La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e02 Episode Script

Someone Else's Shadow

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la femme nikita:
I came back for you,
for us to be together.
you know a lot
about me, nikita,
but not everything.
There are things
that have to remain hidden.
Won't take long
before she puts it together
if she hasn't already.
She hasn't.
This is my wife, Elena.
(Nikita) she an operative?
(Michael) no.
Is the child yours?
Elena's father's name
is salla vacek.
He's the heir
to an eastern European
mining fortune.
But he didn't go
into the family business.
He's a terrorist.
(Nikita) does she know?
He left when she was 6.
They haven't spoken since.
So the section had you marry her
to get to her father.
So what's the plan?
What are you going to do
when you get him?
Eliminate him.
For 3 years,
you never told me
you had a family, Michael.
I wanted you to know,
but it's a tightly
contained situation.
I understand this is something
that you've been ordered to do.
Say hi to dad.
I don't know
how you're able to live with it.
[Woman speaking French]
Get them to containment.
[Speaking Russian]
Where are we?
I'm sifting through
what the embassy sent us.
So far there's
no link to anything.
What about the groups
claiming responsibility?
I've checked.
They're all hollow.
As soon as I get something
from the 2 bombers we picked up,
I'll know more.
Madeline's with them now.
[Man speaking Russian]
Who hired you
to bomb the embassy?
[Speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
No, George, not yet.
We just cracked
one of the bombers.
We picked up a thread.
We're profiling.
We brought them in an hour ago
and we're just
about ready to go out.
Look, if someone can do
it faster for you,
then use them.
Of course.
Are we ready?
no, sir.
We're still prepping.
Get the team out now.
We've been handed
the embassy bombing.
We requested it.
A few parameters cropped up
that give it
a better than 50% chance
that it's vacek.
Where are things on your end?
I think I can convince Elena
to try another reconciliation.
You think she's ready?
We talked
about her father last night.
She didn't change the subject.
Ok. Let's explore that
for a moment.
What mode would you recommend?
I'd like to bring in
someone else,
someone she can relate to
and confide in.
Perhaps a long lost
family member.
Do you have anyone in mind?
It's interesting.
Another woman,
about the same age.
Nikita can draw
on her experiences,
being orphaned early,
which means
she wouldn't need training,
just a plausible background.
That was my thinking.
It would also be a good way
to neutralize
the security nikita violated
when she located your address
and wandered into your home.
Which you were going
to report, I assume.
Of course.
I don't see any flaws
in the plan.
Nikita's an excellent choice.
Over 20% of our resources
are dedicated to
the pursuit of one man,
salla vacek.
As you can tell
by the date code,
this photograph
is over 20 years old.
Intelligence on vacek is scarce,
almost nonexistent.
What we do know
is that he finances
anti-western terrorism
on a global scale.
Yesterday's embassy bombing
produced a lead,
which we followed.
The bombers were brokered
by a 3rd-tier member
of red cell.
This morning,
we penetrated his location
and downloaded his database.
One of the names we found
is David Henderson Williams.
Williams and vacek
were students
together at Cambridge.
Until this morning,
there was no reason to believe
there was any other connection.
Do we have
a 5-year file on Williams?
I'm building one now.
What little I've seen
on this guy makes me think
he's been in touch with vacek.
Let's bring in Williams.
Find out if there's a channel
we can exploit.
Michael, work it out.
I'm in.
The elevator's to your left.
It'll take you
to the 18th floor.
Hey, who are you?
Uh, Mr. Williams wants to see
these documents.
No, no, no, wrong floor.
Are you sure?
It doesn't say that here.
2nd position secure.
Get his access card.
Housekeeping's right behind you.
Ray, can you make a copy
of the draper report
and bring it in?
Ray, are you there?
Who are you? Where's ray?
How did you
How did you get in?
Don't make any sudden moves.
You'll be fine.
Ok. It's fine.
It's fine.
(Williams) What are you doing?
Good heavens above!
Clean it up.
Everyone to
their fallback point.
(Adam) Daddy! Daddy!
Hi, daddy.
Welcome home.
How was your trip?
One of the executives
couldn't be there
so we'll have to repeat
the presentation next month.
Is everything ok?
He sent me a letter.
My father.
He says
he's been looking for me.
[Computer beeping] Sir.
We just got confirmation
from Michael.
She received the letter today.
Good afternoon, Mr. Williams.
You have a personal relationship
with salla vacek.
That's an insane statement.
I don't know
what faulty intelligence
led you to me,
but nobody has access to vacek.
Up until recently,
I would have agreed with you.
When we found your name
on a list of individuals
attached to the embassy bombing,
my opinion changed.
Lists? They don't mean
a damn thing.
I'm sure I could find your name
on a list of psychopaths
if I looked hard enough
when it's perfectly clear
you're quite ordinary.
You and vacek
were classmates at Cambridge.
Where am I? Let me guess.
Not Interpol.
They don't have the resources
to clean up the mess
you made of my office.
My best guess is
you're some covert agency
that no one has ever heard of.
Run amuck, no doubt.
We need to send
a message to vacek.
You'll help us do that.
We'll speak in a few hours.
I'll be here.
Some tea would be nice.
Wow. How beautiful.
Isn't it great?
I've had it
since I was 6 years old.
My mother and I
were on vacation in rajasthan.
This old artist
spent the whole afternoon
telling us
these incredible stories
to get us to buy it.
Sounds like
you were very close
to your mother.
I was. She died when I was 19.
What about your father?
I haven't seen
or spoken to my father
since I was a little girl.
Why not?
He left us.
I didn't even think about him
until after my mother died.
Then when I met Michael,
he convinced me
to try to find my father.
And did you try?
(Michael) We did what we could.
Elena contacted
all her relatives,
but they hadn't heard
from him either.
After Adam was born,
we hired a a detective.
We wanted him to know
his grandfather.
So what happened?
(Nikita) Maybe he isn't alive.
He is.
I received a letter
from him today.
Out of the blue?
I'll go put Adam to bed.
I don't know
what I'd do without Michael.
He's such a good man.
So tell me about the letter.
My father says, um,
he wants to see me.
That there are reasons
he stayed away.
That he wants us
to be a family again.
Well, nothing wrong with that.
Where was he when I needed him?
When my mother died?
When I married Michael?
That's when I wanted a father.
It's not fair
that he only shows up
when he needs me.
It makes me angry.
Well, even though
you're angry now,
there'll be other times
when you need him.
I can't tell you what to do.
I know if it were me,
I'd take the chance.
[Door closing]
(Williams) You were right.
The pain was quite unpleasant.
Worse than I'd anticipated,
in fact.
I'd prefer to avoid
a 2nd session with those 2.
That's entirely up to you.
I'd be happy to discuss
any relevant details
regarding Mr. Vacek.
How can I be of service?
We need to get Elena's letter
into vacek's hands
with plausible linkage.
Where are we with it?
It's in image processing.
They're rewording it
to make it appear
that she initiated the contact.
We'll be able to get the letter
to Mischa berenz,
vacek's confidante
but what we have to sell
is the idea
that his daughter,
an ordinary citizen,
was able to find berenz
and make the connection.
I'm back-filling
a plausible scenario.
She already tried a detective
so we'll use him as a base.
From there,
I just have
to piece it together.
Good. Do it.
Didn't take long
to produce a letter.
Nikita was helpful.
Good. I'm glad.
Mischa, how was your flight?
We hit a storm over the Gulf
but other than that,
it was fine.
How are the boys?
They're well.
Let him in.
Nice to see you.
And you.
So, what do you
have for me today?
The usual.
Phillipe believes
you're safe here
for at least another 4 days.
Oh, where does he suggest
we go next?
He's preparing a place
for you off the cape.
Oh, I hate the weather there.
What's this?
I don't know.
I received it
through myume in Hong Kong.
It cleared,
but he didn't elaborate.
Where did myume get this from?
From someone in
his organization,
I assume. I didn't ask.
Is something the matter?
This letter is from someone
who claims to be my daughter.
I thought you kept
your identity from her.
I have.
She doesn't know who I am
or how to find me.
What does the letter say?
She wants me to meet her family.
I want this
correspondence validated.
Account for everyone
who laid a finger on it.
I want to know
where the paper came from.
I want to know
who licked the stamp.
And if it checks out?
One step at a time.
How are we with white eagle?
Most of the material
has already cleared customs.
Personnel is just waiting
for you to give the order.
Elena called me this morning.
What did she say?
She wants me to come over
in a couple of days.
Doesn't conflict
with anything, does it?
She mention it to you?
She likes you.
I think she finds you
easy to talk to.
You know, I was thinking
about Simone last night.
You were still married to her
when this started,
weren't you?
Simone knew about Elena.
Was it difficult for her?
I don't know.
We never talked about it.
I wish you could
have told me about
I wish I could have.
[Door closing]
(Elena) It's hard on both of us
with him away
on business so much.
I didn't think about
how much he'd be gone.
Adam seems to handle it well.
He does,
but he misses Michael
when he's away.
It's so pretty.
how's everything with you?
Uh, a few fashion houses
are looking at my portfolio.
We'll see. No calls yet.
And the hotel?
Nikita, I was wondering
if maybe you'd like to come
and stay here with us?
Oh, I couldn't do that.
It's much safer
than where you're staying
Really, I'm fine. Thank you.
It's not only for you.
You're an important part
of Michael's life.
Did he say that?
No, but I know him.
I can tell.
Where are we?
Vacek has already begun
tracing the letter.
How's it going?
So far, everything's covered.
That's not the problem.
What's the problem?
He put people on Elena,
he's watching her.
We expected that.
Elena has invited nikita
to move in with
her and Michael.
Vacek is going
to look at anything
out of the ordinary
as suspicious.
He'll tie it to the letter.
I'll deepen her history.
I'm sure we can shore this up.
[Speaking Portuguese]
[Speaking Russian]
(Michael) we've got control.
Good. Vacek's man's
on his way in.
I'd like to know
the origin of this letter,
I'm sorry.
We can't give that to you.
It's against policy.
What about Lisbon?
We gave his tracker
the name of the detective
Elena hired 2 years ago.
From this point on,
the trail's locked.
Hi, Walter.
Hi, sugar.
I'm moving in
with Michael and Elena.
Yeah, I heard.
Oh, here's your scrambler.
How long have you known?
I helped set up the cover.
I'm sorry, I couldn't tell you.
I wanted to.
I suppose it explains
a few things though.
It makes it better.
The truth always does.
Walter, his son
His son loves him so much.
Michael feels it, too.
I can tell.
It's heartbreaking.
What's wrong?
What's wrong, child? Come on.
Did you have a bad dream?
(Adam) Uh-huh.
Want to go to bed
with daddy and mommy, huh?
Let's go. Let's go.
I think that's a good idea.
Good night.
It's all right.
Good night, Michael.
Good night, nikita.
Good night.
Speak now ♪
and I feel like ♪
a fog made thick ♪
I raise my voice to hear ♪
you speak ♪
I'm lost to you ♪
I ♪
feel the love ♪
I feel the love ♪
I feel the love ♪
I feel the love ♪♪
(Nikita) Slow down!
(Elena) I won! I won!
All right, you win.
[Door opening]
Good morning.
Orange juice, everybody?
(Elena) Yes, please.
Thank you.
Nikita's got her first meeting
with a potential client
this afternoon.
I'm not surprised.
Her designs are very impressive.
[Phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Hello? Speaking.
Why can't you tell me now?
Yes, but
Who was that?
A man who says
he represents my father.
What did he want?
He said my father
wants to see me.
They're calling back tonight
with details.
Hello, Mischa.
Did you speak to the council?
They're divided.
Some think
it's a mistake to wait.
The summit's getting
a lot of attention.
Their security is spread thin.
That's true,
but if we do it now,
we'll make it easy
for the heads of state to ally.
They're waiting for your orders.
We'll attack on the 23rd.
Make the final preparations.
Notify our soldiers.
did you speak to my daughter?
Make the arrangements.
[Phone ringing]
(Mischa) may I speak with Elena?
One moment, please.
Is this Elena?
(Elena) yes.
We spoke earlier.
Are you interested
in meeting your father?
Yes, of course I am.
Why is this so secretive?
Please follow my directions
very carefully.
If you deviate in any way
the meeting
will have to be canceled.
We will meet
tomorrow evening, 6:30.
There is a park just north
of the river at kuerten.
It is well marked
on the municipal map.
At the entrance gate,
the attendant
will hand you directions
to a location within the park.
This doesn't feel right.
I don't understand why
he has to be so mysterious.
Who is this?
(Vacek) your father.
I'm sorry,
but it has to be this way.
I look forward to seeing you.
They're off.
Filter it.
The location will be scrambled.
Maybe we can piggyback
the server.
Do a pattern match on the voice.
Let's confirm it was vacek.
If it was,
it's our first hard contact
in over 14 years.
Here's the river.
Here's the park.
We don't know
what road he'll take,
but there are
6 roads that lead in.
The meeting is set for 6:30.
Which means
a few minutes before that,
he will be
n this 3-kilometer zone.
I want all of our personnel
distributed evenly
throughout that area.
If we pick him up
before he gets to the park
there's less risk
of it getting bloody.
But if not,
seal off the park,
do whatever it takes.
Let me make this clear:
There is no higher priority
than taking out vacek.
Any amount of collateral
is acceptable
if we hit the target.
Where's Elena?
Getting ready.
How's she doing?
She's nervous.
What if her father shows?
What's going to happen, Michael?
Then the mission ends.
What about Elena and Adam?
They'll be safe.
And you?
I won't see them again.
Thanks for staying with Adam.
No problem.
I hope this is the right thing.
It is.
Bye, sweetheart.
Bye, mommy.
You have the cell phone number.
Call if you need anything.
Don't worry, we'll be fine.
Good luck.
Come on, Michael.
Say goodbye to daddy.
Be nice.
Say goodbye.
Bye, daddy.
Bye, my love. Be good.
[Engine starting]
It's 6:26.
Everyone advance and tighten.
Let's sit.
I'm ok.
Look, he looks like Watson.
I wouldn't have met you
if it weren't for him.
He was a good dog.
I miss him.
I miss those days.
We should go back, with Adam.
He'd love Bordeaux.
He's too young.
I don't think so.
We'll take the train.
Remember how much he loved it
when we took him to London?
We'll see.
You're more on edge than I am.
Just being careful.
I want this to be good for you.
It's odd,
but I don't feel
what I thought I would.
What do you mean?
It doesn't seem so important
all of a sudden.
It's made me realize
that the people that I love
are the ones
that are already in my life
and that's not going to change.
Ok, we have a vehicle. Team 4.
Yeah. We got him.
Do you have an I.D.?
(Operative #1)
They're still in the car,
but I can't confirm yet.
You have about 30 seconds
before it goes public.
It could be him,
but I still can't confirm.
Hold. We're going
to play it out.
Is it you?
Your father was unable to come.
He wanted Adam to have this.
Who are you?
Someone your father trusts.
I still don't understand.
You must be Michael.
You've taken
very good care of Elena.
Her father wishes you to know
he is grateful.
Where is he?
he thought
this was the right time
to be reacquainted with you,
but there were complications.
What kind of complications?
What is so difficult
about meeting your daughter?
No. I have to say this.
Tell my father his daughter
is here and wants to see him.
I'm truly sorry.
Let's go.
We can tag his car, sir.
Do we pursue?
(Operations) No.
Maintain conservative profile.
Let him go.
♪♪[Music playing]
He never showed.
Yes, I've heard.
Have you gotten the news
about Madrid?
No, what?
The Plaza.
37 killed, over 200 injured.
Yes, same group as the embassy.
His money financed it.
Leave that here.
It's not important.
Mischa. You met her?
Yes, here's the cassette.
This won't tell me
what I need to know.
She's a good woman.
A strong woman.
You'd be proud of her.
Then you're telling me
she was angry?
And her husband?
He was interesting.
There was something in his eyes.
Good. Then he'll protect her.
Yes, I think so.
Come. We have to hurry.
Have you worked up
a new profile on vacek?
Yes, you were right
not to tag the courier.
Yesterday was a dry run
any way you look at it.
What do you recommend?
Vacek wants to see his daughter,
but he feels no urgency.
Then we'll have to change that.
Michael will resist.
It won't matter.
How did it go?
He didn't show.
I'm going to check on Adam.
What happened?
He sent someone else.
Did we pick him up?
That means
they'll keep you here longer.
That's good.
For Adam.
[Woman speaking French]
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