La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e21 Episode Script

Adrian's Garden (1)

[Door latch clicking]
Where have you been
the past couple of days?
It's a long story.
I forgot,
I'm not supposed
to ask that.
Don't worry about it.
How about a glass of wine?
So, how are you holding up?
I guess. Sort of.
It's all so sudden, you know?
It's like when he hit me,
the person I loved died.
Well, Carla, I'm sorry
that I haven't been able
to be here for you.
But I'm here now,
and you can stay
as long as you like.
You're a good friend.
[Telephone ringing]
Do you have to get that?
[Dial tone buzzing]
Who was that?
They hung up.
So, um, are you still
seeing that guy
who was coming
around here?
What's his name?
What's going on with him?
Hmm, it's too bad. He was cute.
[Knocking on door]
It's Steven.
Should I send him away?
Hi, is Carla here?
She doesn't want to see you.
I bet she does.
It's ok, nikita.
I've changed my mind.
Sorry, Nik.
We're on our way.
[Woman speaking French]
I see birkoff's intel
on central Africa
is nearly saturated.
Yes, I've scheduled
a pre-op for later
this morning.
That soon?
I want to make this window.
Kaddafi's people won't
be exposed again
for several weeks.
It would be nice
to put this to rest,
once and for all.
Who should we give it to?
Is there a chance
we can have dinner tonight?
What for?
You confuse me, Madeline.
If you don't want
to enjoy my company,
why did you agree
to open things up again?
I didn't open anything up.
I slept with you.
There's a difference.
Then why did you sleep with me?
Because you wanted it.
And you didn't?
That's irrelevant.
The foreplay was becoming
a distraction.
To both of us.
It was affecting
your work,
your decisions.
And, in turn, affecting mine.
That's especially cold,
Madeline. Even for you.
I was wondering
if this has something
to do with Charles.
That you allowed me to believe
that my husband
had been dead
for the past 9 years?
You could bear some
ill will over that.
Not at all.
You didn't have to
kill him, you know.
Yes, I did.
I'll see you at the briefing.
What we had
has been over
for years.
The other night
doesn't change a thing.
I think you need to face that.
♪♪[Gun polydistortion
by Gus Gus playing]
[Phone ringing]
[Phone ringing]
You've got to find yourself ♪
a place to stay ♪
anyway ♪
'Cause I ain't stayin'
around anymore ♪
no way ♪
Now you'd better leave ♪
'cause I'm gonna find ♪
myself another ♪
Take that gun,
blow your mind ♪
take that gun ♪
go ahead and make my day ♪♪
Madeline's waiting
for you in systems.
I need the password
for the clock frequencies.
We've lost an operative.
Lost an operative? Who?
Who are you?
It's not important.
I'm here to get you ready.
Ready for what?
You're going to meet someone.
I need to make sure
you're coherent.
So what are you, a terrorist?
You pretended to be
my friend for 2 years.
Very good.
You seem to be clear-headed.
I'll send someone
up in 5 minutes.
Freshen up.
Freshen up.
[Computer beeping]
Ok, here we go.
Southern Spain.
(Birkoff) Torremolinos.
Looks like a couple of
car miles outside the city.
Do we have anyone in that area?
[Keyboard clicking]
I've got 2 panda
teams in valencia.
Patch me in.
Hang on.
(Olen) yeah, birkoff, I'm here.
Stand by.
Olen, your priority's
been downgraded.
You want me to come in?
No. I'm attaching an address.
I'll give you instructions
on the way.
Michael, something's happening.
Now it's telling me
she's not in Spain.
What do you mean?
Her clock's now reading
Korea. Inchon.
Wait a minute.
Forget it. Signal's
all over the place.
She must have tampered
with the clock.
She doesn't even
know she has one.
Nothing to be
alarmed about, dear.
The section placed
a cesium crystal
inside you for tracking.
It's probably
because you were
outside the rim
for those 6 months.
It's astonishing, isn't it?
What they can do
without your knowledge.
The operative is to assume
that any information
revealed under interrogation,
no matter how insignificant,
will result in the loss
of innocent life.
Is it still worded that way?
That's fine, dear.
A response isn't necessary.
I do need something from you,
but I need your compliance.
And at this point, no doubt,
you would inveigh
against any requests.
Why am I here?
It's an orientation.
My name is Adrian.
I've just been
planting a tree peony.
It probably won't
survive these winds,
but the flowers
are so beautiful,
I thought it worthwhile
challenging the odds.
Good luck.
What are your hobbies, nikita?
We've been watching
you for some time
and haven't been
able to detect much
of an inner life.
I'm sorry.
Who are you?
Someone unlike anyone
you have ever met.
I gather Madeline
has acquired
my fascination
with horticulture.
When you go back,
section won't even know
you've been gone.
Michael will see to that.
Why would he do that?
He loves you. Of course.
But you will
need to give him
a plausible scenario.
So, 2 members
of l'heure sanguine,
former colleagues of Michael's,
sought revenge
for the death of Rene dian.
They grabbed you
inside your apartment
and took you to Vienna
where you overcame them.
What is this all about?
What it's always been about:
The small matter
of saving the world.
On your next mission,
something will happen
that will convince you
of the gravity of all this.
Oh, one last thing.
Anything you might
want to say to Michael
apart from the story
I've just given you,
would endanger his life.
Michael, why are
we meeting here?
Tell me again what happened.
I told you
everything I remembered.
They wanted to get to you.
They mentioned
Rene dian's death.
It sounded like revenge.
Are you sure
there's nothing more?
I'm sure.
It's hard to believe
that Rene had friends
who could have tracked
either of us down.
Obviously he did.
So, did you tell anyone?
No one needs to know.
That's fine with me.
Is everything all right?
Get upstairs. We have to
ready the mission.
You know ray Leeds,
from oversight.
Of course. Ray,
how are things
at the department?
Actually, I've left.
As of today,
he's going to be
working with us.
Really? Doing what?
Executive strategist.
He's not here
to take your job.
He's here to learn it.
George has been pressuring me
for months now
to have backups
in place.
In practical terms,
it'll help all of us
lighten our workloads.
Then I suggest you get started.
5 recruits have
just been brought in.
They need to be evaluated.
There's a debrief
in progress on level 3,
and are 2 missions
going out today
that need to be profiled.
I'll handle central Africa,
I'm already up
to speed on it.
I was going to take
him up to systems today,
get oriented.
If you'd rather
have him do that.
Look, I don't want
to get in the middle
of any politics here.
All we do here is politics.
If you don't want
to get in the middle
of that,
then I suggest
you return
to the department.
(Operations) Ok.
We can do systems
later this week.
Since the beginning
of this century,
central Africa
has been the theater
for several covert wars
engaged in by various
western interests.
Currently, secret cells
inside of one of
the French ministries
are preparing
retaliations in areas
where they recently
lost influence.
This man here,
Maurice sauvage,
is leading the raids.
We have been asked
to take him and
his encampment out.
This looks like
a straight
military operation.
Why are we involved?
He's not static,
and the government
hasn't been
able to take him.
An advance team
is standing
by in Rwanda,
collecting data for the profile
which should
be completed
by this afternoon.
We're on standby
until we go out.
What is it?
Are you sure there's
no other variables?
No reason. Just, uh,
just being careful.
Everything's covered.
Get to your position.
Tell me your time.
(Michael) 2 minutes, 10 seconds.
[Keyboard clicking]
Looks like there's
6 bodies in there.
I can't tell
which one's sauvage.
Better flush them all.
Going to 2nd Mark.
Flush them.
[Man coughing]
(Man) Get out.
Sauvage is down
with a tranq.
Clean the area.
Pull back to first Mark.
[Plane engine whirring]
(Operative #1)
Moving to first Mark.
[Guns firing]
What's going on?
Someone's shooting at us.
Sauvage's people?
No. They've been contained.
Take him to containment.
(Operations) Where's our losses?
In the Van.
What happened?
The shots came from above.
A building? A plane.
Did you see it?
I heard it.
We're lucky the entire team
wasn't lost.
It wasn't luck.
Rounds were grounded
within centimeters of me.
Whoever did this
could have killed me
if they wanted to.
All right.
Begin with sauvage,
then let's start putting
this thing together.
Hey, Walter.
(Walter) Hi, sugar.
I really hate it
when we lose ops.
Yeah. Pretty scary.
You ok?
I don't think sauvage did this.
The analysis shows
it doesn't have
his signature.
What did it show?
Firstly, the ammo's way off.
Also, we pulled audio
on the aircraft,
and it doesn't match
anything sauvage could
put his hands on.
Tell me about the ammo.
It's a very strange thing.
I haven't seen rounds
like that in years.
We used to use it here.
They're used
mostly for distance.
It's gold.
Tell me about Adrian.
You know, Adrian.
English, mid-60s.
Who told you about her?
Is she in the community?
Adrian founded this place.
She's the mother of section one.
Is she alive?
I don't know.
If she is, she's invisible.
Adrian's the only one
that ever got away from here.
What was she like?
Let's just say
that Adrian is
the only person
Madeline has ever
been afraid of.
So she chose operations.
Chose him?
No, operations
took control himself.
And it was a bitter struggle.
It left operations with
a whole lot of enemies,
and a whole lot of power.
And her?
She got what we all want:
(Steven) Keep your coat on.
Let's go.
[Door closing]
Sit down, please.
Why don't you just quit
with English gentility,
and tell me what
you want from me?
Together, my dear,
you and I are going to
destroy section one.
Would you bring us in
some tea and scones, please?
It happened almost
by accident.
After the engagement
in Korea in the early '50s,
there were several
factions in the west
who were frustrated
by the failures
of communism in Asia.
They conspired
to take down
the capitalist regimes
they saw as impeding
their ideology.
They targeted
civilian populations
in many metropolitan areas.
It was the aborted birth
of modern terrorism.
The c.I.A., m.I.5, Mossad, NATO,
and a handful of others
worked together to
prevent the calamity.
This is flowering
so late this year.
It was this federation
that gave me the idea
to start the sections.
The others don't matter.
Section one is where
the power resides.
And what did you do, exactly?
I analyzed intelligence,
utilized game theory,
produced scenarios.
I performed a function
that would today
be served by
a cray supercomputer.
[Plane engine whirring]
How did you
Steven, why do I hear aircraft?
It's a commercial
airliner that's been
rerouted for weather.
This is confirmed?
Yes, ma'am.
You can't be too careful.
You said you wanted
to destroy section.
I'm certain you've
heard many times
the rhetoric of sacrifice
for the greater good.
It may even have
assuaged your guilt
over killing all those people.
Actually, it hasn't.
Of course, my dear.
You're different, aren't you?
That's one of the reasons
you were chosen.
(Nikita) Chosen? To do what?
Know your history, my dear.
It's important.
When operations took over,
the original ideals
of the section
were being preserved.
Then, gradually,
almost imperceptibly,
things changed.
The section began
to serve itself.
I don't understand.
What is there to serve?
When you have
the kind of capability,
the kind of power
that section wields,
you're not content
to do the bidding
of faceless bureaucrats.
At least, operations isn't.
What would he gain?
He wants to draw
the map of the world
in his own image.
He already owns
the heads of state
of many eastern and
middle eastern countries.
The thing he doesn't
have is critical mass.
And when he has that,
he can do what he wants.
What would he do?
It doesn't matter.
No one man should
be allowed to wield
that kind of influence.
What do you want me to do?
I need someone on the inside.
Someone to help me
stop operations.
I'm not afraid to die.
You're not going to die.
I want every detail
of your supply lines.
Country of origin,
names of purveyors,
I have no idea what
you're talking about.
You're a very handsome man.
You take pride
in your appearance.
Fresh manicure,
you're trim,
Is that why I'm here?
To give you fashion tips?
We have someone here
who can close that up
without leaving much of a scar.
That is the last
warning you will get.
You will give me
the information
I have requested,
or I will disfigure your face
beyond the repair
of the most skilled
plastic surgeon.
They are a group
from Turkey.
He's good.
I've never met them.
(Leeds) From Turkey? Hmm.
Please, continue.
Hey, birkoff. Busy.
I need the access
codes to level 2.
You're not cleared for that.
Tell him to check
the vickers log file.
Check the vickers log file.
[Keyboard clicking]
(Birkoff) when did that happen?
Shane and elston are tied up
in South America.
Madeline upgraded
me this morning.
Thanks, birkoff.
I'm in the elevator.
Enter this code: 22171.
It stopped on 7.
Use your pad.
There's a port on the right.
Try it now.
I'm here.
you're in an
undocumented area.
There shouldn't
be anyone there.
There isn't.
Turn right and start walking.
What's stored here?
Each segment is a mission.
When you see one
that's lit, that means
it's active.
I just saw you
talking to nikita.
Why is she here?
She needed something on level 2.
Level 2?
Yeah. She had clearance.
Can you see the end yet?
Yes. It's about 50 meters away.
Then start looking
at the lit panels.
Find "k" 314.
Got it.
Good. Open it.
There's a handle
at the bottom. It rolls up.
There should be
a docking port
for your panel
about waist high.
Can you see it?
Plug in your panel.
Now what?
Nothing. Just wait.
All right, dear. You're done.
Fold it up and go.
What are you doing here?
How did you get
access to this level?
I had clearance.
From whom?
You can't tell him that.
Just say it.
I can't tell you that.
Why not?
Tell him you're tracing
a linkage vector.
For whom?
Section 4. Northern Europe.
Why would they use you?
That's all I can tell you.
If you want to know more
you could ask operations.
If you do, he'll want
to know what you were
doing down there.
Which bureau op?
Don't answer, nikita.
He knows you can't
tell him that.
One of South America's
most powerful leaders,
president Ricardo arou,
is stepping down next month.
This man here, renzo marin,
is to succeed him.
The opposing parties
see marin as
a puppet of the west
and want to stop his succession.
We've uncovered
an assassination plot.
Marin will be making
his first public appearance
at the palace tomorrow.
Birkoff has
the appropriate intel
to configure a counter
against the attempt
on marin's life.
Leeds will be
managing the operation
in place of Madeline,
and will supply
technical oversight.
He's taking
full responsibility
for this mission.
Michael, you will
be taking 4 teams in.
Any questions?
Let's get started.
[Birds chirping]
I commend you.
We got off
to an excellent start.
I can't do this anymore.
But you must.
Look, I got you
the information
you wanted
so that you wouldn't
hurt Michael.
Now leave me out
of the rest, please.
The mission you've
just been called in for,
the protection
of renzo marin, will fail.
Marin will die.
Why? Are you going to kill him?
No. Section will.
The mission is a cover.
Operations couldn't
buy marin's allegiance,
so he's going
to have him killed.
Why would he bother
going through
the motions of
pretending to intervene?
Oversight ordered
the intervention.
Operations will take
some of the flak
for the failure,
but it won't matter.
He'll get what he wants.
Which is what?
The next in line
to succeed the president
is owned by operations.
The country is
an important part
of the puzzle for him.
I don't believe you.
I don't suppose you would.
After all,
the only coping mechanism
you have intact
is your belief
that section
protects the innocent.
If you didn't believe that,
you'd have been gone long ago.
One way or another.
Fine. Whatever.
You got what you want.
Bring the whole thing down.
I really don't care.
I can't.
Only you can.
This is your show. Not mine.
On the contrary,
from this point on,
nothing can happen
without you.
I know you have
grave doubts about all this,
and obviously I can't force you
to do anything
you don't want to do.
We'll speak after the mission.
You'll tell me then
what you've decided.
[Crowd chattering]
Teams 1 and 3,
move to your next Mark.
The limo's pulling up
to the palace.
On approach.
Open up the east-west.
Shall we keep
those sides protected?
Our intel says
nothing's coming
in that way.
The intel's over
2 hours old, birkoff.
We're waiting, birkoff.
What's going on?
Hold, Michael.
We need to check something out.
What's the problem?
Nikita's refreshing
the exposure map.
[Monitor beeping] Birkoff!
Good catch.
Ok, west team, pull back.
Hold your previous position.
(Nikita) he's pulling in front.
We just need to get him up
the steps and we're secure.
(Birkoff) Michael, status.
1:50 to 2:20 is clean.
Still scanning.
I've got something.
building "d," 3rd floor.
You're right, Michael. He's hot.
Not clear. Keep him sealed.
Ok, send him up.
Are you sure we've
covered everything?
What do you mean?
I don't know.
I just got a feeling
we're missing something.
We don't operate on hunches.
Stick to the profile.
What's going
on down there?
We took out a shooter.
Marin's ready to go up.
Good. Get it done.
Send him up.
Team 1, go.
[Crowd cheering]
What happened?
I don't know. Is marin clear?
Send containment in now.
Lock up the perimeter.
Make sure every circuit
is recording.
[Man groaning]
How did it go?
Not well.
Oversight's not going
to let this one go.
Marin was important to them.
They're going to make us pay.
They're rescinding Leeds.
Are they going to take him back?
If you hadn't brought in Leeds,
I'd be the one
facing cancellation now.
Instead it's him.
Yes, that's true.
I thought you did it
out of hurt feelings.
But it had nothing to
do with that, did it?
You were right
when you said not
to dwell on the past.
I need to know, dear.
Can I count on your support?
I can't promise
it's going to be easy.
There's a lot at stake.
You know that now, don't you?
What do I do next?
[Woman speaking French]
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