La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e09 Episode Script

Open Heart

[Door opening]
Dr. Kerlock,
you performed an operation
6 weeks ago.
I perform many operations.
This one was on behalf
of red cell.
I can't tell you anything.
They'll kill me.
So will we.
They held a gun to my head.
You were paid $50,000.
If I hadn't done it,
someone else would have.
Who was the patient?
A man.
Late 30s or 40s.
I didn't see them.
He was sheeted.
I saw very little.
Medium. Little body fat.
That's all I know. I swear.
I didn't want to die,
so I agreed.
To what?
He was paid by red cell
to place explosives
and a detonator
inside someone's abdomen.
They created a human time bomb.
A suicide mission?
No. The man doesn't know
it's inside of him.
Identity of the carrier?
Target? Unknown.
Time of detonation?
[Woman speaking French]
What do we know
about the explosive?
It's a plastique.
How powerful?
Kerlock said there's enough
to level a city block.
How long do we have?
They're using host enzymes
to break down the biotrigger,
half-life of 8 weeks.
The implant
was 6 weeks ago.
So we have 2 weeks at most
to locate the carrier
and identify the target.
I'm analyzing
kerlock's patient files
and using every
available intel source
to locate the target.
In the meantime,
we have one lead.
Jenna vogler,
one of red cell's
top foot soldiers.
According to our intel,
she was in the room
during the surgical procedure.
We need to bring her in.
Do we have a location?
She's in prison.
Red cell sometimes
funds itself
by dealing drugs.
She was arrested
at a border crossing
a month ago.
Will the local authorities
No. It's a hostile country.
And a direct assault
is out of the question
for political reasons,
which leaves us
with only one option.
[Speaking foreign language]
[Speaking foreign language]
[Woman weeping]
[Women chattering]
Hey, you!
I've got her, birkoff.
What do you think you're doin'?
You wanna be out here,
you gotta pay rent.
And if I don't?
You'll pay,
one way or the other.
All I got is this.
That'll do For a start.
I went through
kerlock's patient files.
Everyone is accounted for.
The carrier's records
must have been deleted.
Have we at least
identified the target?
We have a source
inside a red cell
splinter group.
He says
it's the United Nations
general assembly,
next Tuesday.
Should help us
limit the carrier pool.
I'm compiling
a preliminary database now.
Delegates, translators,
messengers, pages, waiters
Numbers, birkoff.
12,000 and counting.
I designed it for a mission
in the ural mountains.
It weighs 100 grams.
It has a receiver
that can pick up
f.m. Stations
as far away as Germany.
F.m. Is line of sight only.
I piggy-backed
off a d.O.D. Channel.
Doesn't that
breach section policy?
I'm a rebel.
Hey, Walter, operations wants
your report on the detonator.
That's ok. I gotta go anyway.
Uh, catch you later, belinda.
Haven't felt like this
in a long time.
And I think she might
feel the same way.
Walter, the report.
I i need your help.
Find out anything
you can about her.
Something I
wouldn't likely know.
Look, I'm really busy.
Her birthday's coming up.
I wanna get her
something really special.
Fine. Input your report.
Operations is waiting.
Chopper standing by.
You're clear to go.
Nikita, go.
[Woman crying]
I've been expecting you.
We have an anomaly.
20 hostiles, 2 vehicles.
Nikita, hold your position.
(Jenna) You got lucky today.
Don't let it go to your head.
This is my prison.
It's a pit. You can keep it.
What's the problem?
Military inspection.
Can we rearrange the tactical?
No. Insufficient personnel.
How do we proceed?
What do you want?
I want to be left alone.
it doesn't work that way.
You obey the rules
or you don't survive.
Your rules?
That's right.
Nikita, abort.
I make my own rules.
Then we have a problem.
No, you have a problem.
[Women chattering]
The military inspection
lasts a week.
We don't have a week.
Can we breach
during the inspection?
No. They have 25 troops
dispersed around the prison.
Review the prison schematic,
find another scenario.
[Woman crying]
I guess if you want me dead,
you'll just have to
do it yourself.
I did an infrared scan
of the prison
off satellite feeds.
It's built on top
of an ancient structure.
Over the centuries,
a system
of underground tunnels
have been built.
One or two paths lead
outside the prison walls.
How do we know
the passageways
aren't collapsed?
Color saturation
indicates structural density.
The blue line traces
a pathway through the maze.
It leads under the wall.
How stable are
the configurations?
There's no way to be certain.
But our options are limited.
the primary tunnel
runs directly under your feet.
It breaches the wall
11 meters north
of the southeast corner
at the first drainage grate.
Tunnel access?
Through the grate.
From there, it's 200 meters
to the exit point.
When's recon?
Tonight. Confirm the pathway.
What about Jenna?
I won't be able to
carry her all that way.
Scenario's changed.
You have to get her
to come willingly.
How am I going to do that?
Sorry, not my department.
One more thing.
Your comm won't transmit
that far below ground.
We'll get you a replacement.
Where's my client?
Through there.
Far side. Visitor's area.
The consulate sent me
to handle your case.
Please sign these.
We're trying to arrange bail.
How soon?
if all goes well tonight.
Are there any other
potential clients?
But we're not on
particularly friendly terms.
Maybe that can change.
That could be difficult.
I'm sure you can manage.
Until tomorrow.
I familiarized
nikita with the tunnels.
But she needs
to confirm accessibility.
If it checks out,
we go live tomorrow.
Did you get my stuff yet?
What stuff?
Belinda. Belinda.
I've been a little busy, Walter.
It's her birthday tomorrow.
I need to get her something
that she really likes.
Why don't you ask her?
You don't know
women very well, do you?
Right now?
Yeah, right now.
Let's see what we've got.
She plays the piano.
Is fluent in Czech and Russian.
Broke her leg when she was 12.
Got thrown from a horse.
Really? That's great stuff.
What else?
What is it?
Nothing. That was it.
Well, th-that's enough.
That's enough.
Horses, right? Horses.
I guess you know I missed you.
These belong to you.
Must be nice having
a business arrangement
with the guards.
Real nice.
How much do you pay them
to kill someone?
Depends. In your case,
2 packs of cigarettes.
How much would you pay
to be free?
I want to make you an offer.
I can get us out of here.
Underground tunnels.
Dozens of them.
One goes right under that wall.
There are no tunnels.
It's a rumor.
No. I can prove it.
Then you don't need me.
But you know the guards.
Their schedules, habits.
You can get us past the guards,
I can get us
through the tunnels.
Why trust me?
I tried to have you
killed this afternoon.
Only a lunatic
would pass on the chance
to get out of here.
You're a bitch.
But you're not crazy.
Who are you?
I run drugs.
I got caught. It happens.
I won't stay caught.
I knew if I got busted,
I'd end up here.
So I did my homework.
Those tunnels are real.
Bed check's at dawn.
We have about an hour's leave.
That's not enough time.
Let's find the way out tonight.
We can go tomorrow.
12 meters to your right.
(Jenna) Which way?
Take the far left tunnel,
then keep moving straight.
There's no tunnels.
There's just walls.
It has to be there.
Well, it's not.
Not what?
Not what I'd expected.
Nikita, kick the wall.
Hold that. Stand back.
Got it.
That's it. Ok.
I'd say this is it.
You were right.
Let's get back.
(Guard) Who's there?
Stay there and be quiet.
What are you doing here?
Who was with you?
I heard voices.
Who was with you?
I told you, no one.
Get the water.
It's ok.
Thank you.
Open it.
Oh, this is awesome.
An i440.
First off the line,
and you can retrain the array
as much as you want.
Oh, wow, thanks.
No. No. Thank you.
For what?
Things went great last night.
I gave her this
little rocking horse
jewelry box and she loved it.
I couldn't have done it
without you.
Speak of the devil's mistress.
There you are.
Hi, birkoff.
What's up?
Nothing. I just stopped by
to say hello.
Ok. I'll see you in a minute.
I'm running a list
of possible carriers now.
I have it narrowed down to 125.
I want to upgrade
another mission.
The one we're
running in Kazakhstan.
I'll pull the file.
The profile calls
for an abeyance team of 5.
They'll draw fire,
while the primary team
carries out the mission.
Send the abeyance ops
to Walter to get
their inventory.
What's the survival likelihood
of the abeyance team?
You talk in your sleep.
Who's Michael?
My brother.
I thought he might
be your boyfriend.
Not, uh, not likely.
these might scar.
Too early to tell.
I want to go with you tonight.
But I need to be sure.
People who endure pain
do it for a reason.
What's yours?
I want to get out of here.
What happens when we get out?
We'll cross the border
as soon as we can.
That's not what I meant.
Anything's possible.
I'm sending the tactical now.
I have it.
Michael, they've
almost reached egress.
(Michael) location?
50 meters north.
We're on our way.
We made it.
[Helicopter whirring]
What the hell is this?
(Man) Come with me.
8 weeks ago,
you were present
at a surgical procedure.
A human being was turned
into a walking time bomb.
The target is the United Nations
within the next 4 hours.
Who's the carrier?
We will break you.
(Birkoff) Initiating sequence.
There are 21
potential carriers
we haven't eliminated.
We'll show her
visuals of each candidate.
If there's recognition,
we'll see it.
Blood pressure, steady.
E.K.G., steady.
Cortex fluctuation, steady.
She might as well
be looking at a blank wall.
That's it. She gave us nothing.
Play it again.
It's pointless.
She's too controlled.
Maybe I could change that.
Get her out of that.
[Door shuts]
Thank you.
I can help you.
Jenna, look at me.
You're going to die,
we both know that.
I can make sure
it's over quickly.
I don't really want
to see you suffer.
Tell me the truth.
Did you feel anything at all?
Not contempt.
I don't know.
Say it.
Say you loved me.
I loved you.
You're a whore.
[Door opening]
[Door shutting]
Have her taken
to the white room.
Use neuro-shock.
Then rerun the sequence.
I checked it 10 times.
She really is a machine.
(Woman) come with us.
What's this blip?
Nothing. It's post-sequence.
What was she looking at?
A blank screen.
Run the last part
of the sequence again.
She was looking at herself.
The blip came
because she was looking
at her own reflection.
Birkoff, the carrier
would have a scar
from the operation.
What would it look like?
5 centimeters long,
left side, below the rib cage.
Get her to containment, now.
Uh-oh, let's get
out of here quick.
You can't protect her forever.
Or him.
What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
We know you tampered
with her abeyance record.
Don't start
thinking with your heart.
You're too valuable to us.
How much time does she have?
Not long.
I thought I was
manipulating her.
She obviously wanted
to be brought back here
the whole time.
Our intel was faulty
from the start,
planted by red cell
to divert our attention
from the real target:
The doctor lied when he said
the carrier was a man.
The assignment you were given,
you carried out well.
The blame lies elsewhere.
Good work.
[Bomb exploding]
[Woman speaking French]
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