La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e13 Episode Script

Not Was

♪♪[Music playing]
♪♪[Singing in foreign language]
Looks like it's all here.
Good. Destroy it.
Get out of there.
They'll be on top
of you any second.
Birkoff, I can't get out.
What do you mean?
(Nikita) the door's locked.
They know you're there.
Michael, nikita's trapped.
Go in.
(Michael) Nikita, this way.
birkoff, someone
just grabbed Michael.
(Birkoff) don't pursue.
There are too many shooters.
I'm sending in backup.
[Woman speaking French]
(Perez) I see you are awake.
We have some questions
to ask you before
you're disposed of.
We're curious how
you found out about us.
Get him prepared.
How are you today, sunshine?
Last night we engaged
in an operation
to destroy certain records
belonging to this man,
Orlando Perez, a first-tier
red cell tactician
who's been responsible
for the abductions
of several high-level players,
all of whom have access
to sensitive intel.
There have been no demands
for their release.
We believe he's using them
as involuntary sources.
So what about Michael?
The information
we destroyed last night
was vital to Perez's operation.
In order to recover it,
he'll have to subcontract
one of 3 data-recovery experts.
All of whom we now own.
I asked a question.
If Michael's still alive
and we're able to recover him
without incurring
further losses, we will.
He should be a priority.
I beg your pardon?
If Perez is abducting agents
to extract intel,
then Michael's gonna
become a liability.
We need to extract him.
Or kill him.
Let me break this down
for everybody so we're clear.
We have a mandate
to stop Perez and we will.
As far as Michael is concerned,
he is a class-5 operative
and I have no intention
of sacrificing him
Our profilers are working up
a strategy as we speak.
Your pads will be updated with
your respective tacticals.
This briefing is over.
In case you have forgotten,
this is a military organization.
There is a chain of command
and a protocol
for speaking to superiors.
I will accept a certain leeway
from time to time
when emotions run high,
but not always.
I'm sorry.
(Female technician)
His blood level's at 88.
Shall I increase?
No. That should be enough.
Let's begin.
What is your name?
Michael what?
Hello, Michael samuelle.
Where were you born?
In what year?
(Michael) 1965.
(Female technician)
His e.E.G. And impedance
are stable.
He's telling the truth.
For whom do you work?
I asked you a question,
Michael samuelle.
For whom do you work?
What's the problem?
It's likely he's
programmed to resist
certain types
of memory de-sensing.
Can we work around it?
(Female technician)
Give him another 2 hours,
and he'll be an open book.
You got something?
One of our
data-recovery informants
was contacted
by a woman named ying kam.
She works for Perez?
She's being brought in now.
Has she offered up anything yet?
She'll need some persuasion.
[Madeline laughing]
How're you doin'?
Are you busy?
Russell was just telling me
an amusing story about
his last delta pickup.
I see.
What's up?
Mobile's bringing in
one of Perez's people.
A woman.
She'll need your attention.
How soon?
Within the hour.
I'll be there.
Damn it. Birkoff!
Get over here.
What the hell is wrong
with this thing?
What are you trying to access?
A file on one of our operatives.
Russell Burke.
What do you know
about him?
We use him for
a lot of Valentine ops.
Yeah. Women go crazy
for this guy.
He's brought in
a lot of hard intel
over the last couple of years.
You want me to pull
an efficiency on him?
No. That's fine.
[Door opens]
(Madeline) Hello, miss kam.
[Door closes]
Can I get you anything?
Some water?
I looked at your file.
You present differently
than most of our detainees.
Raised in an upper
middle-class family.
very attractive,
but restless.
You got entangled
in a relationship
with Orlando Perez,
a man who uses you
for errands and sex.
Trust me,
you do not have the strength
to withstand the pain
our technology can inflict.
The question is simple:
Will you cooperate now,
or will you force me
to modify you?
we just got
location on Perez.
Send a team.
(Female technician)
I boosted the dosage.
He should be ready.
But I can only
keep him saturated
for a couple of minutes.
After that,
there'll be too much damage
to get anything useful.
Let's see if you're
worth keeping alive.
Everyone to 2nd Mark.
We're closing in.
Who do you work for, Michael?
Section one.
What were you doing at my club?
Your marks are up. Go.
[Guns firing]
[Machine beeping]
Can you walk?
I think so.
What's this for?
The area's not secure yet.
Where are we?
Michael, it's me, nikita.
Come on.
Michael, let's go!
Why do you keep
calling me Michael?
Ok, birkoff, it's me.
I've got Michael.
How do we get out of here?
Nothing's secure yet.
Can you augment a tactical?
No. Michael's been sedated.
I'm gonna have to
keep him close.
ok, let me see if I can create
some space for you.
Team 3, increase your wedge
by a few degrees.
Ok, nikita,
there's a door 10 meters
to your right, down the hallway.
(Birkoff) it leads out.
You'll be clear
for the next 60 seconds.
Ok. We've got to go now.
I don't know who you are.
You've been drugged.
I don't have time to explain,
but I'm here to help.
These people are trying
to kill you.
Because you're their enemy.
You're an anti-terrorist
No, I'm not.
Who do you think you are?
I can't remember.
Nikita, I can't keep
this corridor clear.
You've got to get out of there.
If you want to live,
you're gonna come with me.
Come on.
[Guns firing]
Are you ready?
(Nikita) yes, let's go.
Michael, get over here.
[Door opening]
Stay with me.
How did we do?
We lost 4 ops.
And Perez?
He slipped through.
We're still not sure.
In other words,
a complete failure.
We haven't finished
combing the scene yet.
But we did pick up Michael.
When you get
something substantial,
call me.
(Operations) Michael.
We're glad you're back.
Thank you.
Were you able to extract
an r.P. On Perez?
An r.P.?
His retreat point
is still unknown.
I think we should take Michael
to medical before he debriefs.
There was quite a bit
of interrogation equipment
at the site.
Are you all right?
Just need a little bit of rest.
I'll take him.
I have to pick
a decoy for Uzbekistan.
The chances of returning alive
are less than 10 percent.
I'm aware of that. So?
I'm thinking of sending Russell.
Unless you think
he'd be more valuable
where he is now.
I don't think so.
Russell's a good choice.
Good. Then it's settled.
How long did I sleep?
Not long. A couple of hours.
I had strange dreams.
Do you remember anything yet?
Maybe we should
contact my family.
They must be worried.
You don't have a family.
Not in the ordinary
sense of the word.
The organization we work for
is so covert that none of us
have any real identities.
We're all dead
as far as the outside world
is concerned.
Do I have friends?
I don't know.
I don't really know
that much about you.
How long have you known me?
Over 3 years.
You trained me.
Why don't you know me better?
It's hard to explain.
I must be a real jerk.
I'm very fond of you.
I'm happy to hear that.
when I killed this man,
I've done that before,
haven't I?
What will happen
if my memory doesn't return?
They'll kill you.
Wh-why don't they
just let me go?
Because they don't
let anybody go.
I can't accept that.
But you have to.
I may not know who I was,
but I know who I am.
I can feel it.
I'll never be treated
like like a caged animal.
[Birds chirping]
Minor setback, that's all.
Everything's still on
for tomorrow night.
Right here at the club.
No, it'll be fine.
The weapons are secure.
I'll see you in tangiers
by the weekend.
Be careful.
Yes, birkoff?
We just received
something about Perez
from section 7.
Someone's brokering
a short-range tactical system
on the black market.
Indictors suggest Perez
might be the buyer.
Call Michael in,
initiate a profile.
♪♪[Fire and roses
by Mimi goese playing]
Why do you need my blood?
Uh, if there are any drugs
left in your system,
maybe they'll be
able to tell us something.
You're a good friend, nikita.
It could rain ♪
inside ♪
Did I say something wrong?
No. It's
It's just hard to get used to.
Didn't I ever
tell you things like that?
Keel over ♪
I can't believe it.
Take a stand trying to ♪
Did we ever dance?
Only under orders.
Overflow ♪
undertow ♪
Oh, Michael, I don't think so.
Believe me ♪
Just a little bit.
I'm a fighter 'til the end ♪
Thank you.
It's all on fire ♪
my life needs fire ♪
I want roses ♪
strewn at my feet ♪
Please don't.
Why not?
Moving in ♪
Because this is not who you are.
Moving out ♪
the current pulls me ♪
stay buoyant ♪
I tumble doing
deep-sea cartwheels ♪♪
[Cell phone ringing]
It's yours.
What do I say?
Just agree.
They want me to come in.
Well, we've got work to do.
You wanted to see me?
We're converging on Perez,
but we have a couple of options.
I'd like your input.
Of course.
I'll be right with you, sugar.
Ok, what's up?
I need you to run
something for me.
Yeah. What for?
I'm not sure.
Maybe a psychotropic
agent of some sort.
Something that could
interfere with memory.
Whose blood is it?
Does it matter?
Well, I gotta know
whose baseline to pull
so I can get a delta.
We don't have confirmation,
but there's a good chance
Perez is hiding out
in a private club
in luckenwalde, Germany.
How good?
The problem is
if he isn't there
and we go in,
we lose our advantage.
What's our advantage?
The deal. They'll know
we're onto the deal.
On the other hand,
if we don't pick up
Perez soon,
we'll have to rely
on our field ops
who are already on the seams
of their covers.
Those systems
will be untrackable
if we don't find Perez
in the next 18 hours.
We've got to make a choice.
What do you think we should do?
What do you mean?
are you all right?
I'm fine.
I'm just saying
this is not a subjective call.
We should let the computer
do an analysis.
Analysis? You mean a sim?
Yeah, a sim.
I did.
According to the numbers,
there's a 3 percent advantage
to going in.
3 percent.
Then we go in.
Ok. Put together your team.
[Whispering] Michael.
[Door closes]
What are you doing?
Securing the room.
Ok. Now we can talk.
What did operations say?
I can't do this, nikita.
They're going to find out.
I don't know what I'm doing.
Just do what I tell you.
But for how much longer?
Walter's gonna know something
when he analyzes the blood.
And if it's not the blood?
I can't
I can't go through with this.
Yes, you can.
No, I can't.
I've got to get out of here.
You'll never make it.
They'll find you.
How do you know?
Take a look around.
You told me
they were gonna
kill me anyway.
I got nothing to lose.
I do.
the mission is loading,
[Whispering] Ok.
Let's just get through this.
We'll figure something out.
[Door opening]
[Birds chirping]
[Brakes squeal]
Use this to communicate with me.
Stay on channel "c,"
I'll be the only one on it.
Just make sure you remember
to turn off your main unit
when you're talking to me.
Trust your instincts.
Thank you.
Mr. Bonniere,
welcome to the club.
Mr. Marquez speaks
highly of you.
If there's anything
you want at all, please ask.
Thank you.
Would you like anything
before you dine?
A massage?
A a game of bridge, perhaps?
What are you
waiting for, Michael?
Michael, start in the library.
Uh, the library.
I would like
to rest a while
What's he doing?
With an afternoon paper.
Right this way, Mr. Bonniere.
Michael, why aren't
you isolated?
[Whispering] What?
(Nikita) get rid of the host.
You're gonna have to go alone.
Why didn't you
tell me that earlier?
Tell you what earlier?
Michael, cut your
main transmitter.
The stem of your glasses, now.
I'm sorry, sir?
Tell him you'd
like some privacy.
Just ask where the library is.
No, I'm sorry.
It's it's been a busy day.
Just just tell me where it is.
Just up the stairs to the left.
Ok, at the end
of the hall, turn right.
Michael, turn
your main unit back on.
(Birkoff) Michael.
What? I'm here.
What are you doing?
I said, "turn right."
But he but he said
the library was on the left.
you're not going
to the library.
Perez would be in
one of the back rooms
to the right.
Everyone to 2nd Mark,
we're closing in.
It's it's locked.
What should I do?
Open it.
Michael, the "u" key,
it's in your jacket.
[Lock rattling]
How did you get in?
It was open.
this room is occupied.
Those are his men, Michael.
I'm looking for the library.
I don't know
where the library is.
Ask someone out there.
What's he waiting for?
Just shoot the damn guards,
What's going on?
It's him. Shoot him!
Abort surgical. Everyone in.
Take him.
Michael, it's me. Stay with me.
Stay with me.
(Bodyguard) how did you get in?
(Michael) it was open.
It's almost
as if he didn't
know what to do.
Or forgot.
After Perez gave us
the coordinates on
the delivery-system deal,
I pressed him about Michael.
Walter found traces
of some curious substances
at the site
of Michael's detainment.
What sort?
Limbic suppressors.
It's possible.
It would explain
the recent behavioral pattern
that you've been noticing.
If Michael's mind
has been tampered with,
how could that have escaped us?
He had some help.
How's he doing?
He'll be ok.
What did you find out?
Get this into his I.V. Bag
as soon as possible.
Does it work?
I don't know,
but we're running
out of time.
Madeline knows
something's going on.
How long does it take?
At least 8 hours.
It has to saturate.
Thanks, Walter.
Let me know.
Could you give us a minute?
[Machine beeping]
How did we do?
We did great.
How are you feeling?
Ok, I guess.
And they still don't know?
But they will if we don't
do something soon.
Is it gonna work?
I don't know.
Have I ever told you
that I love you?
Actually, no.
I do.
[Footsteps pattering]
Did you follow up on Michael?
Not yet. He's still too groggy.
What's the plan?
When he's strong enough,
we'll test him thoroughly.
Let them remain convinced
that they fooled us.
I thought you sent him
to Uzbekistan.
I changed my mind.
I took another look
at his panel.
He's still single source
in some areas.
Good for him.
I'm having Christopher
prepare coq au vin
a little later.
Would you like to join me?
Not tonight, thank you.
[Both chattering]
[Machine beeping]
How are you feeling?
I've been shot?
You were shot
on a mission yesterday
in luckenwalde, Germany.
No, we were in Amsterdam.
In a dance club.
You were trapped in a room.
I broke position. Then
Where's operations?
I need to debrief.
Something happened,
Michael. Um
You were grabbed in Amsterdam
and taken to Perez.
He did something to your memory.
You haven't been able
to remember who you were
for the last 3 days.
Do they know?
No. I protected you.
Thank you.
[Woman speaking French]
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