La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e17 Episode Script


( European techno pop playing )
( Door closes )
( Screaming )
( Windows creaking )
( Phone rings )
Michael: Josephine?
What's going on?
Come in.
I've been compromised.
Is it under control?
I think so.
Come in.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Madeline, what's going on?
We're under attack.
are being hit worldwide.
Section's being evacuated.
Red cell broke
our directory.
They've launched an invasion.
Three more agents
have been hit.
One in Tokyo, two in Hong Kong.
Break into two-man cells.
Get your assignments
from birkoff.
We have to locate
their command center
before they find ours.
We're moving to a substation.
If you are taken,
red cell will do anything
to make you talk.
You cannot give them
the location of the substation.
It will be kept secret,
even from you.
Understand this very clearly.
We are at war
and right now
we are losing.
One of our operatives who was
working counterintel in Tunisia
managed to send a message
before he got hit.
He brokers assassins.
Red cell must have given him
a massive contract
when they cracked the directory.
Do we have an address?
Rabat, Morocco.
Operations wants to see you
before you leave alone.
Hey, Walter.
I don't have enough boxes.
Just take the important stuff.
Everything's important.
They've given me 20 minutes.
I can't do it.
What's the difference?
We're all going
to get whacked anyway.
Don't say that.
It's true.
They won't tell you that.
They'll go through
their procedures
but our safety net
is not adequate
to repel this kind of attack.
We should stay right here
and fight it out.
The location
of the substation
Well, what about it?
I want you to know where it is.
I thought operations
wanted it kept a secret.
If something happens to me,
I want you to go there.
It's the only safe place.
It's the subbasement
of the abandoned rendering plant
at the end of the canal
in Frankfurt.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Please come with us.
Who's your contact
and how do you get paid?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Step back, nikita.
I get paid
from an office
at the back of a warehouse.
On your knees.
I've got no reason to lie.
It's where red cell
does all their business.
All their records,
whatever you want
is there.
Show us.
Are there any guards?
I'm in.
Where do they keep the records?
In the safe
On the far side of the room.
It's open.
( Yelling )
We found garsha.
He brought us to a location.
When we tried to penetrate,
nikita was grabbed.
Is she alive?
I don't know.
Should we bring in a team?
Go alone.
( Whispering )
Good. You look at me.
You realize it's important
to know the inquisitor.
You're well-trained, even now.
Even here,
you look to find an edge.
What do you see?
Tell me.
What will soften my heart?
I have your file.
Right here in my hand
is everything that section
knows about you.
It says here
that you're strong-willed.
They consider that both
your greatest strength
and your persian flaw.
"doesn't always follow orders.
"Thinks for herself.
sense of honor"
I like this one
"fair play."
I need to know the location
of section one's
new command and control.
Where did section relocate?
Everything is
controlled from Toledo.
Spain, not Ohio.
Your file doesn't indicate
a sense of humor.
That should be updated.
I'll be sure to tell them.
I'm told that everybody
is afraid of something
Something which causes
an emotion beyond terror
A horror that defies description
or definition
where the senses shut down
the mind leaves the body
and reason is no more.
Do you believe that?
( Monitor beeping )
I've looked at your file.
I know where your fear lives.
You can't take your eyes
off them, can you?
Look at my meters.
The files were accurate.
It's an abandoned military base.
Remote command and control
for section one.
It's camouflaged
as a garbage scow.
Go check.
I don't have to.
It's a lie.
You're not ready
to tell the truth yet
but you soon will be.
This is a very simple technique.
The cage fits onto your head.
I will remove the wire screen
and torch the rats.
I'm told they'll do anything
to get away from the fire
Anything, including
Eat through you
to escape.
Of course this is all theory.
It's going to be a first
for both of us.
( Screaming )
Why not, George?
That's not good enough.
We're under fire. They're not.
Then bring it to them.
Get it signed off.
I don't need to hear
that this conversation's
over, George.
Walter: Let me guess.
They're hanging us out to dry.
In effect.
I knew it.
They'll treat us
like an infected limb
Cut us off
without even blinking.
No one's getting cut off.
( Sarcastic laugh )
Do you believe that?
Look, Walter,
we're in a situation.
If you have something
constructive to contribute
I am all ears.
If not, do your job
and stay out of my face.
What gives you the right
to talk to people like that?
I'm in command. That's what.
You want to try and relieve me?
Go ahead.
Are you two finished?
Because all that stands
between section one
and extinction
are the decisions we make
right now.
We have to be clear-headed
not divisive.
Nobody's challenging
your authority.
I'm just
Worked up.
We all are, Walter.
( Monitor beeping rapidly )
( Nikita moaning )
She won't crack.
Kill her.
A rescue attempt
by a fellow operative.
How romantic.
( Monitor beeping rapidly )
Don't kill her yet.
Put them both in the cages.
Find out who he is
and why he's
on this heroic mission.
( Nikita groaning )
How are you holding up?
I'm sorry, nikita.
Michael, this is
a very impressive file.
It also indicates
that there's a certain
closeness between
you and nikita.
You're her guide and mentor.
Perhaps something more.
Now, I want to try and save time
and any further discomfort
for either of you.
Section will be breached.
We have other
section operatives.
One of them will break.
When they do,
you will be killed.
Right now, I can make
this easy on everyone.
I can offer you money
New identities
A safe place to live.
Oh, well, don't say
I didn't try.
It says here
that you're subject to dreams
Perhaps this has something to do
with the death of your child.
Oh, you didn't know.
Yes. His wife
Simone had a boy
But unfortunately,
the child died.
It seems that Michael thought
that somehow
section one was involved.
Now, why would he think that?
Perhaps because section believes
that having a child might alter
the effectiveness
of an operative.
That's very sad.
Take him.
All right. I hear you, George.
Oh, yeah.
We're on our own.
Birkoff, where are we
with the Zurich operatives?
The ones that survived
the initial hit
are safe and in passage.
And north Africa?
Nothing's changed.
We won't know until tomorrow.
There's nothing
we can do for now.
Why don't you get some rest?
I couldn't.
What's going to happen?
What do you mean?
If we can't maintain
structural integrity?
You mean if we lose?
If section one goes down,
we all go down with it.
What do you mean?
All of us in here
are still safe, right?
Well, go on.
Tell him the truth.
He deserves it.
If we don't sustain
critical mass of our personnel
the agency will disenfranchise.
What about survivors?
No. The risks are too high.
We'll be exterminated
All of us
But let's hope
that doesn't happen.
We're okay so far.
When I was in there,
and it started to get bad
Michael, don't.
Save your strength.
I thought I was going
to break, but I didn't.
I thought of you.
You're the only one of us
who still has a soul.
I'm so sorry, nikita.
We'll never leave
this place alive.
I don't know
what love is anymore
But the only part of me
that's not dead is you.
Very touching.
Both of you so strong, so
We will try again.
I think I have the key.
Michael's great fear
is that he will
dishonor himself.
Why don't you just kill him?
I'm going to fill his mind
with madness.
Later, I'll dump him
on the street
in some remote city and
Let him wander
Out of control.
This is your hell.
He won't tell you.
Dominic: Amongst the gibberish
he'll speak, he'll
reveal the location.
He won't break.
Then we'll both
just watch him go mad.
Tell me the location.
( Sobbing )
( Mumbling ):
Frankfurt Germany.
What did you say?
( Mumbling ):
Frankfurt, Germany.
Louder, so I can hear!
Nikita, no!
It's the subbasement
of the abandoned rendering plant
at the end of the canal
in Frankfurt, Germany.
Put him back in the cage
Until I check the information.
Nikita: Oh!
It's a difficult area to defend.
They're vulnerable
here, here and here.
We can start mobilizing now
or we can wait till nightfall.
Time is their weakness,
not cover of darkness.
Go now.
Birkoff: The sims are completed.
Right now, we're running
at a 40% loss expectation.
That's too many dead bodies.
Extrapolate that over
the next ten hours.
Assuming we keep mobilizing
at the same rate
the projected loss
will drop drastically
in about
90 minutes.
How are we doing in Europe?
The initial wave of hits
sustained the most damage.
We lost eight locations.
Everyone else has webbed
into secondary sites.
Can we bring them here?
Transport's already on it.
Get them here
as soon as you can.
It's going to be a bloodbath.
You told them.
It doesn't matter.
We've got to get out of here.
Cover your eyes.
( Yells )
Stand back.
Hey, what's going on?
We've got to go.
As soon as you're
certain, let me know.
I'll clean up here and join you.
Forget him. We're finished here.
We can't do anything
to interfere.
Interfere? With what?
Our job is to get back
to the section.
Nikita, no!
I've read your file.
You won't shoot unless provoked.
They're going to have
to update my file.
It's starting.
Have the perimeter teams fire
and fall back.
They're in.
Michael, we have to let
the section know
their location's been revealed.
They already know.
Already know?
How is that possible?
( Timer beeping )
Nikita: You used me?
You fed me the location
thinking I'd crack
under torture.
We knew you wouldn't crack.
That's why I was sent in.
What about all your words?
I finally get it.
I finally know
What attracts me to you.
It's the character
you pretend to be.
The real Michael
would disgust me, I'm sure.
Can we finish this later?
We're finished.
( Yells )
Have birkoff flush
all databases.
We'll put together
a new directory.
We also have to implement
measures to restore morale.
People have to get
past this loss as
quickly as possible
in order to return
to status quo.
In the meanwhile, let's
pump up recruitment.
Clayton didn't make it?
You got my backups?
Yeah, yeah. I got them stashed.
I'll I'll get them to you.
( Monitor beeping evenly )
How's she doing?
Better than any of us.
It wasn't all a lie.
Warner Bros.
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