La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e16 Episode Script

Old Habits

Can you get a better view?
Omar, a meter to your left.
Be careful where you step.
You might kill us all.
Land mines.
In the middle east,
they're everywhere.
Just walk into a field
and help yourself.
we will use these
to strike terror
into the hearts of our enemies.
For a man
who is willing to die
for his cause
cannot be stopped.
Don't you agree, my friend?
Of course.
But first,
we must kill all the frauds,
all the imposters,
and all the double agents.
You understand.
So far everything's going
as planned.
[Woman speaking French]
Halir's group is
called bright star.
Their goal is to destroy
all symbols of modern decadence.
Their weapon of choice:
Suicide bombings.
The bombs are constructed
from land mines
so the materials
can't be traced.
Last night we sacrificed a mole
in order to protect
a more important contact:
Gregory formitz.
A dealer in forged documents,
passports, visas,
press credentials.
He supplies bright star
with fake I.D.S.
If we control formitz,
we have a chance
to stop bright star.
We've been brought
into this one a little late.
So we have to play catch-up.
We need any intel we can get.
Michael, it's all yours.
You'll be our liaison
with formitz.
Madeline has prepared a profile.
You may find it useful.
Formitz is from
a wealthy family.
Intelligent, well-educated.
He ranked 1st in his class
at medical school.
Medical school?
He dropped out
3 days before graduation.
He was a younger son, a rebel.
He wanted to cause his family
the maximum amount
of disappointment.
Did it work?
Yes. They never
spoke to him again.
His alliance with
terrorists arose partly
as a way of continuing to rebel,
partly because
danger appeals to him.
So, betraying bright star to us
makes it even more dangerous.
So betraying us to
bright star in turn
might up the ante even further.
Very good.
Our analysis indicates
there's little chance
of that happening soon.
But as time goes on,
the chance will increase.
So be alert.
Birkoff, you got a minute?
No, not really.
We want to tell you something.
It'll have to wait.
We're getting married.
I asked her last night.
She accepted right away.
Oh, ok, don't
congratulate us
or anything.
It's all right.
I'm sorry. I'm just surprised.
Yeah, me, too.
But you've got
to get lucky sometimes.
When's the big day?
I have to hurry
because she might
come back to her senses.
That'll never happen.
We just wanted you to know.
Thanks. Congratulations.
See you later.
♪♪[Music playing]
[People chattering]
Hey, buy you a drink? Come on.
Back off!
You go out when I tell you!
(Erica) I was sick.
I decide when you're sick!
(Erica) No! Don't!
I've been soft on you, huh?
(Pimp) Gonna change now
Excuse me.
You get out,
and don't come back.
You two all right?
It's just gonna be worse
when he comes back.
He won't come back.
You're my contact?
That's right.
You just took out that pimp?
Well, idiot, the idea is to
maintain a low profile.
This is not gonna work.
I'm out of here.
Sit down.
Let go of me.
If you don't sit down,
I'm gonna make a scene
that'll give you
the highest profile
in this neighborhood.
Sit down.
Fine. But from now on,
we attend to our business,
and we let other people
attend to theirs. All right?
You do business
with bright star.
We want copies of
all I.Ds and credentials
you provide them with.
Not the way it works.
Halir, their main man, calls me,
tells me where to meet.
I bring the blanks,
he brings the pictures.
He watches me make the I.Ds,
takes them when I'm done.
There are no copies.
Except up here.
I need names and descriptions.
What would I need?
Give me your
bank account information.
You'll have the money
within an hour.
Just like that, huh?
Oh, of course, if I'm lying,
I never get the chance
to spend it, do I?
I only have one, so far.
Ahmed mujani.
Posing as a journalist.
Going where?
First stop, Beirut.
After that, I don't know.
Halir didn't say.
But I got the impression
very soon.
See you again.
Ahmed mujani.
Formitz says he's the bomber.
(Operations) Where is he?
From Beirut he went to Berlin,
then to Hamburg.
He checked into
the Milo hotel last night.
Cross-ref the hotel
with potential targets.
It's 3 blocks from
the international trade
I'll assemble a team.
You prepare the tactical.
♪♪[(Can't you trip) Like I do
by the crystal method playing]
Oh my god this is the best ♪
Nikita. Status?
The delegates are all inside.
There's over 100 in one room.
They've been screened.
He'll come from out here.
Oh my god this is the best ♪
(Birkoff) Michael, report.
The security team
hasn't seen him.
He could be disguised.
We're aware of that.
Craig, check out
the elderly lady
with the shopping bag.
(Craig) I'm on it.
(Craig) Excuse me, ma'am.
[Gun fires]
Got the target.
[Horn honking]
Oh, my god ♪♪
Let's go.
(Birkoff) Nikita.
What's up?
Walter and belinda
are getting married.
That's great!
No, it's not great.
Belinda's in abeyance.
She's scheduled
for the rio mission.
There's no way
she's coming back.
Is there anything
that you can do?
I took her off abeyance
once before.
Operations found out.
Do you think
I should tell Walter?
There's no point.
Just let them be as happy
as long as they can.
Look, I gotta go
and meet formitz.
You're gonna be on comm.
Take down the names. Ok?
Yeah. Ok.
The bomb came
from cannibalized land mines
as we expected.
What about the detonator?
It's another dead end.
Garden variety.
Could have come
from a thousand sources.
Did the bomber
go in the bus depot
as an evasive maneuver,
or was that his
intended destination?
It was his intended destination.
You're sure?
It was my impression
during the mission,
and the tapes confirmed it.
Then we're facing
an extreme situation.
They're targeting
innocent people
in public places.
Anywhere, anytime.
Formitz is the key
more than ever.
He and nikita are getting along?
Well enough.
She's meeting him
again this afternoon.
Good. Keep me informed.
♪♪[Music playing]
Birkoff, he's not here.
he'll show. He was late
last time, too, remember?
Ok, it's over an hour.
This guy needs to learn manners.
What's his address?
we agreed to stay clear
of his home.
Birkoff, give me his address.
(Birkoff) 3301 Van Der weil.
Oh, hey.
What's up?
Erica, the girl
I was with before
I can't find her.
She never stays with a trick.
That's one of her rules.
And she wouldn't break it.
Especially with
what's been happening.
What's been happening?
Girls have been disappearing.
And they find them
What, murdered?
I mean, she should have
been home hours ago.
She's my friend.
What's your name?
Danielle. Yeah.
Listen, Danielle, I'm sure
that Erica's gonna turn up.
Hey, it's gonna be all right.
[Knocking on door]
[Knocking continues]
[Gun fires]
What the hell is this?
Where have you been?
You're not supposed
to come to my house.
Yesterday, I saw 40 people die.
Some of them were children.
I don't want
to see that again,
Maybe I lost track of time.
Don't be late next time.
Who pays for my lock?
You do.
You had a meeting
with halir last night?
3. I wrote them down yesterday.
When's your next meeting?
He'll call.
You'll let me know.
Where did you find this?
It's my sister's.
You're lying.
It belongs to
a girl called Erica.
She was at the bar last night.
So what?
So she's missing.
Missing. What does that mean?
Why don't you tell me?
Where is she?
I'm the only contact
you have with bright star.
Without me you can't stop them.
Where's Erica?
You want to see her?
Sure. Why not?
Come on. You can say hi.
It's not cheap or casual.
I spend a long time
selecting them.
It's like I know them.
It means something, you know?
[Formitz grunting]
Why didn't you tell me?
He's a very frightened man.
Murder gives him a feeling
of being in control.
I know section
makes compromises.
But he's Jack the ripper.
We need him.
Shall I tell you what he does?
That won't be necessary.
It's simple arithmetic.
We sacrifice
a few lives
to save hundreds.
Stay focused on the mission.
Try remembering the faces
of the people at the bus depot
just before the explosion.
(Nikita) Michael?
Did you know about formitz?
He just contacted us.
You beat the hell out of him.
I can't go back there.
And if I do, I'll kill him.
You will go back.
You will not kill him.
I want to apologize
for what I did.
I'm sorry. The body
was just a little bit
of a shock.
I believe you collect stamps.
A Belgian jubilee. Very nice.
Come in.
I was right, wasn't I?
It doesn't matter what I do.
You need me.
I can't believe
how great it feels
having someone to tell.
It makes it even better.
I don't want to hear it.
I've already picked
the next girl.
It's that friend of Erica's.
The young one.
You leave her alone.
No. I've already decided.
See, I dreamt about it
from the first time
I saw them together.
Now I'm doing it.
Don't you touch her.
Or what?
The rio team leaves
in a couple of minutes.
I'd like you
to give Walter
a message for me.
Give it to him yourself
when you get back.
You know I'm not coming back.
Tell him he's the best man
I've ever known.
I love him.
And it's not such a bad thing
to die on the happiest day
of your life.
Will you tell him that for me?
♪♪[Space by keoki playing]
$200 for one hour.
You ever made that much before?
Liar. Let's go.
I got my space ♪
I got my space ♪♪
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
(Nikita) Get lost, right now.
Look. Are you sure about this?
Have you thought it
through, huh?
Put your hands on her again
and I'll kill you.
Get lost!
Ok. Ok. Ok. Ok.
What do you think you're doing?
He was going to pay me $200
Erica's dead.
Was she
She was murdered by the man
that you were just talking to.
You're a cop.
No, I'm not.
But you'll go to the cops.
No, I can't.
Why not?
Because I just can't.
Let's just get
your things and go.
Come on.
Someplace safe.
Just get your things
and we'll go.
No, I need to work.
Not tonight you don't.
No, I'll stay away from him.
I mean, I'll work
He'll find you.
He'll track you down.
He'll torture you
and then he's
gonna kill you.
Do you understand?
You're scaring me.
Good. Get your things.
I don't even know your name.
It's nikita. Let's go.
You'll be ok here.
How long am I supposed
to stay here?
I don't know.
Until I say you
can go out again.
If you need money,
I'll get you some.
Who are you?
Do you have someplace to go?
No, I don't.
I'd rather die than
go back to them, ok?
I mean that.
All right. No lectures.
But, Danielle,
if you leave this room,
you will die.
Do you understand that?
I'll get back as soon as I can.
Promise me you won't leave
until then.
Yeah, I promise.
Lock the door after I'm gone.
No mission?
What did you call me in for?
Where were you?
No place in particular.
Formitz's last intel
was accurate.
One of our teams in Prague
was able to prevent the bombing.
They took the bomber alive.
It's a woman.
She might lead us
directly to halir.
We wouldn't need
formitz anymore.
I thought you'd like to know.
[Door closing]
(Nikita) She broke?
No. And she won't.
It hasn't been that long.
How can you be sure?
I'm sure.
Perhaps if we just held off
for a little while
and, uh, let her remember
what it's like not to feel pain.
Then suddenly hit her with it.
It won't work.
Can I at least try?
We're finished. Let's go.
To a cell.
[Smacking lips]
I'll stay here.
I said we're finished.
I had a son.
He was 3
when they came to my house
and murdered him and my husband.
I no longer feel pain,
and I do not fear death.
You will give me comfort,
then begin again,
worse than before.
What will you do,
break every bone
in my body?
What else do you wish to break?
I'll save you the trouble.
An embassy in Vienna,
an airport in Istanbul,
another in Bucharest.
All within the last 4 days.
Bright star?
They're picking up the pace.
We can't just intercept
the bombers.
We have to get to halir himself.
What about the prisoner?
She's very unlikely to crack.
If we have to use formitz,
we'll have to do it quickly.
They're starting to
use other forgers.
They may not need
him much longer.
We'll have him
set up a meeting with halir.
Someplace we can access.
Formitz will be
extremely reluctant
to take that kind of risk.
Nikita will have
to persuade him.
Is that a problem?
The relationship
between formitz and nikita
is not without difficulties.
(Operations) Why is that?
She's become aware of his habit.
She has a job to do.
I would hate to feel
that she's regressing.
Becoming sentimental again.
She's not.
Then can she or can she not
persuade formitz
to meet with halir?
I'll go along.
We need a contingency.
I agree.
Any ideas?
One or two.
♪♪[Music playing]
Your boyfriend?
A colleague.
Three's a crowd.
Deal with it.
When's your next contact
with halir?
Like I told her, he calls me.
Tells me what to bring,
where to meet.
Next time will be different.
You'll set the terms.
It'll never happen.
You tell him you know
the name of a traitor
inside his organization.
Do I?
One will be provided.
It's still risky.
He'll be heavily guarded.
(Michael) We can deal with that.
You set the meeting.
We'll triple your fee.
And provide sanctuary
Of course.
Now, I will need
certain other things as well.
(Michael) Such as?
(Formitz) She knows.
Forget it.
I'll give you an hour
to think it over.
He wants the girl.
He won't cooperate
unless he gets her.
Where is she?
I don't know.
Michael, find another way.
Pay him more money.
Threaten him.
He's unstable as it is.
Threats might spin him
out of control.
Even if I knew
where Danielle is,
I wouldn't give her
to that monster.
I haven't said you should.
That's what you're thinking.
You're gonna tell me to remember
those people at the bus depot.
Do you?
(Madeline) Nikita?
Good news.
The prisoner
cooperated after all.
Gave us a way to halir.
When I last saw her,
she was breaking her own bones.
You should have had more faith
in your own suggestion.
We let her rest,
then brought her back in.
It worked.
So there's no need for formitz?
Apparently not.
Halir will be
meeting a courier
at 1600
in an arab market in Berlin.
We'll tag the courier,
follow him to halir.
You'll remain in section
to assist birkoff
with tactical overview.
Any other questions?
Nikita, come with me.
Birkoff, the mission
Walter just found out
belinda's dead.
Walter, you're scaring me.
Walter, what are you doing?
He asked for it,
he's gonna get it!
You're gonna shoot operations?
Right between the eyes.
Get out of my way!
Walter, I'm sorry
belinda's dead.
I'm sorrier than I can say.
How many times have you told me
not to take the section
I don't care what I told you!
It's pointless.
They'll kill you, too!
I don't care!
Well, I do!
So does birkoff
and so do a lot of
other people here!
We need you, Walter. I need you.
What would belinda
tell you to do?
Would she tell you
to throw your life away?
Or stay here for
the people that need you?
It's not fair.
It's not fair.
You've gotta go on, Walter.
You gotta go on.
That's what she would want.
(Operations) Walter,
what's happening here?
Nothing. We're just talking.
You and birkoff
should be at
your terminals.
I know. We're going now.
I'm sorry about belinda.
The courier should arrive
in a gray sedan.
Here he is.
He's on foot.
Entering the square.
(Birkoff) team 1, tag him.
The courier's been tagged.
He's heading toward
the northeast corner.
[People chattering]
Hello, my friend.
What do you have for me today?
(Michael) we've got halir.
(Michael) perimeter status.
Perimeter's clear.
You can go.
Why was formitz at the meet?
The original courier
was detained.
We substituted formitz,
a face halir would trust.
Why did he agree to help?
More money.
Section found Danielle
and gave her to him.
He knows his way around.
Perhaps he found her himself.
You called me in.
Told me about the prisoner.
Let me interrogate her.
Meanwhile, section was out
looking for Danielle.
Isn't that right?
Madeline lied when she told me
the prisoner broke.
Madeline wouldn't
bother to lie.
She might.
To keep that mission
running smoothly.
I want the truth, Michael.
Did the section give
Danielle to formitz?
What are you doing here?
Halir was taken.
My god. Who took him?
You know.
I don't. How would I know?
Because you betrayed him.
Are you crazy?
We have names. Dates.
[Gun cocking]
They made me do it.
Formitz is dead.
Can't say I'm too sorry
about that.
You don't seem to be surprised.
Dangerous line of work he's in.
[Keyboard clicking]
His death
compromises our ability
to deal with the remnants
of halir's organization.
We'll just have to
find some other way.
This is important, nikita.
I want the truth.
Did you give him up?
[Woman speaking French]
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