La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e01 Episode Script

Hard Landing

♪♪[The love thieves
by depeche mode]
[Karate yells]
Oh, the tears that you weep ♪
For the poor tortured souls ♪
Michael, we're armed.
Get him out of there now.
it's not the mission profile.
Nikita's in there!
With all their love
begging bowls ♪
All the clerks
and the tailors ♪
the sharks and the sailors ♪
(Agent) Michael,
he's ready.
All good at their trades ♪
but they'll always
be failures ♪
Just like that. You got it?
[Agents chattering]
Alms for the poor ♪
for the wretched disciples ♪
and the love that they swore ♪
Michael, are you ready?
With their hearts
on the Bible ♪
2nd set.
Beseeching the honor ♪
to sit at your table ♪
And feast on your holiness ♪
Keep still. Don't move.
As long as they're able ♪
You broke his leg.
I'm sorry.
Love needs its martyrs ♪
needs its sacrifices ♪
He's still out of sync.
Out of sync?
He's out of control.
That stunt he pulled in Liberia
could have gotten
everybody killed.
Now he's beating up
our recruits.
He's still not over nikita.
So he's taking it out on us.
No, not on us. Himself.
It's been over 6 months.
He's got to let it go.
What if he can't?
He got over Simone.
He can get over nikita.
The hearts of all lovers ♪
you're holding court ♪
with your lips
and your smile ♪
your body's a halo ♪
their minds are on trial ♪
sure as Adam is Eve ♪
Sure as Jonah turned whaler ♪
they're crooked love thieves ♪
and you are their jailer ♪
love needs its martyrs ♪
needs its sacrifices ♪
they live for your beauty ♪
and pay for their vices ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
Recently there has been
a barrage of terrorist attacks
perpetrated by
the freedom league.
The latest incidents
came in just last night.
A tourist charter
in the aegean exploded,
killing all 23 passengers
and crew.
We suspect these attacks
are a response
for our incineration
of one of their locations
6 months ago.
We all remember that.
Do you have something
to contribute, Walter?
Do we have new intel
of the location
of their headquarters?
That's why we're here.
This is Stuart sherrin,
the proprietor of a resort
in Thailand that caters
to the vices
of an elite
and perverse clientele.
Prostitution, drugs,
outlaw gambling,
he provides it all.
Recreation isn't
only business.
He launders money.
Sherrin acts as a firewall
to isolate terrorists
from their transactions:
Buying weapons,
contracting players.
There's dozens of guys
like sherrin.
Why do we think
he's in business
with the freedom league?
I backed into a couple
of his offshore accounts.
Within 2 days
of each of the last 6
freedom league hits,
large deposits
were made into them.
It's no coincidence.
Operation profiles
are in your p.D.A.S.
Study them.
The transport for Thailand
leaves in 2 hours.
All teams report to Ackerman.
I'm not leading the teams?
You can't bring
her back, Michael.
Stop trying.
♪♪[Music playing]
[People chattering]
[Woman laughing]
[Speaking Chinese]
[Speaking Chinese]
I provide security for him
when he's in Northern Europe.
he does a lot of business
in Finland, doesn't he?
He's never been to Finland.
He works out of Stockholm.
Quite right.
Michael tagged
sherrin's gofer.
He's heading in.
(Birkoff) Here we go.
Looks like he's got
2 bodies with him.
Small, probably female.
Right inside the door,
there's 4 more, larger,
probably bodyguards.
And sherrin's egress?
Only one way out.
Good. Download the gating path
to the on-site ops.
It's done.
Start sequencing.
(Birkoff on radio) 5 seconds.
20 meters south of the entrance.
[Woman speaking Chinese]
[Women screaming]
We're flushing sherrin.
Come with me, please.
(Man) Hey, sweetheart.
Come here.
Is there a problem?
Yeah, I got a problem.
You want to talk about it?
Yeah, you see,
there's no butter
on my toast.
I'm sorry.
I'll get you
another order.
I don't like your attitude.
Yeah, really.
Don't do this, please.
You're hurting me.
Well, you see, I'm
just trying to teach
you some manners.
(Cook) Let her go.
No problem.
Hey, you want me
to toss this guy out?
Leave him be.
He'll be fine once
he gets his butter.
I'm gonna check it out.
We only want you.
Nobody else needs to get hurt.
Back in a few minutes, Matty.
[Nikita grunting]
Stop her.
Get her now.
All right. Calm down.
Get her in there.
As you can see, we have
one of your operatives.
No latex.
No special effects.
She's been very cooperative.
That's enough. Send it.
We've been trying
to track you down
ever since the conflagration
at one of our outposts.
One of my men saw you escape.
What do you want?
You're very fortunate, actually.
How much longer
would you have
lasted out there, hmm?
constantly looking
over your shoulder.
He just called.
Section one knows
about tomorrow night.
What do you want to do?
(Leader) We go as planned.
The more operatives they send,
the greater their loss.
Get her dressed.
Take her to the room.
Is there anything else you'd
like to tell me, Mr. Sherrin?
[Door closing]
Sherrin has provided intel
to his freedom league contact.
Location and access
of the nuclear research lab
in lyons, France.
They plan
to kidnap an engineer
who has security clearances.
(Madeline) Tomorrow.
Do we intercept?
We'll wait for their exit,
then we'll pursue
with an offset.
Hopefully, they'll take
their hostage back
to their command.
That's our target.
It's ready.
Bring it up.
This is your sim rep. Study it.
get your transport ready
and leave in the morning.
Don't make a sound.
I can make it easier for you.
Show me.
(Agent #1) Check the West Side.
[Agents chattering]
(Agent #1) I'll cover you.
(Agent #2) Let's go.
Quickly, quickly.
Got that other stuff yet?
[Agents chattering]
the more operatives they send,
the greater their loss.
[Crickets chirping]
The engineer's coming out.
Any sign of the kidnappers?
They should be there now.
[Car approaching]
Come on. Come on. Get in there.
They're hitting the target.
[Tires screeching]
They're approaching the gate.
(Guard) Ok.
Get out.
Birkoff, we've been
ambushed. Send backup.
(Agent #1) Get him, go, go!
(Agent #2) Come on. Come on!
Stop him. Get him! Come on.
(Birkoff on radio)
Head to exit point Alpha.
Transport will be there
in 4 minutes.
(Agent #2)
They're getting away. Move.
I'm sorry. There should
be more backup.
Michael, it was an inside job.
Someone got
onto our frequency
and knew we were coming.
How could that happen?
Birkoff's working on it now.
Did you see anything on-site?
Any anomalies?
Something's not right.
[Keyboard clacking]
I thought I'd lost you.
You never had me.
Is everything ok?
So where does the section
think you are?
Gathering intel.
Why didn't you let me know
you were alive?
I almost did once.
I don't know why I didn't.
I put everything out of my mind.
Even the things that
I didn't want to forget.
Do you know, for 3 years,
all I did was dream
about getting
out of section?
When I did,
it wasn't what I'd expected.
This isn't freedom.
This isn't freedom.
[Seagulls cawing]
What will you do now?
Keep moving.
Let me help you.
Michael, it's better
if you don't know where I am.
It's better for both of us.
Come back to the section.
I'll bring you in.
Even if I wanted to,
how could I?
Michael, they'd know
you helped me escape.
It can't be done.
After the explosion,
I started to believe
you didn't make it out in time.
I thought you were dead.
When I saw you in lyons,
you brought me back.
I never realized
that I needed you so much.
So what do we do now?
I don't know.
I've got to go back.
So, uh,
who are you going to say
gave you the location
for freedom league?
Purcell, my contact
in South Africa.
How much did it cost us?
He was happy
to trade the location
for some local protection.
Ackerman, get up here.
We have an attack to prep.
(Ackerman on intercom)
I'll be right there.
There is one other thing,
It's about nikita.
She's alive.
as you can see, we have one
of your operatives.
No latex.
No special effects.
She has been very cooperative.
They must've grabbed her
just before the explosion.
It explains quite a bit:
How they were able
to elude us these past months,
how they knew we were in lyons.
How could she have known that?
She was equipped
with receivers when
she was captured.
They must've been able
to use the encryption keys
to tunnel into some
of our communications.
Are we going to extract her?
Ackerman will
make that decision
when he's on-site.
We'll try, Michael.
Michael, you hear about nikita?
Pull up a log file
for delta comm.
Just do it.
They think
she's been leaking intel,
but that's hard to believe.
They could've
gotten some mileage
out of those receivers,
but not for long.
Ackerman had me change
all the codes. Here you go.
When did he do that?
As soon as operations
put him in charge.
The guy doesn't trust
anybody, not even me.
Here you go.
Look, he has all
these transmissions locked.
That's the way he wants it.
I want you to do
something for me.
Our primary objective,
is to take out
the freedom league server.
Their central control is here.
There's a redundancy backup
every 24 hours.
It lasts for 5 minutes.
That's our window.
If we can destroy the computer
at that time,
it'll bring down
their entire network.
Is there a secondary objective?
Birkoff's working up
a possible location on nikita
based on the tape.
On egress, team 3,
you're responsible.
If you can extract her
without sacrifice, fine.
If not, incinerate that wing.
My team will do that.
I need you on point.
I can do both.
We'll set charges here,
here and here.
What about this culvert?
What about it?
It's a potential retreat point.
Mark it off for
2 synchronized charges.
Make it 4.
Go ahead.
We'll convene at Van access
in 5 minutes.
I'll be right out.
I thought we were goin' out.
We are.
I just had to check
on something.
Why don't you give Walter
the inventory?
I did.
It can wait. Let's go.
Any transmission from Ackerman?
No, nothing.
We should've heard by now.
First Mark completed. Go to "b."
Michael, they're
mobilizing east.
Keep monitoring
all transmissions.
I want to know the moment
he calls.
Reach me on channel 3.
birkoff, team "c" position.
Everyone out. Now.
Where's Michael?
Michael, where are you?
We got to get out of here.
You ready?
[Nikita grunting]
[Nikita gasping]
No. I'm not going
to take any chances.
Take us out of here.
(Birkoff) What about Michael?
He's run out of time.
Ignite the charges.
(Operations) What do you think?
Her body markings indicate
interrogation and torture.
Over what period of time?
That's what bothers me.
The bruises appear to be fresh.
Which means she may have
been cooperating
until only recently.
She never cooperated with them.
Meaning what?
They used her
to divert our attention.
From what?
Their real source.
Birkoff put this together.
He was the mole
for the freedom league.
They got to him
last year in Singapore.
These are all
the decoded transmissions
since then.
Where is he now?
For the next 3 days,
you'll be subjected
to an intense debriefing.
You will cooperate with us
because you know
how things are done here.
When we're done with you,
you'll be canceled.
Any questions?
How are you feeling?
I'll be fine.
Will you excuse us, please?
You'll stay in observation
for another day.
Then you'll be transferred
down to level 3.
Level 3?
You've been out for a long time.
We need to be sure
you can still meet
section standards.
Will I be doing that with you?
You'll be assigned
to someone else.
Are we going to be able
to see each other
on the outside?
I had a dream last night.
You said certain things to me.
You revealed your feelings.
Sometimes all we have
is our dreams.
You went to a lot of trouble
to bring me back in here.
I want to know why.
Be patient.
[Woman speaking French]
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