La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e16 Episode Script


( Woman singing moody
slow-tempo pop song )
Still don't see him.
Do you want me to abort,
No. Stay in position.
He'll show up.
Buy you a drink?
It's okay.
I'll get the next round.
Cosmopolitan, straight up.
You have incredible eyes.
Do you want to hear
about my day?
No, thanks.
Look, I've been watching you
for the last 20 minutes.
He's not coming.
What do you mean?
You got stood up.
It happens.
But that's why I'm here.
Jay yerkovich.
I'm in for the trade show.
You are, uh?
Your name's Michael?
Is it him?
Okay. Hi, Michael.
What do you do?
Keep a visual.
We won't take him
until he leaves the bar.
Perimeter teams are in place.
Come on, talk to me.
Look, this is a bad time.
What's the deal, blue eyes?
You fidget.
You talk to yourself.
You're all alone.
What was your name?
This is the deal, Jay.
I'm a secret government agent
and I'm working right now
and you're in my way.
Really? You show me your gun,
and I'll show you mine.
Can't do that.
Against regulation.
Are you on a mission right now?
See you in a minute.
Be careful.
Excuse me.
Mission accomplished?
Good luck at the trade show.
Chicks are crazy
Every last one of them.
Buy you a drink?
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Whoever the hell you are
you don't know
what you're dealing with.
My people will carve you up
and feed you to the dogs.
Let's talk about your people.
They've recently done business
with a man named Cyrus kavali.
You are so far
out of your league.
You should have done
your homework
before you picked me up.
You are dead,
and you don't even know it.
Shouldn't take long.
Let me know when you're through.
Gee, look who they sent in now
to spook me.
And who are you
A couple of accountants?
I'm scared now.
( Laughing )
Where are we?
Give you the punch line first.
We're nowhere.
Kavali could be anywhere
from the straits of Gibraltar
to the caspian sea.
You've put markers
on his contacts?
Satellite and ground-based.
Everyone we know or think
is involved with him.
What about the military
in his country?
Any sign of defections?
Our intel there is scarce.
So far, nothing's shown up.
They seem to be remaining loyal
to the ruling
Democratic government.
Tell Madeline he's ready.
Till further notice
this is the only
thing on your desk.
You got it.
How were the new units?
I think you'll be pleased
with the results.
Thank you.
Are we ready to talk,
Mr. Golden?
Three years ago
Cyrus kavali's regime
was overthrown
and replaced with
a Democratic republic.
Embargoes were lifted,
political prisoners freed.
The economy is finally starting
to show signs of recovery.
In his exile, kavali
has been mobilizing support
around the globe
to reclaim his seat to power.
There are dozens
of hostile countries
in that region.
Why are we concerned about his?
It's in the midst
of so many of our enemies.
It's perfectly positioned
for tracking and reconnaissance.
R.j. Golden is one of
kavali's arms suppliers.
He's been kind enough
to reveal to us
the location of a stockpile
of stinger missiles
about to be delivered to kavali.
The plan's simple.
We tag the crates, follow them
to their destination.
That's where we find kavali.
Where are the stingers now?
Above an art gallery.
The owner's a kavali sympathizer
who uses his international
export privileges
to ship him arms.
( Exotic music playing )
There's one more
of theirs
at the southeast corner
ten feet from the stairs.
I've got him.
Okay, that brings it
to four inside.
Any more outside, Lonnie?
Just the two at the front.
All right.
Outside team, stay in position.
Michael, how much longer?
Another five.
Birkoff, number four's
headed for the stairs.
Don't let him.
Michael's up there.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Don't take this the wrong way
but I represent models
who pose for artists.
I'm sorry.
Let me start all over.
I have a client who's an artist
who's requested a model with
a body type exactly like yours
from what I can tell.
Is there any way I could see you
without your clothes on?
Come on, Michael.
Nikita can't hold
this guy forever.
Two more crates.
Alert the perimeter teams
we'll be coming out.
Birkoff: Hurry up.
This Van is freezing tonight.
Lonnie, what's going on?
Lonnie, can you hear me?
switch to "b" channel now.
I'm here.
Who you talking to?
I've got a sequence anomaly.
Nikita, where are you?
I'm here. What's wrong?
Birkoff: Someone's coming.
Nikita: What do you mean?
Someone took out Lonnie.
How do you know?
He's got his com unit.
I'm tracking it.
What do I do?
What do I do?!
Birkoff, just stay calm.
I can't!
Yes, you can.
There's a nine-millimeter
in the floor.
There should be a clip
right beside it.
It's not here.
It's not here!
Look in the case.
What case?
Underneath your seat.
See it?
Chamber the damn thing.
I don't know how!
Bullet end up
into the handle of the gun.
Birkoff, do it.
( Yelling )
( Hammer clicking )
Everybody in.
We've been breached.
Shipment's already moving.
Are they on a plane?
Not yet. Simon's
monitoring the stingers
but he's having some trouble
with the frequencies.
I'll check it out.
Is he okay?
He'll be fine.
We can't be far
behind those missiles.
Everybody stays in.
Heard they shot holes in my Van.
Why wasn't the clip under
the nine-mil?
Should have been.
It wasn't, and birkoff
almost got killed.
I hate to get into your face,
sugar, but that clip
was close enough.
The reason
birkoff almost got killed
is because he doesn't know
how to shoot.
Now, believe me, I have tried
to teach him, but tearing him
away from those computers
is almost impossible.
Birkoff: Can't you fix it?
No, that's okay.
I've got it.
There's nothing to fix.
I'm not having
a problem with the frequency.
It's just a bit fuzzy
'cause we're bouncing it
off the repeater.
Yeah, let's work around it then.
Use a deconvolution filter.
I did, at the same frequency
as the repeater.
It's twice the frequency
of the repeater.
It's called
the sampling theorem.
Hey, birkoff.
Oh, hi.
You okay?
Why wouldn't I be?
Listen, birkoff, no one
expects you to be a cold op.
I'm kind of busy right now.
This was your first time,
wasn't it?
What are you talking about?
These keyboards are dead.
You've never killed anyone
before, have you?
I'll deal with it, okay?
You told me
that you'd killed your sister.
That's why
they brought you in.
I lied.
Why isn't "b" channel up?
( Breathing deeply )
Yes, nikita?
It's about birkoff.
What about him?
I heard he was quite efficient
last night.
Are you planning
on sending him out right away?
Why shouldn't we?
I think he may need
a little extra time to recover.
Well, extra time isn't something
we have in abundance here.
I know. I
What is it
you're not telling me?
We've known Mr. Birkoff
longer than you have.
We appreciate your concern
but we know what he is
and is not capable of.
Is that all?
( Intercom chirps )
Birkoff: Madeline?
We've got a destination
on the stingers.
Prepare transport.
You better get ready.
The signal has stabilized.
We'll drive within a kilometer.
From there
we'll approach on foot.
Birkoff: Kavali has
satellite surveillance
throughout the entire area.
I can only scramble it
a hundred meters at a time.
When we get into position
set the coordinates
on your transmitters
so birkoff can monitor.
We need to be
in constant communication
so I can keep you protected
in the blackout radius.
Michael: Let's go.
Hold your position.
I've got to keep you centered.
Okay. Proceed.
( Clattering )
( Rustling )
Michael are we still intact?
Yes. Why?
( Clears throat )
It's okay.
( Leaves rustling )
( Soft clattering )
( Clattering continues )
( Breathing hard )
( Beeps )
( Louder clattering )
( Rapid beeping )
( Beeping continues )
Michael: Go.
What happened?
I don't know.
Is everyone all right?
Madeline: What happened?
I don't know.
One minute, we were fine
then suddenly, we were exposed.
Not today at the art gallery.
I already told you.
I know what you told me.
What didn't you tell me?
Did something happen to birkoff
that's interfering
with his ability
to protect our people?
If you're withholding
to protect him
you're doing more harm than good
and endangering yourself.
You forget what we do here.
I don't need hard data
to draw a picture
but I do need to know
where my operatives stand
At all times, including you.
I'm here for the section.
Oh, I hope so.
Madeline: For the time being
birkoff will be held
in abeyance.
"Held in abeyance"?
That's one step aw
You would cancel birkoff?
If he can no longer perform
his function here
Have the tags
on the stingers
been compromised?
Yes. There's no way
to trace them now.
We're back to square one.
No. I was able to compensate
for birkoff's miscue.
I used one of my programs
to salvage enough data
to run another sim.
On what?
I took infrareds of the shootout
pinpointed the artillery
then linked that
with the movement afterwards.
You picked them up?
Yes. But what got my attention
was this area
Exit movement converged
outside of Istanbul
with two high-level kavali
contacts we've been watching.
If kavali's in Turkey
then he's ready
to make his move.
How sure are you
about this, Simon?
I ran the analysis
three different ways.
All right, then we'll proceed
quickly and carefully.
Run a recon first
and if the information's
consistent, escalate.
Yes, nikita?
You told me
when I first came here
that section one
would become my family.
It's taken me some time
but I'm beginning
to accept that.
I don't know that much
about birkoff, but
You feel protective towards him
like an older sister.
How can I help him?
He has to help himself.
He's just a kid.
What is it you think you can do?
I don't know.
I could be a friend.
Maybe he needs that
more than anything right now.
I doubt it.
But you can try.
Where is he now?
At home.
Where does he live?
You don't know?
Hey, can I come in?
( Electronic squeaking )
So you really do live
in section.
Madeline showed me your file.
Except for the Van
seems you haven't been outside
section in over seven years.
That's not healthy.
You killed a cop in cold blood.
Don't tell me what's healthy.
Hey, I didn't kill
Get out of here.
I'm sorry.
I didn't come here
to fight with you.
I want to help.
Simon can't do my job.
He's linear.
"A" to "b" to "c."
Click, click, click.
There's more to it than that.
You got to make connections
that aren't there.
No one gets that.
Look, I don't understand
the stuff you do, but
I just know you do it very well.
You should be upstairs
right now doing it.
What happened?
You can't protect me.
I always thought I could just
Go on doing my work
And you guys would always
be around
keeping me safe.
It never occurred to me
anyone would ever get
close enough to shoot at me.
So, you used to think
you were safe.
Now you know you're not.
None of us are.
Birkoff, it happens to everyone.
It's called growing up.
Doesn't mean
you have to stop living.
I can't live knowing
that I could die.
( Hammer cocking )
You will die.
( Click )
See? You just did.
You're crazy.
Am I?
Then you better get crazy, too.
I'm so scared.
Birkoff, you got it backwards.
Death's easy.
You don't have to do anything.
It's life you have to face.
Come on, let's go.
Where are we going?
We're going out.
Pull out the 240s
and replace them with these.
Set the scanners for one meter.
And delete birkoff's code
and upload my program.
What are you doing?
We're going out.
What's wrong with the 240s?
My algorithms need more storage.
Let's go, Simon.
Got to run.
Give me that, will you?
What are you doing
with a k.L. Transform?
I used it to train my program.
You used a k.L. Transform
to do a location sim?
Yeah. Pretty slick, huh?
What is it, birkoff?
Let it go.
Come on, it's not our problem.
It's nothing.
It's just
Be careful.
I'll see you when you get back.
This is the place we
picked up golden, right?
That's right.
Sit down.
Do you ever talk to anyone
outside the section?
Take a look around.
What do you see?
Anyone look interesting to you?
Anyone you might want
to talk to?
What about her?
She smokes.
Well, what about them?
What about you?
You, me the two of us.
Why not?
You're the best-looking
girl in section
and you care about me, right?
Sure I care.
Then what's the problem?
I'm little brother, right?
Birkoff, what about her?
Out of my league.
Birkoff, we don't even know
what league you're in.
Where you going?
What are you doing
with the k.L. Transform?
I used it to train my program.
You used a k.L. Transform
to do a location sim?
Birkoff, say hello to ginger.
Hi. Hi.
I told her about your band.
I hope you don't mind.
My band?
Yeah, sounds pretty cool.
You got a cd coming out?
Are you guys, like,
doing a video
or something?
I'll be right back.
Nikita, wait
What do you play?
My brother played drums.
But my folks kicked him
out of the house.
He made too much noise.
The whole neighborhood
was complaining.
You could hear him a mile away.
Birkoff: Nikita
Kavali's going to be
waiting for them.
The frequency domain
delta's way too large
Slow down.
What are you talking about?
Simon used a k.L. Transform
to track kavali.
Those transforms
are way too noisy
for the electronics
kavali must have.
Michael's taking the
whole team in exposed.
Their plane is going
to be shot down.
( Groaning )
My legs are broken.
Do you have
the microwave uplink?
They'll pick us up.
We'll chance it.
We just can't use a voice link.
I sent out a low-frequency beam.
They'll pick it up
without giving away
our position.
Hold this.
( Screaming )
Shut up.
It's been nine minutes
since the last transmission.
Were they shot down
or did they land?
We can't tell yet.
Why are all
communication channels dead?
We received a short burst
on the alarm frequency
just before we shut down.
Switch to LAN sat coverage.
Start transmitting in the c-band
from any satellite
we have in the area.
What's on b-net?
30-second pulses.
Somebody's still alive.
Birkoff, what's going on?
Whoever's still alive
is on the ground.
I jammed satellite and radar.
For how long?
Maybe six hours.
What do you want to do?
Where's koi?
In the middle east.
What about pollock?
He's on a plane.
He'll be back tonight.
Is she ready to run a team?
It's a risk.
I can get them out,
but I'll need birkoff.
I don't know if I'm ready
to go out in the field.
You are. Well?
Alert mobile comm.
Tell them to have
an inventory from nikita
in three minutes.
Go, birkoff.
The beacon is in this sector.
How far away are we?
Another four hours till we land.
What time zone
are we going to be in?
It'll be morning.
Do you think
we might be able
to land on top of them?
I'd leave
a five-kilometer buffer.
We can use the Van to pull in.
Birkoff: Check your comm set.
Man: Copy, p-2.
We're getting close
to their beacon.
Is it still low-frequency?
Yeah. We won't be able
to pinpoint the location.
Get us as close as you can.
Team one, rake north south.
Team two, east west.
We'll spread
into a dilution pattern.
I'll run a small inter-radius
from the Van.
Nikita: 21, birkoff?
Yeah, you're all clear.
The signal still strong?
You should be tripping over them
any minute.
Ellis: We've got them.
We found them, nikita.
All of them?
All right, all teams in.
Copy, net.
I've got movement near you.
Looks like
some kind of transport.
Can you hear anything?
Can I come in, birkoff?
I can't tell yet.
Birkoff, I hear it.
I see them now.
There's two of them.
They're coming from the south.
Send team two.
There's no time.
They're closing in on you.
Birkoff, where are you?
Nikita, over here.
You okay?
How many of them were there?
I picked up two.
Good. I got them both.
Let's go.
Oh, no.
( Screaming )
Restore all the j-mev files
and make sure
we didn't miss anything.
You sure you want me doing this?
Why not?
I messed up.
I thought
I had everything covered
but I forgot
about the noise
on those transforms.
You can do it.
Work through it.
I see
you're back in the saddle.
You wouldn't believe
how disorganized
this place can get
in a couple of days.
I got three f.L.T. Chips
Birkoff, shut up.
These e-proms are ready for you.
Do you want me
to put them on your desk?
I'll take them. Thanks.
Are we still on?
I'll see you tonight, Seymour.
Don't tell anybody, okay?
I won't.
I'm not very good
at this kind of thing.
You're welcome.
Warner Bros.
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