La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e15 Episode Script

Fuzzy Logic

[People chattering]
(Birkoff) What what is this?
It's the number table
you wanted.
Are you an idiot?
Are you an idiot?
I want you to cycle it through.
Don't give it to me.
Sorry. Bonehead!
(Operative ♪!)
How about this?
We already tried those.
What's wrong with you people?
Why don't you just
go home? Worthless.
I mean it! Get out of here!
How many people does it take
to reprogram
I've been
as accommodating as I can be.
This has got to stop.
We've come this far.
Another few hours
won't make any difference.
Why can't he hand it off
to somebody else?
We've tried.
Birkoff is the only
one who has any idea
how to approach this thing.
It's an unusual code.
But is it worth holding up
a dozen other operations
that need his attention?
We've tried for 2 years
to get sourced
into this group.
These people are
extremely careful.
We were lucky
to even intercept
a communication.
Fine. But when does it end?
Give him until tomorrow morning.
No more than that.
[Woman speaking French]
Larry, my youngest,
seems to be ok with it.
You know,
everything rolls off him.
But it's it's
my daughter
I'm worried about.
She doesn't want
to talk about it.
And it concerns me,
because I'm i'm
a big believer
in communication.
How often do you
get to see them?
A couple times a month.
Unless Denise goes out of town
with the new boyfriend.
So how long have you
been separated for?
Let's see, I, uh, lost my job
in September,
so since October.
What now?
I'm gonna get a job.
And then I'm
gonna get Denise back.
That sounds crazy, doesn't it?
At least you have a plan.
Did you want some tea?
Oh, no, no.
I've got to get back.
I've got tons of
boxes to unpack.
Well, if you need any help,
just give us a shout.
Is everybody in this building
as nice as you are?
I don't really
know anybody else.
Well, you do now.
Thanks for this.
I'll get it back to you.
See you, Barry.
(Barry) Bye. Thanks.
You're welcome.
An explosion at a soccer match
in Manchester, england.
A car bomb at a Lima,
Peru embassy.
A charter plane down in Japan.
Relatively small incidents,
seemingly unrelated.
Linked only by the fact
that we have been
unable to source them.
I cross-correlated
the data on each act.
I discovered that
each of the detonations
resulted from
a trigger communication
from a d.O.D. Satellite.
Department of defense?
That's right.
Someone drilled into
a friendly satellite
and was using it
for terrorist acts.
Why such small incidents
if they can
control d.O.D. Computers?
That's the scary part.
Someone's beta testing
the software,
working out the kinks.
And when they do, we can assume
the actions will be
much more devastating.
Well, why don't we just
take out the satellite?
We have,
but the same techniques
can be used on others.
In the meantime,
birkoff has
exacted a location
from the group's
last encoded command set.
Work up an approach strategy.
What mode?
Bring back as many as you can.
Let's find out
who these people are.
The building is stand alone,
4,500 square meters,
mostly space.
Birkoff, how many
bodies are you reading?
Right now, I see 12.
Plus transmitters and computers.
It'd be nice to bring
some of that stuff
back intact.
Assume a high-density defense.
We'll strike quickly.
Teams 2 and 3, stay outside.
Cover the retreat.
Team 1, report.
(Operative #2)
There's no one here.
I'm picking up 12 bodies.
Someone's there.
I just sent you a Mark.
Check it out.
What is it?
It's a trap.
What does analysis
have to say
about what they found on site?
Everything was state of the art.
No expense was spared.
Red cell?
No, it doesn't
have their signature.
Red cell wouldn't
go to the trouble
to fully automate an operation.
They'd use personnel.
It was a bogus code.
Probably a decoy.
Not according to our
friends from the n.S.A.
What did they say?
That the information's
in the code.
The data you extracted
was simply an outer shell.
A protective mechanism.
Could they get at it?
They've tried. It's
beyond their capabilities.
This is unacceptable.
There's got to be someone
who can do this.
Can you find us someone?
From the outside?
(Madeline) Yes.
There's probably
no more than a handful
of mathematicians
who work in this
area at this level.
Find them.
Yes, sir.
(Birkoff) Emil ondruska.
The world's
leading specialist
in non-linear key theory.
Where does he do his work from?
The university
of St. Petersburg.
Government affiliations?
Many. He's owned by Moscow.
Sung-hee park.
A professor at
a think tank in North Korea.
She was the brains behind
the j-mev algorithm.
How about somebody accessible?
Like I told you,
it's a pretty select group.
I did pull one match
from the west who might be
able to do it.
But there are constraints.
What kind of constraints?
He's young.
His name is Greg hillinger.
Graduated high school
at 11, college at 13.
He received his p.H.D.
After 6 months.
Wrote his thesis
on non-linear
principal components.
Because he's
the youngest tenured professor
in the history
of the university,
he's highly visible.
What makes you
think he can do this?
He's written several papers
on statistical l-trees.
Exactly the kind of approach
that's needed.
Actually, he still
lives with his mother.
Would he cooperate
with his government?
He's turned down
n.S.A. And other agencies
who have tried to enlist him.
His mother doesn't
want her only child
designing weapons.
Then we'll have to take him
against his will.
That shouldn't be too difficult.
The university sends a Van
to pick him up every morning.
[Car horn honking]
Hey, where are your gloves?
I don't need them.
I don't want you getting sick.
Don't you get smart with me.
Boy, do you need a haircut.
Mom, I gotta go.
We're having
spaghetti for dinner.
Keep your hands warm.
What's going on, Jake?
Who the hell are you?
Hi, Greg. I'm nikita.
Listen, we're not
going to hurt you.
We just need your help.
You'll be back home in 24 hours.
No, no
(nikita) Greg, I'm sorry.
24 hours, you'll be back home.
Before you know it.
Just take it easy.
Hey! Hey, you can't do this!
I happen to be
a really important person!
There's gonna be people
looking for me,
and not just the police!
I'm sorry
we had to do this, Greg.
We need your assistance
for a short time.
Then you'll be safely returned.
(Greg) Hey, go to hell.
I want to talk to
the man in charge.
I am the man in charge.
You couldn't be
in charge of my crotch.
Why hasn't he been sedated?
[Greg chuckles]
That's real smart. Real smart.
What are you going to do?
Fill my brain with beta-blockers
and get me to solve a problem?
Where am I exactly, stupid city?
Take him to his room.
Tell Madeline he's here.
(Greg) No.
(Nikita) Come on, Greg.
(Greg) Ow! Hey, easy.
[Greg screams]
Do you want to calm
down for one second
so I can take your hood off?
Oh, yes, great. Good.
Take the hood off. Good.
Finally I get to
see this pathetic
What's that?
That's not a unix "c" shell.
I've never seen
this o.S. Before.
Are you running
on some derivative
of the korn interface?
I don't know.
Birkoff will get
into that with you.
Birkoff? Sounds like a Nazi.
No, you know what,
you're all Nazis!
And don't tell
me to calm down, ok?
Because I'm not gonna calm down.
I'm not gonna do
anything for anybody
until somebody
lets me talk to my mom. Ok?
You know what, do me a favor.
Go tell that to the guy
with the bullfrog
in his throat who
thinks he's in charge.
(Operations) What do you think?
I'll observe him
for a couple of hours.
Then we'll have a talk.
Tolerate only so
much from this kid.
If he doesn't cooperate,
wear him down.
[Knocking on door]
Hold on.
Barry, you're up late.
Oh, I'm sorry. Did I get you up?
It's ok. What's up?
I've been in my apartment
going through
the classifieds and
Any luck?
Not not yet.
But I'm gonna make some
phone calls tomorrow, so
Do you want to come on in?
Oh, no, no,
I i really can't.
I just I just, uh
Is there something wrong?
Yes and no. Not not really.
Uh, but there's, there's
a favor I'd like to ask
of you.
Sure, what is it?
Could you hold
on to this for me
just for a couple of days?
What's in it?
Oh, uh, jewelry, heirlooms,
that sort of thing.
Barry, I don't understand.
Oh, you see, Denise
is sending over
a couple of lawyers tomorrow.
They're gonna do a discovery.
They're gonna
search the whole place.
This divorce is
really getting crazy.
Barry, i-I'd really rather not.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
You can't be too careful.
But really there's nothing
that spectacular in here.
It's just, you know,
some stuff. It's my
dad's coin collection.
This ring.
My grandmother brought
this ring from Russia in 1897.
And, uh, she never sold it,
even when things got tough.
It's very pretty. Yeah.
I don't even know
if it's worth anything,
but it means a lot to me.
I'd hate for those lawyers
to end up with it.
All right.
Ok, so, uh,
I'll come back tomorrow
after the lawyers
are finished sniffing
around, and get it again, ok?
Yes. Good night.
I see you've made
yourself at home.
I could care
less about this crap.
I'm just bored.
We don't want that.
Is somebody ever
going to tell me
what I'm doing here?
In a bit.
What about
birkoff. Seymour birkoff.
Age 21.
135 pounds. 20/80 vision.
Sysadmin for every
host on this LAN.
Should I continue?
We've let you roam through
an outer non-secured
area of the network
to give you something to do.
Gee, thanks.
You think I can't dig deeper?
If you did,
and by some fluke,
happened onto
something classified,
you would never go home again.
Never see your mother again.
Your life would be over.
We've gone
to a great deal of trouble
to protect you.
Don't work against us, Gregory.
Who are you guys?
Secret service, Interpol?
We need you to break a code.
That's it? Just break a code?
Why didn't you just ask me?
We couldn't take a chance
that you or your
mother might object.
It needs to be done immediately.
What if I don't do it?
You'll do it.
He's ready.
remember, this is not about
who's smarter than whom.
Yeah, I know.
He'll challenge you.
Stay above it.
We have an objective
and a deadline.
Hey, hey, it's birkoff!
Come on in.
How's it going, birkoff?
You know what,
I wish you guys would
let me in deeper
because there's really not
too much more I can fix here.
Yeah. You had some bad
modification dates
in your master symbol table.
Which one?
Don't worry, I fixed them.
Let's just get to work, ok?
Then you can go back home
to your mommy.
So, you're the guy
who couldn't break
the code.
Yeah, I haven't
devoted my entire life
to one obscure
corner of technology.
Non-linear principal components?
Yeah, I remember that.
6 months, actually. It was fun.
Did it at u.C.L.A.
I learned to surf that summer.
Here it is.
Let's take a look.
It's got an outer shell.
It's a big decoy
if you're 6 years old.
So what is this place?
Just work.
What's the matter, birkoff?
Can't you chew gum
and walk at the same time?
What'd they do, kidnap you, too?
Ok. Watch this.
[Keyboard clicking]
You like that, huh?
That function
wasn't in the program.
I know.
So what do you want to do now?
What do you mean, you're done?
Of course not, Einstein.
It's got to cycle through.
How long is it gonna take?
On that piece of crap?
I don't know, 12 hours.
Can it go any faster?
Not unless you've
got a multi-threaded o.S.
Hanging around the bat cave.
We've got one.
I can't take you there.
Patch me in.
Read only.
I can't touch anything.
You'll have your
code in 2 hours.
I can't give you
that kind of access.
You're right.
It's safer to have
a guy like me
outside the firewall.
It's not like we're
in a hurry or anything.
All right, I'll go up,
open a channel.
Good. Then maybe
I can get out of here.
That'd be nice.
We just heard from birkoff.
Greg was successful.
He broke the code.
What did it tell us?
The transmission was sent
from a small village
in South Africa.
Prepare a team.
So I hear boy wonder
came through.
Don't mope, birkoff.
It doesn't become you.
You know what really bugs me,
I was just like him
when I was his age.
I thought I had all the answers.
But he does.
No, he doesn't.
He's got everybody fooled.
He's a one-trick pony.
Ok. So when's
the pony going home?
That's your job.
I'm not on team 1?
You're greggie's ride home.
Don't worry, birkoff.
You're still my
favorite overachiever.
I've got good news, Greg.
You'll be going home.
Birkoff, I thought you said
he was in his room.
Did someone else
come pick him up?
No. Why?
Is everything ok?
Yeah, he's here.
Never mind.
[Computer beeping]
Listen to me carefully.
Has anyone seen you?
Yes or no?
Here's what we're gonna do.
I'm gonna put this
hood on your head
and we're out of here.
If anybody had found out
you'd seen this place,
you'd never leave here, ever.
Do you understand?
Do you understand?
I don't want to leave.
I don't I don't want to leave.
Have you seen that stuff?
They've got 10 times
more resources down there
than any think tank
they've wanted me to work at.
You're not hearing me.
I'm hearing you just fine.
I'm never going to get out.
Blah, blah, blah.
But you forget who I am.
Computers control
this whole compound.
Who controls
the computers? I do.
What about your mother?
If I miss her, I'll leave.
I can find a way, believe me.
But that's gonna be a while
'cause I like it here.
Do you know what this place is?
Do you have any
idea what they do here?
I don't know.
gathering for some
multinational company?
Who cares? Whoever
you are, those are
some really expensive toys.
You've got
enough "r" and "d" dollars
to do some
really serious damage.
You're going home.
Ok, aren't you forgetting
something, Barbie?
I've already seen this place.
I'm gonna tell somebody
and they'll make me stay.
If you say a word,
I'll break your neck.
Got it?
Good. Walk slowly, boy.
Where are we going?
I want to show you something.
[Electric buzzing]
Oh, god.
Do you like that?
Because you
better get used to it
if you want to hang here.
It happens every day.
What is he?
Some kind of criminal?
That's Dave. He works here.
Why are they doing that to him?
He made a mistake.
He had lunch with
an old girlfriend
in London.
I don't get it.
They thought
maybe he told her
about this place.
He probably didn't,
but they wanted to make sure
before they kill him.
[Dave screaming]
Now we're going to
go back to your room,
and we're gonna get your things.
And then we're gonna leave.
And you'll never tell anybody
about any of this.
Bring the boy.
(Greg) No!
No! Leave me alone!
What the hell are you doing?
I'm gonna see stuff.
You already have.
I tried to warn you,
Greg. Take him.
what do we do about you now?
He's a teenage boy
with an extraordinary mind.
Who knows what he
will accomplish,
or how many people will
benefit if he lives?
You want to lock him up
because that's what
the rule book says?
Your point is well taken.
But these aren't easy decisions.
I don't enjoy making them.
I think you do.
I think you go home
to bed every night
hoping someone will screw up
so you can make
your hard decisions.
I'll overlook this
incident for now.
But we will be
watching you more closely.
Birkoff, are you there?
are you seeing it, too?
Why is the beacon moving?
I don't know.
I thought we were
supposed to be locked on.
Could the target be moving?
Not 3 times the speed of sound.
What does it mean?
It means
the sequence Greg extracted
from the code is self-modifying.
A virus?
Could be.
Maybe amadeus didn't catch it.
I'll see if I can
separate out
some clean data.
Give me a minute here.
[Man shouting]
[Man groaning]
No, you got it wrong.
You got it all wrong.
I went right from
the bar to rod's place.
If you like,
just talk to rod, not me.
We'll be back in an hour.
You better have it, Barry.
Thank you.
Yeah, thanks.
That was a stupid
thing you did, Greg.
this place cannot
tolerate mistakes.
You've seen that.
Spare me the lecture, old folks.
Are you gonna let me go or not?
No, we're not.
You might want to
reconsider that.
And why would I want to do that?
Ask birkoff.
(Operations) Birkoff?
Sir, I'm sorry,
we're in the middle of
a multiple anomaly.
What's wrong?
The decoded sequence
is generating a virus
that's bleeding into the system.
The entire system?
I might be able to
fix that for you.
Team 3, come in.
We're not receiving.
Are you there?
Use analog.
But it's not secure.
It doesn't matter.
All our digital channels
are being corrupted
by this thing.
That's a non-essential
process. Kill it.
Call NATO comm,
find out if we can
borrow some of their bandwidth.
It's getting worse.
Our communication integrity
is down almost 80 percent.
How many places
are we mid-mission?
3. I'm trying to work around it.
And Michael?
He's in a holding pattern
outside Johannesburg.
I'm trying to figure
out if the location
Greg extracted
from the code is real.
He says he can make
the problem go away
if we let him go.
I'm sorry.
I should have
seen this coming.
This is just a game for him.
One we can't let him win.
Can you get us out of this?
He's too good.
[Knocking on door]
[Knocking continues]
Hi, Barry.
Hi, nikita.
I need that thing back.
Come on in.
I really, I'm I'm in
really a hurry.
So why are you in such a hurry?
Oh, it's just been a crazy day.
Thank you.
I'm listening.
Uh, no, no, it's it's
just personal stuff.
It's not important.
So how's the kids?
Or was that a lie, too?
If you want the box back,
maybe you can tell
me what's going on.
What are you
What are you talking about?
Barry, what are you doing with
half a kilogram of heroin?
Look, it's it's not
what you think.
I've I've never
done this before.
I've lost my job and my family.
And if I can just
get enough money
to get back on my feet,
I can get us
back together again.
Selling drugs?
Yeah, just this once.
Just just till I
get back on my feet.
Then why am I
holding it for you?
Ok. I got I got greedy
and I skimmed a little,
and I didn't think
anybody would notice.
But they did.
It doesn't it
doesn't matter. I'm gonna
give it back to them now
and that will be the end of it.
That's crap.
I guess I was wrong
about you. I thought
you were my friend.
I am.
[Knocking on door]
That's them, ok? I gotta go now.
Hey, guys, we're in here!
We got your heroin.
What's going on, Barry?
Yeah, I forgot.
I left it in here.
Where is it?
I flushed it down the toilet.
She's she's kidding. Right?
No, I'm not.
See, a lot of people
who sell drugs,
sell them to kids.
They use them,
they get addicted.
I don't know who you are,
but you better come up
with those bags right now.
Sure, ok.
Put down the gun, please.
Barry, will you tell him
to put down the gun?
(Nikita) Leave!
Just pack up your
things and go, now.
What's gonna happen
3, 5, 7, black.
I've been exposed.
Send housekeeping.
Guess you heard.
They're letting you go.
Ho, ho, there's a surprise.
Ok, I've eradicated
most of the virus.
I'm not gonna kill
it all until I'm safe.
Hey, and I suppose
I don't have to tell
a smart boy like you
that if the virus
is left unattended,
it's gonna come
back worse than before.
I know, Greg. It's your world.
We just live in it.
You know what,
I never thought
about it like that,
but you're probably right.
Your cover story will be that
you were kidnapped
and later
recovered by the f.B.I.
Who were the kidnappers?
Bulgarian nationalists.
That's not bad.
Ok, all right,
they wanted me to, uh,
help them develop a system
for the gamma project.
That'll fly with the n.S.A.
Before we can release you,
you will need to sign several
non-disclosure statements.
Then take a binding oath
in the presence of
an international officer.
Do you have a problem with that?
It just depends on
what's in the statements.
I'm sure if the language
is not to your liking,
you won't have any difficulty
in suggesting alternatives
we can both live with.
Sure, I'd be happy
to help you out there, too.
Birkoff will be going with you.
As soon as you're
back home, you'll
give him the correction.
No problemo.
It's ok, mom. It's ok.
I'm right here, ok?
Right here.
[Keyboard clicking]
It's so simple,
when you know
what you're doing.
That's it.
Not yet.
Hey, Roberta, it's me.
Check out
the file "n" 6-dot-bak.
Yeah, I can read it.
And our line to Johannesburg?
We're on.
Ok, you're up and running.
He's clear.
See you later.
Yeah, it's too bad
you're stuck here.
I could always use
another assistant.
Ok, Roberta, it's me again.
I want you to do a warm boot
on the entire system.
The entire system?
If we're not clean,
we'll lose too much data.
It's the only way
we'll know for sure.
They didn't hurt me
or anything.
One of them
We're up and running.
Ok, we're done.
It paid off.
What are you guys
still doing here?
(Nikita) You're going with them.
I'm sorry, Greg.
You should have listened.
What are you
going to do with me?
We're gonna take you back.
For how long?
Oh, god.
What about my mom?
Where's my mom?
She won't even
know we were here.
Am I ever gonna see her again?
Michael just got
back from Johannesburg.
The location was destroyed.
We've brought back hostiles.
What about the hardware?
They stripped it.
It's being reverse engineered.
Who was behind it?
Just another group
of insane misfits
empowered by technology.
Another day at the office.
What about hillinger?
I'm working on
an integration program.
What's his survival likelihood?
Over 92 percent, actually.
He's a surprisingly good match.
[Woman speaking French]
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