La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e13 Episode Script


( Breathing heavily )
I don't know what is it
you want me to say.
You can do whatever you want to.
It's not going
to change my answer.
I have your kid.
I'm prepared
to torture and kill him
if you don't cooperate.
So, what will it be?
But you're off the
jugular by half an inch.
Just can't reach it yet.
Operations: Thank you, Michael.
Why am I watching this?
She's at the end
of her training.
She comes to term in two weeks.
Nikita: So?
We'd like you
to handle her evaluation.
What does that mean?
It's up to you to decide
whether or not
she's section material.
Madeline: If you approve
she'll be awarded
operative status.
And if I don't?
She'll be canceled.
Whoa. Wait a minute.
This isn't my job.
Brian trained her.
We've chosen you.
It's your time.
Karyn's not the only one
being tested here.
Please don't make me do this.
You'll have two weeks.
Warner Bros.
Cherchez la femme,
cherchez la femme
dans la nuit, dans la nuit.
This is your weapon.
It's got the identical mass
of a standard nine
only it shoots lasers,
not bullets.
Thank you.
We're not through yet.
Just take your sweatshirt
off, will you?
That's good.
That's, uh
That's excellent.
Now, if you'll just
take off your bra.
My bra?
Nikita: Walter
Well, you're just fine.
That's it.
Thank you.
Hi, sugar.
She's ready?
Yeah, she's, uh
She's all yours.
I never know whether
or not he's serious.
I hate to be rude.
It's technically impossible
to be rude to that man.
I just want the people
here to like me.
You ready?
Go live!
Electronic voice:
Commence sequence.
Ow. Ow!
Stop it!
Sequence incomplete.
I can't do it.
Yes, you can.
You have to.
I can't.
( Crying )
Go again.
Commence sequence.
Sequence complete.
This exercise
isn't about shooting.
It's about getting shot.
You will eventually.
It's what you do after that
That's what matters.
I'm not going to make it, am I?
Yes, you will.
And the way
you're going to do it
is by realizing that you're
better than these people
and their idiotic games.
Take a breath.
Let's try it again.
Commence sequence.
Oh, you came way up
on your third sequence.
That's good.
Are you going to be training me
from now on?
What happened to Brian?
Nothing happened to him.
I don't understand.
Don't try to understand.
It's just the way
that things are.
But what about my evaluation?
Who decides if I make it or not?
You should go
and get cleaned up.
You've had a long day.
The technician
showed me the numbers
from your session.
Very impressive.
She's a quick study.
She fits in well.
That's important.
Am I done for the day?
Mm, afraid not.
There's a priority briefing
in a few minutes.
I'll see you there.
Two months ago, a highly
confidential letter
was stolen from NATO.
It was a scenario
that detailed hypothetical plans
to assassinate
certain Muslim leaders.
Though these missives
are routine
if made public
they could severely damage
NATO's credibility
and possibly incite retaliation.
This man, Andre kreizel,
is in possession of the letter
and is holding it for ransom.
He is demanding over $50 million
or he will release the document.
Intel is working up
a position on kreizel
and possible location
of the letter.
The usual.
Close quarter standby.
No outside communication.
Oh, hey, Brian.
I hear you're doing
the final on Karyn.
Why isn't she finishing
her training with you?
They pulled her from me.
Well, what do you think of her?
She seems okay.
Why are you shaking
your head like that?
Good luck.
Brian, what's wrong?
Nikita, we're not supposed
to talk about the material.
I know.
I have two weeks
to decide whether
she lives or dies.
I need all the help I can get.
She doesn't belong here.
Why not?
She's sick.
Excuse me.
Here's your tactical
for tomorrow.
We'll be bringing Karyn.
I don't get it.
Am I an observer?
No, you'll be in play.
What about Karyn?
She'll be with you.
Nikita, Karyn, go.
( Breathing heavily )
Come on.
Just wait.
What's the matter?
I just need a minute.
We don't have a minute.
You'll do fine.
( Latin dance music playing )
All set?
I can't do it.
None of it's real.
It's just another exercise.
Let your training
get you through it.
( Breathing heavily )
Do you want to live?
Answer me.
Do you want to live?
Then walk in after me
and do what you're going to do.
Hit it, girls!
Chihuahua! ♪
( Mambo playing )
Chihuahua! ♪
Chihuahua! ♪
Martini, please.
Chihuahua! ♪
Behind him and to his left.
Chihuahua! ♪
Those are all his?
What now?
We check in.
Okay, Michael, we got him.
The big table to the left
of the stage.
He's in the middle.
They're drinking champagne.
Take positions.
Chihuahua! ♪
All teams ready.
Brian, it's champagne.
What now?
We just wait.
For what?
Walter's put a little
something special
in their champagne.
Chihuahua! ♪
We got 30 seconds
from the time
they start drinking
Then we get him out of here.
Chihuahua! ♪
( Music stops )
Nikita: Michael, he's pouring.
All teams, prepare for assault.
Excuse me.
Excuse me?
Excuse me!
( All laughing )
Everybody, shush.
I have a very important
announcement to make.
We have a first-year anniversary
to celebrate tonight.
( Applause and cheers )
And you know what they say
about the first year
It's the hardest.
( All laughing )
( Gunshots )
Why are they shooting?
They're not our people.
Protect kreizel.
( Automatic weapons firing )
Let's move!
Nikita: Kreizel got away.
He's out the back door.
Collect the wounded
and regroup at the Van.
( Groans )
( Gasping )
( Gasping )
( Loud gasp )
Where's Brian?
He's dead.
Call housekeeping.
Have them sanitize the area.
( Distant siren wailing )
Let's get out of here.
( Siren wailing )
( Beeping )
Madeline's office now.
What happened?
Someone else went for him.
What's going to happen?
I don't know.
It was tribal.
It was out of our control.
Nothing is out of our control.
You weren't prepared.
Did either one of you see
what happened?
I never saw Brian.
And you, nikita?
He was down
when I got to the door.
Peripheral activity?
I didn't see anything else.
That's all.
Is there anything else
I should know?
( Moody pop music playing )
I never saw Brian.
( Voice echoing ): Never saw Brian.
Brian: She doesn't belong here.
She's sick.
( Echoing ): She's sick.
What do you need these for?
I'm working with Karyn.
( Giggling )
You two going
to get sweaty?
Just bag it, Walter.
( Chuckles )
Let's go, Karyn.
I've got the kick, nikita.
Again, harder.
What did I do to you?
No. What did you do to Brian?
What happened?!
I shot him.
And you can do
whatever you want to me.
It can't be as bad
as what he did.
What does that mean?
What does that mean?
He raped me.
For six months
there wasn't a single night
that I could fall asleep
without fear of
him coming to me.
Why didn't you
just go to someone?
From day one, I was
told I had no choice
Cooperate or die.
I feel like I just signed
my own death warrant
by telling you this.
Did I?
( Sighs )
How did you get here?
You mean, why was I recruited?
I hung out with some bad people.
One night, we got high,
broke into a drugstore.
I don't remember very much.
They told me I killed somebody.
I was a straight "a"
student in high school.
What now?
Karyn, I I don't know.
I need some time to think.
Isn't your evaluation
of me due tomorrow?
We have new intel
on kreizel.
I need you both
prepared and ready in 20.
I can be a good
operative, nikita.
We took a p.D.A.
Off one of the bodies
at the nightclub.
Birkoff was able
to pull out a location.
We think it's hot.
We think it's where kreizel's
hiding the letter.
Should this be this tight?
So who's going in?
Just the three of you.
Will that be enough?
Madeline: Any more
would draw attention.
What are you trying
to do, Michael?
Guess her belt size?
Thank you.
That's better.
All right.
Get the rest
of your things from Walter.
What is it, nikita?
I was just wondering
about Brian.
What about him?
Can I get a background profile?
I just think it would
What do you want to know?
Did you take him
off Karyn's case
because he was abusing her?
The judgment
you are being asked to make
is on Karyn, not Brian.
He did rape her.
I never said that.
No, but you didn't
deny it either.
The Van leaves in five minutes.
( Typing )
Going out on this one?
Does it look like
I'm going anywhere?
I'm running sequences
so you guys don't get
shot full of holes.
( Beeping )
Do me a favor?
I don't do favors.
( Mocking ): I don't do favors.
Birkoff, please.
It's important.
It's important.
What do you think
I do here all day?
Play computer games?
( Sighing )
Probably couldn't do it anyway.
You'd have to be able
to break the encryption
on the section mainframe.
Please cooperate.
Man: What do you want?
Where's the safe?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
There's no safe.
( Beeping )
Man: Don't!
I'll tell you.
I'll tell you.
Where is it?
( Gun cocking )
What's going on in there?
Meter's running.
Where is it?
It's behind the bookcase.
Get down.
You did not have to shoot him.
He was taking too long.
Nikita: He was going to tell us.
You don't know that.
He had a live alarm.
Karyn did the right thing.
When I was first
recruited into section
you were my trainer.
You decided whether
or not I made it.
That's right.
How did you make your decision?
What were you looking for?
Was there some
kind of checklist
Seven out of ten, I live
anything less than that I die?
Or was it intuition?
Gut feeling?
I don't believe in intuition.
Your scores were high.
You excelled in all areas.
It wasn't
a very difficult decision.
So why did operations resist?
Who told you that?
Operations didn't like you.
But you did.
This is about Karyn.
She tests well.
Everyone seems to like her.
Everyone but you.
I don't trust her.
You weren't there
today in the office.
You didn't see the look
in her eyes, Michael.
Everyone gets that look
when it's time
to pull the trigger.
Not like this.
It's like she it's like
she wanted to shoot him.
She likes it.
I've already told you.
She was within
scenario parameters.
We got what we went in for.
This time.
Anything else?
You two seem to like each other.
I don't understand your meaning.
Come on, Michael, I've seen
the way you are together.
You laugh like
you're old friends.
What is your question?
I need to know
whether your admiration
for her is purely professional.
I thought you knew me
better than that by now.
It's funny
you should say that
Because I don't know you at all.
What are you doing, Walter?
Building a bomb.
Should I come back later?
( Sighs )
What do you need?
I'm not sure.
Karyn's evaluation.
I don't want to be someone's
judge, jury and executioner.
I don't want to build bombs.
What else?
Well, I can't figure her out.
I don't know who she is.
Like just when I think
I got an answer
two more questions pop up.
If you're not sure
Just sentence her to death?
That's the way it works here.
What do you think of her?
Does it matter?
I'd like to know.
( Sighs )
I like her.
Let's go.
We have a location
on the letter.
I know I don't do
everything perfectly yet
but if I do go overboard
it's just because that's
how they taught me.
Training with you has shown me
that I don't need
to be a monster
to get the job done.
I'm glad to hear it.
Birkoff: Nikita?
Karyn's story did not check out.
She's not a one-timer.
She started killing
when she was seven
Her grandmother.
We're talking about
a full-blown sociopath.
What about Brian?
I found a locked folder
Inside it, was a memo
he sent to operations.
He asked to be reassigned.
He was terrified of her.
He was going
to recommend
against her
and she knew it.
Whatever you do, don't get
on this chick's bad side.
Michael: Nikita?
Everything's cool.
I'd like to get
to my safe deposit box, please.
I'll need two pieces
of I.D.
Man: Can I help you?
Oh, yes.
I was thinking
of opening an account.
Checking or savings?
Well, I can help you with that.
Thank you, Mr. Kreizel.
Just sign here.
I'll take you right back.
This way, please.
You put your key
in this slot here.
I'll turn mine.
Now yours.
Thank you.
I have something
I think you're really
going to like here.
It's an interest bearing
checking plus.
Plus what?
Uh, that's just
what it's called.
Yes, right away.
Oh, excuse me.
Man: Uh, ma'am?
Ma'am, you can't go back there.
That's an employee area.
Excuse me, ma'am,
where's my friend?
Who's your friend?
This is an employee area only.
We've got shooters.
Everybody down!
Michael's down.
I'm okay.
She hit the vest.
Go get the letter.
( Gun clicks )
( Gunshot )
We got it.
What a rush.
( Gunshot )
( Gunshot )
( Giggling )
Just in case.
How's Michael doing?
He'll be okay.
They're waiting
for you upstairs.
Yes, I know.
Have you made your decision?
You'll be fine.
I saved your life today.
Yes, you did.
You also killed Brian
in cold blood.
Does that really matter?
Karyn, he never raped you.
You were out of bullets.
I could have let kreizel
kill you, and I didn't.
What is it you want?
I belong here.
Section one and I
are a perfect fit.
I've earned my
place here, nikita
and you do not have the right
to take that away from me.
Everybody knows it.
What will they do to you
if you make the wrong choice?
I think mahara would make
a great addition
to the housekeeping team.
Mahara, Kelly, Dex,
they'd be great.
I think
Have you made
your decision
about Karyn?
Yes, I have.
Cancel her.
She's already been canceled.
What are you talking about?
I just spoke with her.
It doesn't take long.
But I hadn't made
my decision yet.
It wasn't your decision.
What does that mean?
An operative's
resolve and judgment
are as important
as her tactical skills.
We knew Karyn
would be a problem.
We wanted to see
if you would come
to the same conclusion.
If I hadn't?
Then we would have had
two problems.
Warner Bros.
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