La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e10 Episode Script

First Mission

We're stretched
as thin as it is, George.
Use the agency.
I know, but they'll have to do.
The premier's on line 3.
George, I'll get back to you.
White house on line 2.
Yes, sir.
Are you sure?
Michael, norwood says
we've lost the entire
South African team.
I want a full report
before midnight.
Full report
on Michael's desk,
We need a team leader
for the stark operation.
We're tapped out.
Dual request, highest levels.
We'll reassign kozak.
We're still short.
Grecko, when he returns
from South Africa.
Grecko's not coming back.
Check contingency.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
You'll be leading a mission.
Assess, plan,
prep, field command.
It's 3 years ahead
of the usual curve,
but it can't be helped.
You'll learn as you go.
We'll give you what help we can,
but in the end
you'll be judged
by the same standards
as everyone else.
You understand
this is a level
of responsibility
beyond anything
you've experienced before.
I can handle it.
(Operations) It's no secret
you tend to take
your own approach to things.
On some occasions
it may even work.
This is not one of them.
Do things by the book.
They are for a reason.
A man named Peter stark
has been buying
spent fuel rods
from reactors in Eastern Europe.
We want to know
his methods
and sources,
so take him alive.
I need a mission profile
by 7:00 tomorrow morning.
Staffing. Logistics.
Probabilities. Contingencies.
You'll have it.
That's all.
She has no idea
what she's getting into.
I'm not sure she's ready.
She'll have to be.
[Woman speaking French]
This is stark's compound
in the Ukraine.
Cameras, motion detectors,
pressure sensors
built in the wall.
A direct assault
may not be the answer.
Check his movements
over the next 48 hours.
How are you holding up?
There's a lot to do.
Need help?
No thanks. I'll I'll manage.
Have you picked your team yet?
I was just about to.
Taylor, mentz,
Wasn't that vizcano
you were just talking to
a minute ago?
Is she assigned to your team?
No, she's available.
She's got experience.
I'll take her.
I have a first cut
at stark's itinerary.
I'll refine it later.
Great. Here.
Assemble the team,
uh, have them meet me
outside systems in an hour.
Got it.
Why what?
Why assemble the team?
Give them a chance to meet.
Understand what's going on.
That's a mistake.
Tell them only
what they need to know.
Establish dominance.
In other words,
treat them like animals.
Animals with guns.
The plan
hasn't been finalized,
but we expect heavy action,
so arm accordingly.
Briefing's in 30 minutes.
Problem, vizcano?
The briefing's in 30 minutes
and the plan's not finalized?
The time frame's
very tight.
It can't be helped.
The point is,
if we all do our jobs,
we can accomplish the mission
and come back alive.
But we must work together. Ok?
That was beautiful.
Excuse me while I go
find a handkerchief.
Nikita's mission plan?
Yes, I thought
you should see it
before the briefing.
How's she doing?
She doesn't take advice.
It's risky, promoting her early.
You were promoted early.
That was different.
Yes, there aren't many like you.
Vizcano's on the team?
That's right.
How much does
nikita know about her?
Not much.
Peter stark. A minor player
in the arms trade,
But with a rapidly
increasing profile.
He's moving a shipment
from storage to a sale point.
You'll intercept
and acquire him alive.
(Vizcano) Uh, excuse me.
We don't have a point of sale?
Not a precise one.
Is that, uh, an intel failure?
the time constraints, no.
Making an acquisition
in transit is obviously
a mistake.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Quiet, both of you.
The mission is set.
It'll be carried out
as profiled.
All set?
All set.
Did you have a chance
to look over
the mission profile?
(Michael) Yes.
What did you think?
It doesn't matter what I think.
We'll hit the target site
in 75 minutes.
You've all seen
the topo maps.
I need the red team
Vizcano, pay attention.
[Continues whispering]
You'll cover southern egress,
and then take out the driver.
Mentz, Taylor, delay.
Engage on command.
Target's in sight.
Take out the driver.
There's a 2nd truck.
Proceed as planned.
This is outside
mission parameters.
We should abort.
Take out the driver. Now.
(Vizcano) target out of range.
Ok. Taylor and mentz,
it's up to you.
Go. Now.
[Guns firing]
[Glass shattering]
[Gun firing]
[Tires screeching]
Birkoff, target's heading east.
We need fallbacks.
I'm on it.
[Explosive rumbling]
A hostile force
was eliminated,
but the target escaped.
Reason for the failure?
The assault was
poorly coordinated.
Obviously. I'm asking why.
I take full responsibility.
It won't happen again.
According to the mission tapes,
vizcano disobeyed
a direct order.
She substituted
her judgment
for the mission profile.
Do you recommend abeyance?
Why not?
Because I don't think
an operative should be
cancelled for one mistake.
If you've read her jacket,
you know it's not
the first time.
You say you take responsibility,
but the truth is
you're avoiding it.
A bad operative
is worse than none.
It is possible that
the profile was flawed.
You questioned it yourself.
Once a profile is activated,
there are
no unauthorized deviations.
I won't order
a cold-blooded murder.
Even if she'd be
happy ordering yours?
That's right.
This is not
a scout troop, nikita.
There are no merit badges
for fair play.
Like I said,
I'll take responsibility,
whatever it is.
Yes, you will.
That'll be all.
Since the attack,
stark has burrowed
under pretty deep.
There's no sign of him.
This is the most promising:
Rolf prager.
He's got at least 3 deals
in progress with stark,
he's bound to know where he is.
So we just grab prager.
Hopefully he can
help us find stark.
This is getting complicated.
That's what happens
when the prime mission fails.
What do you have on prager?
He's based here.
Looks like
an office building,
but security is tight.
Technology or personnel?
They have
an integral alarm system
that can't be deactivated.
It'll go off the moment
you breach the perimeters.
Ok. Pull it up, birkoff.
you can't afford
another failure.
I know.
And if vizcano's the problem,
maybe you should
get rid of her.
Did operations
put you up to this?
He didn't have to.
I saw vizcano's file.
I've seen it, too.
Not the personnel file,
the psych file.
Well, what about it?
She's in love with Michael.
She's fixated on him.
She tried to
kill herself last year.
You could have told me.
[Keyboard clacking]
About what?
You know what.
[Keyboard clacking stops]
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't think it was important.
Not important?
Suppose you knew,
what would you have done?
I'd have picked someone else.
That's why I didn't tell you.
The best thing
that can happen
to a team leader
is to have
a rebellious operative.
Because if you control
that operative,
you control the team.
That's why I chose you
for so many missions
early on.
Because if you
kept me in line,
the others would follow.
That's right.
Can I give you
a piece of advice?
Go ahead.
It's best to be ruthless.
But if you're not,
it's essential
to appear that way.
Is that your secret, Michael?
You just appear to be ruthless?
Hi, Walter.
Are the new scopes ready?
Just about.
How are you holding up?
All right.
Last mission didn't go too well.
Well, all that matters
is the final score.
You get the fuel rods,
all is forgiven.
And if I don't
get the fuel rods?
All won't be forgiven.
What do you think
they'll do to me?
They'll think of something.
Walter. Hmm?
What do you know about vizcano?
Vizcano or vizcano and Michael?
She tried to kill herself.
Some people say it was over him.
You don't think so?
I guess if someone wants to die,
one reason's as good as another.
Personally, being in love
always made me want to live.
But even if you knew
in the end you couldn't have
the one you loved?
I guess that all depends
on what you value more,
the journey or the destination.
Walter, sometimes I don't know
if you're incredibly wise
or just really full of crap.
I have the same problem myself.
Get out of here. Back to work.
We'll be on site in 90 minutes.
You've seen the schematics.
[Vizcano whispering]
The alarm will go off
The mission was planned
for 4, but if you'd rather
stay here,
we can get by with 3.
Are you coming or not?
I'm coming.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
When I talk,
everyone shuts up
and listens.
No one questions the plan
or any modifications I may make
during the course
of the mission.
Good. Let's roll.
(Vizcano on intercom)
Ok, we're going in.
Get out of here.
[Guns firing]
[Gun firing]
[Both grunting]
[Man groaning]
(Nikita) Prager, hold it.
Is he alive?
He better be.
Get him out of here gently.
He'll live, but
he's still unconscious.
He hit his head.
It couldn't be helped.
The mission tapes
indicate otherwise.
He was stopped.
Your attention
was diverted.
The lives of operatives
are secondary
to the success of the mission.
There was no need to choose.
You still don't understand
what you're dealing with,
do you?
You think
you're a lonely beacon
of decency in an insane world
or something like that.
Isn't that true?
The section isn't me,
or Madeline, or Michael.
It's bigger, deeper,
smarter than any of us.
You make it sound
like it's alive.
Oh, yes.
And we all walk
a narrow path
to keep it that way.
A path without feeling,
compassion, or hope.
We die so the section can live.
I can't accept that.
You have no choice, nikita.
No one does.
Especially me.
Do you understand?
I understand that you're
talking to me, for once.
You shouldn't have
done that for me today.
So I've been told.
So why did you do it?
Because you're one of us.
You're on the team.
Whichever way
you want to put it.
You're crazy.
Well, if that's
your way of thanking me,
you're welcome.
I've got a lot of work
to do, so
What's it like
to be loved by Michael?
I know I shouldn't ask.
I just can't help it.
I don't know.
I was alone,
confused, scared.
Well, you know
what it's like when you
first enter the section.
Michael seemed like a god.
He's not afraid of anything.
He knew me better
than I knew myself.
And even then,
I knew it was just
part of the drill.
Section wants you
to imprint someone
like like an animal.
You fell in love.
Sometimes I really thought
that he showed
signs of caring.
And other times,
it was obvious
that he didn't.
And just when I thought
that I was
making some progress,
you came along.
And that's when I lost it.
If you're smart,
you will stay just out of reach.
Michael doesn't need
a companion.
He needs a quest.
why don't you become his quest?
No, I had my chance.
It's too late.
I think I'll always love him.
May the best woman win.
Vizcano, there's no contest.
I'm not playing.
Where's Peter stark?
I don't know
anybody named Peter stark.
You got the wrong guy.
I'm just a businessman.
think of me as an executive
with a career crisis.
And I need your help.
I'm gonna break a bone a minute.
In 3 hours you'll be a rag doll,
except rag dolls
don't feel pain.
You will.
All right!
All right! I do know stark!
She's come a long way.
She's learning to stay focused.
I must admit
I had my doubts
about her original
mission plan.
It would have worked,
except for vizcano.
But it must be said
nikita still has one basic flaw.
Compassion, sympathy,
a tendency to care,
call it whatever you like.
It's holding her back.
I know.
With most operatives
self-preservation takes over,
compassion is
the first thing to go.
She's different.
Have you tried, Michael?
Really tried to
crush out her feelings, hm?
Of course.
You've succeeded
with so many others.
Why not her?
She's strong.
Is that the only reason?
Well, you'll have
to keep trying
until you succeed.
I understand.
As for vizcano,
install the appropriate
personnel configuration.
I have a meeting
with nikita
in a few minutes.
She'll fight it.
She'll accept it in the end.
She'll have to.
[Door closes]
Stark has a base
on the southern border
of Belarus. He's there now.
These are the coordinates.
Punch up the satellite intel.
Operations wants me
to help you
with the mission profile.
It's critical that
stark be taken alive.
I'm aware of that.
I don't need any help.
Got it. Level 2 security.
Someone has to backstop.
That's a deathtrap
in this setup.
Maybe, but it's necessary.
Well, then I'll do it.
You'll be running the mission.
Taylor and mentz
are the flush team.
It'll have to be vizcano.
He's right again, nikita.
I'll assemble the packets.
You came here to kill her.
I came here to make sure
the mission profile
is correct.
I took your advice, you know,
about pretending
to be ruthless.
But you don't pretend.
You like it.
She's a marginal performer.
She's lucky
she's not in abeyance.
birkoff says we're going live.
Yes, in an hour.
Maybe after the mission
we could go out for a drink.
What do you say?
Why not?
you'll make that date.
She won't die.
Not on my mission.
We're in position.
[Guns firing]
Vizcano, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
[Metal clanking]
Vizcano, coming your way.
[Man groaning]
[Guns firing]
Taylor, I need cover!
[Guns firing]
Mentz is hit. We're pinned.
[Gun cocking]
[Metal clanking]
[Gun firing]
[Vizcano groans]
(Stark) Where are you?
[Stark laughing]
(Stark) Come on.
I've, uh, I've got your friend.
[Gun cocking]
Stay back or I'll kill her.
Stay back.
(Nikita) Ok. It's over.
[Stark laughing]
It's over, stark.
Call your people off.
I want a chopper.
It can land on the roof.
They don't bargain.
Do you want me
to pull the trigger, huh?
Just let her go.
They'll take it easy on you.
They just want to talk.
If they wanted
you to be dead,
you'd be dead by now.
Ah, you gotta
take me alive. Oh! Ok.
Ah, you know what that tells me?
Nobody needs to get hurt.
Uh, no. Uh,
what that tells me is
I can do anything I want to,
I want to, I want to.
[gun cocking]
I want to.
(Nikita) No!
Let's not get rough now.
You gotta take me alive,
I changed my mind.
You can't kill me.
Watch me.
Wait. The fuel rods,
I can find them.
Shut up!
That's what this
is about, isn't it?
It has to be.
I can bring you to them,
because I know where they are.
All those innocent
people are gonna die.
That's what this is about,
isn't it? Isn't ti?
You're gonna go back
to section,
give us what we need.
But after that, you're mine.
[Laughs] You're mine.
Why didn't you
interrogate stark?
I had Taylor do it instead.
I didn't think I'd be
able to stay objective.
Then you made the right call.
I have a request.
After the interrogation
is completed,
I'd like to spend
a few moments
with stark alone
before he's cancelled.
The interrogation is concluded.
Where is he?
He's been released.
He has a number
of contacts which
will prove useful to us
especially in Eastern Europe.
Your desire to exact
some form of retribution
for vizcano's death is natural.
We all regret what happened.
But we can't be allowed
to love our friends
or hate our enemies.
Some day
you'll understand that
[Woman speaking French]
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