La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e07 Episode Script

Cat and Mouse

You're sure the trucks were visible
to satellite surveillance?
Clearly visible.
Not too clearly.
We don't want to tip our hand.
There'll be plenty of processing
to get through.
If I know Section, they'll take the bait.
They'll have to.
Which leaves one last detail: Abby.
She's ready.
She's having trouble
with the voice pattern.
Not anymore.
And that last bit of surgery,
the cheekbones.
It's perfect.
I'd better take a look at her.
Send in Abby.
Yes, you'll do very nicely.
We received priority intel an hour ago.
A kitchen has been located
outside Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.
They furnish biologicals
to a number of terrorist groups
including Red Cell.
They've been connected to four strikes
in the last month.
Who's their sponsor?
So far, all we know is it's a new player.
We're still searching for reliable intel.
The lab is located in this textile plant.
Comsat photos show chemical
supply trucks entering from the south.
Theoretically, they should be empty
when they leave.
The advance team placed sensors
on the road.
The outgoing trucks
are packed to the gills.
Get in, find out what they've got
and who they are
and shut them down.
Are you all right?
I'm fine. I'm just getting over a cold.
You want to step down?
No, I'll be fine. Thanks.
There are four levels. The lab is at the top.
The hallway loops around both directions.
Lab could be on either side.
We have contact.
Take samples. Destroy everything else.
Any signature?
Not so far.
We have 90 seconds. Move out.
Nikita, 90 seconds.
Let's go.
We got 60 seconds. Hurry.
Nikita, what's going on?
Nikita, talk to me.
Hostiles took out my team.
You got 30 seconds. Get going.
I'm on my way.
They cut off our retreat.
Put this on.
Good. You look at me.
You realize it's important
to know the inquisitor.
I'm told that everybody's afraid
of something
something which causes
an emotion beyond terror.
A horror that defies
description or definition
where the senses shut down.
Right here in my hand is everything
that Section knows about you.
I can't have you distracting my men.
Where am I?
I'll explain everything
when you're dressed.
How's your cold?
I'm sorry?
Your cold.
It's better, much better.
Just need to get a little bit of rest.
Don't worry.
I bear you no malice for my condition.
In fact, I consider myself quite fortunate.
If your aim had been
three millimeters to the right
As far as I'm concerned, the slate is clean.
What do you want?
Can I offer you some refreshment?
What do you want?
First, you must realize
this time there will be no escape.
There'll certainly be no rescue.
Do you know why?
Because I'm not here at all.
You've already grasped something
that most people would find
quite disorienting.
I have a question.
You want to know why you're still alive.
Once before, as you know
I extracted information from you.
As it turned out, it was a Section trick
which resulted in
a rather nasty setback for me.
Still, some of what I learned
was quite valuable.
Now I need the rest of the picture.
You won't get it.
You'd die before you'd help me.
Just kill me and get it over with,
unless, of course
you're planning to bore me to death.
You're becoming
more confident in your work.
As I recall, though,
you did have a weakness.
I believe his name was Michael.
it's show-and-tell time.
Put the target in focus.
That'll do for now, Abby.
Still bored?
Nice gun.
Nikita, the tapes show
45 seconds of silence
after the ambush.
Why didn't you call Birkoff immediately?
The frequency was jammed.
I couldn't get through.
The frequency was jammed.
Birkoff must have called in
the same time as you did.
You will continue to tell us
what we need to know.
You will educate Abby
in the ways of Section
and in your personal habits,
so there is no chance
of the deception being discovered.
Do you understand?
Answer, Nikita.
I understand.
Where are they?
Van access.
Leads directly to Section.
Tell her what to do.
Go to Systems, fill out a mission report.
Take the corridor on your left.
- Where are you going?
- To make out my report.
That won't be necessary.
Operations wants to debrief you directly.
- Now?
- In half an hour.
You have to return your
communications device first.
It's the other direction.
Almost forgot.
About 20 meters straight ahead.
Ponytail and a bandanna at a workstation.
His name?
A friend?
Guide her. Word for word.
Hi, sugar.
- Rough mission?
- Not great.
- But you're okay?
- I'm fine.
You remember
what we were talking about
a couple of days ago?
- Cheryl.
- Cheryl?
I asked her to go out.
- She said yes.
- Told you so.
Yeah, but I feel kind of guilty.
- Don't feel guilty.
- Belinda'd want you to go out again.
Belinda would want you to go out again.
You really think so?
I know so.
Sugar, you're the greatest.
Thanks. Got to run.
Take care.
I think you're getting the hang
of this rather well.
Sooner or later, they'll see through her.
I don't think so.
Don't forget, I have your entire file.
Everything they know about you, I know.
I spent two years
bio-engineering Abby's face
and skeletal structure
teaching her how to act
and speak like you.
All we needed
was your knowledge of Section
and now we have that.
How long do you expect me to do this?
Until Michael's life
has no further value to you.
Abby can get to him anytime I want.
And in the meantime, you destroy Section.
You disappoint me.
I have no intention of destroying Section.
Because while you have her in there,
you're one step ahead.
I want Section to survive
for a very long time.
When they see their missions failing
they'll know something's wrong.
That won't happen.
I've calculated their mean success rate.
That won't change.
They'll only fail when I want them to.
So you've thought of everything.
I've no doubt
there'll be the odd tight spot
but I'm confident
that you'll get us through
one way or the other.
There was no resistance on the perimeter.
None inside until the mission
was almost complete?
That's right.
Where did the hostiles come from?
Most likely from abandoned air ducts.
You didn't check for those on the way in?
Intel provided no indication of them.
So the problem was faulty intel.
Incomplete intel.
You're on close quarter standby
for the next 12 hours.
That's all.
You think the lab was a decoy?
The resistance was token
until the ambush.
It's a possibility.
In the absence of hard evidence,
we have to accept the mission objective
as accomplished and move on to Phase 2.
What does Walter say?
He ran absorption tests on the samples.
He's tracing them now.
Let me know
if he finds a potential supplier.
We have to find out who's behind this.
Close quarter standby.
That means there's going
to be a follow-up mission.
- That's right.
- Splendid.
How long do we have?
A few hours.
Guide Abby to your workstation.
This is useless. It's far too general.
I need the specific mission profile.
Go deeper into the tree.
Type in "star-four-four
"backslash-zero. "
Now what?
Now nothing. I don't have access.
I don't believe you.
The profile won't be released
until an hour before the mission.
That'll be too late.
There's nothing that I can do.
How very sad for Michael.
There might be a way.
I'm in the Ready Room.
Download the profile
once the cycle's complete.
Okay. We're on it.
I'm sorry. Didn't mean to wake you.
It's okay. I wasn't asleep.
You're working too hard.
Too hard and not very well.
What do you mean?
Those operatives we lost
on your mission
that was my fault.
Or mine.
You were surprised in the field.
I'm supposed to prevent that.
You're a good man, Birkoff.
Roll over.
Roll over.
Good. We've got it.
Keep him busy for another five minutes.
That feels great.
What was that for?
I told you. You're a good man.
You really think so?
Yes, I do.
What are you afraid of?
I just can't believe this is happening.
It doesn't have to be
the romance of the century, Birkoff.
But in this place we should take
whatever pleasure we can.
When we can.
Section's in for a little surprise.
The first of many.
Walter, I've got to talk to you.
I'm listening.
I think I love Nikita.
Yeah, everyone loves Nikita.
No. I mean, really love.
And I think it's mutual.
Nikita's falling for you?
She came on to me in the Ready Room.
What? She stroked your hair?
We made love.
I don't believe it.
Neither do I
but it happened. I swear it.
came on to you?
At first she tried to make
like it was no big deal
but it got pretty intense.
You think I ought to suggest moving in
or is it too early?
Maybe I should just play it cool
see how it plays out.
I think that you really
don't need any advice from me.
You seem to be doing fine on your own.
Just follow your instincts.
That's good. Follow my instincts.
Thanks, Walter.
We traced the supplies
of the Red Cell kitchen
to a middleman named Klaus Honig.
We've located him on the outskirts
of Berlin, in this apartment.
Sims indicate a chance of heavy security
so we're sending a full team.
Pick up your profiles from Birkoff.
You leave in an hour.
Why are you wearing glasses?
My eyes,
they've been a little bit sensitive lately.
Maybe you need some rest.
After the mission I'll get some.
Something's wrong.
Abby's doing something wrong.
He seems edgy.
That's just the way he is.
Surprised you put up with it.
Perhaps he has hidden charms.
Prepare a counter to their mission profile.
Birkoff, where's the security?
I don't show anything on the perimeter.
That goes against intel.
I'm working on it.
- It's empty.
- Are you certain?
I've scanned everything.
Birkoff, the place is clean.
This doesn't add up. Get out of there, fast.
Section One has played
cat and mouse many times
but it's not often they've taken
the part of the mouse.
My guess is they're not enjoying it.
They had a clear shot at her.
She was lucky.
There is an alternate explanation.
If she wanted to betray us
she would have made it less obvious.
You're probably right.
Put a watch on her, Michael.
You can go.
What's going on?
Is someone sending us a message?
It's unclear
but whoever we're up against
appears to know us well.
Designate this as a top priority.
Put the best people we have on it.
- That will weaken us elsewhere.
- I don't care.
We have to get to the bottom of it.
And just in case, put a watch on Michael.
We need to talk.
- All right.
- Not here.
Level 4 in 15 minutes.
What does he want?
- I don't know.
- Take a guess.
I can't.
We just have to wait and see.
If you've done something
to jeopardize my operation
No. I want Michael to live.
Then I suggest you handle
the next few moments very carefully.
Hello, Birkoff.
Had a great time the other night.
You want to grab some dinner?
I'm beat. No, thanks.
- I could bring something over.
- Some other time.
Maybe just a drink or something?
Sorry, Birkoff.
They've put a watch on you
probably on me as well.
- Because we survived the mission?
- Yes.
All the other operatives shielded me.
You weren't hit
even after they went down.
And they didn't fire at the van, not once.
Michael, no matter how bad it seems
we're innocent.
Sooner or later that will become clear.
Now what?
It's a night off.
We usually get together.
Then why doesn't he say something?
Because he likes me
to make the first move.
Then make it.
We'll talk later.
What about tonight?
We're both off.
Unless of course, you're not in the mood.
How do you feel?
Missions have gone bad before.
As far as I'm concerned
tonight should be like any other night
between the two of us.
Yes, you're right.
My place, an hour?
I'll be there.
Well done.
Left of the stove, top cupboard.
He's here.
I hope this won't be too painful for you.
- Yes.
- Jacques.
We have to go.
I'll catch up with you.
What's going on?
A flash mission.
They've located Klaus Honig.
- Flash mission?
- Yeah.
Flash mission.
What is a flash mission?
Short-notice protocol.
Mission profiles are distributed
on the way out.
So there's no way to get one in advance.
That's right.
- Everything all right?
- Everything's fine.
Michael, hold for clearance.
What are they waiting for?
Tactical delay. It's common.
Stand by
You found a way to let them know. How?
Does it matter?
I suppose not.
Finish it.
Section will want you alive.
You put me in this chair.
The least you can do is spare me
any further humiliation.
Now finish it.
I'm sorry.
It wasn't really Nikita.
It was some impostor.
I heard, but don't feel bad.
She fooled everybody.
But she really fooled me.
I caused a security breach.
Yeah, but under the circumstances
who could blame you?
They'll blame me.
They going to call you in?
I'm on my way now.
Good luck.
What do they want with you?
What do you think?
Birkoff, I'm sorry. I didn't have a choice.
Yeah, I know.
I don't think it's going to go too badly.
They seem to be in a forgiving mood.
I hope so.
what happened between us
Nothing happened between us, Birkoff.
It did in a way.
I mean, you were on the other end,
talking to her
and listening, right?
Did I make a complete idiot out of myself?
No, from what I could tell
you were pretty delicious.
- She was convincing.
- Very.
would you like to step inside?
What's this for?
The debriefing is over.
We have no further use for her.
I'm not in the habit
of killing people in cold blood.
In this case,
you might want to make an exception.
In a manner of speaking,
she possessed you
in body as well as mind.
Psych profile suggests that by
killing her I can best exorcize her?
I don't think so.
If I do it instead, I think you'll regret it
but the choice is yours.
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