La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e11 Episode Script

Psychic Pilgrim

[Dog barking]
Have I ever told you
how beautiful you are?
Not today.
Well, you are beautiful. Mmm.
Oh, no, you don't.
That's how you hurt your back
in the first place.
I should report you
for that kind of cruelty.
I know.
I know, I know.
I love you.
I love you, too.
[Woman speaking French]
Get me Mr. Armel, please.
(Woman) yes, sir.
[Speaking foreign language]
Yes, tonio?
it's the end of the 5th day.
Everything checks out.
I see no reason to wait.
That's good news. Set it up.
Yes, sir.
[Speaking foreign language]
10 months ago, Franz gerrin,
the leader of the first flag
terrorist group,
was sent to prison
for the air disaster
in the Bering straits.
Despite his imprisonment,
first flag continues
to cause disruption.
So their 2nd level
is filling in?
There is no 2nd level.
Every order
comes from gerrin.
Which means he's operating
from inside prison.
The only outsider
allowed to visit him
is this man here, joaquim armel.
Armel is gerrin's attorney.
So far,
our intel has turned up
nothing hard on armel,
but he must be the conduit
for gerrin's directives.
There's evidence
of an upcoming attack.
We don't know where or when.
Our only lead is armel.
(Stillman) Is he exposed?
Yes, but we can't
risk a direct assault.
His files will be protected.
And we have to get to them
without his knowing.
He has vulnerability.
[Doorbell ringing]
My name is joaquim armel,
and I'd like you to help me.
Help you do what?
Contact my son.
I've come a long way.
Just a moment.
He was hit by a car
10 months ago.
He died instantly.
I'm sorry.
We had an argument that morning
over what he was wearing
to school.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
We were best friends.
He was my life.
He was everything I had.
And he died
thinking I was mad at him.
I need to let him know
how sorry I am.
How much I love him.
I'm very sorry, Mr. Armel,
but there's nothing
that I can do.
Perhaps a grief counselor
could help you
with your loss.
I'm sorry.
Maybe we
What happened?
We made contact.
Armel came to the house.
Nikita followed the script.
She refused his request.
What was his reaction?
He just left.
He'll use force.
Tell Michael to prepare.
Does Madeline have this?
Why not?
Can't get through to her.
Is something wrong?
My mother's dying.
I didn't know you still
followed her progress.
It started again last fall.
There was something in the air.
A scent. Burning leaves.
It took me back
to when I was a child.
I couldn't help it.
Is she being properly cared for?
She's comfortable.
Is there anything more
we can do for her?
Not for her, for me.
I'd like to see her.
She's senile and has no one.
There's no risk.
You know I would do anything
to help you, Madeline.
Even break policy.
But not this one.
It was wrong of me to ask.
Is there anything else?
I'll be there in about,
let's see, 3-quarters
of an hour, ok?
See you. Yeah.
It smells wonderful.
Mmm, just some brioche.
I like that tie.
[Door opening]
Who's there?
(Michael) What do you guys want?
Don't shoot. Please don't shoot.
We'll give you
anything you want.
Please don't hurt us.
Where are you taking us?
Sir, they've been taken.
They're at the house.
I am sorry
it had to be done this way.
I have no intention
of hurting either one of you.
Then why don't you
just let us go?
After I speak to my son.
You were born
with certain abilities.
But your father
never respected this gift.
What it took out of you.
He sold it like a commodity:
Circuses, police departments,
whoever paid.
That's why you ran away.
That's why you don't
do it anymore.
It nearly killed her.
That's why she doesn't
do it anymore.
Can you help me, nikita?
Please don't ask me to do this.
Have you ever lost
someone you loved?
I can't bear it.
It's an emptiness so deep,
sometimes I think
I'd rather be dead.
Please, could you
at least just try?
Where did he live?
Nikita, no.
I'll be careful.
Here, in this house.
It'll be all right. I promise.
Show me.
Thank you.
His mother died
during childbirth.
I raised him alone.
He was born on December 28.
Does that matter?
I don't know
anything about astrology.
Can I tell you
something about him
that can help?
That's his bedroom.
He had dozens of those games,
until he lost interest
a couple of years ago.
He had trouble sleeping
when you went away.
Went away?
To Lisbon.
That's 5 years ago.
It was the first time
you left him alone.
He never told you.
He didn't want you
to worry about him.
You brought him something back.
You gave him this.
"To my little artist.
I love you
with all my heart. Dad."
We used to make this joke
about the real little artist:
They were going to wear
matching lautrec costumes.
Matching lautrec costumes
on mardi gras.
That's right.
We were planning
a masquerade party.
He died 2 weeks before.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I feel
I'm sorry, I was dizzy.
I'm sorry.
You can do this, can't you?
You can talk to him.
Then do it.
Not now.
When? Soon.
A day or 2.
No, do it now.
I want to talk to him now.
That's not how it works.
I need time to prepare.
It takes strength.
Nonsense! You can do it.
You broke into my home!
You kidnapped me and my husband.
I've given you more
than I thought I had.
(Birkoff) She's transmitting.
Triangulate her position.
Give me a delta
to the target room.
Run infrared and microwave.
I want to link this
directly to the mainframe.
We're in the house.
(Nikita) are you hungry?
Can I fix you something to eat?
No, I'm fine.
Ok, we're rolling.
Yeah, they're watching
our feed. They think
you're in the house.
Come back in.
how did birkoff know so much
about armel's son?
From his intel.
And how about mardi gras?
Armel said nobody else knew
about that.
It was their little secret.
But how is birkoff
processing the answers
so quickly?
He was feeding me responses
quicker than real time.
Here's the picture
we've been able to
construct so far.
You were in Louis's bedroom,
right here.
His router
is right behind this wall.
I was able to
pick up fragments
of his transmissions.
There's definitely
something in the works,
but the details are encoded.
In order to break the code,
we need you to get in here.
The encryption key
is in a console in this room.
The sensitivity
on our scanners
isn't good enough.
We're going
to have to get in there.
Michael, work it out
with your mission profiler.
You and nikita
go back in tomorrow.
When do we have to get back
in the house?
The tape runs another 5 hours.
how's things in the suburbs?
Yeah, we all remember normal.
Ok, this is your gear
for tonight.
It's just comm. Equipment.
You can have your weapons now,
or you can pick 'em up
on-site tomorrow.
How much is there?
Let me check.
I've been meaning to ask you.
Did you choose me
for this assignment?
Or was it Madeline?
I did.
I thought it would
be an opportunity
for you to improve
your field mechanics.
Is that the only reason?
What's the other reason?
Do you want silencers?
As you were saying?
We're convincing
as 2 people in love.
There are 7 pieces.
Total weight, 47 kilograms.
What do you want to do?
I'll get it tomorrow.
How's birkoff's feed?
Is it clear?
It's fine.
I know this is
a difficult mission.
After all,
a man has lost his son
and we're exploiting that.
How did he die?
He got hit by a car.
An accident?
The answer to the question
you're really asking is:
No, section didn't kill him.
By the way,
armel is still watching you.
He has to remain convinced that
you and Michael
are husband and wife.
Why, is there something wrong?
The average couple
who have been
married under 5 years
have intimate relations
at least twice a week.
Also, I would suggest
a small argument.
Perhaps about finances
or in-laws.
Nikita, stand by.
Ok, they're watching
the live feed now.
It's all yours.
How is it going?
Nothing new.
I was with gerrin
this afternoon.
He wants to know
when we are going
to hit the embassy.
They closed it down.
It's empty right now.
Then get them in their homes.
You never told me
you had a meeting today.
I postponed it.
Why? I thought it was
your biggest account.
I can't
concentrate on anything
until we're past all this.
Don't worry.
It'll be ok. I promise.
As long as I've got you,
I can make it.
You should get some rest.
You must be exhausted.
Not really.
I mean,
I don't know if I'm gonna
be able to sleep unless
If you need to relax tonight
You're up early.
I didn't sleep well.
Is everything ok?
[Whispers] Yeah.
What's wrong?
It was a mistake.
What you're doing for armel
is going to hurt you.
You can't expect me
to support that.
I never expected your support.
But I do expect your love.
What's our status?
They've just left the house.
The profile?
Support is standing by.
Is she ok?
Why do you ask?
She seems out of it lately.
If I didn't know her better,
I'd think she was almost
Let me know when we're underway.
Why didn't Michael come
with you?
My connection with Michael
is too strong.
Before I can reach Louis,
I must disengage
from everything familiar.
Can I get you anything?
No. Let's start.
Wait. Did they know Louis?
Have them stay.
Close the blinds.
Turn out the lights.
All of them.
Throughout the house?
Any e.M.F. Will interfere.
[Phone ringing]
Yes, sir?
Tonio, shut off all
the primary circuits.
Give me your hands.
What's oak park hill?
Oak park hill?
Louis and I
went sledding there once.
It was many years ago.
What happened there?
I don't know.
Here, boy, over here.
That's right.
It was a terrier.
Louis called him
from across the street,
and when he came,
a car hit him.
Where are they
taking him, daddy?
Where are they taking him?
He's dead.
It's my fault, isn't it?
No. No.
I'm all right now, daddy.
I'm all right now.
Louis, are you there?
Yes, I'm here.
In this room? Can you see me?
I know where you are.
How can I know
that's really you?
When we visited mom
last year at the cemetery,
we did something different.
After you put flowers
on her gravesite,
you found 3 rocks.
We put them on, too.
You said that
that was us,
and we'd be together
always, like rocks.
Louis, I miss you so much.
Please forgive me.
Nikita, we can't get it yet.
His security system
is still armed.
You've got to get him
to turn it off.
What's wrong?
He's gone.
What do you mean, he's gone?
I don't know. Why?
Something's interfering.
There's a power source
still switched on.
It's causing
an electromagnetic force,
which is drowning him out.
I can't shut that down.
Can you do this somewhere else?
Tonio, shut down
the security system.
The security system?
Just do it.
You got it, nikita.
Keep him busy
another 12 minutes.
Michael, you're clear. Go.
It's all right, daddy.
It's all right.
I don't want you
to worry about me.
There's so many things
I want you to know.
So many things left to say.
Oh, god.
Don't cry, daddy.
I didn't have time
to get everything,
but I think the critical files
are there.
I'll check them out.
Did you upload your panel?
Not yet.
Do it now and then debrief.
All right.
I'll meet you up there.
Hey, Walter.
Hey, how you doing, sugar?
Do you know
where they keep
the buffered hostiles?
Level 5.
Why? Who are you looking for?
No one in particular.
Just curious.
He's been treated fairly.
(Nikita) He's done nothing.
You faked
an innocent boy's death
to get to his father.
Who is not innocent.
So what are you
gonna do with him
when you're done?
That hasn't been decided.
But if I have to
sacrifice him, I will.
Armel is now
the de facto leader
of a terrorist network.
He's been responsible
for bombings
and assassinations.
One incident alone
claimed the lives
of over 200 civilians.
As you know,
sometimes you make
very hard choices.
I'm not gonna have this
ready for an hour.
That's not why I came.
I made a decision.
I'm not sure it's the right one.
What are you talking about?
You can go see her anytime.
[Door closes]
Hello, mother.
I've been thinking
a lot about you lately.
About us.
You don't know who I am, do you?
I didn't think so.
After Sarah died,
I made a choice.
Of course, I didn't realize
it was a choice at the time,
but it was.
I chose to be
the person you saw,
the girl who killed her sister.
I still can't say
for sure what happened
on the landing that day.
Maybe it was an accident,
maybe it wasn't.
When I heard you were dying,
it occurred to me
that maybe you never
blamed me for Sarah's death.
That you loved me all along.
If that's true,
then I've created my own hell
and have lived in it ever since.
I hope it is true.
Goodbye, mother.
Sarah, is that you?
Yes, mother, it's me.
[Door closes]
The intel we got
from the house checks out.
They were going after
embassy members in Panama.
Have we intercepted? Yes.
Does armel know this?
Not yet.
Pick him up.
Gerrin wants to step up
the frequency of the bombings.
We are still not
on the front pages.
So, gentlemen,
the red circles represent
where the hits will be.
[Bomb explodes]
[Men yelling]
Don't get down.
What the hell is this?
Yes, me.
That's everything.
That's all I know.
Good. Then we're done.
Take him to disposal.
What about Louis?
What about him?
Can't armel see him?
What purpose would that serve?
Probably none.
Armel's peace of mind
means nothing to us.
It would help mine.
You deserve
what you're about to get,
but I thought you should know
your son was never harmed.
You were a good enough father
to spare him from knowing
who you really are.
So that's why
I'm giving you this.
I wanted you to know he'd be ok.
I see I have a meeting
with section 4
this afternoon.
They want to go over
the recruitment numbers
with you.
Has birkoff prepared the file?
He'll have it in an hour.
What do you want to do
about Louis armel?
Louis armel
Oh, yes, the young boy.
What's our exposure
if we release him?
If you want to do that,
I'd recommend
some memory modification.
Is he of any use to us?
We considered that,
but it wouldn't work.
Let's do the modification,
then let him go.
But keep him monitored.
By the way, I never thanked you.
Did it help, seeing her?
No. You were right.
I think you should
take some time off.
Maybe a couple of days.
I see we had a nice result
in Hong Kong.
Did you finish your debrief?
Yes, it's done.
Was it difficult for you?
The debrief?
No, the mission.
At the time, no.
And now?
Well, that sort of depends
upon you.
How do you feel about it?
Well, maybe I can help.
We could talk about it.
I'd love to,
but what you need to hear
I can't tell you yet.
You know a lot about me,
nikita, but not everything.
There are things
that have to remain hidden.
It has nothing to do
with how I feel about you.
[Woman speaking French]
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