La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e06 Episode Script

Mandatory Refusal

Where are we on enquist?
Michael's en route.
Do we have it up?
It's right here.
Enquist will be here.
Good. It should be over soon.
I'm still not convinced
we're doing the right thing.
You think we should kill him?
He's dangerous.
What could he do?
I don't know.
That's what worries me.
Don't worry.
Isn't that why I'm here?
Not entirely.
I'll just feel better
when this material's
off the street.
Let me know when it's over.
You better go now.
[Computer beeping]
[Motorcycle revving]
♪♪[Skin against skin
by d.J. Krush]
The sun moves high above ♪
watching below all that
moves so fast ♪
love's taking on
a different game ♪
a future
that was built to last ♪
I see your face
light up my screen ♪
you say hello, but I can't ♪
hold you ♪
does this all feel
somewhat for real ♪
Do you have it?
You section people
are all the same.
Right to the business.
No "hello, how's the family?"
Come on, Michael.
Kibitz a little.
Do you have it?
I'm afraid you made
a trip for nothing.
What's the problem?
No problem.
Just had a higher bidder.
If you want the material,
the price has gone up.
We don't negotiate.
don't forget, I'm green-listed.
Lighting up
the crowded streets ♪
As much as you'd love to,
you know you can't squeeze.
It brightens up
my floating bed ♪
where I lay myself ♪
How much do you want?
Times 2.
Did you receive
the kiss I sent today ♪
up on the box
in Times Square? ♪
I've got to get it cleared.
Don't dawdle.
It vanished into thin air ♪
You've got 12 hours.
[Car engine starts]
We're making such big steps ♪
[Engine revving]
It's got me in a spin ♪♪
Dorian enquist
is a fringe member
of the terrorist community:
Supplier, fixer, informant.
Whatever needs to
get done, he'll do it.
He's been on our
green list for years
because of his
ability playing both sides.
Now, recently,
we asked him to acquire
a large quantity of semtex,
an untraceable plastique
used widely in Europe.
However, it appears
he's having second thoughts,
and it may end up
in the wrong hands.
Birkoff, have you
come up with anything?
I'm raking the groups
he's done business with
in the past.
If he's got a new buyer,
I'll find him.
We have less than 6 hours.
Let's get to work.
I'll be right back.
Hello, Michael.
We haven't talked in a while.
What's up?
We should go out, have dinner.
I'd love to know
how your mind works.
Are you really
that arrogant
that you think
you can just
turn me on and off at will?
Of course not.
I'm just being careful.
(Operations) Michael.
Can we talk?
Birkoff found something.
Enquist has already
received partial payment
for the material.
From whom?
A group out of Senegal.
He has no intention
of selling it to us
at any price.
My guess is that
he's going to try
to have us show up somewhere
with the money.
Apparently, he thinks
he can rip us off.
Call him and tell him
we agree to pay his price.
Kill him?
But first make sure
you acquire control
of the material.
That's our priority here.
Birkoff, there's nobody here.
Perimeter team "a,"
any sight of our target?
(Operative) not yet.
[Birkoff chattering]
(Duplicated birkoff voice)
Perimeter team "a,"
any sight of our target?
It's ready.
Send him.
(Duplicated birkoff voice)
Target has changed position.
Target has changed position.
Is now retreating down alley
between 43rd and 44th.
Michael's left his position.
Michael, why are you off Mark?
Michael, are you there? Michael?
I've lost him.
Get him back.
Stillman, why has Michael
broken position?
I don't know.
(Birkoff) can you call him back?
I'm trying.
His comm. Unit's down.
Michael's downlink's
been compromised.
He must be getting commands
from someone else.
Get him out of there.
All teams, we've been breached.
Michael's exposed. Get to him.
[Car engine starts]
we've got him in visual.
Get him out.
[Tires screeching]
[Computer beeping]
(Walter) Fucking hell.
[Walter clears throat]
As you must know by now,
we suffered a strike
this evening.
Michael survived.
He was tracked
several hundred meters
out of the incineration zone
before he shed
his transmitters
and communication devices.
He's now in mandatory refusal.
He'll assume the section
has been breached
and will sever
all communications
until his mission is complete.
The next time he contacts us,
it will be to tell us
that the mission
has been completed.
However, there's
a further complication.
We downloaded
an mpeg 15 minutes ago.
We had a beautiful relationship.
I'm sorry it has to end
on such a downer.
I'm a businessman.
Don't blame me
for misrepresenting myself.
I was just trying to make
the best deal I could.
Now it's time for me
to disappear.
It's going to take a few days.
I can't be distracted
by further attempts
on my life.
So call off your assassins,
let me go about my business
and, uh, when I'm done,
I'll return my hostage.
From now on,
our mission profile
has changed.
I want all resources
deployed toward one end:
We must stop Michael.
We've found
a link to enquist:
Sonia marteen.
She's his mistress.
He keeps her in a residence,
400 kilometers
from where Michael
was last seen.
How does that help us?
She's our only link
to enquist in the area.
Michael will stop there first.
How's Michael gonna find her?
(Birkoff) He already has.
Michael's tunneled
into our database
under an anonymous I.D.
He insulated his location,
but I was able to track
the files he accessed.
One of them was marteen's.
Let's get to marteen
before Michael does.
When he arrives,
take him out of play.
How far should we go
to stop Michael?
He cannot be allowed
to go through with this hit.
Operations is
sending in a team
to kill Michael, isn't he?
Why? Why don't they just
disable him?
They'll do that first,
but it won't work.
Not with Michael.
What if they send in
someone he knew?
Someone he trusted?
When you go into
mandatory refusal,
you don't trust anyone.
(Mowen) Walter.
Yeah, what do you need?
We're on our way.
Check your screen.
It's got our inventory.
(Walter) Coming up.
(Nikita) Mowen?
You guys are
going to get Michael.
Yeah, we are.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you bring him back alive?
Guy saved my life twice.
I'll do everything I can.
[Birds chirping]
I must say
you are much different
than I thought you'd be.
Whenever I deal
with your subordinates,
they always depict you
as an iron maiden,
but you're nothing of the sort.
You're a beautiful young woman.
And I want you to know
that what I'm about to do
to you gives me no pleasure.
Why don't you just ask me
what you want to know?
I thought I was just a hostage.
Yes and no.
What I told operations
is the truth.
I plan on disappearing
after I complete this deal,
but it would be
of immeasurable
benefit to me
if I could know what you know.
All the infinitely
delightful ways
you'll try to pursue me.
An r.T. Unit.
A little archaic, but effective.
I think they still use them
in a few 3rd world countries.
You must have gotten it
for a good price.
Hurry up.
You're a little low.
It should go on
the c-2 vertebrae, not c-3.
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
He's crossing the street.
Hit him with the tranqs.
♪♪[Chinese burn by curve]
She burns friends
like a piece of wood ♪
And she's jealous of me
because she never could ♪
It's mowen.
Don't resist. This is a recall.
And she'll look me up
when she's doing fine ♪
because the rage it burns ♪
Madeline's been kidnapped.
Unless you're called off,
she'll be killed.
Someone's favorite daughter ♪
spoilt and ugly
as she willingly slaughters ♪
friends and enemies ♪
they're all the same ♪
Don't make me do this, Michael.
Comm., we hit him with tranqs.
He's not responding.
I have ops down.
(Birkoff) can you proceed?
I'm switching to hard ammo.
She'll break a promise
as a matter of course ♪
because she thinks it's fun
to have no remorse ♪
she gets what she wants
and then walks away ♪
and she doesn't give
a What you might say ♪
because it cuts her up
like Irish mortar ♪
mother's pride
is what we taught her ♪
soiled and petty
as we happily taunt her ♪
friend or enemy ♪
we're all to blame ♪♪
(Mowen) Michael!
He's telling the truth.
The hit's off.
[Engine revving]
[Gun firing]
[Tires screeching]
(Male nurse)
Let's get him
into room number 2.
Excuse me. Coming through.
We're in that crash tran.
All right, we're on it.
(Female nurse) Over here.
What happened?
I i don't know.
We hit him with a tranq,
he went down.
Why didn't you get him?
I had him in my sights,
but somebody blindsided me.
I couldn't see.
Was there
anything else
from the site?
Just the girls.
Their status?
They're out.
Michael injected them
with a pentothal compound.
It has a half-life of 48 hours.
Damn it.
There is something.
We had another
anonymous log in.
Meaning what?
Michael's tracking enquist
through his next meet.
He must've found out about it
through Sonia marteen.
"Tomas bocci."
He's a member of
a separatist group
from northern Spain.
We need to find
the location of their meet.
We'll never succeed as long
as we're behind Michael.
We need to get in front of him.
[Birds chirping]
So, how is our guest today?
[Electrocardiogram beeping]
Not quite as collected
as she was earlier, I suspect.
Give me some demerol.
You know the deal.
Give me what I want,
I'll give you what you want.
I didn't think so.
I really hate to see you
in such pain.
You are a strong woman,
and I admire you.
I wish you wouldn't
force my hand.
It is so unnecessary.
Now we have to
show your people
you are alive and well.
As you can see,
we have taken very
good care of her.
Well, relatively good care.
I'm sure she would
rather be back
behind her desk at section.
beeping loudly]
She's dead!
How could it happen?
Emil, help me revive her!
Mr. Enquist,
please unhook
your equipment.
I've had enough.
If you don't,
the next time I'll go flat,
and I won't come back.
Then you'll be unprotected.
The demerol, please.
Of course.
I understand
we've made some progress.
We've picked up
a man named arcola.
He works with bocci.
Enquist's buyer?
Arcola should be here
within the hour.
Compromising a mission
in response to extortion
goes against everything
I believe in.
Everything we do here.
Even if we succeed
in stopping Michael,
there's no guarantee
we'll prevent enquist
from taking her life.
(Woman on intercom)
Birkoff, are you there?
Arcola has arrived.
I'm not going
to ask you twice,
so listen carefully.
Enquist is meeting bocci.
Where and when?
Drop your gun.
If you've been briefed,
you know that I'll
kill you if I have to.
Drop it.
It's me. You know
I won't deceive you.
I just don't want them
to kill you.
Over here.
They sent mowen.
They'll send others.
Did they send you?
Please, just come back in.
I can't.
You know if you go through
with the hit
I will go through with it.
Well, Madeline will die.
You shouldn't have come.
[Metal clanging]
[Nikita panting]
I put together
a layout of the enclave
and surrounding area.
I used satellite
and ground-based surveillance
to pick up their security.
He's got
an infrared barrier inside
and video on the circumference.
Where's Madeline?
My guess is she'll be
in this part of the house.
He'll want to keep her
close to the deal.
Bocci has got to come in
from the west.
Maybe we can
piggyback our way in.
No. I don't want
to take any chances.
All we are there to do
is to stop Michael.
What about retrieving
the material?
All we are there to do
is to stop Michael.
Where are we
on Michael's tactical?
If he executes
a standard sequence,
he'll start to
contaminate the area
6 hours prior to the meeting,
then approach on
a diffusion pattern.
Michael will not follow
the standard course.
Agreed, but he still
has to approach.
I want a grid throughout
the wooded area,
5 kilometers by 5 kilometers.
I don't care how much
personnel it takes.
I don't want a hole
more than 10 meters wide.
Don't let anyone
communicate with him.
Just take him out.
With all of this manpower,
we should be able to do this
without killing him.
That's enough, Walter!
Just do your job.
(Enquist) I've been thinking.
As soon as it's over,
I'm going to
have to kill you.
You've known that
from the beginning.
Unless you'd like to join me.
Thank you anyway, Dorian.
I'm not much of a romantic,
but in a very short time
I've grown quite fond of you.
I could take
very good care
of you, Madeline.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to laugh,
but you have to admit
As you wish.
Your death will be painless.
It's the least I can do.
um, Walter, are you there?
Walter, are you there?
Hello. Walter, are you there?
Who is this?
Walter, it's nikita.
I need your help.
Where are you?
I've got to get to Michael.
Where is he?
He won't stand a chance.
Operations is sending in
half of the section
to get him.
Sending them where?
You'll get yourself killed.
Come on, Walter,
I'm his only chance.
All right, team 17,
I've got you on Mark.
We're all set.
6 and a half hours
till the meet.
I want a standard b & a
every 15 minutes.
Ok, pack them up. Let's go.
Hey, Ken.
What are you doing here?
Birkoff sent me out
to check an anomaly.
This looks like bocci.
Michael should be close behind.
There's nobody following.
[Brakes squealing]
Hey, Dorian, it's me.
Everything all right?
You've got the money?
Yeah. Let's do it.
So what do I do now?
[Tires screeching]
[Doorbell rings]
Who are you?
(Michael) bocci's driver.
What do you want?
To check out the material.
turn around.
Let me see your face.
(Enquist) Shoot him!
Damn it, birkoff,
what's the matter?
The power's gone out
in the house.
Do we have Michael? Not yet.
You two get
the emergency generator
and kill the hostage.
You help me get
this stuff out of here.
Come on!
(Nikita) Comm., can you hear me?
(Nikita) comm.?
Who is that?
Birkoff, it's me, nikita.
Nikita, what are you doing?
Get off that channel.
I'm on site. Madeline's safe.
Call off the hit on Michael now.
Rescind orders on Michael.
Hostiles only.
You kill me, she dies.
[Gun clicking]
Target terminated.
Material secured.
You had quite a sleep.
I'll be fine.
I want you to take
some time off.
No. That's the last thing
I need to do.
I just want to get out of here
and get back to work.
How bad was it?
It could have been worse.
What did he do to you?
This is my fault.
I shouldn't have
listened to you.
I should have protected you.
It doesn't matter now.
I'm sorry.
This is who we are.
Do you know why
you're here, nikita?
I acted autonomously.
I broke regulations.
I thought we'd been
through this enough times.
We serve a greater entity.
We're not here for each other.
In no scenario
do we put ourselves
before the unprotected public.
You got it backwards.
Had Michael been
allowed to proceed,
none of this
would have happened.
Enquist would
have been killed,
and so would you.
It was operations
who acted on emotion.
Because of you,
he tried to stop Michael.
His mistake
doesn't justify yours.
His mistake?
That's all, nikita.
I hope you understand
why I did what I did.
Going home now?
After I debrief, yes.
Looks like we both
might have some downtime.
2 days ago you asked me out
to dinner, Michael.
Obviously you've
changed your mind.
If it were anyone else
who came after me,
I would have killed them.
I can't allow you
to become my weakness.
Of course not.
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