La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e18 Episode Script


( Knock at door )
( Knocking )
( Knocking )
( Knocking )
You're alone?
You can put
that down now
if you like.
There's a briefing scheduled
for tomorrow morning.
Oh, yes, I know.
The mission involves three men
who steal classified information
and sell it
to the highest bidder.
In addition to the assignment
you'll receive tomorrow morning
I want you
to pay special attention
to a certain member of the crew
named Steven wolfe.
See that he's still alive
after the mission is over.
Is it likely to be difficult?
No one knows about this
but you and me
and make sure it stays that way.
Above all
Steven is never to know anything
about this conversation
or about me.
So what's so special
about Steven wolfe?
Does it matter?
I just feel like I
have a right to ask.
He's my son.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Operations: Frederick borsos
One of the most dangerous
terrorists in the hemisphere.
This is as close
as we've been able to get
So far.
Now, he's anxious to get
his hands on a design
for something called
the cm-12 chip.
It's the latest
in smart missile
guidance systems.
It was developed
at the zylar corporation.
The prototype and the
accompanying installation disk
are in their vault.
These three men
have been casing zylar
for the last week.
They plan to steal the cm-12
and sell it to borsos.
Their names are
Vincent shirov
Marco Dean
And Steven wolfe.
Our plan is to get
the chip first
offer it to the crew
for a cut of their profit
on the sale to borsos.
When the exchange takes place,
we'll take them all
Borsos and the crew.
Won't the crew be able
to detect a fake?
We'll provide the real one.
With zylar's cooperation?
Interfacing with a corporation
presents too many
security risks.
We'll steal the chip instead
and we'll return it
soon as the mission is over.
Any questions?
Then let's get started.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Go back. Go back.
She's new, that guard.
How'd you like to breach
her security, huh?
( Footsteps approaching )
Found the storm drain.
Runs under the east wing.
It's got collapsible
bulkheads every 50 feet.
This place is really
getting on my nerves.
Why don't we just
knock it off for a while?
Borsos wants the cm-12.
He wants it within 24 hours
or he'll find someone else
to get it.
Let's knock it off,
get a bite to eat.
We'll start again tomorrow
with clear heads.
I'm for that.
( Bell ringing )
Can I get a cup of coffee?
Hi. My name's nikita.
I think we can do some business.
Having to do with the cm-12.
I'm sorry.
My mistake.
What makes you think
we're interested?
Well, you've been casing the lab
every night for the last week.
Maybe you want
the copy machines.
I doubt it.
You're telling me
a security guard has access?
I've got some help
on the inside.
Shirov: Then why do you need us?
You've got access
to the biggest buyers.
We provide the merchandise.
You provide the market.
Sounds like a good plan.
Shirov: Meet us with your friend
at our safe house.
How do you know about us?
What matters is we all have
a chance to walk away very rich.
You say you worked on the cm-12?
That's right.
What area?
Quality control.
I don't like this.
We don't need help.
Then why don't you have
the chip?
He's a techno-freak.
He gets caught,
he'll finger us in a second.
I won't get caught.
What do you want for it?
You're out of your mind.
Do you want the cm-12?
That cuts our shares in half.
A sixth of something
is a lot better than
a third of nothing.
Half the profit.
Take it or leave it.
Well, I say we leave it.
How soon
can you have it?
Steven: No.
You said yourself
the buyer needs the chip soon.
We get it tonight,
or the deal is off.
No problem.
And she stays here.
If you're not back by midnight
she'll be dead.
But then, why worry, right?
It's no problem.
Behave yourself.
Good. Right.
All right.
They've given Michael
until midnight to get the cm-12.
No sweat. The plan is in place.
All we have to do is execute.
They're keeping nikita
as insurance.
I'm in the sewer.
He's inside the perimeter.
Personally, I don't think
he's going to make it back.
You know, he
Might just take that chip
and boogie.
Maybe he ain't as devoted to you
as you think.
But just so you know
If he doesn't make it back
I will see to it that
you don't die lonely.
You should be able to climb
to the circuit room.
I'm in the circuit room.
Aisle three
panel 46.
Top terminal.
Make sure you're grounded.
Stay away from the line trace.
Unit in place.
The vault is on the same level.
He's inside the vault.
The container
is on the north wall.
I see it.
It's not there.
The container's empty.
Check the inventory database
and find out where
it's been transferred.
Are you in yet?
I'm in.
Security's tight.
Every project has
its own internal code.
Here we go. I got it.
It's being shipped for testing.
Scheduled out
on a military flight
two hours from now.
Maybe it's still
at the loading dock.
I'll guide you.
I know it's a cliche but, uh
I can't resist.
What's a nice girl
like you doing
in a place like this?
Maybe I'm not such a nice girl.
Maybe not.
What about you?
How did you end up
in a place like this?
I don't know.
Things happen.
You do what you do.
I'll tell you one thing, though.
We better get a damn good price
for that cm-12.
Because I don't like
other people
cutting in on my money.
So in the end
you're all about the money?
I'm about money.
Michael wants a backup team
Four agents in place
at the safe house.
If he fails
we have to be ready
to take out the crew.
Otherwise, we lose nikita.
There will be no backup.
You like playing with your gun.
Ought to be pretty clean by now.
So you got big plans?
What do you mean?
Well, for all this money
you're so hot for.
What are you going
to do with it?
Isn't that what killed the cat?
Ah, but the cat had nine lives.
There's a guy on the truck.
Not for long.
What the?
( Coughing )
( Horn honking )
( Coughing )
Open the back now.
( Coughing )
I can't say I think too much
of your boyfriend, honey.
He doesn't write;
He doesn't call.
I think he stood you up.
There's plenty of time left.
Oh, you're cool.
I like that.
In fact
I hate to see it go to waste.
I mean, we got to do
what we got to do,
but we might as well
have a little fun first, right?
She's got
ten more minutes.
The guy's not coming back
It's obvious.
Maybe not, but we made a deal
Stick to it.
I don't take orders from you.
Dean, back off.
Steven, I can handle this.
Suit yourself.
So you want to have
some fun with me.
Oh, yeah.
( Gagging )
( Dean groaning )
You still think you've got
plenty of time?
( Door opening )
No problem.
Let's finish the deal.
It's the cm-12.
But we still need the disk
for the installation codes.
Where is it?
Somewhere very safe.
Call it our insurance policy.
We'll bring it
to the final sale.
In other words,
you don't trust us.
In other words.
Just let us know when
the buyers get in touch.
How is he?
Oh, he's fine.
I'm not asking about his health.
I haven't seen him
or communicated with him
since he was seven years old.
What's he like?
He's cold
Hard, ruthless and greedy.
You can be proud of him.
Michael tells me
there was no backup team.
I felt confident
he would succeed.
He usually does.
It's standard procedure
to have a backup team.
The mission
is to get borsos.
If we take out the crew
it would ruin our chances.
You were protecting Steven
even if it meant sacrificing me.
What do you want me to do?
Pretend I value your life
more than my son's?
Steven and his friends
are psychos.
Borsos is probably worse.
If you want me to go along
with this little gig
then I want something in return.
I want out.
I want freedom.
Ask for something else.
Time off, money anything.
I want a life.
The life you had before?
Living on the streets,
eating out of garbage cans?
I've paid for
your bloody deportment classes
a hundred times over!
If you want your son,
then I want out.
Nobody leaves the section
You know that.
I'll do what I can
to help you, but
No, no, no.
I want your word
A solemn promise
you'll do whatever it takes
to set me free.
For your son's life.
You have my word.
And you have mine.
I will be taking steps
to protect myself.
So if you double-cross me
the last thing on this earth
that you want will happen.
I'll see to it personally.
Do you understand?
( Chuckling )
Oh, we've trained you well,
I'm tired.
You wanted to see me?
I'm a little concerned
about nikita.
In what way?
She seems
a little distracted
Like there's something
on her mind besides the mission.
Keep an eye on her.
See if something's going on
we should know about.
Then report back.
Of course.
What do you want me to do,
Pretend I value your life
more than my son's?
Steven and his friends
are psychos.
Borsos is probably worse.
If you want me to go along
with this little gig
then I want something in return.
I want out.
( Moody electronic rock
music playing )
I just heard from the crew.
They want to meet in an hour.
Good. That means
they've been contacted
by the buyer.
Do we have
it's borsos?
No, but there's no reason
to think it isn't.
Make it clear borsos has to be
at the transfer personally.
If he refuses?
See that he doesn't.
So you've heard from the buyer?
He's sending a negotiator.
Steven'll meet him in an hour.
Why Steven?
He's our negotiator.
Hmm. I'll go along.
No, thanks.
I want to make sure
the price we hear
is the price you get.
I'll go.
Do you have
a problem with that?
Take care, love.
Our buyer's man will
call in a few minutes
tell us where to meet.
I'll do the talking, okay?
I was going to say I
should do the talking.
I've dealt with
these people before.
They'll be skittish
just seeing you here.
If you butt in,
it may spook them.
You got any guarantees
against a double cross?
Got any suggestions?
Yes. Tell him
the top man should
make the buy personally.
How's that going to help?
Well, if the boss man's there
fireworks are a lot less likely.
You remind me of my father.
Oh. How's that?
He was a chess player
always thinking
a few moves ahead
of everybody else.
Not that I knew him really.
I've seen pictures, letters.
I remember a little.
He's dead now?
That's the interesting question.
According to the government,
he is.
Personally, I don't believe it.
You ever heard of linh-sai?
It's a p.O.W. Camp in Vietnam.
Uh-oh. Another M.I.A. Nut case.
It's where they kept
the troublemakers
the men they couldn't control.
Your father was one of them?
Senior officer
responsible for every man
in that prison.
The guards did
everything they knew
to break him down.
Seven years.
Seven years of hell.
Out of 110 prisoners,
not one of them broke
or gave up anything
besides their name
rank or serial number.
He kept them together.
He gave them pride.
He he gave them purpose.
Then what happened?
After the war
they released all the prisoners
except one.
They kept him for revenge.
Officially, he was dead.
Uncle Sam signed off
so as not to make waves
and so
I grew up without a father
and I watched my mother die
of a broken heart.
My father is alive.
I know it.
I feel it.
So the money
You're going to use it
to find him, aren't you?
I will bribe, I will beg
and I will kill.
But I will find my father.
I swear to god.
( Phone ringing )
Show time.
Borsos doesn't like
third parties.
Like I said, it's got
to be different this time.
How much do you
want for the chip?
Ten million.
You know borsos will never
pay that much.
He can flip it for 20,
maybe more.
We'll pay three.
Six, and that's it.
Cm-12's the hottest
thing on the market.
It would be inconvenient
for us to find another buyer
but, uh Not impossible.
Borsos wouldn't like that.
Then he'll pay what we ask.
One more thing.
Borsos has to be
there personally.
Now I know you're crazy.
Maybe, but those are the terms.
Get down.
Son of a bitch.
Easy, easy.
It was a misunderstanding.
Calm down.
Shut up and listen.
The price is six million
because zylar will pay
that much to get it back.
Borsos goes to the meet
because that's our way
of making sure it
stays friendly.
I want you to tell borsos
exactly what I said.
If you don't, I'll find you
and I'll kill you.
Listen up, pal,
she means business.
I understand.
The transfer takes place
tomorrow night at 10:00.
You confirm in one hour.
You got that?
Got it.
You were listening.
Did you hear him?
Yeah, I heard him.
I do not understand
how you could not want
to talk to him, see him.
Nobody is asking
you to understand.
You ought to tell him something.
It doesn't have to be
the truth but something.
Or let me tell him.
You've given your word.
I expect you to keep it.
But why?
Nikita, you know what we do here
what we're up against.
Nothing that happens
to him in Vietnam
or anyplace else
would be half as dangerous
for him as knowing who I am.
It would make him a target
for the rest of his life.
No one would find out.
No, no.
But they would.
He would try to communicate,
try to contact me
and someplace, somewhere
the wrong people would find out
and I would never
forgive myself.
Is that it
Or are you afraid
he wouldn't forgive you
if he knew you'd been alive all
these years without telling him?
The subject is closed, nikita.
Just keep him alive.
Meet me after the mission.
I'll see to it that you're
free of the section forever.
And now we have a briefing.
I don't know
if I can keep him alive.
What are you talking about?
Well, when the shooting starts
Steven will realize
he's been betrayed
and if it's a choice
between him and Michael
You're the one
who wants to be free.
Besides the three men
on the crew
we expect borsos
to bring at least
three of his own.
Maybe more.
The site is most exposed
on ground level
so we'll approach from above.
Review the tactical plan
for tomorrow night.
Good luck.
How are you feeling?
I'm fine. Why?
Keep your mind on the mission.
It is.
It had better be
because those people are
going to come down fighting
and I don't plan to
take any prisoners.
( Sighs )
( Groans )
The installation codes.
The cm-12 is
accepting the codes.
Okay, proceed.
Team two in position.
All teams are in position.
Man: Ready to proceed.
Okay, proceed.
Damn it, you double-crossed us!
Steven, no. I swear.
Who then, nikita?
It must be borsos.
No. He's getting it, too.
It's Michael.
It's Michael.
No! Steven!
Nikita: Steven, no!
You got everything?
Yes, sir.
Okay, let's go.
You coming?
I'm just going to
chill for a while.
I feel like being alone.
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Bye, Michael.
Get up.
What happened?
I shot you with a tranq dart.
( Groans )
( Sighs )
What? Who are you?
What's going on here?
Steven, don't ask any questions.
Just go.
The money?
( Sighs )
I'll find it another way.
I guess I owe you a thanks.
A good-bye will do
And a good luck.
Good luck.
You, too.
Do not spend your life
looking for ghosts.
If your father was
the man you think he was
he'd want more for you.
Go live.
Have a life.
You, too.
I will.
I will.
I verified that Steven is safe.
Thank you.
I tried, nikita; I really did.
I pulled every string I could
but in the end,
I just couldn't make it work.
You'll have to stay
in the section.
I'm sure you gave it your all.
You might be surprised.
I'd be downright shocked
if you lifted a finger.
You can ask for anything else,
and it's yours
But not your freedom.
I did warn you not to try this.
Listen carefully.
The night you came
to my apartment
the second time
I made a digital recording.
It's all on tape.
Your face, your voice
your admission
that Steven's your son.
Unless I make a phone call
that tape will be delivered
to him within the hour.
He'll know everything.
A tape?
That's right.
You mean
This tape?
( Moody rock song playing )
( Beeps )
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit.
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