let a young operative
convince me
to send him out of the country.
And what happened?
One of our enemies
tracked him down
tortured him and
extracted information
about one of our substations.
Within hours, all of
our operatives were dead.
So was our innocent.
What enemy's even seen Rudy?
He was at the embassy.
As Dr. Firestein.
Who doesn't exist.
Don't get into this
with me, nikita
or I'll change my mind.
Change your mind?
We've decided to let Rudy live.
He's already been injected
with a microtransmitter.
We'll be able to monitor
him from the section.
His life won't change.
He'll return
to his job and
we'll see to it
that his sister remains
in her current institution.
There's only one thing.
If anything goes wrong
you cancel him.
Rudy, don't touch that.
You can't. There's
a program running there.
Just leave it alone.
What's this here? What is that?
Rudy, do you want
to play a game?
Hi, nikita.
Hello. Say good-bye to birkoff.
Good-bye, birkoff.
Yeah, bye.
Big cheese.
Where we going now?
You're going home.
I am?
I knew that you'd
keep your promise.
Can you keep a secret, Rudy?
Yeah, I can keep a secret.
Once I walked in on
my teacher oops.
I shouldn't have said that.
( Nikita laughing ): Come on.
Warner Bros.
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