La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e03 Episode Script

Opening Night Jitters

I haven't seen
or spoken to my father
since I was a little girl.
There is no higher priority
than taking out vacek.
we need to get Elena's letter
into vacek's hands.
She wants me to meet her family.
(Vacek) may I speak with Elena?
He will be in this
3-kilometer zone.
I hope this is
the right thing.
We got him.
Ok, we have a vehicle.
Is it you?
Your father was unable to come.
Tell my father his daughter
is here and wants to see him.
I'm truly sorry.
Let him go.
Vacek wants to
see his daughter,
but he feels no urgency.
Then we'll have to change that.
♪♪[Chanson sans issue
by autour de lucie playing]
[Cell phone ringing]
(Michael) Josephine?
What's going on?
Things are heating up.
We've correlated 3 incidents
in the last week
and we've got
intel on some new ones.
So I'm going out?
Ah, I don't know why Michael
called you in yet.
They're filling him in now.
These incidents,
who'd they correlate to?
How long have you known
Michael was married
to his daughter?
Not long. I've been
monitoring vacek for years.
I just found out about Michael
a few weeks ago,
pretty much when you did.
Section ever done this before?
Develop a blood cover? No.
Vacek's a special case.
I've never come up
against anyone this insulated.
With guys like Hussein,
abu nidal,
you get an interval
once in a while.
Not vacek.
(Michael) Nikita.
You're having dinner
at my place tonight.
Operations wants a confirm.
You'll provide visual.
Confirm what?
They've asked me
to poison Elena.
[Woman speaking French]
Vacek's already begun
a new wave of
strikes against the west.
We can't wait any longer.
We have to draw him out.
By poisoning his daughter.
Madeline thinks
he's vulnerable in that area.
Would you kill her
to get to him?
The drug will only
simulate fatal illness.
Maybe for a couple of days.
After that, she'll die.
It has a yellow tint.
Don't put it in her water.
Wine or coffee only.
Push the release
button once, right here.
It'll dispense
the proper dosage.
Let's go.
So how's the new place coming?
Are you all moved in?
Just about.
I'm just, uh, waiting to
get a few more chairs
and then I can have
a few people over.
I still wish you'd let me
help you with everything.
I'd just rather do it on my own.
Fair enough.
(Michael) Are we having wine?
I knew I forgot something.
What should we have, Michael,
red or white?
I've been wanting
to try this Merlot.
Congratulations on the job,
the apartment,
and now all we have to do
is find you a boyfriend.
This is great. Thanks.
I want some.
You do? How old are you?
Mmm, 30.
(Michael) Show me your I.D.
Everything's in order.
You can have some.
(Elena) Not too much, Michael.
[Whispering] He'll be fine.
(Michael) Cheers.
This rice is delicious.
I'm glad you like it.
It's a special basmati.
You know, Michael and I
found these great chairs
at an antique store downtown.
I'll give you the address.
Michael? Are you done?
Sorry. Yeah. Thank you.
Adam, can you pick
my spoon up for me?
Thanks, sweetheart.
Watch it, Adam!
What happened?
Adam almost knocked over
the candlestick.
No, I didn't.
It's ok.
(Michael) No harm done.
I can't say I was surprised.
So it wasn't a singularity?
I see.
Under normal circumstances,
I would strip you of
your class 5 status,
and take you out
from your cover.
However, the situation
with vacek is too volatile.
We can't make any ripples
for the time being.
You've left us now
with few alternatives.
We're going to try
a new approach.
There's a briefing
in 10 minutes.
(Madeline) Michael.
Operations was
very disappointed.
financial markets free-fell
until programmed interdiction
closed trading.
We pierced the corporate veil
of 19 multinational
holding companies
dumping their
technology positions.
All 19 companies
are controlled by salla vacek.
He may only be
realigning assets.
He's liquidating.
We've seen
an acceleration of his strikes
over the last 2 months.
It's nothing compared to what
he'll be able to do now.
We've been running
a zero-risk strategy
on vacek's couriers
and recon people
to protect Michael's position.
That's about to change.
Michael and Elena
are still being watched.
I've asked tactical
to come up with
a low-profile way
to seed one of his people.
they should come up
with something in a few hours.
You're on standby.
All right, I'm in.
He's alone in there.
Team one, start sequencing.
Hallway clear.
Send in housekeeping.
Hold a second.
Ok. Go ahead.
We're set.
All right,
they're ready for you.
hello, Mr. Beckman.
Can you hear me?
You are in this city
to do work for a man.
What is his name?
Salla vacek.
(Beckman) He has brown hair.
I am afraid of him.
I once noticed his shoes.
I'm not interested
in his shoes.
Adjust him down.
you are in this city
to do work for a man.
What is his name?
Salla vacek.
Where is he now?
Yes, birkoff.
Beckman gave up
location on vacek.
We've sent 6 teams in to verify.
And Beckman's condition?
He took well to the process.
He won't remember anything.
He'll think he slept
through the night.
I just spoke with our friends
in north Africa.
They're waiting for your call.
Also, after tomorrow's incident,
we plan on leaking a statement
to all international
news agencies
claiming the responsibility
unless, of course,
you'd like us to hold off.
Tell me about Elena.
We are maintaining our positions
and continue to investigate
her primary relationships.
It's been over 2 weeks.
Have you found, uh, anything
that would suggest
I shouldn't meet her?
Fine. Then, contact her
and set something up.
It's still too early.
We simply do not have
enough information.
This is not a good time
to be reckless.
Please, salla.
Of course. You're right.
Go forward with
the, uh, statements to
the news service
and, uh, get me north Africa.
You are looking
very dolce gabbana.
You're looking, uh,
very Mick shtoppel.
What are you doing here?
Isn't that
the question of the hour?
I'm your new neighbor.
As in next door.
You know, water the plants,
borrow the sugar. Eh?
Studio decor. Very interesting.
I can live with it, though.
I mean, I won't be here
all day every day.
You're very funny, Mick.
[Laughing] No joke.
Got a bubble thing.
Got anything flat?
Just cut the drivel
and tell me what you want.
Unlike you, doll,
my contract with section
is a bit more tenuous,
to say the least.
I mean,
they use me for my ability
to move freely in the world.
The French call
it "savoir faire."
You're a lowlife informant,
Ouch, baby.
Fact of the matter is
they've always housed me
next door to an operative.
Did you know, um, Terry de haan?
Terry, you know. Terry!
What about him?
Lived next door to him up
until a couple of days ago.
Poor chap.
Got himself blown to bits.
Diabolical Liberty, that.
Very nice.
So you're telling me that
section's moved you in
next door to me?
You got it.
The old 2 birds
with one stone, I suppose.
My information
moves in quicker,
you get to keep an eye on me.
Think of yourself as a conduit
to my valuable flow.
Shut up, Mick.
What is it?
A team checked in.
The location
Beckman gave us was cold.
Was it vacek's?
Yes, but he left
more than a week ago.
It was abandoned.
We're bringing in samples.
We'll run them.
Did Beckman withhold the truth?
No, he told us what he knew.
He was at least 2 weeks
out of vacek's confidence.
What now?
I don't know.
They're discussing it.
[Whispering] Elena.
Are you ok?
I'm fine.
I must have fallen asleep.
What are you doing
home so early?
My last meeting was canceled.
You look tired. Are you hungry?
No. I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I had a nightmare.
[Elena coughing]
[Elena coughing]
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
[Woman on P.A. system]
Dr. St. Pierre to admitting.
How is she?
They don't know yet.
They're doing some tests.
Where's Adam?
With a neighbor.
[Woman chattering
on P.A. system]
So, how are you doing?
Why are you here?
Madeline sent me.
She wants you to stay here
in case vacek shows.
So how did it happen?
Section must have
gotten to her
while I was on the mission.
It's why they sent me out.
If she dies, they die.
I wasn't expecting you back
until tomorrow.
I have some
unfortunate news, sir.
Your daughter is ill.
She's in the hospital.
What's wrong?
They suspect spinal meningitis.
How serious, Mischa?
(Mischa) She could die.
There's nothing to do right now
but wait to see
how she responds
to the treatment.
[Whispering] Elena.
[Woman chattering
on P.A. system]
Horrible places,
Never anything current.
I'm afraid
you'll have to leave your wife
for a few hours.
Excuse me?
If you care for
the well-being
of your wife,
you'll come with us
without incident.
Ok, good.
Sir, they've made their move.
Michael's leaving the hospital.
And he's been
stripped of surveillance?
(Birkoff) yes, he's clean.
Then let him go.
We didn't have
to bring him here.
We could have used
a more disposable location.
There's no time, Mischa.
There's somebody
that would like to meet you.
Mischa, I want to be alone.
How is she?
You're Elena's father?
What do you want from me?
How is my daughter?
You kidnapped me
to find out about Elena?
She's dying, that's how she is.
What can I do to help?
Nothing. There's no chance
of recovery.
If you want to help Elena,
you'll let me go.
She needs me
and there's not much time.
I'd like to send
my doctors to see her.
There's nothing they can do.
She's with the best people.
Just let me go.
N-No matter.
I'd still like to send them.
Can I go now?
Mischa, you can take him back.
You'll have to accept
the loss of your daughter
just like she learned
to accept the loss
of her father.
You know,
I wish I had the choice
to live a different life.
No one else can do
what needs to be done.
What are you talking about?
Who are you?
someone who is powerless
to even help his own daughter.
Go on.
Return to Elena.
My men will take you back.
Why don't you come with me,
so she won't die wondering
if her father even cares?
I can't.
(Nikita) What's that?
That's me when I was a baby.
Ah, let me see. Yeah.
That's me and daddy
at Christmas.
That's very sweet.
It's a great picture.
What's this here?
That's me.
Happy birthday.
(Adam) That's me on on my bike.
Was that your first bike?
And what's this here
with this big trophy?
(Adam) That was me at karate.
I won a trophy and medal.
Did daddy teach you karate?
I learned it all by myself
at karate school.
That's me, daddy, and mommy.
Ok, come on. Look at the time.
I'm not tired.
Oh, come on,
you can put your pajamas on
and I'll read you a story.
Ok. Ok.
Good boy.
This is coming off a live feed
right from Mexico City.
Crystal globe has
claimed responsibility.
Yeah, it's one of his groups.
I thought our intel
had this in the far east.
(Birkoff) We were wrong.
Maybe not.
There may be another,
right behind this.
Keep those sectors active.
[Monitor beeping]
Who is it?
I don't know.
An encrypted channel.
It's Michael.
Michael, where are you?
(Michael) At the hospital.
Vacek's men just dropped me off.
(Operations) did you see vacek?
Yes, but he won't come himself.
What about the location?
3 hours by private jet
and another hour by car.
Send the antidote for Elena.
Vacek's not coming.
I'm sure that's
what he conveyed.
He doesn't know it
himself yet, but he will come.
The symptoms are killing her.
that's a chance
we'll have to take.
[Woman chattering
on P.A. system]
Thank you.
That should feel better.
I'm right here.
Where's Adam?
He's out in
the hall with nikita.
Could I be alone with him
for a moment, please?
Of course.
Is mommy better yet?
Mommy wants to talk to you.
It's very important
that you be a good boy.
I am a good boy.
I know you are.
I just want you to
listen to what she says.
Can you do that for me?
Ok, let's go.
(Elena) Come here, sweetheart.
I have something
important to say to you
and I want you to
listen to me, ok?
Is vacek coming?
It's possible.
We can't just let her die,
Call Walter.
Get the name of whatever
it was they put in that stuff
and tell the doctors.
It's not too late, Michael.
There's still time.
[Telephone ringing]
Daddy, he says it's grandpa
coming to see mommy.
Our people are in place.
And Michael? With Elena.
We got him the antidote.
She's recovering.
You have all scenarios working?
Whatever he brings, we're ready.
nobody moves a finger
until Michael makes the I.D.
He's the only one
who has seen vacek.
Yes, sir.
vacek's advance team is here.
(Birkoff) How many?
(Operative) 12 so far.
Sir, they're lining the halls.
What do we do about containment?
Make no adjustments.
We should be able to
handle this
without harming innocents.
I feel a little better.
The doctor said
you're going to be fine.
How's Adam?
He was a bit tired,
but he's fine.
Everything is fine now.
Hello, Michael.
I'm glad you came.
Elena, this is your father.
Ok, we've got confirmation.
Take out his backup.
I should have come sooner.
I've been asleep.
(Vacek) I don't mean today.
I should have come years ago.
(Elena) I'm so glad.
About what?
Because now Adam will know
his grandfather.
So much we could
have done together.
There'll still be
time for that.
Her fever dropped.
The doctor said
her immune system
suddenly responded.
When did this happen?
A couple of hours ago.
Say goodbye to Elena.
He just got here.
You have to rest.
(Operations) Thank you, George.
No, it was a long, hard road.
We're all glad it's over.
Early intel gives us
an excellent projection
what's left of
vacek's organization
can be handled
by lower agencies.
I appreciate you saying that.
(Madeline) He was pleased?
Oh, yes.
You should follow through
with your proposal
for level 9.
There should be no resistance
at this point.
(Operative) sir, Michael's here.
Send him in.
(Operations) Congratulations.
You carried off what everyone
at oversight considered
an impossible task.
Elena has been released
from the hospital.
Physically, she's fine.
And, of course, she and Adam
will be provided for.
Full package.
Would you like us to copy you
on their progress reports?
I think we should acknowledge
the personal sacrifice
Michael has made
and give him some time alone.
(Madeline) You can go, Michael.
[Knocking on door]
Mick, I don't have time
for your nonsense tonight.
Could you please just go
be somewhere else?
Can I talk to you? Please?
All right.
They told me
they were just going to
move a guy from "a" to "b."
I didn't know they were
going to blow up the car.
If I had known that,
I never would have let
the girl go with them.
I mean, she had nothing
to do with it.
Now, why didn't they
tell me that?
You want some tea?
[Is Jesus your pal? By
Gus Gus playing]
If you open your eyes ♪
take a look at this mess ♪
could you fake
your reflection, child? ♪
If you reach out for more ♪
you'll find nothing
but sorrow ♪
'cause knowledge is hollow ♪
and pride is hard to swallow ♪
so come and sit on my box ♪
enjoy the view of this water ♪
where my lifeboat
is sinking ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
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