La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e08 Episode Script

Darkness Visible

the situation in the Balkans
is deteriorating rapidly.
The loss of life is staggering.
The destabilized rebel force
is in the process
of a violent and comprehensive
ethnic cleansing.
Now, we have been given the task
of cutting off
one of their pipelines
to the international
arms community.
The man you picked up
at the warehouse
has given us the identity
of the primary buyer
inside the rebel faction.
Radovan Luca.
Luca was once the head
of his government's
secret police.
He is now awaiting the arrival
of a significant
cache of weapons.
If the deal is consummated,
it's going to be
nearly impossible to prevent
the government from falling.
How much reconnaissance
has been done so far?
Not enough.
The country is in chaos.
Half of our contacts
have been killed.
The c.I.A. Is
evacuating their people.
Take out Luca. Stop the deal.
[Woman speaking French]
Why does birkoff think Luca's
gonna be at this place?
An in-country source.
Luca's been leading raids
through the villages
in that area.
So we're just gonna show up
and grab him?
If he's there, people will know.
Next crossing, take a right.
[All chattering]
[Woman crying]
We have no need
for medical relief workers.
Some people need attention.
Get out of the truck.
[Woman crying]
[Gun firing]
[Gun firing]
[Woman wails]
Your papers are not in order.
We're taking the Jeep.
I can't let you do that.
Let's go.
What's our configuration?
We have 5 2-man cells
approaching possible locations
on Luca.
None have reported back yet.
Let me know.
How late do you think
we'll be working tonight?
It depends on what comes in.
I don't care how tired you are.
I am not taking a rain check.
we have an unconfirmed report
that Luca was seen
near a farmhouse in the area.
We're checking it out.
Michael, it's just a boy.
It's ok,
we're not gonna hurt you.
We can help you.
We're looking for someone.
Maybe you can help us.
Please. Look, we can help you.
We can give you
a ride somewhere.
Are you hungry?
We've got some food.
Are you with the others?
No, we're not.
You're soldiers.
No, we're fighting the soldiers.
What's your name?
Are you cold, Sasha?
(Peter) Yes.
(Nikita) Is that better?
What did they do
after they grabbed
your parents?
They just left.
And where were you and Sasha?
We were hiding.
Have you ever seen one of these?
Is this the man
who took your parents?
Do you know where they went?
To the train yards.
That's where they take everyone.
Where are the train yards?
I've just heard about them.
Nikita, let's go.
We have a location.
What about Peter and Sasha?
They told us
everything they know.
We can't leave them here alone.
We have to take them
somewhere, Michael.
He said Luca took them
to the train yards.
that's all he said,
train yards?
That's it.
I've got dozens of locations
that could be classified
as train yards in that region.
It's probably a detention camp.
Check out a man
named Vincent vukovich.
You're not far from him.
He's c.I.A.
If he's alive
and in the country,
he'll be able to help you.
I'm attaching the address.
How's it going?
I'm not getting
out of here tonight.
Most of the teams
haven't even checked in.
Mmm, you're no fun.
Come on, let's go
to the white room.
There's no one around.
They can hear you.
Team 6, you're getting close
to the border.
Move to "b" channel.
All right. Be that way.
I'll just be
that much harder on you
when we get together.
See you later.
Gail, you're still online.
This is it. Vukovich's office.
I'll stay here with them.
No. There's a refugee camp
a block back.
Take them there.
We'll meet back here.
[People chattering over c.B.]
Clearance code k357.
I'm section one.
Did you bring transport?
I'm not here for the evacuation.
These people
helped us for years.
They fed us information,
risked their lives.
We promised them
if the day ever came,
we would get them out.
[Static crackling]
we are going to die if you
do not get us out of here!
[Women chattering]
It's been like this for 3 days.
Everyone else is gone.
I'm looking for Luca.
hello? Please,
is there anybody there?
Can anybody help us?
Where are the train yards?
Train yards.
Just north of the mines.
You can't miss it.
Just follow the smell.
hello, is there anybody there
who can help us?
We do not have much time.
There's a family in that area.
Do you have room?
I'm sorry.
(Man) please, come save us.
Hello? Hello?
[Woman crying]
We have children here. Please.
Please, we have children.
What is this?
I couldn't leave them there.
It wasn't safe.
This is not a game.
We're not playing house.
Get rid of them now.
You get rid of them.
Come on, let's go.
It was a mistake
to bring them.
Hey, what do you need?
I wanted to get
the include files
on that filter simulator.
Why didn't you
just download 'em?
Walter, I need your help.
I don't know what to do.
About what?
Well, you've come
to the right place.
She's using
the section computer to steal.
She walked away
She walked away from her system
without logging off last night.
The modification dates
on some files
didn't look right.
So I checked it out.
She's funneling money
out of terrorist accounts
that we're monitoring.
What do I do?
You think you have options?
You know what they'll do to her.
I'm sorry, birkoff.
Oh, poor baby. Have you
been up all night?
[Brakes screeching]
What now?
We wait.
I want you guys to lay down
in the other room, ok?
[Cell phone ringing]
Ok. Thanks.
Birkoff just heard from team 2.
Luca's vehicle was spotted
heading this way.
Why didn't they take him out?
The transmission went dead.
Birkoff thinks it's a land mine.
How far?
2 kilometers.
Let's get in position.
Peter, listen to me carefully.
This is very important.
If you want to see
your parents again,
you have to stay here
and take care of your sister.
Do you understand? Yeah.
Birkoff, we're here.
Any sign of Luca?
(Michael) not yet.
Did you patch this location
to the other teams?
Yeah, they're on their way.
Peter! No.
They will hear you.
Mama, papa!
[Peter grunts]
I know you want
to see your parents.
You'll have to be smart, Peter.
This must be Luca.
Stay alert.
I'm in position.
If you get a shot,
wait till they're
stopped at the gate.
It'll give me
time to back you up.
Got it.
[All chattering]
Michael, there's 2 guards
heading towards Peter and Sasha.
What should I do?
Forget it, nikita. He's here.
He's on your side. Take him.
[All chattering]
[Peter groaning]
Her name's Sasha.
Leave us alone!
Nikita, what are you
waiting for? Shoot now.
(Peter) No!
[Tires screeching]
[Both chattering]
This is for your mama,
and that is for your papa.
When are we going back
to the train yards?
We have to wait.
For what?
Others are coming to help us.
Help us
or help you?
We'll do what we can, Peter.
I don't believe you.
As soon as you
get what you want,
you'll get out of here.
Why would anyone
want to stick around here
a second longer
than they had to?
What is it? I'm busy.
I'm sorry. I'll come back.
Sit down.
The new keyboards
are really ergonomic.
Thanks for
getting them approved.
I've got a coup attempt
in the Balkans,
a missing warhead
in Eastern Europe,
and a hostage situation
in the azores.
Is there something
about these keyboards
you feel will
assist me in any way
in these operations?
Gail is stealing money.
How do you know?
She's using our
encryption programs
to do it.
I think if you just
confronted her with it,
she'd stop doing it.
She's one of my best analysts.
Not one of my best, my best.
We don't have to make
a big deal of this.
But it is a big deal.
Otherwise why would you turn in
a woman you're having
intimate relations with?
What are you going to do to her?
I'm gonna take care of it.
I'm sure if you spoke to her
she would not do it again.
This must have been
a difficult decision for you.
How long before we move?
As soon as they're done
with the tactical.
The teams are in place.
When does Luca's
arms deal go down?
8 hours.
So what about them?
You think we can get them
across the border?
But they won't want
to leave their parents.
Well, I mean, if there's time,
we should try
and get them all out.
There won't be time.
[Cell phone ringing]
They're ready.
Birkoff, we have visual.
Teams 3 and 4, you're on.
[Tires screeching]
[Both yelling]
It's ok. I'm not here
to hurt you.
They're in.
Oh, I didn't have a chance
to finish that program
last night,
so I thought I'd do it now.
Is that ok?
What's wrong?
That's fine.
Is everything ok?
Sure. Why shouldn't it be?
No reason.
I'll be right back.
I've been expecting you.
I don't understand.
We're not going to cancel Gail.
You're not?
We've known about her
extra-curricular activities
for some time now.
It's what brought her
to our attention
in the first place.
What about the money?
Those accounts don't exist.
We create them
for the sole purpose
of satisfying her habit.
Her habit?
After an extensive profile,
we came to the conclusion
that stealing
is something she'll never
be able to give up.
So we allow it.
It keeps her productive.
How long can this go on?
She doesn't want
to spend the money.
She just wants to steal it.
Anything else, birkoff?
By the way,
it took you
longer to discover this
than we expected.
Keep your people closer.
Line up.
[People chattering]
[Man yelling]
Is that Luca?
Hey, what is this?
[Man yelling]
[All clamoring]
Don't kill me.
I give you information:
Troop movements,
location of weapons stockpile,
identities of our informers,
anything you want.
You're not even
prepared to die
for what you believe in.
Who says I believe?
I do what I have to do
to survive.
Like everyone in this country.
I can help you.
I know a lot of things.
You have nothing to lose
by bringing me in.
You can always kill me later.
Let's find the parents.
[People chattering]
I'll go in there.
It's you.
I have Peter and Sasha.
My god!
Take us.
Are they all right?
Come with me.
Thank god! Peter.
Oh, my god, Peter.
Are you ok?
[Dialing cell phone]
We're ready to evacuate.
What's the matter?
We can't get an airlift.
Why not?
Our priority's been downgraded.
We'll have to cross
the border ourselves.
(Nikita) Let us take them.
They'll have a better chance
of getting through.
[People chattering]
This is a mistake.
(Father) You must let us pass.
No, it's a mistake!
Don't look back.
Just keep walking.
Let us out.
(Mother) You must let us go.
(Father) Let us go.
Let me go!
This is crazy.
[Mother shouting]
You cannot take us now.
I beg you!
Let us go!
Do not take them away now, god.
We succeeded.
The arms deal fell through
once word of Luca's death
got out.
What about Peter and Sasha?
We found a family
from their country
who just immigrated.
They'll have a good home.
Any chance of getting
their parents out?
(Peter) Papa! Mama!
Thank god!
[Woman speaking French]
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