La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e04 Episode Script

Gates of Hell

They've asked me
to poison Elena.
push the release button once
right here.
You can't just let her die,
(Michael) Watch it, Adam!
Operations was
very disappointed.
I don't know
what's wrong with me.
Section must have
gotten to her
while I was on the mission.
Your daughter is ill.
She's in the hospital.
Why don't you come with me?
Daddy, he says it's grandpa
coming to see mommy.
Now, Adam will know
his grandfather.
I think we should acknowledge
the personal sacrifice
Michael has made,
and give him some time alone.
♪♪[Is Jesus your pal?
By Gus Gus playing]
Do you need someone too ♪
just like those people who ♪
find peace
in someone's promises ♪
you sure don't need
my promises ♪
so come and sit on my box ♪
enjoy the view of this water ♪
where my life boat
is sinking ♪
la la la la la la la ♪
if you open your eyes ♪
take a look at this mess ♪
could you fake
your reflection, child ♪
if you reach out for more ♪
you find nothing but sorrow ♪
'cause knowledge is hollow ♪
and pride is hard to swallow ♪
so come and sit on my box ♪
enjoy the view of this water ♪
where my life boat
is sinking ♪
la la la la la la la ♪
la la la la la la la ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
This is mihai brevich,
the man responsible
for the recent wave
of terrorist attacks
in the Ukraine.
He's affiliated with red cell,
but he runs
an extremely competent
in his own right.
He's been recently joined by
his son, laszlo.
He's just a kid.
(Operations) A kid
who's already showing signs
of being even more talented
than his father.
One of their colleagues
is currently in Warsaw.
His laptop
contains the location
of the group's current
safe house in the Balkans.
Michael, are you getting this?
We'll acquire the laptop
and the entire team will mount
an assault on the safe house.
Pick up the profile
from birkoff.
There'll be a delay.
I'm making some changes.
Michael, in my office.
I'm pulling you and nikita
out of phase one,
substituting Van haven
and quael.
I want you
to assist birkoff
with tactical.
That way,
I can keep an eye on you
in case you drop the ball.
I know you've been through
a difficult time,
but Adam and Elena
are being well provided for.
You need to get past it.
Get past losing my son?
However you can.
I didn't see
my son grow up, either,
because I was in
a p.O.W. Camp in Vietnam.
It wasn't pleasant,
but life goes on.
Yes, really.
Get over it.
Everything all right?
We've been taken off phase one.
Did we do something wrong?
Not we, me.
I'll be on tactical here.
You're free to go if you wish.
I'll stay.
You know, just to observe.
Well, suit yourself.
Van haven, you're in the clear.
Proceed to break point.
(Van haven) Ok, we're here.
Hold your position.
There's an anomaly
in the east corridor.
(Van haven) How serious?
2 hostiles.
They may have backup.
[Guns firing]
(Van haven) Cover me.
(Van haven)
Got to leg down the hall.
this wasn't in the profile.
(Birkoff) I know.
[Van haven chattering]
(Van haven) Come on!
(Quael) do we abort?
(Man) get down! Get down!
(Quael) birkoff, do we abort?
[Men chattering on radio]
Van haven stays in the hole.
Quael gets the laptop.
(Birkoff) Van haven, stay put.
Send quael for the laptop.
[Guns firing]
(Van haven) He's got it.
(Birkoff) Pull back, quickly.
(Quael) hostile contact.
[Men chattering on radio]
Use the fallback route.
(Quael) fallback is blocked.
(Van haven)
Pull them back, I'm coming in.
(Quael) birkoff?
Change the pickup point.
Use the Van as a shield.
New pickup,
100 meters north-northeast.
[Men chattering on radio]
2 down. We're on our way.
I can't imagine
what it must be like
knowing you're not going
to see Adam again.
You can't be like this.
Not here.
If there's anything
that I can do
There's not.
It might help to talk.
You can't keep this
inside you forever.
Talking won't help.
If you change your mind,
I'm here.
Thank you.
[Computer beeping]
[Computer beeps]
Walter, I got to talk to you.
Yeah, I'm just going to
make a run
I was using
operations' access code
to filter the mission.
When I went to log off,
the directory wasn't empty.
I think it's an umbrella file.
What did you do?
[Whispering] What! Are you nuts?
Walter, you've got to see this.
[Whispering] It's huge.
Not here and not now.
I'll let you know.
I'll get back to you.
I noticed that you altered
the brevich profile.
You don't approve?
It's premature.
You saw
what happened in phase one.
Michael's on the edge right now.
We have to be careful.
Perhaps he needs
some more time alone.
A chance to pull back.
There's no such thing
as pulling back
in our line of work.
You know that as well as I do.
Perhaps better.
Then what's your point?
My point is
if we push Michael too hard,
we may destroy him
and that would be a pity.
Would it?
He's behaved erratically lately.
You know his potential.
Yes, but managing him
is not without difficulty.
In my judgment, he's worth it.
I miss the cold war,
too, Madeline.
It had clarity and structure.
We could bring
our people along
in a sane manner.
we don't have that luxury.
Michael keeps up
or else he
falls by the wayside,
like everyone else.
We'll proceed as planned.
If Michael can't cut it,
we might as well find out now.
[Bird chirping]
Ok, birkoff,
there's 2 on the perimeter.
(Nikita) How many inside?
Focus on brevich and his son.
We need them alive.
the others are incidental.
(Nikita) Go.
[Guns firing]
(Laszlo) Gun it!
[Man chattering]
[Gun firing]
(Nikita) Hold it! That's laszlo!
Turn him around.
Where's your father?
You'll be hearing from him
soon enough.
Just tell me
where your father is
and save yourself
a lot of extra pain.
all units,
any sign of brevich?
(Operative #1) No, nothing here.
(Operative #2) Negative.
Birkoff, is this intel certain?
Top of the grid.
He should be there.
All right, come over here.
(Man) Laszlo!
(Laszlo) Father!
(Nikita) he shot his own son.
[Gun firing]
[Gun fires]
He's gone.
I need some help here.
I'm with you.
Don't shoot.
Michael, this isn't brevich.
Van haven?
Section wanted me to believe
that brevich killed his own son.
[Seagull cawing]
[Gun firing]
[Gun continues firing]
You wanted to show me something?
I assume you've reviewed
the phase 2 playbacks?
Van haven's incompetence
was mind-boggling.
It's possible the plan itself
left something to be desired.
We needed to get brevich
and to restore Michael to his
normal capability level.
It was an attempt to do both,
it didn't work, we move on.
I've already made
the necessary adjustments.
Before you finalize
those adjustments,
here's a secondary tape
you may not have seen.
One of brevich's men
had the presence of mind
to perform surveillance
during the fighting.
I had the lab do
a reverse angle generation.
This is what
their camera picked up.
So they know
what Michael looks like.
[Computer beeps]
Doesn't mean they can find him.
We find people
with far less intel than this.
What are you getting at?
What I've said all along.
We're pushing
the envelope too hard.
Trying to do too much.
You, of all people,
aren't going to warn me
against playing god?
we do a decent job of it.
God doesn't make
clumsy mistakes.
Scientists say
90% of the species
ever created on this planet
are now extinct.
That's a 10% success rate.
Ours is much higher than that.
End of discussion.
[Crickets chirping]
(Walter) So, show me.
He was spying on oversight?
It has to do with Adrian.
Operations was cleaning up.
He must have
forgotten about this file.
If George knew about this,
operations would be
stuffed and mounted
in about 10 seconds.
That's what I figured.
What do you think?
When you have an ace,
you got to play it.
We won't ask
for the moon and the stars.
Just a planet or 2.
Where have you been?
What do you mean?
I've been looking for you.
Oh, I had something to do
on level 4.
I heard brevich
had a recon photo of Michael.
Yeah. Not to worry. I ran a sim.
The chance of
brevich locating Michael
from a recon photo
is less than 1%.
Well, with all due respect
to your sim,
how would he go about trying?
He'd have to cross-ref
against other databases.
Most of the threads
would dry up in a hurry.
I really wouldn't worry
too much.
What's Michael's new location?
You know I can't tell you that.
Where does Michael live?
[Computer beeping]
There it is.
♪♪[Cello playing]
So, what are you doing?
I'm playing the cello.
Your security isn't engaged.
Sometimes he couldn't
go to sleep at night
unless I played it for him.
It's his birthday today.
I bought him a present.
That you can never give him?
(Michael) Yes.
That I can never give him.
You're not well.
Who is?
Brevich has a recon photo.
If he comes,
[strings twanging]
He comes.
♪♪[Cello playing]
You shouldn't have done that.
Do you want to die?
What's that to you?
I'm your friend.
That would be a big mistake.
Because people
who care about me
end up dead or hurt.
Don't follow their path.
I follow the path
of my own choosing,
just as they did, Michael.
What choice did Adam have?
I've caused you
enough pain already.
Go while you still can.
Michael, I understand
what they've done to you.
You have to
find a reason to live.
Wherever you can.
Well, brevich found you.
I was an easy target.
Would brevich have missed?
Maybe section's
playing some more games.
I don't know.
you have to do something.
All right.
[Strings twanging]
♪♪[Cello playing]
♪♪[Cello continues playing]
[Gun clicking]
Morning, Walter.
You still worried about Michael?
Yeah, I am.
Well, I'm worried about you.
Well, there's no need
to worry about me.
(Walter) Oh, I think there is.
For example, it's not morning.
It's 6:00 in the evening.
Well, there's going to be
a briefing in a few minutes,
I better get this finished.
You've been guarding him,
haven't you?
From time to time.
Does he know?
And when do you get your sleep?
Walter, when I can.
How long do you plan
to keep this up?
Till he starts caring
about his life again.
And if he doesn't?
He will. I'll make him.
Wrong answer, sugar.
If I was a little younger,
I'd probably
follow you around
and protect you,
but as it is, all I can do
is give you a little advice.
You can't give him
a reason to live.
He has to find that for himself.
You, uh
You thought about, uh
Yeah, that's all
I've been able to think about.
(Operative) Walter.
Thank you.
I'll get it right to you.
[Whispering] Tonight?
Yeah, we'll talk about it.
[Whispering] No. We do it.
right after the briefing.
You're sure
he knows about the briefing?
Yes. I talked to him myself.
Nice of you to join us.
Thank you.
This is a warehouse
outside lecar.
It's used for the storage
of toxic chemicals.
Brevich is going to
be there tonight
to pick up
a shipment of biothemite.
This is
brevich's staging area.
It's about 20 kilometers
to the northeast.
It's not the target,
but an alternative
egress route passes close by.
So familiarize yourself
with the outer features.
The mission leaves
in about one hour.
I don't have to tell you
that your performance of late
is unacceptable.
This might be the last chance
to rectify that situation.
Birkoff, the truck's here.
(Birkoff) confirmed.
Birkoff, hostile positions?
5, counting brevich.
(Nikita) any in reserve?
(Birkoff) No.
Michael, should we attack?
Michael. Should we attack?
Why not?
All units, now.
[Guns firing]
birkoff, you said
there were no reserves.
That's the intel.
What's the problem?
(Nikita) they're all over us.
They have nikita.
Do nothing without instructions.
We need a snap profile.
We're not set up for an assault.
Do what you can. Now.
stand by until I contact you.
hold your position
until we work up a profile.
Brevich is the target,
not nikita.
How does it look?
Given our current configuration,
the loss of surprise,
our best bet
is to set a 12-hour shelf.
nikita might be dead
in 12 hours.
it's the best we can do.
Even then, our chance of success
is less than 30%.
It's not worth it.
We'll have to write her off.
Tell the team to abort.
Tell them.
[Computer beeps]
The mission is aborted.
Return to base.
Michael, it's a direct order.
The mission's over.
(Brevich) My men said
a woman was on the raid
which killed my son.
Was it you?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Which one of your operatives
killed him?
[Nikita groans]
Where is the prisoner?
In the hut.
Tell me what I ask,
and it stops.
I told you,
I don't even know who you are.
The man who killed your son
is dead.
[Gun fires]
birkoff, I have nikita.
We will rejoin
the rest of the team
in 19 minutes.
Changing egress to route 3.
(Birkoff) check.
Do you need a support team?
Not unless the zone is dirty.
Scan it until
we've crossed the perimeter.
Will do.
We came across something
you might be interested in.
An umbrella file.
You called it g-4.
When did you come across it?
(Birkoff) Yesterday.
We thought you might like
to have it back,
but we'd like, um,
a little something in return.
In other words,
you're blackmailing me.
(Walter) No.
Just want to make a trade.
That's right, a trade.
Keep it.
(Operations) In the first place,
the file was planted
72 hours ago.
You should have detected it
at least 12 hours
before you did.
It's a test. That's impossible.
It was layered
in a z-cubed function.
So it was made to appear.
Wouldn't be much of a test
if you could see it coming,
would it?
Listen, uh, this trade idea,
it was all mine.
He didn't want to
go along with it.
But he did go along with it.
You should have
come straight to me
the second you found it,
and you should have
told him that
when he came to you for advice.
There was, uh,
another alternative.
We could have taken that
directly to oversight.
You would have been intercepted
long before you made contact.
Down time is canceled
for both of you
for the next 6 months.
(Operations) Understood?
Absolutely. Thank you.
Birkoff, I'm sorry.
I think it would be better
if we didn't talk to
each other for a while.
Like the rest of our lives.
Yeah. I heard you.
Are you ok?
Yeah. You?
Care for a coffee?
Why not?
(Madeline) Brevich dead.
Michael back in the fold.
Thank you.
It was a huge risk.
It could have ended very badly.
But it didn't.
I doubt if it's going to be
that simple.
There's nothing
keeping them apart now.
When I was a boy,
my father and I were hunters.
We had 2 retrievers.
Good dogs,
very fond of each other.
Being close
kept them content
and efficient
but occasionally
it interfered with the hunt.
How did you deal with it?
A system of
rewards and punishments,
as with any living creature.
Did it work?
For a while.
(Operations) eventually,
we had to put
one of them to sleep.
[Woman speaking French]
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