La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e07 Episode Script


All right, everybody.
Quickly, quickly.
Now, can anybody tell me what
[Children chattering]
All right.
Please stay together.
Don't play around.
(Teacher) I've got every side
what have you got, nikita?
So far, nothing.
What about you, Michael?
Hold on.
[Alarm beeping]
[Children chattering]
(Student) Hurry. Go.
[Beeping rapidly]
It's here. Get everybody out.
All teams
evacuate the courtyard.
Excuse me,
there's a bomb
in the yard.
Come on!
Please get the children
inside. Come on, children.
Come on, quickly inside.
Come on, go inside.
(Teacher) Quickly, everyone.
Hurry up!
What's going on?
Get out of the park!
There's a bomb!
[Children screaming]
Get back!
Please run!
Get out of the park! Run!
Come on, sweetheart.
Let's go inside
with the other kids.
(Nikita) Get her inside.
The bomb's in the bag.
250 grams of semtex
wrapped in aluminum,
surrounded by nails.
How do you know it's semtex
wrapped in aluminum?
Michael, just wait
for containment.
Containment's on its way.
There's no time.
We received an anonymous
Internet transmission
2 hours before the bombing.
The message warned
of further attacks,
but there were
no accompanying demands.
Was there anything on site
that would help identify
the group?
Walter, what do we have?
The bomb was put
together piecemeal.
Japanese timer, Czech plastique.
Some of the other parts
were homemade.
Patchwork acquisition.
Obviously, they have
limited resources.
They're buying off
the world market.
That means commerce,
which causes ripples.
Find them.
Anything else?
This might not be anything,
but there was a man on site.
There was something
not quite right about him.
(Operations) Meaning what?
He seemed a little
too interested
and wasn't panicking
while everyone else was.
Get with birkoff.
he's on file somewhere.
Why didn't you mention this
to me earlier?
I don't know.
What difference does it make?
What does he look like?
Long hair, 30s. Why?
No reason.
Michael, what's going on?
What do you mean?
You knew exactly
what was in that bag
before you looked.
It's a common configuration.
I don't believe that.
I think you know
who these people are.
What are you holding back?
(Birkoff) Any of these here?
(Nikita) No.
How many more are there?
Based on what you
gave me, I've got 65 with
a high correlation.
If none of them work out,
we'll have to loosen it up.
The bomb in the courtyard,
was it a typical explosive?
Semtex? Sort of.
There's about 6 or 7 plastics
that are in common use.
How about these?
Is there something you need?
If you came by
to see if I got it,
the answer is yes.
Did you like it?
The necklace is lovely.
You don't want it?
Let's not open things up again.
We're both much too busy.
I wasn't trying
to open anything up.
So how are the numbers coming?
I'll have them on time.
♪♪[Touch me with your love
by Beth orton]
Lost myself
in a tangent of words ♪
can't decide
what I've seen or heard ♪
can't sleep
for counting sheep ♪
how long does this river ♪
run deep? ♪
How long does this river ♪
run deep? ♪
(Michael) hello, Harry.
look, i i i changed
my mind.
I can't do this.
I got a family now.
Take the money, Harry.
Where is he?
221 impasse de l'arsenal.
What are you
going to do with him?
In order to find ♪
what's not lost ♪
but left behind ♪
my instinct got bruised ♪
but I still see ♪
I was a victim
of being no casualty ♪
just like coming home ♪
just like coming home ♪
just like coming home ♪
felt just like coming home ♪
coming home ♪
I'd like to speak to Harry.
They say that you weave ♪
[Gun firing]
Deadly tricks ♪
can trip to
the worldly Hicks ♪
stare cold
with dull surprise ♪♪
[Michael chattering]
Is it really you?
It is.
[Speaking French]
Why didn't you let me know
you were still alive?
I couldn't.
Why not?
I can't explain it.
And if I could,
I'm afraid you
wouldn't understand.
Why are you here?
The bomb at the museum.
I recognize your work.
How did you find me?
The details are
not important.
I have access
to people in the community.
You're on the other side.
And you've come here
to what, arrest me?
No. I'm not here
to hurt you, Rene.
Then, please,
tell me what
is so important?
Why did you have to kill
2 of my friends, huh?
To tell me what?
To ask you to stop.
To stop.
It's ironic, isn't it?
We always talked about them,
the oppressors.
And now, you're what
I fight against.
(Rene) the policeman.
(Michael) not exactly.
I see little difference.
The policeman has rules.
So what now, my old friend?
Go back home.
My home is wherever
people are oppressed.
They don't know who you are yet.
I can protect you,
but you have to do
exactly as I say.
You mean, sell out
everything I believe in
so I can save myself?
Please, Michael,
you know me better than that.
Don't make me
come after you, Rene.
If you strike again,
I will find you.
♪♪[Singing in French]
greedy bourgeois,
just like pigs.
The older they are,
the dumber they get!
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
(Male announcer)
The protest didn't start
until everyone had had lunch.
By then, the niceties were over.
The students
and their teachers
hit Paris in waves.
The largest in
a month-long series
of demonstrations.
[Protestors yelling]
Officially, nearly
3,000 extra riot police
turned out to meet them,
but some said
the number was double.
At any rate,
they and the students
have played this game before.
They both knew the rules.
It was the biggest so far
of the recent
student demonstrations.
A national one called
to protest against
government plans
to reform the universities.
But the government
has handled it so clumsily
that although the plans
are still deliberately vague,
everyone, left and right,
feels threatened.
♪♪[Protestors singing in French]
It was mostly
the right-wingers
who turned out today
Josephson requested
a backup team.
I thought it was a cold op.
So did he.
They found land mines
in the area.
Someone's been there recently.
We need that intel.
Give him what he needs.
I see I'm scheduled
to go online with
the agency this afternoon.
They want to know
about Brussels.
Anything changed in
the last 24 hours?
See if you can put them off.
There's no point
until we know something.
I disagree.
You need to show your presence.
This thing will get bloody,
and when it does,
whoever has
an attendance problem
will pay.
I was a little direct yesterday.
I hope you didn't take it
the wrong way.
Of course not.
Where are we
on the museum bombing?
I don't have anything
on my screen.
If nothing comes up
in a couple of hours,
call down to comm.
[Keyboard clacking]
We need to talk.
I'm busy.
I followed you last night.
Rene dian.
In 1984, along with some other
extremist students
at Paris university,
he formed
a radical activist group
called l'heure sanguine.
The bloody hour.
There was a bombing.
People died.
Everyone escaped,
except for you.
You were arrested.
Of course,
you died in prison,
just like I did.
And now, after all this time,
Rene's resurfaced.
And you two have crossed paths.
Yes, I knew him.
And you're protecting him.
Up to a certain point.
Why would you
protect him at all?
After all the lectures to me
about sacrificing feelings
for greater good. Hmm?
I'll take care of it, nikita.
There's something
you're not telling me.
Just stay out of it.
[Door closing]
Hey, birkoff,
I just remembered something.
This guy from the museum
might have had a mole
on his neck.
And he could have been French.
What do you mean,
could have been French?
Just check it.
All right. I'll add
the 2 constraints.
Add mole,
and French.
That's him.
"Rene dian.
L'heure sanguine.
A small student radical group
from the '80s. Inactive."
No wonder it didn't show up.
Do you know where to find him?
I can try.
He's here.
There's a tracker on him.
(Birkoff) What are you
Don't ask questions.
Just take the credit.
Rene dian.
You were close with him.
Yes. Why?
He's responsible
for the museum bombing.
How do we know?
Nikita remembered a few details
which pointed Mr. Birkoff
in the right direction.
I see.
We'd like you to bring him in.
Is that a problem?
Of course not.
[Door creaking]
I asked you to stay out of it.
Yes, you did.
You should try
talking to me
next time, Michael.
Maybe you'll get better results.
(Michael) He's moving position.
All teams,
converge to the south exit.
He's leaving the building.
Get up!
Shame on you!
After what I've done for you
I was mistaken when I said
you were still alive.
Get him out of here.
Michael's team just
picked up Rene dian.
They're on their way.
It was only a matter of time
before Michael crossed paths
with someone from his past.
Can we use
their relationship
to our advantage?
We're exploring that now.
You need to find out
if the bombings are the work
of a resurrected
l'heure sanguine,
or if they represent
a new association of dian.
Are you going to be here late?
Most likely. Why?
I'll have Christopher
bring up some dinner for you.
Well, that would be nice.
[Door closing]
The mind is an amazing thing.
While I sat here waiting,
knowing what's to come,
the strangest thoughts
came to me.
"Did it rain last Thursday?"
Suddenly, knowing that
was critical.
Why would that concern me?
Here? Now?
It's strange.
Perhaps it's your fear
looking for a place to hide.
What group has contracted you
to do these bombings?
Hmm, I see my charm
is insufficient
to distract you
from the business at hand.
I'm afraid so.
Too bad.
What was your question?
the group you're working for.
Red cell.
Red cell?
You don't believe me?
red cell
is sophisticated, global.
And your record suggests
more provincial activity.
One must face the realities
of a modern world.
Mergers, takeovers.
Even in the resistance movement.
What are their targets?
We've planted devices
in every major city
in the world.
We'll begin detonating them
one at a time.
I see.
[Door creaking]
[Door closing]
He claims he's no longer
affiliated with
l'heure sanguine.
But he's been commissioned
to set off
these bombs on behalf
of red cell.
Is that likely?
I agree.
What's he doing, Michael?
Trying to regain his importance.
Rene is living in another time.
His causes are obsolete,
most of his comrades are dead.
So you think he's on his own?
But Rene is a leader.
His strength is recruitment.
There may be a few others.
Not many.
We have to clean this up.
Would you like me
to take care of it?
No, I'll do it.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
I was surprised
to get your call.
Did you finish the debrief?
You did the right thing, nikita.
That's how you
trained me, Michael.
Rene and I were
students together
at the university.
We shared similar beliefs.
Mostly that a change was needed.
We organized demonstrations.
Shouted slogans, made speeches.
Made bombs?
I don't even remember
how it started.
I was angry at everything.
The world around me.
When I met Rene,
everything he said
seemed so true.
Why are you in his debt?
My sister.
Your sister?
After my parents died,
I took care of her.
She was still very young.
When I was arrested,
there was no one to help her.
Rene took her in.
Even after he thought
I was dead,
he kept providing for her.
He had no reasons to do it
except out of kindness.
Didn't you tell me once
that you can't separate
the man from his actions?
He's still a terrorist.
To me, his actions
are that of a friend.
Michael, disengage.
Let the section sort this out.
It's too late.
A profile's been set.
I'm not sure I can do it.
Why are you telling me this?
I wanted you to know
in case something happens to me.
(Operations) What's going on?
We're getting a delta alarm.
Nuclear detonation?
2 of them. 30 seconds apart.
One in the Ukraine,
one in the Atlantic.
It doesn't make sense.
How long ago?
2 minutes. Have you confirmed?
No. All our internal systems
are consistent.
All right.
Initiate a lockup,
then go to level 4
and bring everybody in.
Link up with
the d.O.D. Satellite,
see what data it has.
Do exactly as I say.
Where are we going?
What's happening?
I'm getting you out of here.
Are you sure? Nothing?
What about seismic?
All right, thanks.
There was no event.
Whatever we're seeing
is internal.
How could that be?
I don't know yet.
Are we safe?
Not yet.
We have to get out
of local radius.
How did you do this?
I uploaded a pseudo alarm.
They've discovered it by now,
but it'll give us time
to reach a blind spot.
From there, we can
get out of the country.
They'll track you down.
It doesn't matter.
They'll kill you.
Join us, Michael.
Give your life
some meaning again,
or death some purpose.
It's not possible.
Why not?
It'll be what we always wanted.
We're older, smarter.
We can do it right this time.
Once we're out of the country,
I'll take you somewhere safe.
Do you know a place?
I do.
I'll have the others
join us there.
Meet them. Listen to them.
Then if you're not convinced,
I'll help you disappear
where no one can
ever find you.
Are we fully operational?
I deleted the virus Michael
planted in the system.
Are we tracking?
Yeah, I've got them.
All right, mobilize the team.
Everyone's on their way in.
I just got the call.
Where's Michael?
Birkoff will fill you in.
The profile's
being downloaded now.
I was remembering '84.
The transportation strike.
You grow up dreaming
of the great cause.
And the role you might play.
We spent most of our time
delivering fresh underwear
and toilet paper
to the strikers.
We rode those
beat-up lambrettas.
Those were the good times.
You must agree on that, no?
We were young.
Everything seemed good then.
Hey-hey. It's good to see you.
(Woman) Salut.
Good to see you.
Come on. Come.
[Speaking French]
Are we still on schedule
for Tuesday?
We just got
the detonators
last night.
Claude is preparing them.
We're studying the layout
of the clinic now.
(Rene) Our material is limited.
We can't level the building.
Plant the charges
where they'll kill
the most people.
I have something for you.
What did you tell her
about me?
The truth.
That you were
a great hero.
She married a chef.
They live in the country
with their young son.
Yes, I know. I check on them.
So you've seen them.
Not in person.
I monitor them
through our system.
It's not the same.
You have to see them.
perimeter team "a"
stay on Mark.
He's a beautiful boy, Michael.
Let's have some wine.
Not yet.
Not yet means you will soon?
(Birkoff) keep them in visual.
And with Michael aboard,
you will understand
the meaning of
the word "commitment."
There's no one like him.
There never was.
[Speaking French]
(Birkoff) now.
[Guns firing]
Everyone's been hit. Cease fire.
Outside teams,
hold your position.
How could you?
I'm sorry.
You have no soul, no honor.
Defend yourself!
I said, defend yourself!
You once said
a person defines themselves
by what they are
willing to die for.
I will die for a belief.
And you will die
because you have none.
[Gun fires]
You should have let him do it.
You wanted to see me?
I know sometimes
the line can blur, nikita.
The one between
loyalty to a friend
and duty to the section.
It's a common mistake
for an operative to believe
that he or she can elude
the eyes of the section.
They can't.
I never thought I could.
Then why didn't you
tell us about Rene dian
from the beginning?
Because I had nothing to
I was protecting him.
That's interesting.
You trying to protect him.
If Michael was hiding something,
there had to have been
a powerful reason.
I respected that.
Michael was thrown
off balance by Rene.
But he was quick to adjust,
as we knew he would.
There's nothing you know
that we don't know first.
No move you'll make
we don't anticipate.
I think you fundamentally
understand this.
But every once in a while,
you need to be reminded.
Or warned.
It might seem
far-fetched, nikita.
But you have a future
with section one.
Just a reminder.
[Speaking French]
[Man chattering in French]
♪♪[Rene singing in French]
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