La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e21 Episode Script


( Hypnotic pop music playing )
( Music continues )
( Car horn honks )
( People screaming )
Warner Bros.
Jovan mijovich
recently elected
premier of his new nation
after a decade of bloody chaos.
Some of you may remember him
from an earlier assignment.
He certainly remembers
some of you.
He'll be inaugurated next week.
We're informed by a
source of Michael's
that a contract
has been taken out
on mijovich's life.
If he dies, the region will
destabilize rapidly once again.
Our mission is to prevent
that from happening.
Who's the hitter?
A relative newcomer
named Griffin.
So new, we don't even have
a physical description.
Any good?
Good enough to take out
Michael's source
with a sophisticated car bomb.
Fortunately for us
not before the intel
was passed on.
The hit is expected
to take place
during the inaugural ball
Saturday night.
Everything will proceed
as planned.
Mijovich's people will handle
general security.
Our job is to stop Griffin.
Michael will lay out
the mission parameters
tomorrow morning.
The team will fly out
in the afternoon.
Who was your source?
Someone who happened to have
dealings with Griffin.
A friend or?
Just curious.
A word, please.
The girl in the car,
did she mean something?
She was a contact.
Nothing more?
This is an important
mission, Michael.
It's about protecting mijovich.
It's not about revenge.
I don't let personal
interfere with my work.
My dear, nikita
how wonderful to see you again.
You, too, premier mijovich.
We are old friends, hmm?
You must call me jovan.
Your excellency,
that would not be proper.
I'm on duty.
Always the professional, hmm?
What a pity.
Congratulations on the election.
It was a miracle
we managed to have
elections at all.
If you knew what my countrymen
had been through.
And now, some fool wants to
start the whole mess over again
by putting a bullet in my head.
We will not let that happen,
I assure you.
God knows, there's
been enough pain.
Everyone suffered loss.
I lost a brother
and my only son,
god rest their souls.
I'm sorry.
Which is why
the ceremonies must
proceed as planned.
It's a statement to our people.
We are no longer at the mercy
of thugs and terrorists.
You've changed.
Your excellency, forgive me
but when we met before,
you seemed
A bit of a lightweight.
I hope I've grown up
a little since then.
So, this man who's after me
This this Griffin
He's good?
But our operatives
will be stationed
throughout the room
and I'll be posing
as your companion
for the evening.
( Classical music playing )
( Applause )
It's a wonderful day for us.
Nothing so far.
Perimeter's quiet, too.
He's there somewhere.
How many more guests are coming?
None expected.
So Griffin's already inside.
If he's going through
with the hit.
Everything we know about him
says he will.
Still no sign.
Review his profile.
Yes, again.
He's, uh
Still all we have
that's reliable.
According to Michael
not many in the room
fit that profile.
Griffin should stand out.
Most of the men are older
Generals, diplomats.
But some of them may be
with younger women.
Michael, it's possible
Griffin is a woman.
Man: What happened?
Michael: She's fainted.
We'll give her some air.
Is Michael in the Van?
Just now.
Michael, report.
It's over.
Griffin's dead.
Was there much disruption?
Most of the people think
a woman fainted.
Those who know otherwise
are being discouraged
from spreading rumors.
We need an I.D. On Griffin.
I'll get the lab
on it right away.
I don't mind
telling you, birkoff
this is a relief.
The powers that be
were really breathing down
our neck on this one.
My dear, I am so sorry
I have been neglecting you.
No, not at all.
Any sign of our friend?
Come and gone.
Are you serious?
And I can assure you
she won't be back.
Oh, yes, the more
deadly half of the species.
You and your colleagues
are indeed miracle workers.
( Automatic weapons fire )
Michael, what's going on?
Down on the floor!
I'm not sure.
The palace has been sealed off.
I'm out. I think
nikita's still inside.
Now, or he dies.
Keep calm
And keep quiet.
Nikita, report.
Man: Jovan mijovich.
For crimes against your country
and against humanity
I hereby denounce you
to the world
and sentence you to death.
You remember it?
I have no idea
what you are talking about.
Yes, why should you?
After all, it was just
another village to be destroyed
for your pleasure.
Women, children
Tortured, murdered.
But I promise you
before this day is over,
you will remember vakul.
And so will
the rest of the world.
Download everything you can
about a town
called vakul.
Yes, I checked their I.D.S.
You are all released!
Except these five!
Get up
And move slowly
towards the door.
Nikita, you stay
and find a way
to keep mijovich alive.
You understand?
I understand.
Uh that you hate
premier mijovich.
I just don't understand why.
You'll know soon enough.
Go on. Leave with the others.
If you stay with this man
you may die with this man.
Then I'll die with this man.
As you wish.
Papa, these windows make
the room look too vulnerable.
We should move to the inside
of the building.
Good, alexei. We'll move now!
Go on!
Vakul was a small
town in the north.
Five years ago, while the
men were away fighting
the women and children
were wiped out
by a group of commandos
from the opposite side.
The men swore vengeance.
Their leader was named
zoran bruner.
In other words
we were outflanked
by a collection of farmers.
We were deployed
to stop a lone assassin.
Michael, mijovich must not die.
Nikita will buy time.
We'll develop a plan
and infiltrate.
Coordinate with nikita
on tac channel two.
Call up a dossier on mijovich.
I'm on it.
Nikita, answer if you can.
We need intel.
Move them this way.
This way!
You're committing suicide.
There are security forces
all around,
and there are only four of you?
There are more, aren't there?
That's why there's
a cellular phone.
Four inside with a cellular.
Run a frequency scan
and find out
who they're talking to.
Sit there.
Please be seated.
My name is zoran bruner.
You have been detained
because your credentials
identify you as journalists.
A journalist seeks stories, yes?
Well, tonight,
I am going to give you a story
that will make the world
sit up and take notice.
The story of a man
who poses as the savior
of his country
but who is,
in reality, a butcher
drenched in innocent blood.
Here's the file on mijovich.
Michael, tell nikita
mijovich was at
a peace conference in Brussels
when the village was wiped out.
I have no idea
what you are talking about.
You're making a mistake.
He was in Brussels
when your village was destroyed.
That's nonsense.
Don't you think it's at least
worth a phone call to be sure?
All calls would be intercepted
by his lackeys.
Stop wasting time
with your foolish questions.
Mr. Bruner, one thing
What do you think
they're going to say
when you let them go?
What story do you
think they'll tell?
The story of a man
who pretends to
They'll tell the story
of a bunch of thugs
that invaded an inaugural ball
and killed a leader
of a new country.
He is a sadistic murderer.
We have only your word for that.
It will have to be enough.
It won't be enough.
Without proof,
in the eyes of the world
you'll be the murderer.
If you came here
to kill mijovich
no one can stop you.
But if you came for justice
you'll need proof. Witnesses.
There are no witnesses.
The village was wiped out.
I lost a wife
and three of my daughters.
Raped tortured
Murdered by this
Three of your daughters?
My youngest, at any rate,
was not murdered.
So, there is a witness.
Bring her here.
You don't know
what you're saying.
Mr. Bruner
You wanted the world to watch.
They will.
But now you have
to show them something.
Call your lackeys.
I will tell them
where to find Maria.
If a hair on her head is harmed
you die on the spot.
And the woman, too.
Birkoff, do you have
the plans of the building?
I'm downloading now.
why not grab the daughter?
Trade for mijovich.
Too risky.
Let her come in it buys time.
Find me a way in.
( Whispering ): Nikita
If I'm killed
You will not be killed.
I've seen men like this before.
Decent men twisted
by pain and hate.
Your efforts to divert him
However ingenious
Will fail in the end.
I am human, nikita
and we were at war.
I I did things
that I'm not proud of.
But the murder
and torture of children
and women never.
If I don't survive
I will count on you
to tell the world the truth.
( Door opens )
Here is papa.
She's blind.
Use it.
Maria, there are
reporters here.
Tell them what happened.
Soldiers came to our village.
They wanted to know
where our men had gone.
We did not tell them.
Nobody told them anything.
They stayed for a week.
The children and the old women
they killed.
The young women
They played with.
Play, for them
was torture and mutilation.
Their leader he was the worst.
He raped me
And he blinded me
and he left me for dead.
But, as you can see, I am alive.
Bruner: Stand up.
My poor child, I can't tell you
how sorry I am
for what happened to you
but it was not I who did it.
Maria, the voice.
The smell.
It is him.
But you're not sure, are you?
Who are you?
My name is nikita.
I'm a friend
of premier mijovich.
Then of course you defend him.
The fact remains that,
if you want justice
you must be certain.
I am.
No, you're not.
I don't believe
you'd want to risk
killing an innocent man.
Not to mention the thousands
who would die in the aftermath.
This one could talk the angels
down from heaven.
Ignore her. Come.
No, wait.
He has the same features.
The same round face.
So do a million other people.
Bruner: Maria, come.
We've heard enough.
First, I have to be sure.
Don't let her confuse you.
Maria, you know what you know.
She came to identify mijovich.
If she cannot,
then the trial is over.
Just like that?
What are you wearing?
Alexei: A white silk gown
with a diamond broach.
And if she is with mijovich,
no doubt she is beautiful.
What does
a woman like you
know of suffering?
Do you know what it is like
to beg for mercy
but receive only agony?
Have you ever been so tormented
that you prayed
for your own death?
Yes, I have.
I don't believe you.
I know pain.
If that is true
then how can you defend him?
Because he's not guilty.
Is mijovich the man?
I don't know.
I just don't know anymore.
There's a system
of heating shafts
throughout the structure.
External access?
North wall.
Three guards.
They have line of sight
and fortified positions.
Bruner senses any trouble
he'll kill mijovich on the spot.
Maybe not
If he thinks we tried
to get in and failed.
Let's go.
We'll take separate routes.
You go in from the northeast.
( Gunfire )
( Grunts )
What happened out here?
Did you see anyone else?
Check the other gate, huh?
Check that over there.
Birkoff, I've gained access
to the ventilation system.
Scan the cell frequencies
to see if I was detected.
( Phone rings )
( Breathing heavily )
An attempt was made
to infiltrate the building.
It failed.
You better hope there are
no more heroes out there
because next time,
you are the first to die.
Michael, progress?
I am moving.
We don't have much time.
Nikita: 15 minutes.
Be ready.
Maybe we don't have
to intervene.
What do you mean?
Michael, there's been a mistake.
There is no bad guy here.
There are always bad guys,
Not this time.
What are you doing?
Sending her back home.
And mijovich?
I'll deal with him
when she's gone.
In other words, murder him.
Is that what you want, Maria?
It's not up to her.
Why not?
She's the one
that suffered most, not you.
Open your mouth again
and I'll kill you!
Then you'll be the criminal
you say he is.
She is right.
If mijovich is not the one
then this is all for nothing.
He is the one.
We have to be sure
beyond any doubt.
You ask too much of yourself.
It's not possible, Maria.
Maybe it is.
Maria, the truth
is in your mind.
You just have to find it.
Maria, please.
Just try to remember.
I have spent years
trying to forget.
Nikita: You must try, Maria.
Go back in time.
Remember everything you can.
The room
It was very hot.
And small
And it smelled like death.
Before it began
The worst of it, I mean
He touched my face.
It was almost gentle.
Birkoff, it branches off.
Stay to the east.
You are 50 feet from the outlet.
You're right next
to the dining room, Michael.
Be careful.
Go on, Maria.
( Breathing heavily )
When he finished
He went away.
( Distant metallic thump )
I thought he was ashamed
for what he had done
But he came back.
This time, it was worse.
( Distant thump )
( Muffled grunt )
( Cracking )
( Soft yelp )
No, I I can't.
That's enough.
We still don't know
the truth.
Leave her alone!
No, father
it's okay.
He a ring
He wore a ring.
It had a very sharp setting
and he used it
like a knife.
( Sighs )
There is no ring?
I have never worn a ring.
It means nothing.
He stopped wearing one.
He gave it to one of his whores.
Please. Maria,
what else do you remember?
Perhaps it does not matter.
What do you mean?
( Sighs )
If we kill mijovich,
there will be a war.
Thousands more
will suffer like I did.
I would rather
have died at vakul
than to be the cause of that.
The man who harmed you,
he must pay.
It wasn't mijovich.
You don't mean that.
Yes, I do.
I am certain.
I'm in position.
One minute.
Nikita, 60 seconds.
This can end peacefully.
No one has to die.
She wants time.
Let's give her another minute.
One minute more that's final.
Can you guarantee safe conduct?
For the girl, of course.
And the rest
of the family?
This incident will be
reported worldwide.
We can't pretend
it didn't happen.
( Clears throat )
A public crime requires
a public punishment.
What punishment?!
What if he agrees
To leave the country?
Prison is necessary.
This family's
suffered long enough.
Make this
A symbol of reconciliation.
The courts will decide that.
The courts will decide
whatever you tell them to.
To ten years in prison
released in two.
Two years in prison
Suspended sentence.
Five years
And I promise
you will never see
the inside of a prison.
Father, please
Let it end here.
All right.
It's over.
Delay the assault, but stand by.
It's over.
Put down your guns.
You have worked
a miracle here.
No. We've all worked a miracle.
Secure the perimeter.
Where is alexei?
If there had been any trouble
we would have heard.
I'm sure he's all right.
Come, let us leave together.
The vent.
We've been betrayed!
( Yells )
( Gasps )
Bruner, no!
( Yells )
What happened?
Where is my father?
Take me to my father!
( Voice cracking ):
Where's my father?
( Sobbing )
( Wailing )
You had no choice.
You were sworn to protect me
and you did it
And I thank you for it.
That's a ring line.
Oh. Yes, I was married
for many years.
You said that you
never wore a ring.
( Grunts )
It was war, nikita.
Terrible things were done
on both sides.
You think bruner
didn't do as bad?
Or worse?
It was one incident.
What is one incident,
however regrettable
compared with the fate
of a country?
The girl will be looked after.
Her every need will be met.
I swear it.
Well done, nikita.
"Well done"?
( Maria sobbing )
Mijovich made good
on his promise
Maria was provided for.
Then he's even more of a hero
than he was before.
You know what I think?
I think she knew.
That mijovich was guilty?
She pretended otherwise
for the sake of her country.
Then she's a remarkable woman.
The section knew all along,
didn't they?
Mijovich was never in Brussels.
He was in the north region
near vakul, right?
Operations fed you a lie
knowing you'd pass it on to me
making me a much more
convincing advocate, right?
So, mijovich was guilty.
Surely the truth must count
for something even here.
And because he's still alive
thousands of people
won't have to suffer
as Maria suffered.
That is also the truth.
So is this
I killed a man whose only crime
was he loved his family
and wanted justice.
You had no choice.
I don't know how much longer
I can keep this up.
Warner Bros.
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