La Femme Nikita (1997) s01e22 Episode Script


( Playing mellow jazz version
of "my romance" )
I'm glad you came.
How could I refuse
your invitation?
You seem more at ease
than I've ever seen you.
Must be the full moon.
Perimeter teams, converge.
Tyler's coming up
the north stairwell now.
Any new intel, birkoff?
None. We still don't
know why he's here.
He's meeting someone at the bar.
Do you recognize him?
Michael: No.
Can you I.D. Him?
See what I can do.
Draizin, give me a view.
Who is he, birkoff?
I'm not getting a match.
He's not in any
of our data bases.
Michael, what do you want to do?
They're moving.
Draizin, stay with Tyler.
Teams two and four
pick up our mystery man.
Let's find out who he is.
What mode?
Make it look like an arrest.
Got it.
All teams,
switch to "b" channel.
Are we done?
Not yet.
Not yet?
After this dance.
Warner Bros.
Richard j. Spidel.
Not our typical guest.
How so?
He's clean.
I mean, really clean.
Entrepreneur started
with a small software company
then went out on his own.
He hasn't had a gray
day in his life.
Why was he meeting with Tyler?
Claims Tyler approached him
looking to invest
in one of his companies.
( Gasping and coughing )
I'm sorry, Mr. Spidel
but the hood
was necessary
for your protection.
Why am I here?
I didn't do anything.
I'll explain everything.
What is this place?
What the hell is going on?
I want some answers!
Why were you meeting
with Mr. Tyler?
I already told the other guy.
I know what you told him.
Now tell me.
This time, the truth.
I did tell him the truth.
Look, you can't keep me here.
I'm a respected businessman
and I haven't
done anything wrong.
We'll let you go.
I just have one more question.
What is it about that meeting
you're not telling us?
( Spidel screaming )
Spidel has developed
a relationship
with a young chemist
named Stanley shays.
Shays has nothing to do
with any of spidel's
other companies.
What kind of relationship?
Shays claims to have
created a new polymer
An explosive with none
of the characteristics
of existing plastiques.
What makes it so special?
It can't be detected.
How significant is the charge?
According to spidel
it would take
less than five ounces
to level a building.
It's a security nightmare.
Gabriel Tyler is a high-ranking
member of the freedom league
one of the extremist factions
trying to gain leverage
in the Balkans.
We've been watching him
for over a month
hoping a picture would emerge.
It now appears
he's trying to procure
a new, untested weapon.
An entrepreneur named spidel
has teamed with a young man
Stanley shays, who claims
to have created this new
breakthrough material. Walter?
I talked with spidel.
I heard his story.
Don't believe it.
This technology
is ten years away
not something
you cook up in a garage
after school.
I hope you're right.
I agree with Walter.
It's unlikely.
But if spidel
is already peddling
to someone like Tyler
I'd check it out.
All right, let's do it.
If it's the real thing
we need to get the material,
the formula
and debrief shays.
Want us to keep
the same offset on Tyler?
For the time being,
there's no need to pick him up.
In the meantime
let's go meet
our young inventor.
( Dogs barking )
Easy, boys.
It's just me.
Come on in.
Hey, Richard.
What's What's up with this?
Something came up.
We need to do a little demo.
You-you guys investors?
This the polymer?
Hey, keep your hands
off my stuff!
It's not your stuff anymore.
What's he talking about,
Hey, I said keep your
Listen, Stanley
we're going to be spending
a little time together
so let's not make
any sudden moves.
Who are you?
We're here to make sure
your partner doesn't
get you in trouble.
We've been bought out.
How much?
Where is it?
( Sighing ): The second drawer.
So what do you do
with all this stuff?
Blow it up.
It's what It's what I do.
What do you do?
I was just trying to figure out
why a bright guy like you
would waste so much time.
Oppenheimer nobel
Ever hear of them?
Albert Einstein?
They used to waste time, too.
I think I'm in
pretty good company.
All set.
Everybody likes
a good explosion.
( Beeping )
It's what I thought.
This material's in
See what I mean?
We just heard from Michael.
Spidel was telling
the truth.
It eluded our most
sensitive detectors.
And the energy yield?
Three times our standard c-4.
Not bad.
Maybe we could use it.
What do we do
with shays and spidel?
We don't need them.
They're not hostile.
Hand them over to n.S.A.
I still don't know
why I got to do this.
Aw, Stanley, it's no big deal.
You spend a couple of days
in Washington
bragging to the brass
about how smart you are.
You'll be back here in no time
blowing up things.
Well, they can't arrest me
because I haven't
done anything wrong.
That's right.
Who knows, 50 years from now
when they mention nobel
and Oppenheimer, they might add
Stanley shays to the list.
Are they going
to pay me for this?
Not that I care
about money.
Oh, I know, I know.
You have
a lifestyle to maintain.
You don't have to be
I was just teasing.
No. I could have made
a lot of money
doing R&D for dupont
My own condo, 80 grand a year
But I want to do things my way.
Your way?
I was curious about your way.
I was
I was wondering what you
were planning
to tell your family
and friends about your way
The selling-explosives-
to-terrorists way.
I didn't know
anything about that.
Richard snowed me.
Now, that's the truth.
I don't care if you
believe me or not.
Got everything?
I think so.
Good luck
What is it?
This just came in.
You should see it.
"A small commercial jetliner
en route to Sarajevo crashed"
About an hour ago.
The plane blew up in mid-air.
Where'd the flight originate?
Birkoff: Tel Aviv.
Wait a minute.
Draizin's been on Tyler
since the meet.
He checked in this afternoon
From Tel Aviv.
Bring in Tyler now.
Where is shays?
Let me go, let me go!
Thank you.
Interesting compound, Mr. Shays.
How did you make it?
Y-You wouldn't understand.
We'd understand that, Mr. Shays.
Tell us.
It's, uh, it's a halide based,
not a nitrate.
That's why it can't be detected.
We know that.
But how did you create
a branch chain reaction
this powerful?
What are you going
to use it for?
If I were you
I'd be more concerned
about staying alive.
The formula please.
The n.S.A. Vehicle was ambushed.
What happened?
The agents were killed
along with spidel.
What about shays?
Apparently, he was the target.
There was no sign of him.
Do we know who did it?
We know spidel
gave Tyler sample polymer
which means they grabbed shays
to extract the formula.
We have to get to shays
before that happens.
Birkoff, where are we
on a location?
I haven't been able
to pick up the signal.
You put it on shays, right?
Yeah. On his shirt
when I hugged him.
His shirt? I thought
I told you his skin.
It makes a difference?
Thermal conductivity is
completely different.
I should be able to
Got him.
Good. Don't lose him.
Put together a convergence plan.
Let's go
Let's get shays out of there.
( Faint voices )
I'm in.
Everyone hold.
Nikita's taken point.
Nikita, be careful.
( Panting ): I'm wired.
Nikita, you've got
to get me out of here.
I will, Stanley.
They're going to kill me.
I gave them a bogus formula.
It won't take them long
to figure it out.
Just stay calm
I'll get you out.
I've got him he's restrained
and booby-trapped.
I'll need some help.
We have incoming hostiles.
What do we do about Stanley?
Did he give them the formula?
N-N not yet.
Cancel him and get out.
Are they coming to get me?
Y-Yeah, they're coming.
They're going to need
some ballast weights
and a voltage supply.
You better tell them.
Yeah, they already know.
I thought I was going
to die in here.
You know, nikita
When I get out of here
I'm going to grow you a diamond.
I can do it.
All it is, is a carbon plasma
but it'll be real.
You'll love it.
I'm sorry, Stanley.
Where are you going?
Did you cancel him?
I couldn't.
What do you mean?
I just couldn't,
not in cold blood.
What happened?
Shays was wired with explosives.
There was no time
to get him out.
That's not what I mean.
You had orders.
Why weren't they
We had incoming hostiles.
Nikita was in danger
of imminent discovery.
Our team would've been exposed.
We were at a tactical
None of us
would have made it out.
What about the formula?
Shays gave them a fake.
So let me understand this.
We had the opportunity
to contain the situation
but we didn't, because we
We were at risk.
Michael in my office.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What are they doing to me?
What's going on?
You gave us
an incomplete formula.
There was no branch reaction.
I-I-I, uh I made a mistake.
It was a mistake.
It's very complicated.
Um, I-I don't have
my notebook with me
and, um I, I-I think
I can remember it now, though
but please
please don't hurt me.
( Terrified gasping )
No! No, I'll tell you
everything you want!
We know that
but let's just be sure.
( Screaming )
I heard about your mishap.
What's wrong?
I don't know
if I can do this anymore.
I don't know how I ever did.
That's what you said
when you first came to us
but despite your own self-doubts
you've performed quite well.
( Sighing )
Where you see targets
and security risks
I see flesh and blood.
Someone's son
Someone's friend.
That's okay.
It's not okay.
I can't live like this.
I can't take it.
What about when you're not here?
How's that going?
I don't sleep.
Lost my appetite.
I'm afraid to make a friend
outside the section.
What about Michael?
A friend's
someone you can trust.
It's true Michael
has played a role with you
from time to time.
He's doing his job.
It doesn't mean
he's incapable of caring.
Michael's not the solution
to my problem, Madeline.
What is?
( Sighing )
I need to know that
One day
when the section's done with me
and I've performed all
the functions I'm capable of
That I'll be free.
Will I?
What kind of answer
would you like?
The truth.
You will never be free
from the section.
Thank you.
( Medium tempo
modern noir rock playing )
"The only sins I ever committed
were on behalf of the section.
"I'm only guilty of not
taking charge of my own destiny.
"My fake obituary
claimed I died in prison.
In the end,
that statement is true."
( Knock at door )
We have to talk.
About what?
I can't protect you anymore.
I never asked
for your protection.
Without it, you'd be dead now.
You seem to care more about that
than I do.
Why can't you just do the job?
I tried to tell you.
Tell me what?
I'm not who you think I am.
I never killed anyone
before I came into section.
I know you don't
want to believe it
but you know it's true.
It's not important what you did.
It's what you do
I can't change who I am.
Then I can't help you.
Why did you ever?
I wish things
could be different.
Me, too.
You wanted to see me?
Comm has run an analysis.
There is no way
to surgically remedy
the situation.
Shays is not equipped
to hold out.
Tyler will have the formula,
if he doesn't already.
We've worked up
a containment plan.
Team's already been selected.
They will consist of six members
of the abeyance pool.
Only the mobile control team
will be returning:
You, Walter and birkoff.
The other six
will be sacrificed.
Needless to say,
you are
the only operative
who has the intelligence
on this mission.
What's wrong?
( Breathing unevenly )
Good news, Mr. Shays
Our preliminary tests
were successful.
The truth doesn't hurt
Too much.
W-What are you going
to do to me now?
First things first.
We'll do a trial run tonight
and if all goes well,
you're aboard.
What do you mean?
I told you you got the job.
You're hired.
No. I gave you what you want.
Now let me go home.
Listen to me.
For every new weapon we create
the other side develops
a defense, unfortunately.
We have to stay one step ahead.
That's the name of the game.
A talent like yours
is priceless, Stanley.
We're going to make
beautiful music together.
No please
I-I can't.
Sure, you can.
You just need a little
That's right,
enjoy the morphine.
You'll be on it
the rest of your life
and that's why you'll help us.
I can't get this plugged in.
It doesn't go there.
Right, right, they changed that.
I haven't been out
in over three months.
Why not?
I don't know.
I think it's because
I screwed up in Zaire.
Walter's prepared the c-4.
You'll each be given a charge.
Birkoff will give you
specific coordinates
and access pathways
to get there.
Once you plant the explosive,
signal me.
Two pulses.
That's a lot of juice.
How are we getting out of there?
You'll be given instructions.
Keep your channels open.
We're at Alpha point.
Let's go.
Michael, what about shays?
He's collateral.
And if I can get him out?
Don't try.
It'll compromise everything.
It's important you
understand this.
if anything goes wrong
and your comm unit fails
Keep an eye on this.
We'll be able to communicate
from anywhere.
Michael, what's going on?
Okay, nikita,
are you in position?
Almost there, birkoff.
I'm inside.
Your point two is to the north.
Point two, 30 seconds.
( Grunts )
Second position covered.
Continue to plant point.
I've been detected.
Doesn't matter.
Get to your position.
Get the vehicles ready.
Kill anything that moves.
I'll get shays.
Nikita's in place.
Start the sequence.
What's our exit strategy?
Tell everyone
to hold their positions.
Do it.
All positions
Stand by.
Michael, we're armed.
Get them out of there now.
That's not the mission profile.
Not the mission profile?
Nikita's in there!
what are we waiting for?
Get us out of here.
( Moans )
Stanley, I'm going to
get you out of here.
( Moaning )
( Groans )
( Grunts )
Oh, Stanley
( Groans )
( Beeping )
( Speed dialing )
Sequence completed.
Let's go.
We pulled n.S.A.'S ass
out of the fire once again.
Report shows we had
100% containment.
Everything went as planned.
Look, Michael,
I know nikita was your material.
We often form bonds.
I hope
you understand our position.
Of course.
Is that all?
We may have
some problems with him.
There was
something between them.
The question is now
Can he let it go?
( Moody music playing )
( Beeping )
( Beeping )
( Beeping )
Warner Bros.
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