La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e14 Episode Script

Double Date

♪♪[Number one crush
by garbage playing]
I would die for you ♪
I would die for you ♪
I've been dying ♪
Just to feel you by my side ♪
Can you do something about this?
It's a disgrace.
I will cry for you ♪
I will cry for you ♪
David fanning.
I thought he was dead.
Sorry to disappoint you.
And drown your fear ♪
We decided
to keep him alive.
He's section material.
What's he doing here?
He's going on a mission
with you.
A psychotic killer
and a sadistic wife-beater.
Most operatives
start out flawed
in one way or another.
I will pray for you ♪
I don't like him,
I don't trust him,
and I sure as hell
don't want to work
with him.
I know you have a history.
You have to put that behind you
and concentrate on the mission.
It's not just history.
Michael seduced his wife,
I betrayed him to section.
He won't rest until we're dead.
Then he'll die, too.
See your face every place
that I walk in ♪
He won't care, as long
as we're dead first.
On the contrary,
our assessment indicates
he has a very strong will
to live.
The mission requires
that the 3 of you
work together.
And I will never be ignored ♪
(David) May I say something?
(Operations) Go ahead.
Regarding the past,
as far as I'm concerned,
everyone was just
doing their job.
And as for the present,
I have no hard feelings,
and I just want to stay alive.
Bleed my aching heart ♪
and tear it apart ♪
I will lie for you ♪
beg and steal for you ♪
I will crawl
on hands and knees ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
Nikolai kusco,
former head
of the Romanian
secret police.
After the cold war,
he dropped out of sight
to form his own
highly trained
mercenary unit.
He's been involved
in 50 terrorist incidents
in the last 3 years.
Recent intel
has given us a location
in western Moldova.
This picturesque part
of the forest
is actually a mobile camp
occupied by kusco's
private army.
An assault is out
of the question.
So we've developed
an alternative.
That's where Mr. Fanning
comes in.
I did a number of jobs
for kusco before
I came to section.
He has no reason
not to trust me.
He'll arrange a meeting,
which we'll use
as an opportunity
to terminate kusco
and his entire organization.
You'll get further details
from Michael.
That's all.
We leave tomorrow morning
for station 6.
So we'll get our equipment now.
Reconvene at 2:00.
Check it out.
No weapons for him,
Yeah, I heard.
You know, I think you guys
got me pegged all wrong.
It's not like I'm into revenge.
So what if Michael
gave my wife
some physical pleasure.
I wasn't 100 percent
faithful, right?
I must say, however,
I am envious of the fact
that you two
can carry on a relationship
while you work together.
I think that's great.
Drop it, fanning.
[Gun clicking]
Why, is that a touchy subject?
I just think it's admirable
the way you two pull it off.
In fact, there's a question
that I've been wanting
to ask you, Michael,
for a long time.
It's kind of
a personal question.
But seeing as how
you slept with my wife,
I guess we've got
a lot in common
and you won't mind me asking it.
When you guys go on missions,
or you're on standby,
how often do you have sex?
[Weapons rattling]
I said, drop it.
I'm sorry. I'm over the line.
[Clears throat]
I'll see you guys
on the mission.
I don't believe
that he does not care
about revenge.
We have to do something,
It's already been taken care of.
Amed will come along
as comm. Op.
His real function
is to watch fanning.
The first sign of trouble
he's authorized to cancel him.
Well, it's better than nothing.
I just hope it's enough.
We're clear
on the perimeter.
The meet is 20 kilometers
due east at 9:30.
Fanning's going alone?
(Michael) Kusco insisted.
What if he doesn't come back?
He'll come back.
Kusco's surveillance
is sophisticated.
From now on
we maintain radio silence.
I gotta take a leak.
[Clears throat]
Is that all right?
It's ok if I say it is.
Request permission
to take a leak.
Permission denied.
[Birds chirping]
How much contact is needed?
A handshake
is enough to tag him.
Well, that's pretty
strong stuff.
The isotope will do
limited damage
as long as an extracting agent
is applied within 12 hours.
You should be back by then.
And what if I'm not?
The skin peels off your hand.
3 hours later
you lose the feeling
in your arm.
6 hours after that you're dead.
Good luck.
What job did he offer you?
He offered me
a hit in Brussels
and one in Russia.
What did you say?
The one in Brussels.
Because it pays more,
and it's consistent
with my cover story.
Hey, does this stuff work?
It works.
Any damage?
Nothing permanent.
[Keyboard clacking]
The brightest point
is kusco's hand?
(Michael) Yes.
And the others?
Things he's touched.
Prepare to evacuate.
Let's go.
Come here!
Drop the gun! Drop it!
Drop it, man!
Now we're back together again
just like old times.
I'd love to chat
but I've got
a mission of my own,
and you're just the man
to help me with it.
Gonna get my wife back.
I haven't seen her for a while.
Well, neither have I.
That's the problem.
I don't even know where she is.
Find her.
It's poetic justice.
You took my woman,
you get her back.
And if you don't,
I'm gonna take yours.
Now, you've got 48 hours.
[Nikita gasping]
It's not much,
but I like to call it home.
Fanning, section's
gonna come after you.
Section's not gonna
know anything about this.
Who's gonna tell?
Michael knows
that section doesn't bargain.
The section will
just let me kill you.
And I don't think Michael
would really want that.
If we don't report back,
they'll come after us,
whether you want them to or not.
I don't think he'd let them.
Fanning, let's be real.
How's he gonna find Lisa
and bring her back here,
and hide the deaths
of 2 operatives from section
all in the space of 48 hours?
Well, you know what?
I think it's gonna be
a really big challenge.
If Michael wants
you alive so badly,
then I think he might
just be able to pull it off.
Are you a little jumpy?
I'll take, uh, 60 minutes.
You scared the hell out of me.
What are you doing here?
Mission security's
been breached.
Kusco's still alive.
That's impossible.
Satellite intel
picked up the explosion
and our sources confirmed
Security's been breached.
Kusco's still alive.
Sure. Whatever you say.
Tell operations
the team's dead,
except for nikita and me.
We're on mandatory refusal
until the mission's complete.
Right now I need to know
where fanning's wife is.
Her name is Lisa. Find her now.
These things are just toys.
They're just for fun.
I guess I could try
re-routing a bit
stream piggyback
on to some databases.
Do it.
[Keyboard clacking]
You'll have to cover
for me with operations.
Till when?
Till I get back.
You can trust me.
If you betray me, I'll kill you.
That's why you can trust me.
Sorry, private party.
Ok, let's go.
Can I get an orange juice?
I need a favor.
Who the hell are you?
Give your employer a message.
She knows me.
Sure she does.
There's something in it for you.
And what's that?
I'll give you back your gun.
You don't have my gun.
[Gun cocking]
My name's Michael.
I'd like a word with her.
I'm afraid of falling in love.
I think we already have.
♪♪[Life in mono by mono playing]
The stranger sang a theme ♪
from someone else's dream ♪
I can't see you again.
We have to see each other again.
And no one spoke at all ♪
What do you want?
But I can't seem to recall ♪
To see you.
When you came along ♪
Can we talk it over?
Guys, give us some space.
Let's go.
So, I was a job.
No, an assignment.
I just don't know what to do ♪
You made that clear.
At the time I thought
it was true.
I expected to forget you.
I tried. But I couldn't.
I don't believe you.
I came to see you.
Drowning past regrets ♪
It's another job. I know it.
I i can't deal with this.
But I can't seem to forget ♪
This is too sudden.
When you came along ♪
Let me stay with you tonight.
I need, uh, some time to think.
There is no more time.
I've probably
already been missed.
They're looking for me.
One night. That's all I ask.
I just don't know what to do ♪
You can go.
Would you want some wine?
Whatever you're having.
Ingenue ♪
I just don't know what to do ♪
Ingenue ♪
I just don't know what to do ♪
Ingenue ♪
I just don't know
what to do ♪♪
[Computer beeping]
Michael's gone silent.
It just came in.
The mission must
have been compromised.
Yesterday you said
intel indicated
complete success.
It did.
When will he reopen contact?
24 hours.
I don't like this, birkoff.
The intel seemed reliable.
I don't know what happened.
Screen the sources.
Eliminate the unreliable ones
and keep me informed.
Yes, sir.
Not a day has gone by
that I haven't thought
of us together.
Me, too.
Was it as good as you remember?
Yes. Everything is
just as it was.
Except me.
[Gun clicking]
How does it feel, Michael?
How does it feel to be used?
And betrayed.
I'd share
but I'm kind of hungry.
So how did you know?
What, about you and Michael?
It didn't take a genius.
People talk.
I think it's really
beautiful though.
My coat, if it's all right.
It's all right
if I say it's all right.
Request permission
to get my coat.
Permission granted.
Can't reach.
Never learn, do I?
That was good.
Now there it is.
What the hell.
Have yourself some dinner.
Do you still want me, Michael?
(Michael) Yes.
Oh, you're brilliant.
But why don't we
stop the games,
and tell me what you want.
[Clears throat]
Uh, go.
I told you I have changed.
I am not the innocent girl
you tricked so easily.
What's the job this time,
I've told you.
You expect me to believe
that you just
come here suddenly
after all this time
j-just because you want me?
Believe anything you want.
You know, I
I used to dream
that you would come back.
Then as time passed,
I gave up hope.
Michael, why now?
Why after so long?
What about David?
He's not dead.
Is is he coming here?
I moved. No, no,
I moved dozens of times.
I changed names.
How could he find me?
I did.
That's why I came.
To protect you from him.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because I didn't want
to scare you.
I think one
of your bodyguards
is cooperating with him.
Which one?
I don't know.
How many are there?
10.2 2 shifts of 5.
We have to spot
the weak link
in your security
before David does.
I don't know anything
about security.
That's why I hired them.
If you had to slip out
without being seen,
how would you do it?
Oh, there's a
There's a service elevator
that that goes
to the 3rd floor.
And then there's a
There's a stairwell.
Michael, I've heard them say
that that's the
hardest one to guard.
Has Michael checked in yet?
I'm raising him now.
(Michael) birkoff
Michael, I read you.
What's the status?
4 team members down.
Should we abort?
Negative. Nikita and I
will proceed with the mission.
Michael, how was security
breached initially?
Michael, don't answer.
The transmission's
being monitored.
Did they trace him?
No. I cut him off in time.
He won't call back in
until the mission's over.
Let me know if he does.
Of course.
Are you wondering
what I'm gonna do?
Don't bother.
Because I'll tell you.
I'm gonna stay in the woods,
'cause I like the isolation.
I think it'll be great
for Lisa, too,
because she can get
used to things again.
Used to being a slave,
don't you mean?
Sit down!
That's a good little doggy.
You really are scum.
You know what, you're wrong.
I am a man in love.
The first time I ever saw Lisa,
I knew I was supposed
to be with her.
Lisa knew she was meant for me.
Now, there was a time
I wanted revenge.
But you know what,
if you disappear,
section will come after me.
If I send you back
with a cover story,
they won't.
If they think I'm dead,
everything will be fine.
And you and Michael
can't exactly make up a story.
Not since Michael's
gone awol looking
for Lisa, right?
So maybe it's best
I send you back alive.
Or not.
You know what,
it doesn't really matter
what happens
as long as I get Lisa back.
And I'm gonna.
There's not a damn thing
you can do about that,
now, is there?
Well, it's almost that time.
Don't go anywhere.
Oh, my my head. What what
I gave you an injection.
It will clear.
It's a job, isn't it?
And all that that
All that talk about love
and protecting me
was rubbish, wasn't it?
Tell me this has nothing
to do with David.
You're not going
to take me to him, no.
No, no, no!
[Birds twittering]
I have something for you.
What's this?
Your way out.
Let me go!
No, no, you can't
(Lisa) No, no! Let me go!
You have to let me go!
No, Michael.
Let me go!
No, no! Please, no!
I don't want to go. No! No!
Let me go, please!
♪♪[Absurd by fluke playing]
King Kong in cannes ♪
Dan dar's sitting there
scared by the killer
Teddy bears ♪
Shh! Lisa, Lisa,
Lisa, listen listen to me.
We don't have very much time.
I'm gonna need your help.
How did you and Michael
get here?
In a Jeep.
I don't know.
Do you remember
where the sun was?
I'm not sure.
Lisa, please, you have to think.
Behind us, to the left.
It's gotta be that way.
[Engine starting]
Judge dredd found dead ♪
face down in snoopy's bed ♪
outside tweetie pie's ♪
[Tires screeching]
Gets ready for work tonight ♪
turning tricks
with crystal tips ♪
tying to make the best
of it's absurd ♪♪
Welcome home, Lisa.
It's all right. Don't move.
Get out of the car.
Lisa, get out of the car!
Don't do it.
Lisa, get over here.
Right now!
It's ok.
Don't do it, Lisa.
I could kill you.
But little Michael
would just come after me,
wouldn't he?
[Lisa gasps]
If I let you live,
he takes you back to section
like a good little boy.
You're lucky.
I guess it's no contest.
Come on!
Come on!
How long have you
been standing there?
A while.
Why didn't you shoot him?
I knew he wouldn't kill you.
She'll be fine.
I've gotta help her.
[Gun clicking]
You're gonna kill me?
No. I'll shoot you in the leg
and carry you back.
It'll be easier
for both of us
if you can walk.
You know, you're either insane
or the cruelest man
who ever lived.
I gave her the isotope.
So she can poison him.
The only way
she can truly be free
is to kill him herself.
Is that what she said, Michael,
or is that what
you made her believe?
Let's go.
What a beautiful day.
Want some?
Here. We got a long ways to go.
No, I'm I'm sure.
[Clears throat] Yeah.
Of course.
Do you think
operations believed you?
I think so.
Good. So we're
in the clear then.
I wonder if Lisa's in the clear.
[Woman speaking French]
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