La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e15 Episode Script


( Moody alternative music
playing )
He's on the move.
Michael, should I take him out?
Not now, nikita.
We don't have confirmation.
Birkoff, we're converging.
We have less than a minute.
Should we stop the hit?
Not until we know
we have the book.
Michael, we're
running out of time.
How much longer,
He's got them in his sight.
They're blowing the safe now.
We'll have the book
in a matter of seconds.
Birkoff, this is it.
Man: It's not here.
Nikita, abort.
I can get him.
I can get him.
( Gunshot, with silencer )
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
David fanning has carried out
a dozen high-level hits
but we can't touch him.
He has a set of documents
called "the book"
which contains
information very damaging
to western interests.
Now, it'll automatically
be released
if we interfere with him
in any way.
So, before we take him out,
we have to find the book.
He moves it fairly often.
We thought we had a lead
last week, but it didn't pan out
as those of you who were
in Athens are well aware.
This is fanning's house
Basically, a heavily
guarded fortress.
Second floor houses a computer
which we think
contains a schedule
for the book's locations.
The computer's a stand-alone.
There's no way to hack in.
A direct assault?
The system will be armed
with a self-destruct mechanism.
So, an assault would destroy
the schedule.
We'd still have no idea
where the book is.
The bottom line is we have
to work from the inside
and we have to do it
without arousing
suspicion on
fanning's part.
Nikita is already in place
with fanning's wife.
And squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze
Bring it together.
Hold it. Hold it.
And again.
Ready. One, two, three, go.
Squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze
Come on, hold it.
Hold it. Hold it.
That's great. That's
enough for today.
I was thinking half an hour
on the bicycle.
Well, you just worked out
for two hours.
My husband's coming home today
and I want him
to see the difference.
He's only been gone two weeks.
You were in pretty great shape
before we started.
You don't know my husband.
That has
to be him.
Verify receipt, send
an acknowledgement
and then stand by
because I think we'll have
another job in a few days.
Who is this?
My trainer.
You wanted me
in shape, remember?
Nikita, this is my husband
So, you going to welcome
your husband home
or what?
That was very romantic.
( Clearing throat )
I don't see a big change.
It's only been
a couple of weeks.
Has she been lazy?
No, she's worked very hard.
Don't brown-nose her;
I pay the bills here.
Tell me the truth.
She worked very hard.
You know, I pay good money.
I just want a little result.
I mean, look at this.
Look at this ass.
Look at this. It's a disgrace.
Now, could you please
do something about it?
Can you do something about this?
I'm sorry.
All right.
That's that's all I ask.
It's not so hard.
Why don't we get out of here
for a while?
Change of scenery.
No, he doesn't like me to leave
the house without him.
Well, I'm your personal trainer
and I'm ordering you
to come for a run.
Let's go.
Come on.
He takes care of me
in his own way.
What way's that?
Well, he doesn't let
anybody hurt me.
Except him.
Lisa, I knew
from certain things you said
that you weren't happy
but this is much worse
than I ever imagined.
There's places
you can go for help.
That would only make it worse.
What could be worse than being
a prisoner in your home?
I'm not like you, nikita.
I wish I could be.
But if I try to stand up to him
it just doesn't work.
Hey, nikita.
How are you?
Fine. You?
Lisa, this is an old client
of mine, Michael.
Nice to meet you.
Do you want to join us
for juice?
Why not?
Two seconds.
So, how long have
you been at it?
Um a couple of weeks.
Those are the worst.
Oh, yeah.
She makes me do
all those sit-ups.
My stomach is
How'd it go?
Oh, I guess we'll find out
when Michael returns.
Think there was a connection?
You know what I think?
I think this girl needs help.
She doesn't need any more pain.
Isn't there a better way
to get to fanning?
Such as?
She trusts me.
To do what?
To get into the computer.
Under what pretense?
We're asking this woman
to betray her husband
And endanger her own life.
What emotion besides intense
passion would motivate her
to take such a drastic action?
He seduces her
to get to fanning.
What happens to her after that?
That's not your concern.
Your evaluation
was very accurate.
I spent most of the time
She just needs
a little kindness.
Leave it to section one
to hand out a little kindness.
You're seeing her again?
Tomorrow, 3:00.
Where you going?
Please, get out of my way!
Are you all right?
Want me to call the police?
Oh, no.
My husband
wouldn't like it.
I'm sorry I'm late.
It couldn't be avoided.
Will you forgive me?
Of course.
Nice work, guys.
Looked real.
Look at this.
She's hooked already.
When I was a kid,
I used to paint.
Some people said I had talent
but I don't really think so.
Do you paint now?
Why not?
I don't know.
I sort of lost the urge.
If you could do
anything in the world
right now, what would you do?
I don't know.
Um, the first thing
that comes to your mind.
I would love to learn
how to fly a plane.
Wonderful. I'll teach you.
What are you? A pilot?
I thought you were
a computer programmer.
Well, computers are my job,
but I do other things.
I don't think my husband
would allow it.
Then I'll give you
a flight simulator program.
That's how I got started.
I'm not good
on computers either.
I'll teach you that, too.
It sounds nice, Michael, but
I can't see you again.
We have to see each other again.
I'm not supposed to be here
in the first place.
It's been wonderful,
but I really have to go.
Really, I I just have to go.
Wait, please.
He wants to see me again.
Well, you could
use some pleasure
in your life.
How well do you know him?
Pretty well.
And what do you think of him?
What matters is what
you think of him.
Well, I think
he's the most desirable man
I've ever met.
Will you cover for me?
Would you tell David
that we went for a jog
in the park?
Of course.
Thank you, nikita.
You're a really good friend.
Fanning: The koussakis wedding
I hit that two weeks ago.
And now the koussakis family
would like a retaliatory hit.
You know who they go to?
( Chuckling )
I love this business.
Where the hell have you been?
Uh, jogging.
It's been an hour and a half.
You should be soaked with sweat.
We are you should
smell my armpits.
What did you just say to me?
Look, we stopped
for a juice at a juice bar.
Come on, let's go.
There is something
not quite right there.
I don't know, but the next time
those two go on a run,
you follow them.
Sure thing.
I still don't think this
is the right approach.
Why not?
She's too fragile.
It could blow up in our faces.
What's really bothering you?
Lisa fanning's emotional state
or the thought of her
and Michael together?
Why should that bother me?
It shouldn't, but it does.
It does not bother me.
( Footsteps approaching )
( Car horn beeps )
( Phone dialing )
We got a problem.
One of fanning's men is
tailing Michael and Lisa.
Fanning's a little possessive.
He keeps her on a short leash.
So, he's just worried
about his wife's fidelity?
That'd be my guess.
Get transit now.
I'm afraid.
Of the fish?
Your husband doesn't
have to find out.
I'm afraid of falling in love.
I think we already have.
( Sensual music playing )
( Dialing phone )
I love you.
( Birds chirping )
What's wrong?
Well, frank Thorn
was killed today.
The cops say
it was a hit and run
but I'm just not so sure.
You mean
he was killed on purpose?
Well, gee,
it might have been an accident
but they found him
on the far side of town.
Wh-what was he doing there?
He was supposed to be
watching you.
Me jog in the park?
You know,
I worry about you, Lisa.
You made love?
Did she tell you she loves you?
When do you see her again?
Tomorrow when she goes
on her run with nikita.
What is it, nikita?
Michael, she's a nice woman.
She loves you.
You, you're going
to destroy her.
She's not in love with me.
She'd feel the same about
any man that treated her well.
I see.
So that makes it okay.
If you feel so concerned
about her
tell her to break off with me.
She trusts you.
She'll listen.
But first,
make sure you're ready
to watch more
innocent people die
while we stand by
and do nothing
'Cause that's what'll happen
if we don't get the book.
What's wrong?
This has to end.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about your husband.
He'll find out sooner or later.
We've been careful.
You said it yourself.
He had us followed yesterday.
We could have been caught.
Besides, he'll see it himself
In your smile, your touch.
It's only a matter of time.
I won't let that happen.
There's only one way to stop it.
Come away with me.
He would follow us.
Let him.
No, you don't know
what you're saying.
Michael, wait.
Thank you for the fling.
The sex was great.
You know
it's not like that.
Michael, please.
I don't want to live
without you.
I'll do anything
Anything you ask me.
Well, come away with me.
Somewhere where we could
live together openly.
We would have to go far away
Very far away.
We would have to have
lots of money
Money to protect us
from David.
He has lots of money.
His office is like a vault.
I'm not even allowed
in that part of the house.
I know computers.
I can get you into his office
and into his system.
We can get access
to his bank accounts.
If I do it
Will we be together?
All right.
All right.
Michael: Lisa?
Listen for the guards
and stay in the shadows.
( Footsteps )
( Beeping )
I'm at the door.
Okay, put the device
on the lock.
( Beeping )
Press each number on the keypad
in sequence.
Enter the code and go in.
( Beeping )
( Bolt clicks )
Put the computer on.
See the connector
we talked about?
Plug in the router.
Put the disk in the drive.
What does the screen say?
"Unauthorized program.
Validation needed."
Okay, enter the
following sequence:
Asterisk, four, backslash, nine
backslash, enter.
Is it working?
It says "router installing."
Good. You were great.
Bank records investments
Medical records
Here we go.
Clients Assignments
Got it.
It's in the vault
of bank montagne, Switzerland.
We're well connected there.
It shouldn't be a problem.
Good. You were great.
Now remove the disk
and the router,
turn off the computer
And just get out of there.
Did you see my wife?
Did you get everything
you needed?
You were terrific.
Now go back to bed.
( Yelps )
I've been looking
all over for you.
I been wondering where you been.
I couldn't sleep.
Oh, yeah?
Did you lose anything
on your travels?
Lose anything?
Yeah, 'cause I found
this upstairs.
What the hell were
you doing upstairs?
Don't tell him anything,
Lisa be strong.
I-I told you, I couldn't sleep.
I went for a walk.
Yeah, but haven't I told
you never to go upstairs?
I'm sorry.
Haven't I?!
Then, why did you?
The stairs exercise.
I-I ran up and down
the stairs for exercise.
Are you serious?
Be strong, Lisa.
We'll be together soon.
Nikita says
it's the best exercise
you can do.
Shut up!
You know what
your problem is, huh?
You've got to learn to obey.
Please! I'm sorry!
Don't hit me, please!
( Slapping )
Fanning: You're always sorry!
( Slapping and Lisa gasping )
Bank montagne, inner vault.
Let's hope the book
is where fanning's schedule
says it is.
Man: We got it.
Destroy it.
Now we can take out fanning.
Let me know
when you're in position.
What have you got, nikita?
Two guards in the kitchen.
Two in each wing.
Three more out back.
Fanning's in his office.
No, what the hell do
you mean, it's gone?
Well, who took it?!
( Garbled radio transmission )
Oh, no.
All right, well,
how'd this happen, you?!
The book's gone.
It doesn't matter anymore.
Michael and I are
going away together.
He told me to be
strong, and I was.
I haven't heard from him
yet, but I know I will.
He may contact me through you.
Nikita, thanks for
being there for me.
We're moving in.
( Whistling )
Let's go! Move!
Move, move!
Guard: We've got problems.
Warn fanning.
I've got visual.
Go, go, go!
What's going on?!
Get Lisa.
David wants you.
Stay down.
Hear what's happening?
This is no time to argue.
( Cries out )
Who are you?
Drop the gun.
Or what?
What the hell's going on?
You're going on a little trip.
Oh, where?
You'll see.
What if I don't want to go?
Oh, you do like picking
on women, don't you?
Not women with guns.
You know what your
problem is, David?
Tell me.
You need to learn
To obey.
( Laughing )
That was a mistake.
Lisa, don't!
I don't blame you,
but I must ask him
some questions first.
Michael: Move in.
Nikita: He's all yours.
I don't understand.
It doesn't matter.
It's all over now.
So you're some kind
of undercover cop or something.
It was a trick.
It was all a trick
To get David.
Lisa, I'm sorry.
He's a very bad man, much worse
than you could have imagined.
We needed to bring him down.
I'm sorry.
Were you a part of it, too?
So, you don't care about me,
do you?
You never did.
It had to be done.
It's all right.
Is, uh
The fighting over?
It's over.
Just let me die.
You're free now.
David's out of your life forever
and you're free.
Nikita's not, and I'm not
But you are.
But I don't want to be free.
I want to be with you.
I'm sorry.
I thought we had all of
fanning's accounts impounded.
We did.
There's a discrepancy.
Well, one of his
accounts is missing
Had a million dollars in it.
How is that possible?
I'm not sure.
Maybe one of his own people
was stealing from him?
We should be on top of it.
I don't like loose ends.
Once an offshore
account is closed out
it's almost impossible to trace.
I'll keep working on it.
I know you hate me now,
and you have a right to.
The money is not
a plea for forgiveness
nor is it a gift.
You earned it.
Your actions helped save
many innocent lives.
Learn to fly,
take up painting again
And never be with a man
who fails to treat you
as you deserve.
I'm afraid of falling in love.
I think we already have.
Warner Bros.
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