La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e18 Episode Script

Off Profile

Clear the way!
(Medic) Let's move, let's move!
Why did you abort?
(Michael) We had to.
We went critical
10 minutes into the mission.
We lost korda.
We'll have to start
from scratch.
Deployment was off
by a factor of 2.
The mission profile was faulty.
(Andrea) No.
There was
nothing wrong
with the profile.
Who is this?
Andrea karsov.
A new mission profiler.
The flaw was in your execution.
Check the tapes,
get this settled.
You'll be going out again soon.
(Andrea) Look at sector 5.
They didn't penetrate
as the plan required.
They couldn't.
The perimeter
wasn't secured.
For less than 30 seconds.
That's unacceptable.
We'd have captured the target.
No. The window was too narrow.
The window was wide enough
for 2 units to make an entry.
Hasn't this been resolved yet?
(Michael) Not yet.
(Operations) Deal with it later.
Right now,
we need a new mission design.
I want a different profiler.
She doesn't have
any field experience.
Her designs are too theoretical.
My designs are correct.
Field experience
might be useful.
Michael, she's on your team
for the next mission.
Make the necessary arrangements.
We can't protect her out there.
I can take care of myself.
[Woman speaking French]
6 weeks ago,
these genetic codes
were stolen from
a lab in Zurich.
These codes could be used
to manufacture
designer viruses.
Designer viruses?
genetically programmed
to attack
specific ethnic groups.
This is hans korda,
a geneticist
connected with the group
who stole these codes.
The aborted mission
not only failed
to capture him,
it exposed our intentions.
You'll leave in 2 hours.
No mistakes this time,
in design or execution.
Bring back korda.
Walter, George called.
Oversight believes we used
the Winchester protocol
in Afghanistan last month.
Yeah, we did.
Well, since it's been
forbidden numerous times
at the highest levels,
our position is that we didn't.
George is coming here
to interview
the tactical group.
Birkoff has agreed
to support us.
We expect your
cooperation as well.
Walter, I've told you
I regret what happened
to belinda.
But it was standard procedure.
It wasn't personal.
Will you support our position?
I need to know
I can count on you.
I'm not sure you can.
I strongly advise you
to reconsider.
What are you gonna do,
cancel me?
Go ahead.
Obviously he still
blames you
for belinda's death.
I had no choice.
She was in abeyance.
You might have postponed
the final order
for a few days.
Why postpone the inevitable?
Besides, nobody asked him
to marry someone
with a weak performance record.
He'll put it behind him in time.
We don't have time.
The investigation
is proceeding.
We could cancel him.
I don't want to do that.
He's been here
as long as I can remember.
And if a key member
of the tactical team dies
just before he's questioned,
it will only
complicate things further.
That, too.
We have a few days
before George arrives.
Let me work on him.
I'd appreciate that.
(Andrea) Thank you.
Most field ops prefer
to use a lighter weapon.
I trained with this.
Shooting at people
isn't the same
as shooting at holograms.
(Andrea) Why is that?
Oh, people shoot back.
Not if they're dead.
You're clear to go.
Keep the position clean.
Position and
number of hostiles
inside location.
2 guards at the entry point.
Plus the target.
[Man groans]
We have korda.
2 guards in the stairwell.
Headed down.
They're yours.
Hold and wait for my signal.
[Gun firing]
Stairs are clear.
Let's go.
Good work.
It was a simple enough mission.
The first time
under fire
is never simple.
Prepare him for interrogation.
Would you like to
join me for dinner?
Uh, no, thank you.
I don't go out much.
With anyone or only operatives?
With anyone.
Especially section operatives.
We got off on the wrong foot.
It's partly my fault.
I'd like to make amends.
It was nobody's fault.
No amends necessary.
No amends, then. Just pleasure.
(Andrea) Forget dinner, Michael.
It's not gonna happen.
How about a cup of coffee?
I'd like to know you better.
Morning, birkoff.
You're here early.
The Bahrain
situation is heating up.
Your mission is, too.
Did Madeline interrogate korda?
She's doing it now.
He won't put up much of a fight.
Most of these scientists
are pretty lame.
I'm an exception.
[Footsteps approaching]
Have you seen
Michael this morning?
Yeah, he came in.
I didn't really notice.
What do you think
of the new profiler?
I don't know.
A little arrogant, maybe.
Yeah. Profilers
think they know it all.
Sometimes they do.
Does she?
Too early to tell.
She just transferred
from the Asian sector.
What's her reputation?
Asia thinks she walks on water.
Totally dedicated to section.
The perfect operative.
That's what they say.
Nothing gets to her.
Nothing and nobody.
Good morning.
I had a great time last night.
You talked me into coffee,
then you managed
to talk me into dinner.
But that's as far as it goes.
Because I like it here.
Most people hate
section or pretend to.
But I like it.
So do I. It doesn't mean
we can't enjoy ourselves.
Section isn't
exactly about enjoyment.
The cyberware, the weapons,
the missions, those are real.
Everything else is an illusion.
People who forget that
don't last long.
Everything is as real
as we make it.
No more, no less.
It's up to us.
If you change your mind,
let me know.
what's the most
important day of the week?
it's either Tuesday
or Thursday.
Choose one.
Which would you prefer
to kill, a cat or a monkey?
What's this?
The tape
of Walter's 3-year review.
I don't know. I guess
In your opinion
I'd probably say
is he really willing to die?
There must be some way in.
I'm working on it.
What about korda?
He works for
a German businessman
named William glasser.
It's purely
a commercial venture.
He intends on selling
the viruses
to the highest bidder.
So we eliminate the lab
before the sale
can take place.
Birkoff's working on a package.
He's meeting with the team now.
Korda didn't know
the location of the lab
but he said glasser
calls it twice a day
from a secured phone
in his office.
He's hosting
a charity fundraiser
200 guests.
Security should be focused
on the main floor.
That should give us an opening.
Team one will secure
the perimeter.
You, Michael,
and I will work the inside.
What's the configuration?
I'll work with Andrea.
You'll work solo.
Get ready. We leave in an hour.
Nikita, 20 degrees to the left.
use the south entrance.
Soon as the guard
moves away, you go.
It shouldn't be long.
Ok, birkoff, we're in position.
the sequence is under way.
You ♪
are my angel ♪
Got it.
Come from way above ♪
to bring me love ♪
Nikita, where are we?
I'm going through.
Her eyes ♪
she's on the dark side ♪
neutralize ♪
every man in sight ♪
Love you, love you,
love you, love you,
love you, love you ♪
love you, love you,
love you, love you,
love you, love you ♪
love you, love you,
love you, love you,
love you, love you ♪
love you, love you,
love you, love you,
love you, love you ♪♪
Birkoff, how long?
20 seconds.
We're clear.
Nikita, Madeline wants
to see you in her office.
Madeline? Why?
She didn't say.
The mission was successful?
Have you talked
to Walter lately?
I talk to him all the time.
Has he mentioned belinda?
He misses her very much.
Does he talk
about operations,
make any comment about him?
You're sure?
Is that all?
No, it isn't.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
You let your camview
drift for a full
3 seconds.
No harm resulted.
Nevertheless, it was a lapse.
I'll be more careful next time.
They work well together.
They may be
even entering
into a relationship.
I wouldn't know.
I hope they are.
For their sake, and for yours.
For my sake?
It's better for
operatives to find
relationships that won't
affect their work.
Your passion for life
is very strong, nikita.
It enables you
to accomplish things
that no one else can.
It can also destroy you.
Now are we done?
We always have a choice ♪
or at least I think we do ♪
we can always use our voice ♪
I thought this to be true ♪
we can live in fear ♪
extend our selves to love ♪
we can fall below ♪
or lift our selves above ♪
fear can stop you loving ♪
love can stop your fear ♪
fear can stop you loving ♪
but it's not always
that clear ♪
(Andrea) Michael.
Anything wrong?
Everything's fine.
To share my self around ♪
I think I could love you.
It's nikita, isn't it?
What do you mean?
You had a relationship with her.
At least that's what people say.
Is it true?
Love can stop your fear ♪
Did you love her?
Does that matter?
It does to me.
Yes, I loved her.
And now?
Now there's you.
I'd love to give
my self away ♪
but I find it hard to trust ♪
I've got no map
to find my way ♪♪
Hi, Walter.
So, what's going on with you?
Nothing much.
That's not what I've heard.
Operations wants me
to lie to oversight.
Lie about what?
What difference does it make?
The difference
between life and death.
You of all people
are telling me to lie.
No. I'm telling you to survive.
Well, I'm
I'm really not interested
in surviving anymore.
What I am interested in
is living.
That's where
the real difference is.
Oh, hell
I've been hanging around
this place too long already.
Walter. Hm?
Don't talk like that again.
It's like I've always said.
You're one of the good ones.
Don't change.
(Madeline) Walter.
Right here.
I'd like to meet with you.
Sure thing. I-In your office.
No. In the white room.
Killing me, I can understand.
But torture?
Please sit down.
You're not going to
be tortured, Walter.
And you're not
going to be killed.
Whatever you
tell George tomorrow,
we'll just have to
deal as best we can.
Then why am I here?
We'd like you to
take a look at something.
What's on this?
Play it and you'll see.
Hello, Walter.
Yes, it's me.
Well, almost me.
I've missed you terribly.
But I'm back now.
I hope you're glad to see me.
it can't be
the way it was.
But we can have
something together.
Do you want that, Walter?
I do.
I love you
and I want to do this again.
As often as you want.
I hope we see each other soon.
Do you have the security workup?
They have an unusual package,
heartbeat I.D.
We'll need one of their people
with the appropriate clearance.
We already have him.
We'll imprint his E.K.G.
on the digital patch.
Good. Let me see the lab.
Make sure
the secondary egress
has adequate coverage.
I will.
I'll be finished here
in an hour.
We could get something to eat.
I'm busy.
How about later?
It's a bad time right now.
What do you mean?
Just what I said.
Did I do something wrong?
It's nobody's fault.
Some things are not meant to be.
Let's at least talk about it.
We have.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
Is he here?
You know who. Michael.
He's not here.
He won't see me anymore.
One minute
everything was wonderful.
The next, he was cold.
He doesn't want
anything to do with me.
Did he say why?
What's going on?
I don't know.
Did he get through
to me just to prove
he could?
Is he that much of a monster?
Is that what he did to you?
It's not right!
It's just not right.
I don't pretend
to understand him
but he lost someone a while ago.
It scarred him.
He might not want
to get too close again.
You're making excuses for him.
I don't think so.
I'm just being realistic.
He can't do this.
We can't let him
get away with it.
What does that mean?
I mean we have to do something.
Such as?
[Phone ringing]
(Michael) Josephine.
George is ready for you now.
I'll handle demolition.
Nikita will ensure egress.
Since birkoff is working
on the Bahrain mission,
Andrea will provide tactical.
Any questions?
(Andrea) I have a question.
Who the hell do you think
you are
treating me like this?
Nikita, stay.
This concerns you, too.
You toyed with me
like a cat with a mouse.
I won't tolerate it.
I didn't toy with you.
Then what were you doing?
Investigating what?
You were suspected
of leaking intel
to red cell.
I needed access
to your personal files.
I've never leaked
intel to anybody.
I know that.
The suspicions were unfounded.
Then you never
cared for me at all.
I respect you as a colleague.
I see.
The investigation's over now?
Yes. You've been cleared.
I'm sorry.
The mission begins in an hour.
Better get ready.
Once we've secured funding
for the eastern region,
we have to make
sure that we have to
I was going to stop by later
to thank you for
your cooperation.
It saved us
a great deal of inconvenience.
If you're getting tired
of that one, we can
have others made up.
I erased the disk.
Don't make up any others.
And don't ever mention
belinda's name again.
If the disk didn't
make him cooperate,
what did?
I've studied his file
very carefully,
reviewed his evaluations,
his psychological profile
in great detail.
I don't know.
Have you spoken
with Andrea
since the briefing?
Maybe you should.
She's more than
just angry, Michael.
She's dangerous.
What can she do?
I'm not sure. Just be careful.
Begin the sequence.
Perimeter team,
take your position.
[Gun firing]
I'm in.
[Alarms buzzing]
Andrea, what's happening?
(Michael) I'm locked in. Andrea.
nikita, I need your help.
We need a heartbeat.
See if any technicians
are still alive.
[Alarms buzzing]
Please help me.
[Door lock beeps]
Michael, you deactivated
the failsafe on the way in.
Then why did the door
close behind you?
Because the failsafe
was reactivated.
There's only one person
who could've done that.
I know.
Michael, she tried to kill you.
What are you gonna do about it?
Why not?
Because you feel guilty?
What if she tries again?
Is anything wrong?
No, I'm fine.
Andrea's been canceled.
So you knew she tried
to kill Michael?
We were disappointed,
but not surprised.
We arranged a test, she failed.
A test?
We knew she wasn't
guilty of treason,
but we did suspect her
of being
emotionally unstable.
Obviously, we were right.
So were you testing me, too?
To see if I'd report
what I knew?
There was no need to.
You'd have told us.
How can you be so sure?
We've been watching you
very closely, nikita.
You're one of us now.
[Woman speaking French]
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