La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e05 Episode Script

New Regime

Our sources report
the development
of a new strain of
nerve gas called r-1.
It kills in seconds,
has a shelf life
3 times that of its
nearest competitor.
All prototypes
of the gas must
be destroyed.
What's the location?
(Operations) We don't know.
We do know it's being funded
by a hostile country
through bank
accounts maintained
at an embassy in Brussels.
We'll infiltrate the embassy,
and identify
the names of
the scientists
working on the r-1 project.
Those names will lead us
to the project itself.
The mission is planned
for tomorrow morning.
The embassy is well secured.
There'll be
a backup team
of 4 operatives.
Enough is enough!
What is it, kronen?
I don't need this place.
What's the matter
with you? You're
supposed to be debriefing.
Debrief this.
Get medical, now.
[Woman speaking French]
Any word?
It's still too early.
Is he dying?
I don't know.
You care, don't you?
So, what happens now?
Someone takes his place.
[Russian accent]
Good afternoon,
my name is egran petrosian.
I will be in charge
pending operations' return.
Along with all of you
I deeply regret
this morning's events.
I will keep you advised
concerning operations' condition
as information
becomes available.
In the meantime,
he would not want
our attention to be diverted
from the business in hand.
So, red team, please remain.
The rest of you, back to work.
That's us.
I reviewed the mission profile
on the way here.
It is inadequate.
I'm making some changes.
Nikita will stand down.
You will replace
her with 2 operatives
of your own choosing.
And you won't leave
tomorrow morning,
you will leave tonight.
I'll advise a backup team.
There will be no backup team.
A smaller primary unit
plus backup makes more sense.
That's the way
operations designed it.
What is your name?
Well, Sykes,
in case you dozed off,
I have news for you.
Operations is no
longer in charge.
I am.
You will be stationed
with with birkoff
to provide technical oversight.
That function is
mine or Michael's.
Nikita is not cleared for it.
She is now.
I suggest you
review the mission profile.
And use any
remaining time to rest.
This is the first action
of the new regime.
We will all want
to be at our best.
Be careful, nikita.
Of him or of you?
I'm sorry
but he's not going to make it.
It's just a question
of how long he stays
on life support.
Will you be
making that decision?
I already have.
I've decided he's
going to recover.
His will to live
is very strong.
Your will to save him
must be strong, too.
I'll help you.
Go back inside,
tell your colleagues
to do the possible,
then the impossible
and then the unthinkable,
until he's out of danger.
Because when
you're finished, doctor,
that room will contain
either 4 living men
or 4 corpses.
Do you understand?
The pattern's complete.
(Nikita) time to partial window?
(Sykes) 30 seconds.
(Sykes) 40 percent.
Michael, 20 seconds.
♪♪[Path to the invisible
by pilgrimage playing]
5 seconds.
Security's pretty tight.
Wrapped around
a z-cubed function.
Can you break it?
(Birkoff) I can get you in.
I can delay the alarm,
but I can't disable it.
the only thing we know
is that the disk
is hidden in a book.
you're running out of time.
[Alarm beeping]
There goes
the alarm.
I thought you
said we had a minute?
I said maybe.
(Man) Hey, guard, move over.
You've got to get him
out of there, nikita.
Continue to search.
I've got the disk.
[Men shouting]
[Guns firing]
[Gun firing]
Sykes, retrieve Michael.
I can't.
There's too much resistance.
I repeat, retrieve Michael now.
[Gun firing]
(Sykes) we're out.
What the hell's going on?
He's a butcher.
We lost 2 men today
because we didn't have backup.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
(Petrosian) Nikita.
Your performance
today was superb.
Cool, objective,
Exactly what I need
for my second-in-command.
What about Madeline?
Madeline is extraordinary.
She will continue to be useful
in psych ops situations.
But she's been
with operations
a long time.
She's versed in his style.
His methods.
What I need is my own Madeline.
I'm not really
interested in
a promotion.
You prefer to
go on living
from day-to-day?
Risking your life
on mission after mission
until one day
your luck runs out,
and you're blown to pieces
in some obscure corner
of the earth?
[Clears throat]
There is more to life
than briefings
and missions, nikita.
How's operations?
I'm confident
the doctors are doing
everything they can.
Has petrosian offered
you my position yet?
And what did you say?
If I say no,
he's going to offer
it to somebody else.
That's not the point.
What is the point?
The point is, you don't have
what it takes to do my job.
And if you try,
you'll only end
by destroying yourself.
In addition to
taking over
for Madeline,
you will handle
technical oversight
until I can find someone
I feel I can rely on.
It's double-duty
but it can't be helped.
No problem.
You will answer only to me.
You will be my eyes and ears
in the section,
and you will
carry out my instructions
to the letter.
Now, our first priority
is to ensure that
there is not
another kronen
in section
waiting to go berserk.
So, you will
initiate a full review
of all personnel
evaluation procedures.
That's already been done.
Next, I want to ensure
that all activities in section
come under my direct control.
Starting with Walter.
I am told that he likes to work
on his own secret projects.
I want to know what they are.
I don't want to
spy on my friends.
Kronen shoots
the section commander
in plain view.
Sykes complains
about mission design.
Walter works on
unauthorized projects.
Section is out of control.
It has to stop.
Well, I need to feel certain
that Walter won't be harmed.
If you want to
protect your friend Walter,
you will do as you're told.
[Footsteps approaching]
You scared me.
I didn't think
anything scared you, Walter.
Get out of here.
Still thinking about kronen?
It bothers me that
I didn't see it coming.
Nobody did.
The day before,
I was trying to brief him
on the new laser sight,
and he kept talking
about his mother.
His mother?
Anytime anyone in
this place starts
talking about "mom",
you know he's got problems.
So what else are you working on?
I'm in position.
Gufeld should be in the lobby
in about 30 seconds.
Sykes, report.
I'm in position.
[Footsteps approaching]
Target in sight.
Sykes, disarm security.
Sykes, you opened the wrong box.
(Michael) Mr. Gufeld,
would you have
a look at this, please?
This way.
Sykes, hurry up.
It's jammed.
(Nikita) Michael, hold.
I got it.
(Nikita) go, Michael.
Damn it.
[Alarm buzzing]
security proceed west,
(Woman) What what's going on?
(Man) May I see your I.D.?
Keep walking.
Sorry, gentlemen,
no one's allowed
to leave right now.
Down, down! Everyone get down!
[Alarm ringing]
[Tires screeching]
(Petrosian) Conference in Paris?
(Nikita) The briefing's at 9:00.
The meeting with Hurley?
Bosnian protocols
could make that awkward.
I suggest we
push it back a week.
And the gantzway mission.
All elements satisfactory,
except Sykes.
He failed to
disconnect the alarm.
And what about
our friend Walter?
Did you find out
what he's up to?
A remote surveillance
Mike. New type.
Seems harmless enough.
Excellent, nikita.
I'm very pleased with your work.
However, I do have
one more assignment
for you tonight.
Volare is at the east end
of the park.
You know it?
Be there at 8:00.
Dress appropriately.
Someone will be meeting you.
He will know you.
What ravages of spirit ♪
conjured this temptuous rage ♪
created you a monster ♪
broken by the rule of love? ♪
And fate has
led you through it ♪
you do what you have to do ♪
and fate has
led you through it ♪
What are you doing here?
Petrosian sent me
to meet someone.
And I have
the sense to recognize ♪
I imagine it's
part of his full life
that he's promised
me if I work for him.
Am I under orders to please you?
Of course
I'm ever swiftly moving ♪
trying to escape this desire ♪
He can make it easier for us.
We could have a chance to spend
more time together
outside section.
I wouldn't put
too much trust in him.
Ok. Well
If I'm dealing with the devil,
it's because sometimes
the devil's the only one
open for business.
But that's
not the problem,
is it?
Michael, it bothers you
that I have so
much more power now.
You don't like it.
It even makes you
a little uncomfortable.
[Clears throat]
Should we just have a drink?
Deep within, I'm shaken ♪
No more games.
No promises, just a drink.
I know I can't be with you ♪♪
[Monitors beeping]
Can you hear me?
I'm sorry.
It should have been anticipated.
The doctors say
your progress is
slow but steady.
I trust last
night's assignment
was satisfactory?
Gufeld is in the white room
ready for questioning.
Interrogate and dispose of him.
Of course.
Then report back.
[Door closing]
Mr. Gufeld.
Who are you people?
You worked on
something called r-1.
I want the location of
the research facility.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Mr. Gufeld, I'm in a hurry,
so I'll make this quick.
If you don't tell me
the location,
I'll have to have you killed.
If you do tell me,
I'll let you go.
You'll let me go?
Well, if we get what we need,
there's no reason to hold you.
The people I worked for
Threatened to kill you
if you ever told what you knew?
No problem. We'll protect you.
Do you promise?
Of course.
It's in northern Iraq.
Near the Turkish border,
just outside zakho.
Thank you.
I have the location,
mission profile's
being developed now.
(Operative #1)
So, is that all right?
Yeah, all right.
You can't have sympathy
with another person's weakness.
You must use the weakness
to control the person.
Of course.
Everyone has a weakness,
whether it is status,
love of praise,
a lover, a mother,
or simply the desire
to go on living.
You find a weakness,
you control the person.
You understand?
I think I'm beginning to.
I need a favor.
Personal favors are
against regulations.
Walter said we're all living
by the book now.
Even petrosian's little pet.
Wrong, birkoff.
Petrosian's little pet
gets what she wants.
What they did to Walter
will look like a foot massage
compared to what I'll do to you
if you mess with me.
It's about kronen.
He shot operations.
I need you to find out
everything you can
about his mother.
She lives in Brazil with 5 kids.
Kronen's siblings.
She got thrown out of work
about a year ago,
lived on the street.
Then everything changed.
Changed, how?
She moved into a condo
about a month ago.
Nice neighborhood, servants.
The money?
[Keyboard clicking]
Legitimate bank accounts.
Source of the funds?
Untraceable. What's going on?
[Computer beeps]
As far as
you're concerned,
The mission's been prepped,
it leaves tomorrow night.
The bio-weapons plant
will be destroyed in 30 hours.
(Petrosian) Red team?
Michael, Sykes, pelham, vronsky.
No, not Sykes.
He has been weak
for some time now.
I have decided to cancel him.
I'll see to it.
You will do it personally.
I have told you before, nikita,
compassion is a weakness.
You have to be able to kill
without a moment's hesitation.
But I've killed
so many people
that I've lost count.
Yes, in combat.
But this is different.
This is a man
whose only crime
has been the failure
to live up to
the standards
of section.
I have to know that
you can kill him, too.
For me.
Do it the old-fashioned way,
face to face.
[Bullets clicking]
And, nikita,
don't try to deceive me.
Of course not.
I knew this was
coming for a while now.
I never thought
you'd be the one to do it.
I always thought
you were one of
the good ones.
Do what you have to do, nikita.
[Gun cocking]
Do it.
Do it!
[Gun fires]
It's time we had a talk.
Petrosian has to be stopped.
He hired kronen
to make the hit
on operations.
What makes you say that?
Kronen's mother was destitute,
petrosian saved her.
The price was the hit.
The mother's now
Living like a queen in Brazil.
I saw the file.
Good for you.
It could have
been tampered with.
By whom?
Somebody who
wants to turn me
against petrosian.
You, for example.
Petrosian is
a murderer and worse.
Why should he be any worse
than operations?
Don't be a child.
If petrosian consolidates
his grip on section,
he will start a reign of terror
like you've never seen.
Why should I believe you?
I'm telling you the truth.
The trouble is, Madeline,
the puzzle palace you created
tends to let the truth
fall through the cracks.
The file you saw was real.
Then use it to bring him down.
It's circumstantial,
his friends are too powerful.
We have to find another way.
Choose, nikita.
Are you on petrosian's side
or ours?
I don't take orders
from you anymore, Madeline.
Sykes has been handled.
I just got a message
from housekeeping.
The doctors tell me
that operations is improving.
Yes, I hear he's going
to be moved soon
to a hospital in a Geneva.
Won't be long
before he's back
running things.
And I'll be gone.
And I'll be at the mercy
of Madeline.
Mercy's not exactly
her strong suit.
what is to be done?
Kill him.
Do you have any idea
what you're saying?
Operations built section
with his own blood
and his own pain.
And you want to murder him
in his sickbed?
He is past.
You are the future.
It would be convenient
for both of us
if he were out of the way.
Yet not long ago
you were reluctant
to kill Sykes.
Now you are ready for this.
There is no choice.
It's now or it's never.
Or perhaps
you are setting a trap.
You never lied to me,
you made promises and kept them.
That's not true of operations,
Madeline, Michael,
or anyone else in here.
With you,
I have a chance at life.
Without you,
I have nothing.
In that case,
you should be willing
to kill operations yourself.
With your own hand.
All right.
It will be best
if we were not seen
together in the aftermath.
I will have certain
arrangements to make.
The sooner the better.
It must be done during
tomorrow night's mission,
when everyone else is occupied.
[Keyboard clicking]
Hentgen, report.
(Operative #2)
The final charge is set.
20 seconds to detonation.
(Nikita) Evacuate.
Evacuation sequence in progress.
That was easy.
[Alarm beeping]
Birkoff, what's going on?
I don't know.
Well, find out.
And don't lose touch
with the team.
The team is fine.
The problem's internal.
looks like the backup matrix
might have bled into
the primary circuit.
But I don't see how.
I'll go check on systems.
Do you want the symbol table?
(Birkoff) Yes. Hold those.
[Monitor beeping]
Raise me another 20 percent.
Somebody turn the alarm off.
What happened?
I couldn't do it.
He's lying there so helpless.
I was wrong about you,
you're weak.
I will find someone else.
No, you won't.
You don't understand power.
You're finished.
Vitamin "b."
You have many
influential friends, egran,
but even they won't be
able to explain this away.
We did so many
missions together.
We were good.
The best.
I often wondered
what would happen
if we went
Now we know.
Still, it was close.
Your timing was excellent.
I was overcommitted, careless.
If only kronen had
been a better shot.
I don't suppose
for old times' sake,
you could find me
a deep-cover assignment
in some backwater,
never to be heard of again.
I'm afraid not.
If word got out,
discipline would be compromised.
Then let us not prolong things.
Though I do have
one last request.
If it is still
the custom for one
to be granted to
the condemned man.
Within reason.
Shake my hand.
With pleasure.
Hi, Walter.
He'll forgive you eventually.
After all, in the end,
you did save section.
Did I?
I think it's pretty clear.
Operations is a better choice
than petrosian.
Better for who?
If you had doubts,
why did you side with us?
Petrosian was willing
to give me a life.
As much as one can
have inside section.
But in order to get it,
I lied, I bullied,
and who knows,
eventually I might have even
killed in cold blood.
In other words,
I found out what it's like
to be you.
And you didn't like it.
No, I didn't.
Power is addictive, nikita.
You've had a taste.
It's in your blood now.
You're wrong.
You'll be back.
It's only a matter of time.
But there'll be one difference.
(Madeline) The next time,
I'll be waiting for you.
[Woman speaking French]
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