La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e20 Episode Script


Jason darrow,
a freelance weapons dealer
was found yesterday
in the mediterranean.
I thought he was in Argentina.
What is he doing
in the mediterranean?
A Greek fisherman
picked up darrow's body
in one of his nets.
NATO intelligence
found a list of names
in his possession.
where are we on the list?
We're monitoring his network.
Nearly everyone on the list
is known to us.
This guy here
Coleman Reilly
Doesn't show up
in our databases.
We matched the location.
Found a Coleman Reilly
who's a bartender.
No gray activity.
Looks like he's clean.
Until there's another match,
check out Reilly.
Michael, you take it.
Well, they're just
the fruit of love.
After seven years of marriage
Nikita: I'm in place.
We're ready.
Good afternoon.
What can I get you?
Um, I'll have a vodka rocks,
Man: Coming up.
Good afternoon.
What can I get you?
I'll have a vodka rocks, please.
Coming up.
There you go.
Thank you.
Birkoff: That's him.
'Scuse me.
Do I know you from someplace?
I don't think so.
No, I'm sure.
What gym do you belong to?
I don't. I'm sorry.
You just look so familiar.
Wait, I know Jason darrow.
We met through Jason darrow.
I think you must have me
confused with someone else.
He's telling the truth.
Wrong Coleman Reilly.
He's clean, nikita.
Come in.
Excuse me,
can we have another round here?
Be right with you.
( Woman screams )
Warner Bros.
Woman: Cherchez la femme.
Cherchez la femme.
Dans la nuit. Dans la nuit.
Where are we?
We've searched
Reilly's apartment.
We're going
through his things now.
Did we uncover
anything interesting?
That's what
I'm about to find out.
Birkoff and Walter disagree
on something they found.
How can I do an impedance match
if I don't hook it up
to the scope?
If you hang a probe on it
you could overload the circuit.
We don't know the electrical
characteristics of this thing.
What's going on?
Walter wants to subject it
to a series of tests
that could damage the circuitry.
This thing has got gate arrays
we've never seen.
I think we should
use fiber optics.
What is it?
It's called a phasing shell.
I've seen white paper on it
but it's all been theoretical.
It isolates the subject
with a frequency envelope
and creates images, audio
It's just a fancy
virtual reality mechanism.
No. In v.R. You're passive,
just watching the show.
The interaction is primitive.
But phasing shells
use the input they
get from the subject.
It's supposed to provoke
a much more profound reality.
What's it used for?
There's not a lot
of hard data on it yet.
From what I've been able
to put together
it can be used
for psychological programming.
That would explain
Reilly's response
to a seemingly
innocent question.
Apparently, the program is
very protective of itself.
When nikita asked about darrow
she trespassed
into a trigger zone.
So, what are the subjects
being programmed to do?
It's speculation at this point.
The only way to find out
is to put someone in it.
What? That's crazy.
I mean, there's
There's too many unknowns.
We've got $100 million
worth of test equipment here.
It won't work.
Why not?
It'll only give us
half the picture.
The other half
can only be seen
inside someone's head.
I want some answers.
Find a volunteer.
So, what am I do
We need you to test this out.
What is it?
It's a phasing shell.
A phasing shell.
What's a phasing shell?
Walter: We're not quite sure.
Walter: That's it.
Walter, is this safe?
Uh, yeah.
Just a little bit That's it.
It's important for you
to remember everything you see.
We're going to ask
for a detailed debrief
when you're done.
Who are all these people?
We can't see them.
What's happening, birkoff?
It's subjecting her to a menu.
It's searching for a response.
( Laughing )
This is so cool.
It stopped.
( Girl taunting ): Ni-ki-ta.
Hey, nikita,
come on over here.
We've got something to show you.
Look what we've got.
( Breathing rapidly )
( Children laughing )
Nikita, you can run,
but you can't hide.
You think you're so tough
Where you going, street rat?
( Cries out )
Leave me alone! Go away!
Go away!
You think you're so tough,
don't you?
Let's see how tough you are now.
Let's get out of here.
Come on, let's go.
I think that's it.
How do you feel?
That was a trip.
What did you see
in that schoolyard?
Something that happened to me
a long time ago.
I'd forgotten about it.
The people and the places
weren't exact
but it was that day.
What day?
A group of older kids
Beat me up.
I don't really re-remember why,
It was horrible.
But you were smiling
when it was over.
'Cause I won this time.
I beat them up.
And you didn't back then?
It's funny, um
Even though I put it
out of my head until now
I felt
like a load had been lifted
like I'd been carrying
it around this whole time
not realizing it.
That's it?
Thank you, nikita.
We don't know any more now
than we did before.
We need to find out
who gave the shell to Reilly.
Birkoff's working the software.
I've got a team
tracking the hardware.
Keep an eye on nikita.
What have we got?
My team is sifting through
everything they can get
their hands on.
So far we have no idea
where Reilly
got the phasing shell
or why it was in his apartment.
And still no connection
to darrow?
Not yet, but look at this
I downloaded the
shell's software
to see what I can learn.
It was created
using a common compiler.
It's untraceable,
but check this out.
Copy three of five.
Whoever created this software
loaded it five times.
So, there may be four
other machines out there?
That's right.
Assuming the other four
are as ordinary as Reilly
we have subjects
being conditioned
to do something that
doesn't require expertise.
The only act
an untrained person
can successfully complete
is a suicide-assassination.
Work around the clock.
I want to find out
where this thing came from.
( Sighs )
( Sighs )
( Grunts )
( Footsteps )
What do you want?
( Groans )
( Sighs )
Think you can keep me out?
Leave me alone!
( Knocking )
Michael: Nikita, it's me.
( Knocking )
Are you okay?
What are you doing here?
Can I come in?
Um no.
What's wrong?
Nothing. I-I was just sleeping.
I wanted to make sure
you're okay.
I'm fine.
Really, I
Thanks for checking in.
I'm just going
to go back to bed.
Call me if you need anything.
Yes, Michael?
Do we know any more about it?
Not really.
I was just making a few notes.
About what?
People tend
to externalize themselves
through their designs.
Sometimes you can get
a psychological profile
just by studying structure.
And what can you tell so far?
Whoever designed this
came from
an oppressive environment.
Didn't occur to them
to make it ergonomic.
These are people who've been
living with the bare necessities
their whole life
Probably generations.
Eastern Europe?
Or maybe Asia.
Do we know how potent it is?
How many times it takes?
You're worried about nikita?
Not worried.
Is there anything I should know?
Do you have any indication
that she can't perform?
I wouldn't expect anything
other than minor changes
after one exposure.
If it's more than that
I'm sure you'll be
the first to know
and that
you'll keep me apprised.
( Computer keys clacking )
You found something?
I started thinking.
The original images
before the subject input
is synthesized
they had to be digitized.
It's 4:00 in the morning.
What did you find?
What am I looking at?
Just watch.
What is it?
A company logo.
Did you get a match?
Delure electronics,
Chadwick, england.
Have Michael assemble a team.
( Keys clacking )
Hi, Walter.
Oh, hi, sugar, what's cooking?
Ah, nothing.
Just had a few things
to take care of.
What things?
Did you guys
get everything you needed
from the phasing shell?
For now. Why?
Oh, no reason.
What's this?
I just thought if you needed
to run any more tests
on the shell
you know, I'm here.
I can see that.
What's the matter?
You tell me.
Well, nothing.
I just thought it was important.
It's no big deal.
Away from it, nikita,
and that's for your own good.
The thing is dangerous.
Here's what we know
so far about delure:
They make magnetic read heads
for disk drives.
They've been in business
for 11 years.
Owned by who?
Privately held venture capital.
There's no public record.
What about the plant?
Accounted for every square
inch that's visible.
Nothing unusual about it,
except for this.
Shipping and receiving?
The amount of activity
cannot be accounted for by their
disk drive operation alone.
They're doing
something else there.
I don't think so.
Bringing up geotechnical data
right now.
Here we go.
This area here is too warm.
This is where we have to get in.
( Computer keys clacking )
You're clear.
Follow the corridor to the end.
Go down to the lower level.
The electrodes
were supposed to be
carbon fiber, not metal.
Who's responsible for this?
Well, uh
It gets corrected today!
See the door?
The security access
is on the right.
Got it.
( Electronic beeping )
Okay, let's do it.
Your hands must
be very steady.
This is wrong.
Do it again.
Come with me, please.
( Groans )
( People shouting )
( Automatic weapons fire )
Don't die on me.
( Beeping )
( Grunts )
I really don't like it
when you contradict me like that
in front of our friends.
( Woman whimpering )
( Grunts )
I'm going to have
to teach you a lesson.
Get over here!
Please don't hurt her.
Woman: No! No!
( Panting )
( Woman crying )
Don't touch my mother.
You leave her alone!
All right, it's your turn!
You want it?! You want it?!
All right, you got it!
You're just like your mother!
( Grunts )
You look at me! Huh?
( Grunting )
( Sighing )
( Sighs and chuckles )
What are you doing here?
Hi, Walter.
( Sighs )
What did you do?
You should try this thing.
It's amazing.
I told you
this thing's dangerous.
I don't care.
It's helping me.
Finally getting rid
of the things
that have been holding me back.
This thing's
not going to help you
get rid of anything.
Do you know what they're going
to do to you
if they catch you in here?
So don't tell them.
Don't come back here, nikita.
Promise me!
Sanitize her
and send her to entry.
Michael, I've got
to speak to you.
It's about nikita.
What about nikita?
She got into the shell
last night unsupervised.
Does anyone else
know about that?
Dig deeper.
That's all bogus.
This woman's no benefactor.
Follow the money.
Move over.
Let me do this.
Where are we?
So far, we know the woman's name
might be chan park.
She claims to be
a South Korean businesswoman
but voice analysis
places her from Mongolia.
Check out that region
Religious factions
Any recent activity
and don't stop at our databases.
See if you can swap intel
from some of the agencies
in the far east.
Let me get in here.
( Heart rate monitor beeping )
You're dying, miss park.
Would you like to go peacefully?
Who's the target?
All right, then let's talk
about the phasing shell.
Of course.
It's a remarkable device.
There's no reason
you shouldn't be allowed
to appreciate it.
How does it work?
It lets the subject control
its past.
Chase away the dark memories.
To feel at peace.
So does psychotherapy.
How do you get them
to perform a specific task?
The shell puts a new face
on their terror
A face we choose.
Who is the target?
You claim to be korean,
miss park
But we know you're
from Mongolia.
The new Chinese premier
will be making his first visit
to the west this week.
His policies
haven't been very kind
to your homeland, have they?
( Monitor beeping faster )
Thank you.
What's the premier's itinerary?
He'll be in San Francisco
In the morning
he's going to Chinatown
the wharf,
the new cultural center
then monterey, carmel.
What about the other sleepers?
We were able to trace
one other from delure.
She's been contained.
The other three
are still out there.
Our end game is to prevent
the assassination.
The premier's only exposure
will be during
this 16-hour period.
We've got three conditioned
assassins out there somewhere.
We have to stop them.
Did we advance notice
to the premier?
They are not willing to deviate
from their schedule.
It's a matter of saving face.
They will be stepping up
their security.
None of that will matter.
These three people
will pursue the kill
with no concern
for their own welfare.
Run the tactical
and get your people
on the plane.
( Gasping )
( Knocking )
( Knocking continues )
Why didn't you answer the phone?
I must have been in the shower.
Let me in.
Michael, it's not
a good time right now.
What's going on?
Nothing. I'm just working
a few things out.
Do you think I can
get back in the shell
just one more time?
I'll get you
through this, nikita
but we can't do it now.
Please, Michael. Please.
You've got to pull
yourself together.
You're on the first team.
We leave in an hour.
Just one more time.
( Grunts )
Look at me.
Look at me.
You can do this.
You have to.
There'll be too many questions
if you don't go.
I'll be close.
Get ready.
How are you doing?
I'm fine.
Who are we covering?
The premier of China.
What's wrong?
( Speaking Chinese )
( Applause )
Did you get copied
on this stuff?
What? The documentation
on the phasing shell
we brought in from delure.
No, not yet. Why?
It doesn't work
exactly like we thought.
What do you mean?
The frequency spectrums
they call out here
are different
from the ones we observed.
It's the same machines?
I'm probably missing something.
Forget about it.
Excuse me, Mr. Assemblyman.
You see, we are planning
several centers like this
throughout China.
I was telling my staff
that we should kidnap
these talented designers
of yours
and take them back with us.
( Laughs )
( Belt snapping
and woman crying )
( Music ends )
( Applause )
Black hair, black shirt
He's rubbing his ear.
He's one of them.
How do you know?
Because I know.
We're doing a surgical
on the ground floor.
Send in a fill-in
and back up nikita.
( Groans )
Michael, he did have a gun.
Get to the security team.
We've had an attempt.
( Belt snapping )
Okay, nikita, we're moving.
"With these modifications
in place
the phasing time
can be reduced drastically."
What is it, birkoff?
Is nikita on first team?
She is. Why?
We have to call her out.
What are you talking about?
The mission's at risk.
That's the second sleeper.
There's still one left.
The assemblyman.
( Belt snapping )
Get away.
Nikita, no.
Get out of the way!
You don't know
what you're doing.
Get out of the way!
( Gunfire )
( Yelling )
( Grunting and glass breaking )
What have I done?
What have I done?
It's okay.
We'll get you through this.
Warner Bros.
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