La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e06 Episode Script

Love and Country

I already told you everything I know.
I don't know anything.
I'm telling you, I don't know anything.
You don't have to do this.
I'll cooperate. Send me back out.
I'll source you out wherever I can.
Please don't hurt me.
What's his name?
Vinito Caspi.
Mr. Caspi, tell me about your relationship
with Bottenheim.
I don't know who that is.
That will be all.
You work for a group called Bottenheim.
You were personally responsible
for the bombing in Kosovo and Latvia.
- What?
- This is your only way out of it alive.
Bottenheim used you to funnel money
into the campaign of Nikolai Markali.
- Isn't that right?
- Yes, that's right.
Okay. Start recording.
You were saying, Mr. Caspi?
I worked for a group called Bottenheim.
We funneled money into
the campaign of Nikolai Markali.
Nikolai Markali is making a bid
for the chairmanship
of the Supreme Judicial Chamber.
If he succeeds
he will service a pivotal position
in that part of the world.
We have intel that indicates
he is being funded by Bottenheim.
If he wins election,
he will be the puppet for terrorists.
Unfortunately, we cannot take him out
- using direct means.
- Why not?
Markali is popular with the people.
If anything should happen to him,
it would cause a backlash
that could take down
the existing government.
We don't want that.
- So we work from within.
- Yes.
This is Corrine Markali, Nikolai's wife.
They've been married for 21 years.
She will bring him down for us.
Your panels will be loaded within the hour.
One last thing.
This mission has a personal component
which will not impact
on how you approach tactical.
Nikolai is Corrine's second husband.
I was her first.
It's a judgment call.
It's my call, and you're interfering.
That's your opinion.
I'm a lot closer to this than you are.
Fine. Come in here and do it yourself.
No, I'm not.
I'm doing my job
and you seem to have a problem with that.
Yes, I will.
George is still skeptical about Markali.
Thinks the evidence against him
is too soft.
- He has a point.
- What point?
He was on the list.
We've launched on much less than that
in the past.
There were other names on that list, too,
and they were all clean.
You have to admit it looks like you're
going after Markali for personal reasons.
- Thanks, Walter.
- Good luck.
I heard you had a very interesting briefing.
Yeah, we did.
You know anything about her?
Operations was a prisoner of war
listed as MIA.
She waited for a while,
lost hope, and married Markali.
That's all I know, sugar.
What happened when Operations
returned home?
He never did, officially.
He decided to remain listed as missing
and join Section.
I wonder what kind of woman
would be married to Operations.
It took me a long time to
be able to ask for help
and I was just starting
to get used to Dr. Bresner.
Now this happens.
I don't know.
You don't know what?
Don't take this personally, please, but
I just don't know if I'm ready to commit
to another therapist.
Maybe I should just wait for Dr. Bresner
to recover from the accident.
That's your choice, Corrine,
and I certainly respect it
but you're here now, so why don't we
talk for an hour and see how it goes?
All right, I suppose so.
Dr. Bresner filled me in a little bit.
- You're suffering from general anxiety?
- Yes.
That, and
also just a feeling that
I don't know where I'm going with my life.
I just seem to have lost focus
over the last two years.
And your marriage,
has that lost focus, too?
No, that's the only thing that hasn't.
No, Nikolai is wonderful.
He always has been.
- Tell me a little more about him.
- He's loving, he's supportive.
It doesn't matter how busy he is,
he always finds time.
So, we're going to be
handing out pamphlets tomorrow
at the football stadium,
so I'll put you down for 200.
So, we're going to hand out some
pamphlets after the football game.
So if you could help out there,
that would be great.
I can't make that promise.
It'll have to be on a best-efforts basis.
- But he's already made a contribution.
- Then send it back.
The reason I'm running for office
is to stop corruption, not encourage it.
I'll put you down for 200. Great.
You can pick them up anytime.
Excuse me.
Hold on.
- Is this your book?
- Yes, it is.
Serious reading or Art History 101?
I'm interested in the period.
It's mostly pre-realist.
Before the influence of
I prefer it, personally.
Sedona had the largest influence
over that period.
Sir, they're waiting.
You couldn't have known this
but next to my family and my country
this is what I love the most.
I didn't.
I do know your politics, though,
and that's why I'm here.
I'm glad you are.
- What's your name?
- Nikita.
Look at that.
Is it ever going to stop snowing?
Can I drop you off somewhere?
No, thank you.
I'll walk, I haven't got far to go.
Well, then, good night, Nikita.
You know what?
Maybe I will take you up on that ride.
- The car's right here.
- Great.
Nikita, are you all right?
- Go call for help.
- Yes, sir.
- Update me.
- Michael just called in.
- Markali's with Nikita now.
- Did they go to a hospital?
No. They're at the site.
A mobile triage unit's taking care of her.
How much did she accomplish
before the incident?
She put audio in the office.
She'll be working the computers next.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
How are you feeling?
I'll be fine. I was lucky.
No, I was lucky. You saved my life.
Who would do such a thing?
What? Kill me?
Would you like the list
alphabetically or chronologically?
What have you done
that someone would want to hurt you?
I want to change things
and that terrifies people.
I think that the opposition
would want to give their support.
By "opposition,"
I assume you mean Bottenheim.
They're nothing
but a bunch of criminals with a platform.
I thought you shared
some of their ideology.
- Now, why would you think that?
- I don't know.
Are you sure you don't want to
spend the night in the hospital?
I'm sure, but I could do
with that ride home, though.
Of course.
How did the second session go?
- Corrine's starting to open up.
- So she'll continue?
I think so.
We should be able
to start working her soon.
What are your impressions?
She loves Markali very much
and she trusts him completely.
- Will that be a problem?
- No.
Once we medicate her,
she'll be under our control.
Do you have the playback?
It gets very competitive amongst the
wives in the diplomatic community.
I hate it. They're so petty.
It was like that
with my first husband as well.
- First husband?
- Paul.
He was killed during the war.
Actually, he was missing in action.
We never recovered a body.
He was an intelligence officer
in the military.
I worked through that years ago.
What I'm feeling now
has nothing to do with Paul.
I worked through that years ago.
What I'm feeling now
has nothing to do with Paul.
- I heard it went well.
- Markali was very grateful.
He invited me to dinner.
No mention of the wife?
Just he and I.
- When?
- Thursday night.
Restaurant on the north side.
Tell him you'd like to cook for him instead.
He'll resist
but let him know that nothing
would make you happier
than to have him in your home.
I'll confirm surveillance.
What is it, Nikita?
Markali doesn't seem to fit
the profile we have on him.
In what ways?
He's not particularly sympathetic
with Bottenheim.
In fact, he hates them.
And you know this because he told you?
I know this because you
trained me to read people.
You like to believe in people, Nikita.
Resist that temptation.
You will have one chance to seduce him
and I need to know that you can do that.
I can do it.
That'll be all.
Excuse me.
How's she doing?
She'll be fine.
George signed off on Markali.
We're okay there.
That's good for now
but I'd still like to enlarge the connection
between Markali and Bottenheim.
For George?
No. For me.
Markali was on the list.
He's been associated with
high-ranking members of Bottenheim.
And he's got resources
we still haven't been able to trace.
If he's elected and I'm right,
it'll be too late.
We won't have the same kind
of access to him.
But if you're not right
then we have a bigger problem.
My days consist of sending
our people into battle.
We cannot allow the perception that they
are being used to settle your scores.
How dare you accuse me of that.
I'm not.
I'm just trying to keep
the machine running.
Then keep it running.
Walter, is my Fenedryl-chloride ready?
Just about.
I'm putting them in a physician's sample
just as you asked for.
- How long will it take for them to work?
- Paranoia will kick in right away.
Within 48 hours, the subject
will be unsure of everything
except a desire to take more of these.
This stuff is more addictive than heroin.
There's something you're not facing,
What do you mean?
We've had five sessions now,
and I've noticed that
whenever you talk about Nikolai
you dispose of the topic quickly
and move on to something else.
There's nothing to say.
Our relationship's fine.
Is it really?
What are you getting at?
I think much of the anxiety
that you've been feeling
stems from denial.
Superficially, everything between you
and your husband
might be right
but I think
you want the connection to be deeper.
I don't see your point.
You seem uncomfortable.
Of course. I mean,
that's why I'm here in the first place.
I'd like to give you something.
It's similar to what you're taking now
but I think it will be more effective.
To a perfect dinner and a perfect hostess.
Thank you.
There's no way
that a man can thank someone
for saving his life
so please just consider this
a gift between friends.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm glad you did.
I hope you like it.
Beautiful. This isn't
Sedona. From his earlier period
while he was still an artist.
Thank you.
I think it might look very good
right over here.
Markali headquarters.
Hello, Charles. It's Corrine.
I'm looking for Nikolai. Is he still there?
- No, he left a couple of hours ago.
- Hours ago?
I thought he was working late tonight.
He might be, but not here.
Want me to try the other office?
No, I did already.
Is there anything on his calendar?
No, not till the morning.
Where do you think he is?
With the election so close,
he might just be out working the districts.
Will you let me know
if you hear anything, please?
- Absolutely.
- Thanks.
It has to be like this, right?
You see? It is a trick. You won't show me.
Let me see those.
You are very remarkable
and I am very drunk
and it's late.
It doesn't have to be late.
No, it's late
and my supporters
would be very disappointed
if they could see how
I was overextending my limited energy
and they're not the only ones.
Your wife.
What can I say?
I'm cursed with a love for her
I can't put aside.
I understand.
- He didn't take the bait.
- She didn't want him to.
- What do you mean? She kissed him.
- Never mind.
Can you fix it?
- Yeah, I think so.
- Good.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You're still up?
I couldn't reach you.
I'm sorry, darling,
I went out to dinner with Jacob.
We had some things to go over.
I must have lost track of the time.
I was worried.
I don't like you going out without security.
I refuse to live like that.
Now you stop worrying.
What time did you leave Jacob?
Half an hour ago. Why?
He called here an hour ago.
I'm sorry. I meant
I left the office half an hour ago.
Jacob and I finished up before that.
Did he want me to call him back?
- No, he said he'd see you in the morning.
- Good.
I'm tired.
What makes you think
your husband was lying?
I can tell.
A woman knows.
If he wasn't where he said,
what do you suspect he was doing?
I don't know.
Could he be involved
with another woman?
- You seem very sure of that.
- I am. He'd never cheat on me.
Then why would he lie to you?
Could he be involved in something illicit?
Absolutely not.
Could he be using drugs?
Why are you saying these things?
My husband is not that kind of man.
I believe you
but you're the one that came in here
in a very agitated state
concerned that he may be lying to you.
I just want to explore that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I snapped.
I just haven't been sleeping and
this election and
the shooting the other night
- Have you been taking your medication?
- Yes.
Maybe we should take you off them.
No. It's okay. They're fine.
They make me feel better.
- Birkoff.
- What's up?
How did we confirm the connection
between Markali and Bottenheim?
We had one of theirs,
guy named Vinito Caspi.
- Where is he?
- Dead.
- Who did the interrogation?
- Operations.
- Personally?
- Yeah.
Isn't that a little bit unusual?
Are we going after an innocent man
because Operations wants to get back
at his ex-wife?
I don't know.
Who is this?
Why do you keep calling?
Yes, hello.
My psychiatrist gave me your number
and told me you were a private detective
and could help me out with something.
What can I do for you?
- Why didn't you do your job?
- I did.
He wasn't interested
in cheating on his wife.
Every man is interested
in cheating on his wife.
All you had to do
was make it your decision
so he could rationalize it.
So, now what?
Go back to Markali's office.
Stay in your cover.
- We'll be using you soon.
- To do what?
We're proceeding.
I haven't felt this way in years.
I feel it, too.
You're very beautiful.
What about Corrine?
Our marriage has been dead
for a long time.
I'll leave her after the election,
no matter what the outcome.
That's enough. Turn it off.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for?
Are you cheating on your wife, too?
That should be enough.
The tape.
I paid for it.
I don't need your pity.
I just need you to leave.
- Markali headquarters.
- It's me.
- Do you have your computer on?
- Yup.
I've unlocked his foreign files,
but I can't get them from here.
- What do you need me to do?
- You logged in?
We're looking for an account number.
It's under the joint name
of Fortunato Strand.
You can't just leave, Nikolai.
We have to meet with these people.
They'll have to wait.
Something's wrong with Corrine.
I have to get home.
Tell them it's an emergency, whatever.
Now, call for my car
and get it over here now.
Fortunato Strand. Got it.
Punch in the number.
Good. We're done.
We've got it.
How long will it take
to go through the numbers?
Depends on whether the money
was cycled through Europe.
Could be 15 or 20 hours.
Come to me first.
Corrine, where are you?
My God, Corrine, what is it?
What happened?
Don't touch me, you bastard!
This is a lie. This didn't happen.
Listen to me. I swear to you that's a lie.
Someone altered the tape.
How could you do this to me?
This is the woman I told you about
who saved my life.
I thought you wouldn't understand
if we had dinner together
so, yes, I lied about that,
but I swear on my life
nothing else happened.
Where did you get this tape?
I hired someone.
How can you ask me why?
Listen to me, Corrine. Listen to me.
- No.
- Listen.
Someone is trying to discredit me.
Probably to prevent me
from winning the election.
It doesn't matter.
It didn't happen. Do you hear me?
- What's going on, Nikita?
- Nikolai.
What's this about? Who do you work for?
- I don't know what that is.
- You don't?
Someone recorded our dinner together.
There were cameras inside your apartment
and the images were doctored.
Someone went to a hell of a lot of trouble.
You set me up.
How can you accuse me of setting you up?
Look, it doesn't matter.
Whether you were involved or not,
whoever you are, whatever your agenda
it cannot include destroying my wife.
- Nikolai, how can I convince you
- Don't convince me. Convince Corrine.
You go to her and you tell her
that nothing happened.
I'm confused.
Please, Nikita,
you're the only one who can help me.
If someone wants to destroy
my reputation, fine, let them.
I don't care.
Let the world think of me what it will,
but tell Corrine the truth.
Please, don't let them take her from me.
Oh, look.
It's the slut
who's sleeping with my husband.
Nikolai wanted me to talk to you.
We've got nothing to talk about.
I'm surprised they even let you
in the neighborhood.
It's about the tape.
Nikolai wanted me to tell you
that it was fabricated.
That I was working for someone
who was trying to
destroy him politically.
That's what he wanted me to tell you.
I guess he was looking for a
way to gracefully exit your life.
I told Nikolai that it was pointless to lie.
Eventually you'd find out the truth.
What are you saying? I don't understand.
The tape's real, Corrine.
Nikolai and I are in love.
We're to get married after the campaign,
after he dumps you.
Get out of here!
Nikolai? It's a Dr. Ellis.
- Ellis? I don't know any Dr. Ellis.
- It's about Corrine.
Who is this?
- Mr. Markali, I'm your wife's therapist.
- Is there a problem?
She came in here earlier
and was very disturbed.
I tried to reach you,
but she wouldn't give me your number.
She needs to be admitted to a hospital.
A hospital? Why? What's wrong with her?
She's in a very manic state
and I'm afraid for her own safety.
What are you saying?
Are you saying she's suicidal?
- That would be my diagnosis, yes.
- Oh, my God!
What can I do?
Find her, make sure she's safe,
and don't leave her alone.
No, of course I won't.
I'll do that. Thank you.
So, what was it you couldn't tell me
over the phone?
It's about your husband.
I think you're in danger.
What do you mean?
I got a call
from someone I use for information.
Your husband bought an unregistered gun.
So, I checked it out.
He's planning to kill you.
Oh no!
I've posted a couple of guards
in front of the house.
He won't be able to get in.
- And you'll stay with me?
- No.
- I'll try to stop him before he gets here.
- Please, you can't leave me alone.
I'm sure you won't need this,
but you'll be safer with it.
Take it.
Now, lock your doors.
As soon as I pick up your husband, I'll call.
Lt'll be all right. Trust me.
Don't come near me.
Who's there?
Nikolai, I'm not afraid of you.
My darling, thank God.
I was so worried.
The first wave of press clippings
have come in.
There's no question that Markali's death
was a personal matter.
- Will there be an inquiry?
- Yes, but they'll find nothing.
What about Markali's connection
to Bottenheim?
It was much deeper
than we even suspected.
Once Birkoff decrypted Markali's account
he was able to confirm
a four-year chain of contacts.
- I owe you an apology.
- Not at all.
You were doing your job.
So, where are we on Pakistan?
I've already signed off on personnel.
We'll deploy this afternoon.
What time do I go on-line
with the committee?
Did you hear?
About Markali?
He was dirty after all.
Doesn't make me feel any better.
Right over here.
Mrs. Markali?
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