La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e05 Episode Script

Imitation of Death

Nothing near the south entrance.
He should keep going.
Go deeper. I'll coordinate with other units.
- A description would be nice.
- Still no update.
Male under 20 is all we know.
Could it be a child?
It's possible.
All units. New intel.
Male, 18
dark hair, cloth overcoat.
Ingrahm, your sector. Southeast corner.
Stay on him.
You sure this is the one?
He doesn't look 18 to me.
That's got to be him. Kill him.
Do it.
Kill him.
This is the last known photograph
of Vero Menchik.
It was taken when he was six years old.
We ran a 12-year growth progression.
- Is this the boy you saw yesterday?
- Yes, it is.
How does a child get transformed
into a suicidal bomber?
We can thank this man, Ivan Chernov.
He steals or kidnaps children
off the streets
trains and conditions them
for several years
then sells them to terrorist organizations
to use however they see fit.
- His ideology?
- None, except making a profit.
That would make him harder to track
but for one habit:
We've established contact
with one of his connections.
Michael, you and Nikita will meet Chernov,
establish a relationship
locate his operation,
put him out of business
take Chernov alive.
The initial meeting is set
for 2:00 this afternoon.
You'll be leaving in one hour.
Have you had a chance
to study Chernov's psych profile?
I just got it.
He's old-school Russian.
He prizes strength.
And because you're a woman,
he's likely to test you.
- I'll look forward to it.
- He won't challenge you personally.
He'll leave that to his subordinates.
The stronger you are with them,
the more intrigued he'll be
but make no move against
Chernov himself.
- You are Michael?
- Yes. Chernov?
Yes. How nice to make your acquaintance.
- And this is?
- A colleague.
Yes, your beautiful bodyguard.
I was told about her.
I brought two colleagues as well.
Not as attractive, but useful in their way.
Check the goods.
You can take the goods
when we're ready to give them to you.
With your permission.
I believe
$200,000 was the price we agreed upon.
- The account number?
- 21-0-4-6-3-8.
I look forward to our next transaction.
Why wait, Michael?
Let's do it now.
I'll give you an extra half million
for your colleague.
She's not just a colleague.
- She's a friend.
- Really?
That makes a difference.
Make it an even million then.
Michael, what's happening?
The Sudan was successful,
but with higher casualties than expected.
90% successful.
The variance was due to operative error.
Felix missed his mark
by nearly a full minute.
The profile?
Tapes indicate the profile was solid.
Felix messed up.
And not for the first time.
Put him in abeyance.
- Will do.
- That's it.
- Birkoff.
- Felix.
- What was that about?
- Routine progress report.
- Did he talk about Egypt?
- Sure.
- Yeah. My name come up?
- No.
You're lying.
- I'm in abeyance, aren't I?
- Back off, man.
- Am I in abeyance or not?
- I don't know.
You're a little tin god, aren't you?
Pushing buttons,
deciding who lives, who dies.
Guess what. Little tin gods die, too.
Michael, you're back.
- It was an easy sale. It didn't take long.
- Got a second?
I just had a little run-in with Felix.
Don't worry about him.
He'll be in abeyance soon.
He already is. That's what pissed him off.
- What's the problem?
- He threatened to kill me.
What do you think I should do?
Don't let him.
Birkoff, I'm in.
Did they do a scan?
No, transponder's still there.
Activate it.
We've got your location. Deactivate.
How long before the team gets here?
We'll get there as quick as we can.
I apologize
for the spartan accommodations.
It's only temporary, I promise you.
As you know, my name is Ivan Chernov.
Your friend never did tell me yours.
That's because it was
none of your business.
Come now, we have to call you something.
What shall it be?
My name's Nikita.
A good Russian name,
though usually given to a man.
Still, a touch of home is always nice.
Take off your clothes, Nikita.
Go to hell, Chernov.
You can remove them yourself
or I can stun you again
and these two can strip you
while you lie helpless on the floor.
The choice is yours.
Tell them to leave.
Nice try, but I've seen you in action.
Naturally, I prefer to have
my colleagues nearby.
Put your clothes back on.
You will catch cold.
You see, Nikita,
you are here for a very special reason.
And that is?
The future.
Birkoff, did you get that?
- Yeah. What did he mean?
- You don't know?
Then there's something going on
that Section doesn't know about.
- You should call off the attack.
- I'll have to clear it with Operations.
Then do it.
The mission is less than an hour
from engagement.
Nikita thinks there's something going on
that we don't know about.
Do you agree?
From what I heard? Yeah.
All right, put it on hold. Inform Nikita.
Nikita was right to ask for a delay.
Yes, she should be commended.
Looks like we were right about
what Chernov's really up to.
Perhaps so.
But I hope not.
- Are you feeling all right?
- I'm fine.
It's in your own interest
to be frank with me.
Frankly, I'm not wild
about these accommodations.
The results of your scan
were very favorable.
You'll fit in nicely to our work here.
- What work?
- You have no idea?
There's rumors that you
sell children to terrorists.
That's true.
And why not?
We're all capitalists now.
Manipulating people
to buy things or make things.
I simply manipulate them to be things.
And I have plans to branch out
into another line of business.
- Such as?
- We'll be discussing that shortly.
In fact, I have hopes
that you'll find it interesting.
Don't hold your breath.
Don't judge too quickly.
You'll join us whether you like it or not,
so you better make the best of it.
You're free to move around.
Take things in.
Get a feel for the place.
The grounds are under heavy surveillance
and constantly guarded.
So please, do nothing foolish.
- You're right. Cyanide.
- I knew it.
- You sure it was Felix?
- Who else?
Can you prove it?
No, but he threatened me.
- Anybody hear him?
- No.
- Better tell Michael.
- I tried. He won't help.
What are you going to do?
I got to get rid of Felix somehow.
You can't just walk up to someone
and kill them. Even in here.
He might do it to me.
What's he got to lose? He's in abeyance.
- What mission is he scheduled for?
- Bulgaria.
That's in 72 hours.
Libya's leaving in 24.
Why don't you reschedule him?
I'd need an excuse.
Do a psych workup
that matches him better for Libya
file a report and he's history.
That could work.
Thanks, Walter.
Again! Do it.
One, two, three.
Again! One, two, three.
One! Two! Three! Four!
One! Two!
You can see the barrel attaches
to the stock right here.
Put it in gently.
- What's in there?
- It is off-limits.
Chernov, said I could go
anywhere I wanted.
- Not here.
- The scope is misaligned.
- It's defective.
- You are defective.
You are incompetent. Do you understand?
- It's just
- Shut up!
I am the one who's doing the talking now.
Leave him.
- I asked you to do nothing foolish.
- He's a boy.
- And you wish to protect him.
- Yes. He's being hurt.
He's not a boy at all.
By any normal definition, he's a thing.
Let me show you. Go and get a knife.
See this woman? Slit her throat.
What have they done to you?
That's enough.
The fact that you tried to help him
means nothing.
As I said, he's a thing
a product. I should know, I built him.
I think it's time for you
to proceed to the next phase.
What's the next phase?
You're ovulating. Quiet!
If I believed in fate
I would say that you were destined
to come to us when you did.
The timing is absolutely perfect.
Timing for what?
You're going to be a mother.
You're crazy! Let go of me.
Don't touch me! You touch me, I'll kill you!
Don't you touch me!
Is anybody out there?
I need water, painkillers, quickly.
Birkoff, are you there?
- I'm here.
- Send the team now.
- Are you all right?
- Just send the team.
- Right. Red team, move in.
- How long?
23 minutes.
It hurts.
Thank you.
Get up.
Tell them to leave.
- Tell them.
- You heard her. Out.
- Nikita, please.
- Sit down.
If you move
I will kill you.
You're beginning to annoy me.
It's fate, remember?
You took one of my eggs.
- Cloning?
- We may create clones
or we may blend your genes
with those of others
whose talents complement yours.
Probably both.
So this is the new business that you're in?
Acquiring children
leaves too much to chance.
By making them in-house,
we can provide the precise product
that our clients require.
How many of these children
have you already made?
None yet.
But we are close. Very close.
- Nikita, we can't stay
- Sit down!
Thank you.
Okay, come with us.
this was a setup from the start.
Who are you with? Interpol? CIA?
You okay?
Leaving so soon?
You know what your problem is, Birkoff?
- No. What's my problem?
- You're predictable.
I figured you'd have me reassigned
to an earlier mission, and you did.
You think I might not be coming back,
but I will.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
I've been here a long time, Birkoff.
There are ways.
And I found one.
You're going to see me again real soon
and there's not a damn thing
you can do about it.
He's just bluffing.
- It's a last scare out of spite.
- Yeah.
Nobody comes back from
an abeyance mission, right?
- Nothing.
- No, what?
There are stories.
Someone gets a hold of a profile
in advance
sees how they're going to die
and then they get around it somehow.
I need a gun.
You know I can't do that.
All weapons must be checked out,
accounted for.
You must have one or two
stashed away for emergencies.
Look, if Felix dies on the mission,
I give it back, we have a good laugh.
If not, it might save my life.
Has Level 8 analyzed Chernov's files?
- You should be resting.
- I'm fine.
I wanted to ask you
how much of Chernov's compound
survived the assault.
The lab had an auto-destruct mechanism.
All genetic material was destroyed,
your egg included.
His suicide was a mistake on my part.
- I know that you wanted him alive.
- As it turns out, we don't need him.
Under the circumstances, you did well.
Birkoff said that
one of Chernov's children
was sent out before the raid,
a boy named Milan.
We tracked him to Kiev.
We're staging a mission right now.
- I'd like to be on it.
- Why?
I met the boy at Chernov's compound.
I'll recognize him.
He's carrying a bomb.
We can't afford to go soft.
I'll kill him if I have to.
How far to Alana?
About 10 kilometers.
- Then I need your bicycle.
- What?
I have a train to catch. I need your bicycle.
Get your own, you little brat.
He entered the building,
it blew up six seconds later.
- How could he have survived?
- I don't know.
But the mission tapes
aren't totally conclusive.
They can't cover every possible angle.
There's one tape missing. Sector 5.
It was defective. We had to destroy it.
- Did it show anything?
- No.
What is this about?
Felix made some threats.
He said he had a way out of abeyance.
It was just talk. I'm sure he's dead.
Did anyone at the debrief actually
see him die?
It just seems strange.
There were three other abeyance ops.
They're all verified. Felix isn't.
The one tape that could verify him
is defective.
This is some kind of test, isn't it?
To see how I'll react under stress.
What makes you think that?
This is the kind of thing
that happens here all the time.
Is that it?
- Is this a test?
- No.
Of course, if it was a test,
you couldn't tell me, could you?
You have a mission that reaches
engagement in six minutes.
Are you aware of that?
Perhaps you should return to your station.
Birkoff, I've got nothing.
How about the others?
Nothing so far.
Intel suggests
he's approaching from the southeast.
Maybe along the canal.
Birkoff, got him.
Milan, hi.
My name's Nikita. Do you remember me?
I met you before.
I stopped a man from hurting you once.
Do you remember?
You can't reach your target now.
You should just take the bomb off.
If he lets go of the trigger,
you're dead, Nikita.
Don't move any closer.
He'll see it as a chance
to take an enemy with him.
All right, we could just
sit here and talk awhile.
And you could see that you and I
really aren't that much different.
Milan, Chernov's dead now.
Did you know that?
He'll self-destruct to avoid capture.
It'll happen within seconds.
You don't have to do
what he told you to do.
Do you know why we caught you?
Because we're better than he was.
Much better.
We could teach you to fight, kill, destroy
so much better than he did.
In the whole wide world,
there'd be no one as dangerous as you.
No one.
Something's been bothering me, Walter.
When I apologized
for letting Chernov die
Madeline said, "As it turns out,
we probably don't need him. "
So, suppose The Section
heard rumors that
Chernov was into genetics.
Maybe the whole mission was designed
to see how far along he was.
Could be.
And if they don't need him,
it's because they're probably further along.
That could be, too.
If The Section had a genetics lab,
where would it be?
- Level 8?
- Yeah.
But you'll never gain access.
I still remember a few tricks
that Adrian taught me.
just because you can,
doesn't mean you should.
Who are you?
- I'm a friend.
- You're not supposed to be here.
I know, but I got lost.
- But don't tell anyone I was here, all right?
- All right.
What's your name?
Die, bastard!
Sorry. I thought you were somebody else.
Could be your imagination.
My imagination's got
nothing to do with it.
I've seen pictures of myself
when I was little.
That little girl was me.
Human cloning isn't possible now,
let alone when you first came to Section.
Maybe for Section it was possible. Maybe.
Come with me. See for yourself.
What are you afraid of?
I know what I saw.
Let's go.
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