La Femme Nikita (1997) s02e22 Episode Script

End Game (2)

I didn't know
you had clearance down here.
Well, i i don't.
I i was just, uh, reviewing
an old mission.
I'm supposed to report you.
Well, do what you gotta do,
Walter. I understand.
(Adrian) This isn't gemstone.
How very disappointing.
[Birds chirping]
Adrian, I don't know
how much longer
I can do this for.
we need this information.
We can't bring down section
without it.
Don't fall apart now, please.
I can't keep sneaking
into unauthorized areas.
Even with your help,
sooner or later,
my luck's gonna run out.
Walter almost reported me.
I had hoped
to avoid this, but
Oh, well,
I suppose it can't be helped.
Ever seen one of these?
No. What is it?
It's a k.L-6 security module.
They're not supposed to exist
outside section.
What do we do with it?
You simply allow it to be found.
Whoever finds it
will have to authenticate it.
And that will be done
in the part of section
currently regarded
as most secure.
And that, undoubtedly,
is where they keep gemstone.
It should be found on a mission
by someone
operations trusts completely.
Use Michael.
[Woman speaking French]
[Crickets chirping]
You're clear to go.
[Guard grunting]
[Guard grunting]
Birkoff, 3 down.
That's everybody.
Set the charge and move out.
Nikita, go.
(Birkoff on radio)
Michael, get moving.
There's a k.L-6.
In the room?
Where did it come from?
Not from us.
that's weird. Bring it in.
[Keypad beeping]
he's directly below the perch,
4 levels down.
I don't have access
to that floor.
I'll give you the code.
When do I go?
Soon as Michael is done.
You'll piggyback
off the exit signal.
Ok, nikita. He's clear.
I'm in.
You'll pass a bank
of blank monitors,
then a series of labeled ones.
(Adrian) find "deep ops."
Got it.
(Adrian) copy the file.
It may take a while
to cycle through.
(Adrian) is it ready, nikita?
Then you're finished.
[Alarm blaring]
Do you hear that?
yes, I hear it.
They've added an egress code.
In about 10 seconds,
2 operatives should enter
from the southeast.
Go the other way.
I've been seen.
Just keep calm
and do exactly as I say.
On your left, near the floor,
a small indentation in the wall.
Press it, then pass through.
Another one, on the far side.
Press it.
Stay put.
(Operative #1)
What are you doing
down here, nikita?
Say nothing.
What about the other one?
We locked him
in a closed zone.
Go back to the top level.
There's a panel across
from the stairs.
Have we localized?
There's something around
segment 35. I don't know.
(Female operative)
The upper levels are clear.
Take security there.
(Operative #3)
I'll need a j.P.R.
As soon as you can.
[Female operative chattering]
What's goin' on?
Someone broke
deep level security.
Do they know who?
I didn't do anything!
I was just responding
to the alarm!
You were in a closed zone.
You must have been viewing
unauthorized intel.
No. The door just snapped shut!
Take him to the white room.
Hi. What's happening with ames?
I don't know.
He's with Madeline, though.
My guess is he's not havin' fun.
where does Michael live?
No one knows that,
except operations
and Madeline.
Why is that?
That's the way it is
with all level 5 ops.
Where do you think?
An apartment in the city?
Could be.
(Michael) Birkoff,
report to operations.
(Birkoff) What's up?
The security breach
is unresolved.
There's going
to be a general inquiry.
What about ames?
He's dead.
(Adrian on headset)
Nikita, what's happening?
They're holding
a general inquiry.
What do I do?
They'll use invasive testing.
(Nikita) what shall I do?
Go to munitions.
(Adrian) is Walter there?
Do you see
his differential calibrator?
Good. Remove the facing.
Now touch it.
[Electricity buzzing]
It's a live current!
Put your hand inside it
and keep it there.
Keep it there?
For how long?
For as long as you can bear it.
The longer the better.
it's the only way
you'll pass the test.
[Electricity buzzing]
(Operations) your name?
Your rating?
field operative, level 2.
I'm not getting
any kind of reading at all.
Just noise.
Is it the equipment?
[Keyboard clicking]
No, it's fine.
Are you on active status?
[Switch clicking]
(Walter) No. Still not working.
What's going on?
A small percentage of ops
don't respond to I.T. Testing.
[Computer beeping]
I'm showing
she's been through
this twice successfully.
Try again.
(Operations) Your name?
Field operative, level 2.
It is possible
there's been a change
in body chemistry.
Have you noticed any change
in her behavior?
Anything suspicious?
You can go.
The inquiry was inconclusive
with respect to 3 operatives:
Lajos, renalt, and nikita.
In the meantime,
we have to assume
our mole had help
from the highest level.
Only one person alive
knows our systems
this intimately.
I thought she was dormant.
She suffered a stroke
5 years ago.
We're considering
the possibility
that it was self-induced
and that her convalescence
was a cover
for anti-section activities.
Why would she be doing this?
(Operations) Revenge.
If I'm right,
1 of these 3 operatives
is working with Adrian.
(Operations) Find out which one.
[Knocking on door]
Come in.
What are you trying to do?
What do you mean?
Ames was innocent.
And you knew it from the start.
You're working with Adrian.
Who's that?
Why are you
looking at me like that?
I'm telling the truth.
I don't know anyone
named Adrian.
I want you to let me help you.
Help me? Help me do what?
You know what.
It's gone too far, nikita.
They won't let this pass.
If there was ever a time
you had to trust me,
it's now.
You want me to confess
and then lead you to Adrian?
I thought
you didn't know Adrian.
I don't.
You seem to think I do.
The section sent you.
Yes, they did.
But they don't control me.
Let me help you.
Where's the file?
The file?
The gemstone file
you stole from section.
The one that ames died for.
Ok, Michael, now you lost me.
You're in over your head.
Take your hands off me, please.
Now listen to me.
If Adrian succeeds,
every operative
will be cancelled.
No exceptions.
They will roll up section
like it never existed.
And if you think
Adrian can protect you,
you're wrong.
Where's Adrian?
I don't know.
Where's the file?
I don't know.
You're lying.
I don't know.
This is your last chance.
Our last chance.
Where's Adrian?
I don't know.
Then you leave me no choice.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
Excellent, nikita.
She denied everything.
Did you search her apartment
for the file?
Why not?
She wouldn't be foolish enough
to keep it in her apartment.
Bottom line, Michael:
In your opinion,
is she the one we're after?
Do you have the file?
You have done the world
a great service.
Would you care
to view it with me?
(Nikita) Saddam Hussein?
Operations is keeping him
in power.
Operations wants control
over as much of the world
as possible.
He'll do anything to get it.
Hussein helps him
achieve this.
Section helped develop
chemical weapons?
Yes. And deploy them.
Thousands of people have died.
They helped him invade,
supported him during the war,
and kept him in power
Operations is out of control
and has to be stopped.
His sphere of influence
is expanding so rapidly
that soon he'll be untouchable.
From this point on,
either we destroy section,
or section destroys us.
So, nikita,
what should we do with it?
We could send copies
to newspapers
and politicians.
That would certainly
generate publicity.
And that would hurt who?
Section one and everyone
they deal with.
But that would also implicate
a lot of other agencies.
Some of which
we may not want to hurt.
So the shotgun approach
is wrong.
We should give it
to an individual.
Describe him.
He's highly placed,
or has been.
Has contacts around the world.
Knowledge of intelligence work.
Enough to understand
what he's looking for,
but not enough
so as to be implicated in it.
Exactly, nikita.
There are 4 people
who fit that description.
[Computer beeping]
You all know
who these men are.
Download current status sheets
after the briefing,
you'll be updated en route.
Which is the prime candidate?
The sims showed
no meaningful separation.
We'll have to cover all 4.
All right, nikita.
It's up to you now.
You know what to do.
Good luck.
[Gulls calling]
Adrian, he's been taken out.
(Adrian on headset)
Get back, nikita, now!
Home, quickly.
[Car tires screeching]
Carla, protocol 4. Immediately.
My god, they got him.
That doesn't matter now, dear.
What are we gonna do?
We'll talk about this later.
I have to think.
We'll evacuate to an island
near Portugal.
The helicopter will be here
any minute.
In the meantime,
help Carla strip the files.
What do you need me to do?
We have to go.
It's too late.
We must try, please.
(Michael) Don't shoot.
The file.
Bring her in.
Outside you have
a very small chance.
Back at section, you have none.
Go now.
What's the point?
I'm not going to run.
It's been a very long time.
Given your relative
lack of resources,
you did well.
Don't patronize me.
I didn't mean it that way.
My only regret is that
I brought down with me
a very brave young woman.
I'm sorry, nikita.
More sorry than I can say.
Is it really necessary
to restrain her at this point?
Yes, the cuffs should come off.
Excellent work, nikita.
(Adrian) I'm impressed.
Not many people
could have deceived me
so thoroughly.
But at some level,
you know I'm right.
Or I would have seen
through you.
That's why we selected her
because of her ambivalence.
She didn't deceive you, so much
as she allowed you
to deceive yourself.
And she also allowed you
to achieve
your life's ambition.
And what would that be?
To kill mommy, of course.
You didn't have the stomach
for it, did you? Tell me
do I make
an adequate substitute?
Facile psychology
doesn't change the fact
that you've lost, Adrian.
Nor does it change the fact
that when you wake up
tomorrow morning,
you'll still be
what you are.
Shall we keep it professional
rather than personal?
Still defending her.
I'm touched.
It doesn't bother you
that she sleeps with
every young stud in section?
Yes, well,
you've won at last.
I won a long time ago.
You should have accepted it
and moved on.
May I inquire as to the fate
of my people?
11 dead. The rest
are being questioned now.
How long have you known
I was moving against you?
(Operations) For a year.
But you kept the details
well hidden.
And we knew we had to
destroy not just you,
but your entire organization.
We had to draw you out.
Just as I taught you.
Just as you taught me.
So, you let me recruit nikita
and get close to my objective,
only to fail at the last moment,
forcing me to mobilize
my organization
and in doing so, expose it.
Very neat.
Is there anything else?
I think I understand.
Shall we make an end of it?
It's not as simple as that.
It's over, nikita.
It's over when I say it's over.
I don't know
what you're trying to do here,
but I know
you're going to regret it.
The gemstone file in your hand,
it's not the only copy.
I made a second.
If I do not intervene
within the hour,
it will be sent
to every website in the world.
No one will believe it.
(Nikita) Most won't.
But questions will be asked.
And sooner or later,
section will die.
And so will you.
You support butchers
who kill their own people
by the thousands.
You sponsor terrorism
on every single continent.
We're supposed
to be fighting these people,
not helping them!
Bravo, nikita.
Get her out of here.
She stays.
I don't have to justify
anything to you.
(Nikita) Today you do.
Section's on trial.
Defend it.
we scratch Hussein's back,
and he scratches ours
because the alternative
is chaos.
We've run sims.
Thousands of them
based on the assessments
of brilliant people
who devote their lives to this.
Without Hussein,
the groups he sponsors
would splinter and multiply
like viruses.
They'd be starved for funds
and would use extreme measures
to obtain them.
Whatever restraints exist
on their behavior now,
would vanish.
Without Hussein,
the country disintegrates
in months.
In a year,
adjoining countries follow,
and the entire region by year 4.
By year 6,
a nuclear incident takes place
in the middle east.
By year 8, 3 more detonations
occur throughout the world,
2 million people
dead directly,
20 million indirectly.
In year 10, a man-made plague
ravages Europe,
spreads to India and China.
Estimated casualties:
50 million people.
After that, it gets worse.
You can't be certain
any of that
will actually happen.
(Operations) No.
But it's our job
to make certain
that it doesn't.
Human nature
hasn't changed, nikita.
The dark ages
were a thousand years
of chaos, war,
famine and disease.
You think
that won't happen again
because we have computers,
and jet planes
and cellular phones?
Think again.
How convenient
that your sims and surveys
should justify
your need for power.
There's another side
to this coin, nikita.
Assume Saddam Hussein
stays in power.
By year 3,
he's become so dependent
on the section
that he has no choice
but to follow orders.
He invades the two
adjoining countries
and holds them.
By year 6,
Saddam Hussein is irrelevant.
The political structure
can survive without him.
By year 10,
section controls 6 percent
of the world's population
and 9 percent
of its strategic resources.
After that, it gets worse.
(Nikita) Operations,
is that what it's about?
Controlling the world?
We will control
whatever we have to
to prevent the dark ages
from descending again
on the human race.
Choose carefully, nikita.
There will never
be another moment like this
in your lifetime.
any words of wisdom?
What have you seen
with your own eyes?
(Madeline) Yes.
Are the crimes we've committed
worse than the crimes
we've prevented?
And the people
we've brought down,
is the world a better place
without them?
Yes, it is.
Then you have your answer.
Nikita, keep your mind fixed
on the broader perspective.
it's not as simple
as you make it sound.
You're a fool.
(Nikita) Maybe.
But if I take down section,
and operations is right
Now it's over.
You betrayed me,
but the bond between us
was real, wasn't it?
Swear you'll do everything
in your power
to keep section
from becoming a place
of pure evil.
Goodbye, Paul.
Goodbye, Adrian.
I believe our business
is finished here.
I didn't enjoy
deceiving you, Michael.
But Adrian was listening.
It had to be real.
You have at least 6 hours
before they make a decision.
You're level 2,
they'll need to clear
with oversight.
I told you before,
I'm not gonna run.
They will cancel you.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
Call in all peripheral ops,
an internal exposure.
Tell comm. I want all key codes
replaced throughout
with triple-digit precision.
What about Adrian?
I want you to handle it.
I'd rather not.
Which is exactly why you should.
And nikita?
Cancel her as well.
I think
you should reconsider that.
You must be joking,
after what you saw.
She could have destroyed us.
But she didn't.
This didn't happen
in a controlled environment.
Details will eventually
leak out into the ranks.
Her death would lend credibility
to Adrian's interpretation
of gemstone.
I'd rather deal
with one recalcitrant
operative than a mutiny.
Then what?
Increase her mission frequency.
Eventually, the problem
will take care of itself.
[Phone ringing]
(Michael on phone) Josephine.
[Woman speaking French]
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