La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e01 Episode Script

Looking for Michael

Previously on la femme nikita:
only one person alive knows
our systems this intimately.
My name is Adrian.
Adrian founded this place.
She's the mother of section one.
You and I are going to
destroy section one.
Someone broke
deep level security.
In your opinion,
is she the one we're after?
I'm not going to run.
You're in over your head.
(Madeline) You've lost, Adrian.
You betrayed me.
I believe our business
is finished here.
increase her
mission frequency.
Eventually, the problem
will take care of itself.
(Man #1)
What the hell
took you people so long?
You should have been there!
Now, come on, move it! Move it!
We've got massive chest
and neck wounds
People are dying here!
Do something!
Do something!
Come on, let's go! Let's go!
Come on, fix him!
Damn it, move it!
[Cardiograph beeping]
(Man) Now!
What's wrong?
He's gone.
Bring him back.
Damn it, do something!
There's nothing we can do.
What have we got here?
Put some pressure on that.
What happened?
The whole damn thing was bad
right from the start.
Whoever planned this thing
is going to pay.
We lost deshy and Pierce.
Deshy and Pierce?
They shouldn't have been called.
Well, what were they doing out?
You tell me.
Where's Michael?
He's down.
But he called me in.
Yeah, something came up.
They switched him with ferreira.
Michael still here?
Hey, we don't need filters
on this data.
Just dump it.
It won't take long
before she puts it together
if she hasn't already.
She hasn't.
Deshy, Pierce and pollack
were the only witnesses
to her aborted insurrection.
Now they're dead.
No matter.
She's going out this afternoon
and that will be the end of it.
And Michael's not a variable?
I've made certain
that he's occupied.
Has he seen the profile?
Yes, before we changed it.
Good. Just make sure
she doesn't return.
She won't.
[Woman speaking French]
Oversight has adopted
a new strategy
to contain the resurgence
of terrorist activity.
We've been told
to step up reconnaissance.
Each cell will be collecting
source material on site
from one of 9
anti-western factions
that emerged over the past year.
I pulled up data on a group
that calls itself new path.
They're based in China,
capitalized from North Korea.
They haven't mobilized
tactical yet
which makes them
a perfect target
for a preemptive.
Take what's there.
We're looking for
any kind of a link.
Afterwards, roll it up.
I want a 100 percent
Ferreira will be
leading the team.
You'll be going out
this afternoon.
Well, I'll sanitize the
profile and bring it down.
No. I want, uh, you to prep.
You'll be running point.
I'm usually 3rd position.
Not today.
Not the usual package today.
I know.
I'm on point.
Since when?
Where's Michael?
I don't know.
He left this morning.
I need to talk to him.
Talk to me.
Walter, not this one. Ok?
It's about Adrian, isn't it?
There were witnesses.
Pierce, deshy.
Now look, sugar, just drop it.
You're talking yourself into
something that isn't there.
People die every day
in this place.
If they wanted you gone,
you'd be gone.
Maybe not.
Has everybody checked in?
Uh, yeah.
Let's go.
After nikita
finishes the download,
create an exit corridor
to the north.
Make sure you get an "a"
and "r" from birkoff
every 30 seconds.
Sure we don't need
field support?
No. We're going to run it cold.
[People chattering]
Ferreira, this isn't clean.
(Ferreira) no matter. Proceed.
I'm sending.
birkoff, are you getting it?
Yeah. This looks like it.
Get your people out.
Birkoff? I need you up here.
Yes, sir.
Nikita, hold position.
Hold position? Why?
We have to verify some data.
Birkoff, "b" channel.
(Nikita) birkoff?
why isn't birkoff looped in?
I don't know. He should be.
Well, he's not.
Let me check.
There she is. Get her.
[Men groaning]
[Gun firing]
You said it was clean.
Hey, it's what they gave me.
Let's get out of here. Come on.
Why is she still alive?
we trained her too well.
George is starting
to poke around.
Has he mentioned Adrian?
Her name's come up.
He would not be happy
if he knew the details.
No, he wouldn't.
Maybe we're going about this
in the wrong way.
We should just deal with this
Don't get impatient.
It's unfortunate,
but it was a one-time event.
Percentage is on our side.
It will be taken care of soon.
I don't want Michael anywhere
near her until it's done.
He won't be.
What's going on
with Michael's situation?
He's getting some
positive indications.
We should be able to move soon.
You should go down to medical,
get that checked out.
Thanks, Chris. I will.
I was wrong about the intel.
I should have done
a walk-through first.
You were just following profile.
It wasn't your fault.
Maybe I'll see you later.
Probably not.
We're not going back out.
I meant, you know,
just you and me.
I apologize.
We had incorrect information.
You should never have
gone in there alone.
I haven't seen, uh, Michael
in a while.
Has he been reassigned
somewhere else?
Where is he?
Home, I think.
Deshy and Pierce
didn't die by accident,
neither did pollack.
Neither will you.
So Shanghai wasn't an accident.
Operations pulled me away
right before
everything went down.
That's why
you couldn't reach me.
Michael part of this?
I don't think so.
But you don't know?
I'm not sure.
I raked the system, all of it.
This is the first time
since I've been here,
that operations and Madeline
are vulnerable.
To what?
What exactly is oversight?
It's the board.
It's the only entity
operations has to answer to.
Can they shut down the section?
Can they shut down section?
More like incinerate.
What can we do?
The first thing we need to do
is figure out
how to keep you alive
for the next couple days.
If we could find Michael,
that would help.
Find him? I thought you said
he was down.
No, they have him parked
I can't get an address.
Maybe you can.
Hey, Chris.
Hey, what's doin'?
Just leafing through
some d.O.D. Frames.
Hey, Chris, do you know
the difference between
armored transport
and a civilian at mag-25?
Yeah. Why?
Could you check this out?
Which one?
Right there.
Are you sure?
What about that shadow?
Nah, it's just water.
It's definitely civilian.
Ok, I've got it.
So, uh,
still want to get together?
How about tonight?
Oh, I can't tonight.
Tomorrow night?
Tomorrow, then.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Hi, uh, I'm looking
for a friend of mine.
I'm not sure if this is
the right address, but
Who is it you're looking for?
Mommy, come on. It's your turn.
I'll be right there, sweetheart.
I'm sorry. Who did you want?
No, i-I'm sorry.
I have the wrong house.
Sorry if I bothered you.
Daddy, can we go
to the park now?
Later. Let's finish
the game first.
Do you know her, Michael?
Go inside.
W-What are you doing here?
I i found out where you were
You must have heard
from aunt Rita.
Yeah, I did. She-she's great.
She sends her love.
It's been years.
[Chuckling] Yeah.
This is my wife, Elena.
Hello. Nikita.
Nikita is a cousin of sorts.
We're related
through my stepfather.
Why didn't you say so? Come in.
Thank you.
It's good to see you again.
And you, too.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
[Videogame playing]
Adam, turn that off
and go upstairs.
(Adam) I want to finish.
Now. Do it now.
But I want to stay here
with you.
You can't. We have company.
What's wrong, Michael?
Why can't he stay down here?
Because I want him upstairs.
Go upstairs, sweetheart.
We'll come up in a minute.
I didn't know
you had a child, Michael.
A lot of time has passed.
I'm sorry, I haven't even
offered you anything.
Are you hungry?
A drink would be fine.
Juice? Coffee? Tea?
Tea's fine.
How about you, Michael?
What are you doing here?
Is this for real?
There's something going on
in section.
I need your help.
What's the problem?
Pierce and deshy are dead.
Operations is trying to kill me.
He wants to wipe out everyone
who witnessed Adrian.
Who do you report to?
Are you working him?
When you finish your tea,
make some excuse and leave.
I'll send you a contact point.
Michael, would you
give me a hand, please?
Of course.
What's going on with the wife
and child?
We'll talk about it later.
What's your status?
I'm inside for another day or 2.
You said Pierce and deshy,
what about pollack?
Birkoff raked the system.
He thinks
operations and Madeline
are worried about oversight.
What else does birkoff know?
Nothing more than I know.
Tell me about ferreira.
I'm working with him.
I don't trust him.
Can you get him out of section?
Yeah, I can.
Get him to your apartment.
Tell birkoff to reroute
a deep channel.
Madeline, are you there?
Yes. What is it?
Can you come up to committee?
Yes. George is here.
I'll be right up.
That order is being executed.
I'm focusing
on the new mission at hand.
India and Pakistan
should be next on the list.
I'm sure you can do something.
Hello, George.
You look well.
We weren't expecting you.
I had some business
in the country.
We were just discussing
India and Pakistan.
We're moving things around.
You may be asked to pitch in.
Of course.
I heard an interesting rumor
the other day.
What was that?
That Adrian was here.
Our Adrian?
My Adrian.
That is
an interesting rumor.
No, I haven't seen Adrian
in over 10 years.
How's she doing?
I believe she's dead.
What makes you think that?
We keep tabs on these things.
Would you like us
to look into it for you?
I have resources that i
I came here to tell you this
because, as you know,
Adrian is very dear to me.
If I discover any harm
has come to her,
and that section one
played even a minor role,
I will crush you both.
Figuratively and literally.
Well, I have to be
in Stockholm in an hour.
I'm sorry
I can't stay around to chat.
It's true.
Why don't you believe me?
Because you're not the type.
Oh, really? No.
So what type am I?
I didn't give you permission
to do that.
Oh, I don't need permission.
I'm the team leader.
You do what I say.
So give me a command.
Shut up.
Oh, yeah.
You're bad.
Hello, Chris.
What is this?
I've unlocked half a dozen
security 2 files.
Each contains
a treasonous breach
which would result
in immediate cancellation.
They're all linked to you
by an Iris match.
I didn't access those files,
and you know it.
That's true. But it would
take 2 weeks to prove that.
By then, you'd be dead.
So what do you want from me?
Sir, we have another window
Near Barcelona.
Prep it.
So tell me about last night.
We went out for dinner,
then back to her place.
Did you have sex with her?
No. Why not?
She wouldn't let me.
I didn't want to push it.
What did she say about Michael?
Well, she's suspicious.
Of what?
She thinks you might have
cancelled Michael.
Were those her exact words?
No. She was playing it
pretty close.
What did she say exactly?
That it's strange that
Michael hasn't been around.
She asked if I'd seen his name
on any upcoming profiles.
How much resistance
do you expect
she'll give
to the Barcelona profile?
Some, but I'll go in with her.
We'll be fine.
Good. No mistakes this time.
No. It'll be taken care of.
We're taking out their
tracking station
with air tactical.
You'll activate the transmitter
so comm. Can get a signature.
What about hostiles?
Take them alive.
They'll want a full debrief.
Defense should be light.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
Don't you have a mission?
They're en route.
It goes live in 20 minutes.
Yeah, I'm here.
(Michael) did you send it?
Operations almost caught me.
Will oversight be able
to trace it to us?
(Birkoff) no, I scrambled it.
What about the mission?
It's airtight.
She's not getting out alive.
How much time?
They just crossed
the inflection point.
Can you slow it down?
(Nikita) delivery.
air tactical on approach.
what do you have, birkoff?
I'm counting 4 inside.
Bring them out.
Birkoff, where's air tactical?
They're in pattern.
Team 2, go.
All right.
Real quiet.
Get them out of here.
Activate it.
(Nikita) birkoff, am I safe?
I don't know.
What are you doing here?
I'm going to offer you
an alternative.
To what?
I don't think you want
to see the section destroyed.
But that's what will happen
if you don't abort
this mission.
Because you think
this made a difference?
Next time, Michael, pick your
conspirators more carefully.
We fed birkoff
false information.
You'll never be able to
link us to Adrian's death.
Not as long as I'm here.
Yes, George?
That doesn't sound right.
What's your source?
No, I'm not doubting it. I'm
Yes. Of course.
Birkoff, get me air tactical.
Yes, sir.
I'm updating your coordinates.
Check your screen.
(Pilot) we have a new target?
Ok, we're out.
Fire missile.
Are you going to kill me?
Adrian and the gemstone file
are behind us.
A full inquiry was made.
There was no connection
between her death
and section one.
Oversight is no longer
interested in this matter.
You killed the rest of my team.
They were all
abeyance operatives.
And ferreira?
He as well.
It's true,
our original intention
was to eliminate you.
That's been changed.
You're no longer a threat to us.
And your value as
an operative remains strong.
That will be all.
She and Michael must have
had help from birkoff.
He's the only one who could have
gotten through to George
like he did.
What does Michael think?
I told him we found the bug
ferreira planted in my office
before any damage was done.
Did he believe it?
Yes, at the time.
But he'll be wondering
why we've spared nikita.
What would you like done?
We can't do anything
about nikita yet.
George is still watching.
And Michael's current status
can't be tampered with.
And the best we can do
is to keep them from knowing
we're still vulnerable.
What about birkoff?
No. He'd be too hard to replace.
I can control him.
We've been through worse.
How'd it go?
I'm still alive.
Did they speak to you?
What do you think they'll do?
Nothing for now.
your marriage to, uh, Elena
What is it?
It's a mission.
Is she an operative?
She doesn't know.
No. We're after her father.
So you're deceiving this woman
to secure your cover?
Is the child yours?
[Woman speaking French]
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