La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e14 Episode Script


I want the information
or four innocent people
will die.
Man: We'll do the best we can.
( Gunshot )
I want the information
or three
innocent people will die.
What are you doing here?
Madeline wants to see me.
Are you sure?
I think she's tied up right now.
What's your answer?
We'll give you
what you want.
Good news.
They met my demands.
Come in.
Are you all right?
I was just doing a v.R. Sim.
Of what?
Do you know what it is
that I do here?
What do you mean?
My job description.
Well, you tell us what to do
who to kill
My primary function
Is to get inside
the enemy's head
Anticipate his next move
whenever possible.
So who's head
are you getting into now?
You'll find out
in the next 12 hours.
I want you to study this file.
That's it?
It's going to be a very
complicated mission.
I'm going to want
everyone up to speed.
The file should give you
a leg up
on what we're doing.
Are you sure
there's nothing wrong?
I don't know
if I'm still strong enough
to do this.
You're the strongest person
I've ever met.
( Chuckles )
You've never met Gregor Kessler.
I'll see you in the morning.
Thank you.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
( Quick beeping )
He calls himself
"Gregor Kessler"
But that's not his real name.
This is also Gregor Kessler.
And this
Is Gregor Kessler.
His name is not
the only mystery.
No one has ever seen
his real face.
He's a master of disguise
and moves around the globe
at will.
We're assuming
that he's moving west
and we're doing what we can
to seal the borders.
How do we know that's him?
Each of these men was tracked
but never caught in
unrelated terrorist incidents.
However, we did get close enough
to gather trace material.
D.n.a. Residue showed that
they were all the same person.
So what's Kessler done now?
Operations: Nothing yet.
We have advance intel?
A threat was made
against the west
by a group
we've been monitoring:
The united coalition.
Unless their demands are met
Which will not happen
They say they will contaminate
the water supply of a major city
with the radioactive agent
We get threats every day.
What gives this one credibility?
One of our operatives
inside the coalition
decoded a communique:
Confirmation of initial payment
to Kessler.
If Kessler was hired
by the coalition
the threat warrants
priority countermeasures.
We don't know who he is
But we do know what he is:
A terrorist with the blood lust
of a serial killer
and a strategic prowess
of a chess master.
You don't get many chances
with someone like Kessler.
We can't miss a beat.
So Kessler could be anybody.
That's right.
How do we find him?
Follow the cobalt.
C-60 is tightly controlled.
Every gram is accounted for.
There's been none
reported missing
so Kessler hasn't
made his move yet.
There are 15 facilities
that manufacture the isotope.
Seven are in remote locations
in the far east
and would take at least
three days to get to them.
He doesn't have
that kind of time.
Our sources say the incident
is expected before
the end of the week.
You can also rule out
Brazil and Argentina.
They're government facilities.
There's too much security.
He wouldn't need to take
that kind of risk.
That leaves six
in the Americas and Europe.
Three of those are under
the direct control
of c.I.A. Or NATO.
We wish he'd walk
into one of them.
We're down to three.
What are they?
A defense contractor
in Toronto
A nuclear medicine company
in Ecuador
And a chip manufacturer
in northern California.
Well, forget Ecuador.
He'll be wearing a mask.
You ever wear latex
in 100% humidity?
So it's California or Toronto.
The receipt.
What receipt?
The one from Kessler?
Initial payment
for services rendered.
How much was it for?
( Typing )
$772,592, u.S.
Convert that to
the Canadian dollar
using the exchange rate
from the date of receipt.
( Typing )
Exactly $1 million, Canadian.
He's in Toronto.
Get the plane ready.
Uh, Mr. Hayes?
What is it?
It's for the new
spectrum analyzer?
Prices are going
through the roof.
Find another supplier.
( Door opens )
Good morning.
Very nice suit, Mr. Hayes.
Yeah. Hi.
Michael, someone just
went into the isotope room.
This should be Hayes,
the project leader.
He resets the alarm code
every two hours.
Green team, confirm identity
Julian Hayes.
I have confirmation on Hayes.
All right.
( Starter motor whirring )
( Dialing )
( Ringing )
All our operators are currently
servicing other clients.
Please do not hang up.
Damn it!
What's the matter, Mr. Hayes?
Oh, my car won't start.
Why don't you pop the hood?
I'll take a look at it for you.
Please do not hang up.
( Beep )
( Click )
( Rapid beeping )
( Rapid beeping )
Michael, the room
with the cobalt.
What about it?
The monitor's out.
Blue team, isotope room.
( Rapid beeping )
( Repeated rapid beeping )
He scrambled the code.
Stand back.
( Alarm sounding )
( Gunshot )
( Alarm continues )
Michael, he's out.
North side door
of the outer office.
We can't.
He's put up a barrier.
I'm working on it now.
( Alarm continues )
( Yelling )
We've got him.
Then it's over?
Not yet.
Somehow he got rid
of the cobalt.
Were we able to trace it?
No. He must not
have been working alone.
Where is he now?
En route.
Kessler is no good to us
unless he tells us
where to find that cobalt.
His real name
is Norris gaines.
He was born in Germany in 1946.
His parents
were Polish immigrants.
They were murdered in 1952
by a xenophobic hate group.
He was taken into
a state facility
where he stayed for eight years.
By all accounts,
he was an introvert
No friends
no special interests.
Then without explanation
he tortured and murdered
two students.
He escaped, went underground
where he remained
until he resurfaced
11 years later
as Gregor Kessler.
Click on
the background window.
There might be something
there you can use.
Did you work up
his non-operational profile?
He lived with
a woman in Amsterdam
for a couple of years
in the early '80s.
Can we get
to her?
Died in labor.
The child?
We're checking it out.
Are you ready?
If you were our typical guest,
you'd have been tortured
to within an inch
of your life by now.
Here's my offer.
If you cooperate
we'll assign you
to an internment
that will be bearable.
I am sorry about your sister.
We'll find the cobalt
with or without you.
It must have been
so hard on you, huh?
You're so young and
Your psyche is so vulnerable.
Things would be easier
all around if you help.
( Humming )
( Humming )
I knew a little girl
a long time ago
who used to sing this song.
She's gone now.
He's getting to her.
( Humming )
On the other hand
We can make things unbearable.
I saw upon a stair
a little girl who was not there.
She was not there again today.
Gee, I wish she'd go away.
I don't know.
It can't be intuition.
He researched her.
He knows about the section.
Oh, no, now, why do we need him?
Just when we were having
such fun, the two of us.
Yes. 10cc's.
No, no, please, don't do this.
Don't do this.
This information
is very complicated
Names, numbers.
I won't be able
to remember if you
That tightening and that pain
that you feel in your chest
will only get worse.
It's caused by
I recognize it right away.
You know,
what I can't understand
is why people don't like
this drug because
It's so lovely.
Is there more?
There's more.
Oh, good.
Another 10cc's.
Oh, yes, please, don't be shy.
Yes, do.
( Moans )
Dehydrate him.
I'm sorry about
what happened to her.
Operations: We've found Kessler's daughter.
She's a foreign exchange
student at the university.
I need for you to bring her in.
How do you want us to do that?
Birkoff found out
that he's been supporting her
for all these years.
Does she know him?
No. All he's allowed her to know
is that he exists
and that he's been taking care
of her financially.
He's protecting her.
Even in his tormented psyche
He still loves his daughter.
Hello. Hi.
Are you Annie?
Are you in one of my classes?
Oh, no, I'm I'm not.
Uh, this is going to sound
a little strange
but, Annie, I just need you
to listen to me carefully.
I'm here because of your father.
You're what?
Not your foster father.
Your real father
The one you've never met.
How do you know about that?
Because I know him.
Annie, I want you
to come with me
to see him.
No. I-I don't think so.
Who are you?
I can't tell you that
but you're going
to have to trust me.
Look, I've spent my whole
life looking for him.
He didn't want to be found.
Now you're saying
he wants to see me?
It's a little more
complicated than that.
Look, just give me your number
somewhere I can reach you
and just let me think about it.
I can't do that.
Well, then, forget it.
This is too weird.
Just leave me alone.
Let go of me!
I'm not going to hurt you.
Please, get in the Van.
( High-pitched tone )
( Tone stops )
I was having
the most pleasant dream.
You were in it, I think.
Yes, I think it was you.
Two little girls
One had, um
Oh, auburn hair.
And the other
was a little darker.
You were playing
at the top of the stairs.
You both wanted the doll.
And then I can't remember
What happened then.
Perhaps you can help, Madeline?
We have your daughter.
We have Annie.
Well, I've
I've never met Annie.
I doubt
She has the same capacity
to endure pain as you.
In fact, she will
suffer from the start
and it won't end
for a long time.
Why would you, of all people
want to harm
an innocent young girl?
I never said I wanted to.
You won't do this.
You cannot do this.
I'll tell you
what you want to know
Once I'm convinced that it
Is her.
She's on her way.
Operations: Any exposure?
Michael: No.
Madeline: Let me see her.
It's going to be fine.
Trust me.
Who are you people?
I'm sorry for what
we're putting you through.
Fortunately, it will be brief
and you'll be back
in Norway tomorrow
with an incredible story
you'll never be able to confirm.
What are you talking about?
Get ready to meet
your father.
You're my father?
Let me touch her.
I would
Like to touch
My daughter once
and then I'll
I'll tell you where you
Where you can find your cobalt.
Let him touch your face briefly.
Now, come closer.
I just
You must not believe anything
that these people tell you.
Your mother wanted me
to tell you
What did my mother?
Come closer.
Annie, no!
He's opened the jugular.
Get help.
Hurry up!
She's bleeding to death!
Is she dead?
Not yet
but she won't make it
through the night.
So we were wrong.
She didn't mean anything
to Kessler.
On the contrary, he
cared enough to kill her.
It was an act of mercy, nikita.
He was protecting her.
Protecting her?
From who?
From us.
How do you know
what goes on inside his head?
I know.
Does he know
what's inside your head?
So what was he
talking about yesterday?
That poem about
the little girl on the stair?
It seemed to affect you.
Isn't it enough
that I have to endure
the ravings of this lunatic?
I'm sorry.
I just thought you might like
someone to talk to, that's all.
We were fighting over a doll.
I pushed her.
She fell down
the stairs and died.
Your sister?
But it was an accident, right?
I mean, you didn't mean to
I wanted the doll.
We have two candidates,
both held in abeyance.
Brianne's an ex-junkie.
She was recruited
after being convicted
of a double homicide,
She scored well in
physical and tactical
but we believed she
would start using again
given the chance.
Cancellation recommended.
Shellen was recalled
after incurring
excessive collateral
in Budapest last month.
He's been in psych
but his aggressive response
has not been contained.
Cancellation recommended.
Use shellen.
That's enough.
We have a job for you.
How's it going?
I'm sorry.
I have this twitch.
I can't control it.
You see?
I have it in both hands.
That's a pity.
You should have it looked at.
Is that supposed to be funny?
Humor is subjective.
So is pain.
( Chain rattling )
( Yelling )
I thought you were supposed
to be some hard-ass terrorist.
You're pathetic.
Don't go to sleep on me yet.
( Electronic beeping )
Let's dance.
( Groans )
Do we have him?
Yes, the tracker's got him.
He's leaving
by the Van access door now.
Where to, birkoff?
Heading 270, 100 meters.
( Whispers ): Michael.
Nikita and I
go in first.
Team cover.
Okay, Kessler.
Put your hands on your head.
Nikita: It's a tracker.
Kessler's still out there.
We have an incoming.
Where is she?
What are you talking about?
Put her on
or you'll never
get what you want.
I'm here.
When you brought
Annie to me,
you knew what I would do.
There was no option.
It was already written.
Yeah, and you knew that, too.
That's why I never let her know
who I was.
That is how I protected her.
She was my redemption.
And you destroyed that.
That's not true.
I didn't want her to die.
Not until after
you had tortured her.
We are the same, Madeline.
You and I.
We have just different agendas.
What do you want?
Well, you made me an offer once.
Now, I will make one to you.
This cobalt, it will go
in the water supply
of 20,000 homes
Or I will return it to you.
What's the catch?
I deliver it to you
Then I will tell you.
Madeline: Where?
Just stay on this channel.
You'll receive instructions.
I can't allow it.
You're too valuable.
Thank you.
But you know I have to.
Please don't go.
There's a pathway to your right.
Take it heading due north.
Everyone hold your positions.
Got her in my sights.
In position.
Green team, you have her?
Man: Got her.
Close off the perimeter.
Nothing goes in or out.
Team leader 2, check.
Perimeter sealed.
Okay, let's move in.
Go, go!
Go, go!
Well, I guess
that should keep them
occupied, huh?
For a little while?
Operations: He's planted mines.
Where are they?
In an underground corridor.
It's part of the
water filtration plant.
Find another way in.
All right.
Just for the record
I'm a man of my word.
Here's the cobalt.
And now
Now I'll take my payment
( Gasping )
Oh, I win.
That's an interesting point
of view.
Well, think about it.
If you pull the trigger,
you become me.
And if not, well,
who knows what may happen?
I know.
Take him in.
( Knock on door )
Can I come in?
Is something wrong?
I've never been here before.
It's not what I expected.
Oh, yeah? Well,
what did you expect?
Something a little more severe
a little darker.
I like it.
( Laughs )
Do you want something?
I'm just having some tea.
Tea would be fine, yes.
This is a beautiful view.
Isn't it?
Sometimes, I just
stand here for hours
looking out over the city.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So why are you here?
To remember.
Remember what?
Who I was.
Warner Bros.
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