La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e17 Episode Script

Inside Out

I've already told you
what I know.
What else do you want?
I'm not convinced
the location you gave us
is only used for munitions.
That's what they told me.
That and what else?
Nothing. I swear.
You're on the inside track,
Mr. Reneberg.
You advise them
on these matters.
No information
has been withheld
from you.
What haven't you told me?
[Door opening]
Why are you still here?
Excuse me,
I'm in the middle
of something.
We've already got the location.
I need you in systems.
The Algiers mission
is still prepping.
I have plenty of time.
It's not as critical as this.
That's my decision to make,
and I've already made it.
We can't send teams
into Glasgow
with limited intel.
I told you,
we have enough intel.
Not in my opinion.
They're waiting
for you in systems.
[Woman speaking French]
I don't think that
was the right call.
It's over. Why are we
still talking about it?
I wanted you to know how I feel.
Great. Now I know.
I got the documents,
they're on here.
We need your mission codes
before I can take them
to the profiler.
What's going on between
operations and Madeline?
What do you mean?
They had an argument.
Probably over
the Glasgow mission.
This was personal.
They've known each other
for a long time.
Before she came to section?
I don't know.
Well, I know something.
They're lovers.
Maybe not anymore,
but they were once.
What difference does it make?
It can be done?
A lot of things can be done.
It doesn't mean they should be.
We intercepted
a red cell courier
last night.
The information he gave up
under interrogation
included a location
of this house here
in Glasgow, Scotland.
We think it's
a red cell outpost,
possibly a munition store.
I'm running approach
scenarios now.
Our primary concern
is to neutralize the facility.
If we can bring back
live hostiles
without jeopardizing
the team, do it.
you'll take the interior
under Michael's control.
He's with the profiler now.
Yeah, you re-route them.
Not a problem.
Thank you.
what happened last night?
What do you mean?
I thought we were
gonna do something.
Sorry. I got home late.
So how about tonight?
Tonight's bad.
Gail, what's wrong?
I really have to get this done.
[Keyboard clacking]
There. It's done.
Talk to me. What's going on?
I'm sorry.
I really like you, birkoff,
but it's not working.
Since when?
We were fine this weekend.
It wasn't fine. Not for me.
What did I do wrong?
It's not you. It's me.
Are you seeing someone else?
Of course not.
I just really
need some time alone.
All right. So
You take some time.
I understand that.
We don't need to make
any final decisions.
You know,
I need time alone, too.
This could be great
for both of us.
A couple of weeks down time.
It's over.
I'm sorry.
Birkoff, cam's ready.
There you are.
Hey, what's wrong, amigo?
Is the expansion card
supposed to be grounded?
Oh, yeah.
You still haven't
answered my question.
Why the long face?
Gail just dumped me.
She said she wants time alone.
Oh, yeah, I love that line.
Do you know who it is?
Who what is?
The guy she dumped you for?
No, she wouldn't do that.
Well, what do you care?
With your brains
and your good looks, man,
you don't want
to be tied down anyway.
She isn't seeing anyone, ok?
She wouldn't lie to me.
Yeah, of course she wouldn't.
I'm sorry.
It was a wrong call.
I'm in position.
Mowen's on his way in.
Got him, birkoff?
Yeah, I've got him.
I'm in.
Ok. Go.
You picking up
any warm bodies in here?
No. Infrared's clear.
Give me some views.
(Mowen) are you getting this?
What is it?
Debris. Broken glass,
carbon deposits.
Looks like residue
from a small explosion.
Anything else?
Red cell cleared out.
If they were ever there at all.
What do you want to do, Michael?
Team 3, any new activity
on the perimeter?
(Operative) none.
Mowen, collect some samples,
then take the perimeter teams
back to section.
What about us?
We'll stay here
and do some surveillance.
How long?
Until morning.
There was nothing in Glasgow.
Was there ever?
That's what we're trying
to find out.
Mowen's collected some residue.
We'll run it through.
Would you like
to join me for lunch?
Not today.
Hey, mowen.
Not much there for you, Walter.
You got that right.
Get janklow from biotech
down here, please.
We'll let him poke around,
see what he comes up with.
Thanks. Yep.
Hey, Gail.
How's it going?
Hey, how was Scotland?
I need that video.
Knock yourself out.
Shouldn't you be debriefing?
What's your problem,
birkoff, hmm?
You got a bit of
an attitude today.
Do I? Yeah.
Maybe that's because
too many people think
comm. Is a lounge.
It's not. It's where I work.
Hey, babe.
Oh, yeah. Sorry.
How're you doing, birkoff?
I gotta go pick up
some stuff from Walter.
I'll catch you later.
Tsk. Um,
I didn't want to
What? Didn't want to what?
Hurt you.
I i didn't want to hurt you.
Oh, you're gonna hang
out with janklow,
you think that's gonna hurt me?
Get real.
I'm sorry.
Be sorry on your own time.
Here, strip the noisy frames.
Are you still here?
(Gail) Mowen!
Get medical.
Get a hold of him!
Hold him down!
[Dog barking]
Bullet to the head?
What is it, birkoff?
Michael and nikita
just found a dead body
on site.
Should they bring it back?
Can you process it from here?
Do that.
Tell them to stay put for now.
You were saying?
Mowen is fading in and out
of consciousness,
but we're putting him
through every conceivable
tests we can.
Is there anything
in his medical history
that would explain it?
No, he's been
in excellent health.
Maybe the body
they found in Scotland
will lead us somewhere.
Let's hope so.
I'm concerned with the amount
of valuable resources
we're using to chase
faulty intel.
I've got to get on
to the agency.
Keep on top of it.
We'll meet later.
(Janklow) Birkoff!
We need an authorization now.
(Birkoff) Why?
We just found out
what's wrong with mowen.
What? A bacteria.
An Anthrax variant.
We have a segmentation
Proceed to a containment area.
You have 15 seconds.
Birkoff, what's going on?
We have a lethal
contagion inside section.
We're infected.
(Woman on P.A. system)
Containment procedures
in effect.
Containment in effect.
(Janklow) Mowen's isolated.
We've got him under observation.
The standard lab tests
used by medical
all showed nothing.
Whatever mowen has
didn't present itself
like any documented disease.
Biotech stepped in.
We analyzed the data.
We took samples
of his blood and ran it.
We found something
that was replicating
at an alarming rate.
An antigen?
A genetically modified bacteria.
We haven't been able
to classify it.
And you think it's airborne?
We don't know, but shouldn't
take the chance that it is.
We should stay isolated
till we know more.
And no one else has
presented symptoms?
we have to assume
mowen got this
in Scotland and brought it back.
Have birkoff check
all civilian populations
in the area,
see if there's
any reports of an outbreak.
I've already checked
pandemics worldwide.
There's nothing like this
we've seen so far.
are Michael and nikita
still on site?
Keep them there.
Tell them to isolate.
And do a lab on both of them
as well as the dead body.
Looks like
you're gonna be here
for a while.
Why don't you use station 3?
I'll re-route
your files down here.
We're safe in here, aren't we?
Oh, yeah. These shields
are impenetrable.
That's a stupid thing to say.
What if one of us
has already been infected?
Michael, where are you?
Outside doing surveillance.
Don't go in the building.
Get back in the Van.
What's wrong?
Mowen's been infected.
He's dying.
It may have happened
while he was inside.
Nikita. Over here.
what do you want us to do?
We need blood samples.
So what happens
if we get infected?
We could die.
Update me.
Mowen's decline
remains steady.
Janklow's working.
We still don't know
what we're up against.
Any new cases?
No. So far,
mowen's the only one.
Good. Maybe we caught it
early enough.
What about existing operations?
What our substations
can't handle,
we're handing back
to the agency.
Keep me posted.
(Medic #1)
We're getting
some activity here.
(Medic #2) Respiration's up.
Are you watching this, birkoff?
(Medic #1)
Temperature's going down
Yeah, I see it.
This is not the Hong Kong flu.
(Medic #2) B.P.'S rising.
I know.
Heart rate is going up.
You ever been
through this before?
No. But I did help
design these shields.
Over 10 years ago. They're safe.
Why don't they
give him something
for the pain?
All right. We're moving off
the scale here.
They think it'll interfere
with normal body chemistry.
Could skew the data.
It's gone up again.
Well, that's not going
to happen to me.
[Mowen screaming]
Blood pressure's
gone right over.
We need some backup
in here, stat!
We need a backup team in here.
Get some backup in here!
[Electrocardiogram beeping]
Patient is pronounced dead,
10:15 A.M.
I've got to get off, Walter.
I'll talk to you later.
Yeah, ok.
It doesn't mean anything, Gail.
We're going to be fine.
That's not what you said before.
I was wrong.
I shouldn't have
said that. I was mad.
Or jealous. I don't know.
Why don't you find out
if they have the result
of Michael and nikita's
blood test.
[Bird squawking]
(Nikita) What are you doing?
I'm running the fingerprints
on the body we found.
Why don't you just download it?
They're using
all their resources.
They re-routed it back to me.
It must be pretty crazy
back there.
How's mowen?
He's dead.
(Birkoff) nikita, are you there?
Yeah, birkoff?
We got the results
of your blood tests.
You're both clear.
The test results were negative.
I have a fingerprint match
on the body.
Send it.
[Intercom beeps]
Yes, birkoff.
The man they found dead
in Scotland
was Josef azderian.
He's got numerous ties
to the other side.
As what? Lower-level stuff.
Gofer, muscle,
whatever he could get.
He was paid 400,000
Hong Kong dollars
a week ago.
By whom?
Anatole bisseroff.
I know that name.
He's red cell.
His background
previous to that
was bio weapons.
We were set up.
They sent us in there
to infect an operative
knowing we'd bring
him back to section.
It looks that way.
Are Michael and nikita
still in isolation?
No, they're clear.
Tell them to get to bisseroff.
Let's find out
what we're up against.
They're already en route.
Do you want me to move
any of the computers
onto tactical support?
What do you want me to do?
No. Keep all the systems
supporting bio for now.
[Intercom beeping]
(Operations) Madeline.
I'm here.
Why isn't your video up?
It went down a few moments ago.
I'm working on it. What's up?
I just heard from medical.
3 more operatives
have been infected.
From where?
Munitions, the clinic,
and systems. It's spreading.
[Operative #1 moaning]
(Operative #2)
You're gonna be fine.
How are the people
in your cell holding up?
Is Gail with you?
Yeah, she's here.
Maybe this will
bring you guys
closer together.
I don't think so.
how close are you
to bisseroff?
We're on our way.
If he's not there, don't wait.
Go right to
the secondary location.
I know.
Remember, he has
to be taken unharmed.
What's your status
over there, birkoff?
Not good.
It's spreading.
Mowen might have
infected everyone
before the shields came down.
is there any way to synthesize
an antibiotic in-house?
Janklow's working on it.
But our hope is
that you and nikita
find bisseroff
and he can get one for us.
I'll check in as soon
as we make contact.
No, George.
We won't let that happen.
The mediterranean operation
has not been affected.
The information
is being uploaded.
It won't be lost.
sir, janklow has
new information.
I've gotta go, George.
Yes, I'll call you.
Ok, conference everyone in.
(Janklow) is everyone up?
(Birkoff) yeah.
I've isolated the bacteria.
The profile's up on your screen.
These are from mowen's blood.
We've confirmed
that it's synthetic.
It was produced
through d.N.A. Shuffling.
Once inside the victim,
there's an explosive chain
of lethal transmission.
It strikes the brain first,
causing swelling.
Nosebleeds and headaches
are the first symptoms.
From there,
it spreads to other organs:
Lungs, liver, pancreas.
We're running dozens
of parallel tests to try
to combat this thing.
janklow, stop looking
for a cure.
We have to operate
on the assumption that
we can't help those
that are already infected.
Put your people on the task
of finding an inoculation.
How long does the carrier have
after the initial symptoms?
Mowen was 18 hours.
But the rest
haven't been consistent.
I'd say 3 days is the most
we can hope for.
How many people now have it?
17 percent of the section,
of which half contracted it
in the last 2 hours.
do we have confidence
that any of the segments
will remain uninfected?
We won't know that
till the spread stabilizes.
Ok, get to work, janklow.
Put up a status
on the half hours.
Yes, sir.
Everyone off
except for Madeline.
You haven't been able
to fix your video?
no, they're still
working on it.
Hold on.
Birkoff, Madeline's
"a" camera is down.
Can you get me in there?
Let me see.
(Birkoff) You should be on.
Oh, my god.
I'm all right.
I can still function.
I'm sending someone
from medical right away.
No, you can't.
It's too risky.
We need those people.
I need you.
No, you need everyone
working at full efficiency.
I can do what I have to
for at least the next 6 hours.
Madeline, you have
Dr. Bisseroff? No.
Would you come with us, please?
Please, I really don't know.
I i can't.
I can't tell you where it is.
So there is a cure?
They have my wife
and my children.
If I tell anyone
where the antibiotic is,
they said they would
Who is "they"?
Red cell.
Why didn't they just kill you?
They will, eventually.
There's more work
they want me to do.
Look at me.
[Gun clicking]
What if we get your family back?
(Michael) birkoff.
Red cell has his family.
We need a way around that.
I'll take care of it.
I need you to format
a 2d hartley transform.
High resolution.
Oh, my god! Andy!
Gail, no! Wait! Are you ok?
S-Sit him up. Bring him here.
Raise the shield!
Get him out of here!
He's gonna infect us all!
It's too late!
Screw that!
I'm not breathing
the same air as him.
Janklow, don't be a jerk!
Nobody's going anywhere.
I know you're scared.
We all are.
We need you to do your job.
(Operations) Walter, status?
6 segments are still holding.
The rest are infected.
Who's clean?
3 in comm., one in systems,
2 on level 4.
How about Michael and nikita?
Birkoff is preparing
a package for them.
They're gonna have
another try at bisseroff
once it's delivered to them.
Let me know the moment
you hear from them.
Of course.
[Intercom beeping]
Madeline, are you there?
(Madeline) yes.
How are you?
Tired. I'm resting.
Open my cell.
You heard me. Let me out.
Sir, you know I can't do that.
Yes, you can, damn it.
Punch in the code now.
Sir, you don't have authority
to supercede.
You built that safeguard
in yourself.
Do it, birkoff!
You're making
a grave mistake,
young man.
I won't forget this.
Are you sure that was
the right thing to do?
Yeah, it's fine.
Did you download
the transfer to Michael?
Oh, my god.
What can I do?
You shouldn't be here.
Of course I should.
I wouldn't be here today
if it weren't for you.
You always exaggerate
that incident.
You would have
made it out just fine.
I always thought
I'd regret things I've done.
Instead, I regret
the things I didn't do.
The pain is bad enough.
Don't go poetic on me.
Just hold on.
Michael and nikita
have bisseroff.
Maybe he has the antibiotic.
Your family's free.
You're lying.
You want to talk to her?
Anatole. We're all right.
Where are you?
They won't tell us.
How are the children?
They're scared,
but no harm has come to them.
Please, anatole,
just tell them
what they want to know.
Where is the antibiotic?
We have your family
in our compound.
We can free them
or we can infect them
with the Anthrax
you've engineered.
Is that what it takes?
No, don't, please.
I have a private laboratory.
Nikita and Michael just called.
They've got the antibiotic,
and they're on their way in.
How long?
3 hours.
Hold on.
Hold on.
Hey, are you ok?
Yeah, I'm all right.
I wanted to explain.
About janklow.
It doesn't matter.
No, it matters to me.
He's older. It seemed romantic.
I don't want to hear this.
All I'm saying is
that I was wrong.
You're the one I want
to be with, not him.
That is, if you still want me.
I don't know, Gail.
I can't think
about this right now.
None of it's gonna matter anyway
if this antibiotic doesn't work.
Do you think it might not?
(Walter) Birkoff.
How much longer?
The plane's on initial approach.
It should be here
within the hour.
I'm feeling bad, man.
Hang in there, Walter.
(Operations) Situation critical.
92 percent infected, 19 dead.
Endgame procedures are in place.
All relevant files
will be downloaded
to a secure site.
If the antibiotic
is ineffective,
I have programmed
an incineration plan
to contain the outbreak.
Birkoff, we're ready.
You don't need to come in.
You can just leave
the antibiotic.
You need all the help
you can get.
Hurry up.
(Birkoff) That's crazy.
You'll be infected for sure.
You don't even know
if the antibiotic works yet.
(Nikita) Open the doors now.
[Medics chattering]
Good morning.
I'm thirsty.
Are we back to full capacity?
Over 90 percent.
What about Algiers?
It's under control.
I want you to rest.
I read the report last night.
It looks like
we had a fair amount
of panic and emotion.
Yes, there was.
Now would be a good time
to reevaluate our personnel.
Get rid of the deadwood.
Already under review.
As soon as you're back,
you'll oversee it.
Hello, birkoff.
I can come back.
No, come here.
What do you have for me?
The drinefeld module.
Operations and I
were just discussing
the reactive behavior
of many of our operatives.
Apparently, you were
one of the only ones
on the floor who kept his head.
As a matter of fact,
Mr. Birkoff exhibited
more control than
was even necessary.
For which I am grateful.
What are you going to do to me?
That hasn't been decided.
We may use your talents
or we may kill you.
It doesn't matter.
As long as my family is safe.
So what about his family?
It's up to red cell.
What do you mean?
I thought that we had them.
It wasn't really them.
Birkoff simulated the mpeg.
Red cell still has them.
[Woman speaking French]
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