La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e19 Episode Script


I'm here to see
the ambassador, 10:00 A.M.
Gray jacket. West Side.
It's not him.
I think he's still
in the embassy.
Michael: You're probably right.
Nikita, anything?
No. He's not here.
He's not leaving
the embassy today.
We'll try again tomorrow.
Let's assume
Use your alternate routes.
Meet back at the section.
Where you going?
Let me buy you a beer.
No, thanks.
Excuse me.
What's the matter?
I'm not good enough for you?
No. I didn't say that.
I said excuse me.
Don't patronize me, bitch.
Ooh, I don't like that word.
I'm going to hurt you.
Do what I want
and I won't kill you.
( Groans )
There's only one thing to do
with garbage like you.
( Click )
Now you know
what kind of man you are.
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Do we know why tossi
missed his morning jog?
It hasn't been confirmed yet
but we think there was an
unscheduled green door meeting
with the ambassador.
Or maybe
he's become more cautious
now that elder is arriving.
Is that our endgame?
You notice there's
no artwork on elder.
None exists.
He's the former head of temro
The yugoslavian death squad.
He's been in exile
but plans to return
to the Balkans.
He intends to destabilize
and gain control
during the chaos.
Tossi provides him
with everything
from passports
to end user certificates.
Tossi gets us elder.
We try again tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
Where have you been?
There was an incident.
An incident?
It was unrelated aggression.
Was there exposure?
I don't think so.
You don't think so?
No, there was none.
Birkoff will bring
you up to speed.
What kind of aggression?
Some guy tried to rape me.
Did you kill him?
I should be briefed.
Are you all right?
Man: Got worked over by a pro.
Real commando stuff.
Busted nose, bruised abdomen.
Looks like he'll
be pissing blood
for a month.
What's his name?
Jack crane.
He claims he was
mugged and robbed.
By who?
Some woman.
But the witness who called it in
has a different story.
She says crane
instigated the assault
and it backfired on him.
Where is she?
She ran.
Woman: Detective o'brien?
I think you should see this.
Six-inch flat head screwdriver
with a flared tip
Same kind that killed
those eight women.
Grab him!
Hold it, hold it!
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
Where do you think you're going?
You got nothing on me.
I'm a victim.
She assaulted me.
You save that crap
for your lawyers
'cause I know
exactly who you are
and I'm going to make
sure that you suffer
while you wait to die.
You must have me confused
with somebody else.
I'm sure that happens
all the time.
Take him in.
On what charge?
What charge?
The rape and murder
of eight women.
You got nothing on me!
He's right, man.
We could bring him in
but without the
woman he attacked
we can't hold him very long.
Then let's find her.
Let's take a look.
Thanks for the binoculars.
Anytime, anyplace, any position.
What's shaking, sugar?
I have a problem.
The police are looking for me.
Don't let them find you.
They're going to want me
to testify, Walter.
You can't.
I might not be given
that choice.
Now, listen
Nothing spooks operations more
than a nosy cop.
So untangle yourself now
before they do it for you.
What were you doing?
I was just returning
some equipment.
Why did you need equipment?
It's not important.
Okay. Michael,
I just wanted to follow up
on the guy that attacked me.
It's fine.
Everything's okay.
I'll see you in the morning.
I'm stuffed.
Does anyone know
where the shrimp is?
It's all gone.
You're bad.
Anybody want another beer?
If you insist.
Here. Let me help.
You done?
If you guys need
a hand in there, uh
Carla: Yeah?
I forgot
what I was going to say.
Carla: Yeah, I thought so.
So, you two going away
for the weekend?
Yeah. We're going to the lake.
His parents have
a cottage up there.
Sounds like fun.
They're going to be there.
I'm meeting them
for the first time.
Getting serious.
I hope so.
I like him, you know?
It's only been a couple of weeks
but it's relaxed.
I don't have to pretend
that I'm someone I'm not
you know?
No rush on that beer, huh?
Time to feed the animals.
Here comes tossi.
All teams start sequencing.
My apologies
for disrupting your morning.
It could not be avoided,
I'm sure.
We're not unaware
of your importance
or the privileges you enjoy
as a high-ranking member
of your embassy.
That must explain the
extraordinary lengths
you've gone to
to make me feel at home.
Mr. Tossi, you do business
with a known terrorist
and murderer, Leon elder.
We would like your help
to retrieve him.
After that, you will be returned
to the embassy, unharmed.
I can't help you.
You can
And you will.
Where are you meeting elder?
Did you saturate?
Any more would have killed him.
You're a very strong man,
Mr. Tossi.
What's that on your neck?
Remove his shirt.
A burn scar.
From the coloration
it appears to have happened
when you were very young.
You're meeting with Mr. Elder.
Where and when?
Butane torch.
Tossi: No!
He's meeting elder
tomorrow afternoon
in the lobby of the galleria.
Does anyone else at the embassy
know of his involvement
with elder?
He says no.
( Knocking )
I'm detective Marco o'brien.
I'd like to talk
to you if I may.
About what?
Can I come in?
How can I help?
I'm investigating a crime
that took place on the 19th.
A woman was assaulted
by a man that we believe
to be a murder suspect.
So, what's that
got to do with me?
I think you're that woman.
No. It wasn't me.
Sure looks like you.
Well, it isn't.
I have a witness.
So talk to her.
We need you.
He's going to do this again.
So stop him.
Where do you work?
I'm between jobs.
Why are you being so evasive?
Look, detective,
I don't mean to be rude
but I value my privacy.
Unless I'm obligated
Okay. I'm sorry.
You're right.
I really don't mean to be pushy
but, uh
Well, you're obviously
not afraid of this guy,
so help me put him away.
you've got the wrong person.
Okay, let's just say
that you were someplace
you weren't supposed to be.
Um, maybe you've got a record.
I'll cover for you.
I won't give them your name.
Everything will be sealed.
You've got to give me
a reason, something.
You can't just say no.
Look, these are
his victims, okay?
I've been after this guy
for six months.
I haven't got a witness
because they're all dead.
Please, will you help me?
I'm sorry.
If you walk away
you're his accomplice.
You don't have the right
to speak to me like that.
You should be ashamed.
You can keep the pictures.
( Garbled police radio
transmission )
( Sighs )
Woman: This is Langley.
How may I route your call?
Priority tango, papa.
Hold while I connect your call.
Man: This is Shaw.
Johnny? It's Marco.
Hi, Mark. What's up?
Listen, I'm shooting you off
a print as we speak.
Can you work it up for me?
Doesn't it pull on your system?
Yeah, it does, but I don't trust
what I'm seeing.
It's giving me a Mary sunshine.
This girl's anything but.
Do what I can.
Thanks, Shaw.
( Knocking )
Kevin, hey.
Hi. Is Carla here?
She lent me tools.
I wanted to return them.
Just leave them here.
I'll give them to her.
So what are you up to?
Nothing much.
Just stuff.
Cool. Want some company?
Not today, Kevin.
You know, Carla and I, um
There's nothing there.
It's not serious.
She seems to think it is.
That's her take.
You got any beer?
Carla's okay, but
We have some laughs.
She's not my type.
( Closes door )
What's your type?
You're my type.
Kevin, you're not mine.
You never know till you try.
You hit on the wrong girl
the wrong day, Kevin.
Now this is what
you're going to do
You're going to call
Carla at work
and tell her what
you just told me.
That you're not really
serious about her.
That there's nothing there.
Got it?
Yeah. Got it.
I'll give her the tools.
Your task is simple.
You'll be seated in a lobby
until elder arrives.
When you see him,
motion him to you.
Once he's within our radius
we'll take him.
What about the
people around him?
Let us worry about that.
He'll have enough backup
to launch an invasion.
Stay close to our people
and you'll be fine.
We're ready.
Where's nikita?
She's with first team.
They'll be in place soon.
Second team's coming in.
I've got the north approach
Have someone stand point
near the restaurant entrance.
Got it.
Here comes tossi.
Man: On Mark.
Woman: On Mark.
On Mark.
Hello, nikita.
Oh. What are you doing here?
O'brien: I came to see you.
What's going on?
Nikita: It's not a good time.
O'brien: You sure look good
for someone who killed herself
in prison three years ago.
Michael: Who is he, nikita?
A cop
He's a cop.
Talking to someone?
I'm with security,
and we're working now.
We're actually waiting
for some very important
Dignitaries to arrive.
So you're probably talking
to another member
of your security team.
That's right.
Michael: Deal with him.
Do it.
Let's just cut through it.
Who the hell are you?
I told you.
No, you haven't.
You haven't told me anything.
You're harassing me, detective.
Please leave.
Two and four,
cover nikita's flank.
Primary team,
reduce your radius. Go.
I know you're involved
in some deep cover.
I don't want to interfere
but that does not empower you
to impede my investigation.
For the last time,
you got the wrong person.
We'll do it your way.
But I'm turning you over
to the d.A.
And I'm going to lean on him
until he calls you in
as a hostile witness.
I'm not going to quit.
You are going to testify.
Excuse me.
Could you come with me, please?
( People screaming )
We're spread too thin.
You heard about the galleria?
I heard.
Where's operations?
In his office.
Does he want to see me?
No, he doesn't.
Look, sugar, I got a ton
of stuff to do, okay?
Michael, what's going on?
Elder's been located.
We go tomorrow night.
What about the police detective?
It'll be taken care of.
I've been expecting you.
What was I supposed to do?
I was attacked.
I defended myself.
I didn't come forward.
He found me.
You lied.
I didn't.
Somebody saw you,
and you knew it.
All right. Okay.
I thought I could take care
of it myself.
You cut your finger
you take care of it yourself.
That cop
should never have found you.
If you'd been straight with us
we could have made sure
that never happened.
We would have relocated you.
We would have given
that cop what he wanted.
would have been protected.
That's what we do here.
But now we have very few options
and none of them are pleasant.
What are you going to do?
That's under discussion.
will you give me a chance?
To do what?
I know how to fix this.
Do you?
I should have you arrested.
What's the point?
I'm dead, remember?
Is this how you do it
in the covert world
or whatever world
it is you live in?
O'brien, I want to help you.
Well, suddenly,
you want to help me.
Not in the way you think.
I can't testify.
Well, then you can't help me.
There's a lot at stake.
You know what's at stake here?
Women are being
raped and murdered
and you want to tell me
about the bigger picture?
I got people to
answer to, o'brien.
So do I.
They say, "detective o'brien
"have you found the man
that raped and murdered
my wife yet?"
Or, "detective o'brien,
my little girl
"can't go to sleep
because she has nightmares
"that the man that killed
mommy's going to kill her.
Please, please help me."
The voices are not
going to go away
until crane is off
the streets permanently.
I can stop
the voices, o'brien.
You have to forget
that I ever existed.
In exchange for what?
I can make him
( Phone ringing )
I'm there.
I got to go.
So how about it, detective?
Can we help each other?
I pretend you don't exist
and you kill my suspect?
Wish I could, nikita.
I really do.
You're in the wrong place.
This is a private area.
( Falls )
Nikita, birkoff, we're going in.
Stand by to start sequencing.
Sequence is loaded and holding.
Units three and seven,
I'm pushing your marks west.
Check for your new coordinates.
What's going on with you
and this cop?
That's not what I hear.
What did you hear?
Michael: Birkoff, I'm here.
Nikita, are five and seven
in position?
Any problems?
No, no, no. Nothing.
Hello, Mr. Elder.
I trust we will have
your full cooperation
while you're here with us.
Do you want him interrogated?
Yes, but
Let him spend some time
with Madeline first.
Are we debriefing?
You have a mess
to clean up first.
I'll go get ready.
Hey, Marco.
What's up, del?
D.a. Just called.
They're not going to
proceed against crane
with just the
old lady's testimony.
Big surprise.
That's not the bad news.
Crane is gone.
There was no activity
for 24 hours.
Our surveillance team checked.
Flew the Coop.
Took everything.
Sorry, man.
( Phone rings )
I got something
for you, detective.
Who is this?
A friend of Jack crane's.
Where is he?
Come alone.
Trace this call.
Nikita: He's dead.
Turn around slowly.
Turn around slowly.
Drop it.
( Cocks pistol )
Drop it.
( Three gunshots )
The police are on their way
to arrest you
for the murder of Jack crane.
You just killed him.
Why are you doing this to me?
You gave me no choice.
I tried to tell you.
So I spend the rest
of my life in prison?
Is that the way you people
handle things?
No. This is my way
of trying to keep you alive.
Well, why don't you
just shoot me?
I'd rather be dead.
I'm going to give you a choice.
You can stay here and end up
facing murder charges.
The evidence is overwhelming.
You'll be convicted.
Or you can come with me.
Come with you.
( Siren approaching )
A place.
"A place."
You got to give me
a little more than that.
No. I can't, not yet.
Come with me.
What is this place?
This is section one.
This is where you'll train.
This is where you'll learn.
After two years, if you survive,
you'll work for us.
And what if I refuse
your generous offer?
What are you going to do?
You going to pop me right here?
You going to throw me back out?
Face the frame-up?
That option no longer exists.
You won't get away with this.
There'll be people
out there looking for me.
They won't find you.
Oh, yeah.
They will.
I got a friend that works
at the c.I.A.
Mr. Shaw no longer
works at the c.I.A.
( Groans )
You will learn to take advantage
of the weaknesses
of your opponents
among other things.
You can start tomorrow morning.
5:00 A.M.
( Knocking )
( Mellow pop music playing )
Oh, Carla.
He accepted our offer.
What's the matter?
He's a good man.
A good cop.
If I had done things differently
he'd still be out there now.
It's not him you're upset about.
It's you.
You're finding out
something about yourself
I'd suspected
for quite some time.
And what's that?
You're one of us.
( Snorts softly )
I'll never be one of you.
( Sighs )
Warner Bros.
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