La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e12 Episode Script

Soul Sacrifice

Hello, nikita.
Your 6-month numbers
just came in.
What are they?
They tell us how effective
you've been on live missions.
I've been following
your progress
since you returned
to full status.
How am I doing?
How do you think you're doing?
I get the job done
more quickly than most,
but I do have
a more unorthodox approach.
Something which is frowned
upon by the section.
Not by the section.
By me.
If you were me,
what would you recommend
I do about that?
I'd give me some time off.
Say, the next 40 years.
That might not be possible.
I will not take action
against you.
I'm going to ask Michael
to keep a tighter rein on you.
Watch for weaknesses.
See if we can help you
eliminate them.
Eliminate them?
That'll be all.
[Woman speaking French]
It could have been a lot worse.
Yeah, I hate being
the first team on a hot op.
You can't keep me here,
I got people.
Take him to containment.
So, what do you do
on your downtime?
Nothing special. Live.
Want to get a bite to eat?
Yeah. Maybe sometime.
[All grunting]
Medical, we've a hostile
down in Van access.
I'm glad you came.
It's not very often
I get to hang out
with another operative.
What about Michael?
Don't you guys hang out?
Not really.
But there's a closeness, yeah?
There's, uh, a closeness.
I've been there.
Who with?
Just another op.
It was before you got here.
So what happened?
He was grabbed during a raid.
They were willing to trade him
for one of theirs
that we picked up,
but operations said no,
so they killed him.
God, it's only been 4 years,
it seems like a lifetime.
So you got a boyfriend now?
Oh, I wouldn't exactly
call him a boyfriend.
But he's ok.
Is that inside or out?
Always best to make friends
outside the section.
Not always.
We've got 2 hostages
on the 3rd floor
above a nightclub.
Birkoff has a full a & e
of the building
and the surrounding area.
We're on a 9-hour clock,
door to door.
I've downloaded the a & es
onto your panels.
What's the relative value
of hostage versus target?
They're both priorities.
We're dealing
with a rogue n.S.A. Agent:
Sullivan bates.
He's a former field op
who worked his way up
to regional strategist,
middle and near east.
He has 9 years
of sensitive intel.
And he wants to sell it.
What happened?
The agency found out about it
and was converging,
when things got out of hand.
Now they want us to clean it up.
Get on it.
Hi, Walter.
Oh, hi, sugar.
What you got?
Walter. Hmm?
What's wrong?
What do you mean?
Well, I haven't seen you
in over a week,
and I usually get
a little more from you.
What do you want?
A floor show
every time we meet?
I've never asked you
for anything, Michael.
Why can't you do this for me?
Birkoff and I will
coordinate from here.
You'll be
entering the building
on the northeast side.
Work your way through the club.
On the southeast corner,
you'll find a stairwell.
Go there and stand by.
♪♪[Music playing]
[People chattering]
(Bates) I don't understand you.
All you have to do
is talk to me,
I'll cut you down.
You can walk out of here.
We're in position, birkoff.
Do you have us?
Yeah. Be careful
crossing the room.
Bates has security on the floor.
All right,
this is the last time
I'm gonna ask.
Look at me.
Look at me.
The thing is, I know
someone from your department
has been tracking me.
Do you have anything to tell me?
There's one headed
right for you, Terry.
There's another one
right behind him.
The stairs are clean.
It's the first room at the top.
Kill them. Get it on tape.
Got it, birkoff?
There's a gun
on each hostage.
We'll need 2 on the interior.
Terry and snow.
What's their position?
Through the door on the left.
(Terry) will I have time?
They're about
to shoot a hostage.
Get off this channel and go.
Let's go.
What's the matter, Terry?
What's wrong?
I can't do it.
I can't go in there.
Nikita, get to your point
so they can go in.
(Michael) nikita, now.
Michael, I'm going
to take Terry's place.
She twisted her ankle
on the stairwell.
She's not mobile enough.
All right, nikita, go.
Tyler, cover egress.
Terry, back to transport.
[Gun firing]
he went through the window.
He's back in the club.
Team 2, tighten the perimeter.
What about the hostages?
Both dead.
(Michael) Status of target?
(Birkoff) Out of range.
Are you all right?
It was a stupid thing.
I'm sorry, Michael.
Snow, take her down to medical.
After you check in
I want to see you
in my office.
What happened?
We had a dropout
after the clock started.
She sprained her ankle
coming up stairs.
We were only one layer thin?
And bates?
We didn't get him.
Maybe I should
call n.S.A. Back
and tell them
we're as incompetent
as they are.
Find bates.
[Computer beeps]
Sit down.
Terry sprained her ankle.
Yes, that's right.
Why didn't she report?
I don't know.
Maybe she thought
she could shake it off.
Did you see it?
Not at first.
Why am I on trial here?
Why don't you just ask her?
I will.
Right now I'm asking you.
You and Terry
have recently become friends.
Is that right?
What's that supposed to mean?
Terry's a veteran operative.
One of our best.
To date,
she has never had an anomaly.
Good for her.
Are we done?
See you.
How's it feel?
Oh, it's fine.
Just a little swollen.
You did not want to go out
on that mission today.
I don't want to go out
on any of them.
What's going on, Terry?
I owe you a thanks,
not an explanation.
I-I'm pregnant.
(Nikita) So, who's the father?
It's just some guy
I see once in a while.
It's nothing serious.
Well, does he know?
What would be the point?
It's not as if
we could get married
and raise a family.
So what happens now?
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Well, this can't be
the first time
anyone's gotten pregnant
in the section.
No. No, it's not.
You know Caroline,
the redhead,
who works in comm.?
About 5 years
ago she had a baby.
Came back to work,
never talked about it.
Acted as if it never happened.
What about the baby?
Nobody knows.
Maybe they just found it
a good home.
Maybe something else.
All I know is
there's no daycare center
down there.
This is not a secret
you're going to be able
to keep for long.
Bates has lost his hostages,
but our source informed us
he still has
other deals in place
with his buyers.
What's bates selling?
Identities and locations
of undercover n.S.A. Agents.
They're involved
in something called
the plimpton project.
They'll Mark down his price.
The cost of having
to take the agents
down themselves. Birkoff?
When bates turned,
he formed a partnership
with a handful
of independent brokers.
They make his deals.
One of the brokers is ours.
Mick schtoppel
was brought in last year
when we took down ilya benko.
We forged
a relationship with him
and sent him back out.
He gets us to bates.
Smoke this down to here.
You'll be able to smell it
when the fuse is lit.
You've got 30 seconds
to get rid of it.
And the charge?
Contained, but significant.
Enough to set off an alarm?
Yeah. It'll work,
like I told you, ok?
Have you reviewed the profile?
I haven't completed the final.
I was on my way to systems
to do that now.
And what about Terry?
She's getting dressed.
And her ankle?
It's gonna be fine.
Is that all?
Can I see you over there?
What's wrong?
I know Terry.
She didn't just
sprain her ankle.
What's she hiding?
Nothing that I know of.
What did she talk to you about?
In systems.
Before last night's mission.
She seemed pretty upset.
She was,
but she didn't
want to tell me why.
I thought you might know.
If something's going on with her
that could compromise
her performance,
then you need to tell me.
What do you want
me to tell you, Michael?
I don't know what's going on.
If you doubt Terry,
then just pull her
off the mission.
If I pull her off,
she'll undergo
a complete reevaluation.
I'm asking you to tell me,
do I need to do that?
I don't think
that's necessary, no.
You are joking
with this outfit, right?
What's wrong with it?
Well, we're not going
to a section one disco party.
And these people
are sophisticated.
I mean, it's gonna
reflect badly on me.
Is that sophisticated
as in terrorist,
drug addict, or murderer?
Is there a little bit
of spandex there?
Knock it off, schtoppel.
What did I say? What did I say?
Let's go through it
one more time.
Right you are, team leader.
Once we've settled in,
I'll give you a signal.
Once the decoy is set,
you make your move
to the computer.
It's a brand-new designer drug.
It is so new it doesn't
even have a name yet.
You want some?
Look, the people
you're gonna meet tonight
are there to party.
If you're not,
they're gonna wonder
what you're doing there
in the first place.
Don't worry, schtoppel.
We'll be real party animals.
All right. Yeah, baby.
Have some?
♪♪[Music playing]
[People chattering]
Michael, start the sequence.
You know, what you were
saying earlier
was that Michael
might be getting some very
interesting weapons systems.
Excuse me. I'll be right back.
I'm gonna miss you, baby.
She's a juicy one, that one.
Can you just wait
for one minute for me,
and don't move.
I'll be right back.
Is there a bathroom back here?
2nd door.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh, excuse me. Do you know
where I can powder my nose?
In a minute. Someone's in there.
Oh, ok. Can I just, um,
wait here with you?
Fun party.
[Computer beeps]
(Terry) I'm in, birkoff.
Pull all the files
with the .jb extension.
Yeah. Anyway as
I was saying, you know,
the bloke said to me
the same thing.
I said, "you say that
one more time,
I'm going to kick your head in."
You know,
what choice did I have?
You know, he was looking me
straight in the face.
I said,
"I will kick your head in."
I mean, I did a lot of print
when I was in, uh, Spain.
But, uh, commercials,
that's what I really
want to do.
Have you been to Barcelona?
All right,
we have about 20 seconds.
Scroll it up.
You get it? It's all there.
Let's go.
I'm not going back.
What are you saying?
Look, I know they'll catch up
with me eventually.
But I can stay
hidden long enough
to have this baby
and make sure it's safe.
After that, I don't care.
Do you have it?
Where's Terry?
She's in the bathroom.
What's she doing in there?
She had to go.
What's going on?
Let's go.
Michael, please
don't call in.
You know what they'll do to her.
She ran because she's scared.
Of what?
She's having a baby.
Do not look at me, all right?
Just met the bird.
Just shut up, Mick.
please, she made a mistake.
Let's just bring her back in.
She's a good operative.
We can talk to her.
[Cell phone beeps]
Birkoff, give me
a 2-kilometer infrared
centered on the house.
Schtoppel made a run for it.
Good one.
(Michael) Turn left here.
There she is.
Let me go! Let me go,
Michael! Let me go!
Let me go, please.
Where are you gonna go?
You don't understand.
Nikita told me.
Terry, I'm sorry.
But I had to tell him.
I had no choice.
Does operations know?
Ahem, you've got
to inform section, Michael.
(Michael) Shut up, Mick.
No, the security implications
alone are staggering
Do you want me to debrief?
Get the disk to birkoff.
You do what you have to do.
It's your move.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
(Michael) Nikita.
So you lied to me
from the beginning.
Don't make this about loyalty
to the section, Michael.
Because it's not about that.
You withheld information
from me.
Yes, I did.
And until someone
can convince me
that that baby's
going to be safe,
I'll tell as many lies
as I have to
to protect it.
It's not doing anybody any good
for you to do Terry's bidding.
Especially not now.
Michael, please.
Do you think I'm gonna
be on my best behavior
so you can give operations
a glowing report?
You're a little off
on how much I value
my own life,
especially if I have to
live it here.
Hi, Walter. Do you know
where birkoff is?
How the hell should I know?
What's the matter?
Have I done
Have I done
something to upset you?
Could somebody
please send down
some 3-strand?
I've only asked for it twice.
Um, uh, birkoff
is probably in systems.
Here you go.
Thank you.
[Computer beeps]
Do you know
what's wrong with Walter?
His 3-year's coming up tomorrow.
What's that?
It's a review.
Never heard about that before.
You're still in the field.
It's for the older ops.
So what happens
if he doesn't pass?
Then he's done.
What do you mean?
He's cancelled?
No. They'd retire him.
What's wrong with that?
It's not exactly
the condo in palm Springs
kind of retirement.
What kind is it?
They don't tell us.
I've just heard rumors.
Something on level 8.
That's all I know.
[Knocking at door]
I'm heading out.
Anything else you need?
So, did you tell operations
about Terry?
So what happens now?
She'll have to tell him herself.
And if she doesn't,
what happens then?
I mean, what did you do
when Simone got pregnant?
She never was.
I thought that
You were mistaken.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have asked.
What we know so far is this:
Bates promised
to deliver intelligence
to his organization
in the form of 2 n.S.A. Agents.
we were unable
to intercept that play.
What we didn't know until now
is what specifically
red cell wanted
from the n.S.A. Agents.
The data we retrieved
from the party
gave us the answer.
Both agents were privy
to government codes.
Our friend, Mr. Schtoppel,
was able to contact bates.
He's meeting bates tomorrow
at 1500 hours.
Offering up the codes
in exchange for $5 million.
We'll take bates then.
Where are they meeting?
We won't know
for a couple of hours.
The mission profile
is being finalized.
Put together your team
and bring bates down.
Alive, if possible.
Of course.
Terry, what're you
doing here?
I work here.
Didn't Michael load the mission?
Yeah. He asked me
if I wanted to sit out,
I said no.
I'm getting an abortion.
Thought you said
you didn't want to do that.
Things change.
What's the most important day
of the week?
Important for what?
Just answer the question,
It's either Tuesday or Thursday.
Choose one.
Which would you
prefer to kill:
A cat or a monkey?
I don't know. I guess, uh
I'd probably say
(Birkoff) sir?
What is it?
They just reached
the rendezvous point.
And bates?
He thinks schtoppel
is delivering a rogue
n.S.A. Agent with intel.
Who's going in?
Terry, with Michael
posed as security.
Keep me posted.
I don't know.
I guess an eyeball.
Michael, you're clean for entry.
Hello, loves. Come in.
Finished, boys?
Come on. Mr. Bates is waiting.
Ok, all teams, they're in.
Start the sequence.
Good afternoon.
There's 6 out,
2 in, 4 primaries.
I'd like you to meet
a remarkable young lady,
Mr. Bates.
Not only does she have
level 4 clearance
at the agency,
but she's worked directly
on the plimpton project.
What about the security codes?
That's the best thing, you see
I don't need the codes.
I wrote the program.
You can log in as admin
and get whatever you need.
I mean, isn't that fantastic?
That'll be enough, Michael.
If I have to kill you
to save my baby, I'll do it.
You know I will.
(Birkoff) What's she doing?
Team 2, go to north egress.
I'm sorry, Michael.
There's been a little change
in the agenda.
He didn't have a choice.
The section doesn't care
about new life.
What was going
to happen to my baby?
What do you think
he's going to do?
After the baby's safe,
I'll tell him
whatever he wants to know.
I'm sure he'll kill me.
This is all very touching.
But it's time to go.
The deal was no one dies.
Well, I know, but
Then the deal's off.
Are we all happy now?
Yeah, sure.
Let's go.
Are you gonna kill me, Terry?
If I have to.
Put down the gun, bates.
Maybe you can make a deal.
I know all about the deals
section one makes.
Don't be such a cynic,
bates. I mean,
I was in a tight spot once
Shut up!
I don't need you alive, bates.
It wasn't supposed to be
this way.
I was just trying
to protect my baby.
Hey, sugar. How you doing?
Is this a gorgeous night
or what?
Hi, Walter.
Want to come in,
see my new nightscope?
Maybe some other time.
I'll be here.
Oh, I gather
the review went well.
They can't touch me.
How's the leg?
It's all right.
So what's going
to happen to Terry?
They'll have to wait
until the baby's born.
And the baby?
No one knows.
You know, I went
to see Terry this morning.
And I saw you leaving.
And you think I'm the father?
Are you?
[Woman speaking French]
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