La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e09 Episode Script

Slipping Into Darkness

- Go ahead.
- I need a cab.
- Where to?
- Hamburg.
Hang up and turn around.
We didn't think you'd show.
- When can I meet Philo?
- First things first.
What's the reaction time?
Ten hours. First sign is confusion.
Then comes judgment disintegration,
followed by paranoid delusions.
A complete brain meltdown.
Where are we with the Shadow Brigade?
Birkoff's going through
what we've recovered from the bombing.
And what do you think? Is this their work?
- It's possible.
- Okay.
Let me know when
you have something definitive.
Oversight wants a quick turnover
on this one.
Isn't that yesterday's news?
It appears holding
Shadow Brigade accountable
for the embassy bombing was a mistake.
- We may have acted too hastily.
- They took responsibility.
They lied.
- Who do you think it was?
- Gustov Pogue.
Gustov Pogue has been dead
for four years.
That's exactly what he wants
the world to believe.
Sir, I've got what you asked for.
I'll be right there.
Start preparing a profile on Pogue.
We've gone through
all the elements of the event twice.
There's no mistake.
It's definitely Shadow Brigade.
- What about Pogue?
- He's been quiet-filed.
This bombing has Pogue's signature
all over it.
- Not really.
- Don't argue with me, Birkoff.
Just find the linkage to Pogue.
I hear we're chasing a ghost.
- Gustov Pogue.
- Yeah.
What's the idea?
It can't be him. I saw the corpse.
He could have been doubled.
Come on. We ran the DNA.
What's the matter with you people?
You can't even see the obvious!
- Sir, I've checked every file
- Come on. Move!
- I'm so glad I caught you home, popsicle.
- What?
A matter of great urgency, this.
Are you alone?
- Yes, Mick.
- I'll get to the point.
I was at the library, right? I love reading.
What's the point?
There's this book, Alprine,
Great Chefs of the '30s and '40s.
I am not a morning person.
Get to the point.
I ran into Phyllis,
a bird I used to roger in Amsterdam.
She's held up great over the years.
- Condoms.
- What?
Two or three will do.
I'd run to the corner
but I don't want her to cool off.
Do you know what I mean?
- She's there now?
- Yes. It's all right.
- The engine's running. She's on idle.
- No, Mick.
What do you mean, no?
Don't ever wanna share.
Come on, doll. I'm sure you and Michael
practice safe sex.
You should leave now before you get hurt.
Excusez moi. I didn't know that
things had soured between you two.
But you still got feelings,
and that's a good thing.
You know, I'd stay to help you
work things through but
Just get out of my life, please.
Here's your morning wake-up call.
- Hello.
- Josephine.
- Hey, Birkoff.
- Can't talk.
- Hi, sugar.
- What's going on?
- Don't ask.
- Why?
According to Operations,
Shadow Brigade is a waste of time.
- Pogue is the real target.
- Who's Pogue?
No, the question is, "Who was Pogue?"
- He's dead?
- Very.
So what's the problem?
Pogue was the largest arms dealer
in Europe. Class-A priority.
Operations tracked him for four years.
Every time Pogue got cornered,
he got away.
Pogue was too smart for Operations.
- But not for George.
- So George put him down?
It was the only time Operations failed
at something he really wanted.
If Pogue's dead, what's Operations doing?
I don't know.
How about, going crazy?
Briefing in two minutes.
Most of you will remember
Gustov Pogue
founder of the Btari Rebels.
Yesterday, we learned he surfaced
and was spotted 2 kilometers from where
the embassy was bombed.
We believe this is a first
in an extensive anti-democracy
campaign of terror.
Profilers are now working on the tactical.
They will have something
in the next few hours.
Operatives are on standby.
That's all.
- Walter said Pogue was dead.
- That's right.
So I don't understand.
What's Operations doing? What's wrong?
You don't have to understand.
- I just heard we're on standby for Pogue.
- He has to be stopped.
- Is everything all right?
- Why?
- You seem tired.
- I feel fine.
- What's on your mind?
- We're all under pressure.
- Maybe you need a little downtime.
- Not until we've neutralized Pogue.
You know him. He rewrites the book
on this sort of thing.
Is it possible that maybe
we're dealing with one of his operatives?
You're wrong! It's Pogue,
and I don't want to hear otherwise!
- Sir?
- What is it, Birkoff?
I found Pogue's old safe house.
- You get the profile?
- Yes.
Well, this was Pogue's safe house
six years ago.
Ml-6 raided it. He escaped.
So, even if he were active,
he wouldn't use it now.
Doesn't matter. It's not your call.
- What about you?
- It's not mine, either.
- We're locked.
- So this is a waste of time?
- You should get into tactical.
- Michael, what's going on?
- What do you mean?
- Something's not right.
Operations is cold and ruthless,
but he's not irrational.
I've got to go.
- Red team is in the target zone.
- Engage.
Okay, move out.
- We've got a runner.
- Duskis, go after him.
He's got him.
Target is female. Non-hostile.
Repeat: Non-hostile.
First team's reporting the same thing.
Pogue isn't there.
Duskis, let her go. Now.
Go on.
What happened out there?
Intel was bad.
Resistance was non-aggressive.
Duskis allowed a hostile to escape.
- She wasn't hostile.
- It was Pogue.
You're going to be my example. Do it.
What do you mean?
This is what happens
when you use your own playbook.
I followed procedure.
There were no hostiles. Ask anyone.
- Why are you doing this?
- Michael, where are they taking him?
- No, we can't let this happen.
- There's nothing you can do.
There was no threat.
I told him to stand down.
Let it go, Nikita.
Birkoff, Operations is out of control.
He's just ordered Duskis to be canceled.
We have to do something.
Just keep your head down
and your mouth shut, you'll be fine.
And Duskis, what about him?
Forget about him. It's done.
He's dead? Already?
- I need a minute.
- Something wrong, Nikita?
Canceling Duskis was unjustified.
He was an abeyance operative.
I didn't know we executed
abeyance operatives.
I thought they performed a function.
Is that what you walked in here for?
To turn me against Operations?
- We can't just stand by
- Return to comm.
Birkoff, I told you not to divert
any resources from Pogue.
Don't ever let that happen again.
Anyone else here want to disobey me?
What are you looking at?
Get back to work.
It doesn't make any sense.
One day he's normal
the next day he's Dante,
leading us down the nine circles of hell.
We have 100% of our resources
looking for a dead man.
Meanwhile, we're absentee
on two Class-10 activities.
Make that three.
Liberia, Myanmar, Rwanda,
all unanswered.
This is not just
an internal matter anymore.
- We have to go to Oversight.
- Whoa, sugar. Not so fast.
Do you have any better ideas?
No. All I'm saying is that we should put
some thought into our next move.
I was at a meeting like this 30 years ago.
Talk of insurrection.
- What happened?
- Didn't want any part of it.
That's the only reason I'm here today.
The way I see it, we don't have a choice.
Operations is out of control.
You can go if you like, Walter.
We understand.
I'm in.
Where were you?
I called.
I must have been in the shower.
Is there something you needed?
You are going out.
Operations says Pogue was spotted
at his secondary base camp.
Are you sure you want to be
taking orders from him?
- Intel was confirmed.
- Like last time?
Michael, Pogue is dead and you know it.
Operations is delusional.
He needs to be taken out of the play.
Who else have you talked to?
I'm not alone.
But we can't do it without you.
Let's just go through this mission.
I've seen Operations like this before
and it turned out he was right.
And if he's not
I'll help you.
- Has the target been located?
- They're still looking.
- Any sign of Pogue?
- Target is not on site.
I repeat: Target is not on site.
Advance, damn it! He's there!
- We're coming up negative.
- That's impossible.
- Are you all right?
- Get away from me!
Evac without the target is not an option.
Somebody there knows something.
Start shooting collateral
until someone talks.
They're non-hostiles.
To eliminate them would be ineffectual.
You've been given orders.
Then I disobey the orders.
No one's going to die here.
Let's go.
When Nikita returns, I want her canceled.
You tell Madeline.
I know the way.
He's crazy.
You know he's insane, don't you?
He will destroy this place, Madeline.
What happened
at your meeting in the bunker?
Is there going to be a mutiny?
You have to tell them to stop.
Then stay out of sight.
I'll take care of Operations for you.
I don't get it.
We're aware of Operations' condition.
We're dealing with it.
He's been compromised.
We were able to do some tests
without his knowledge.
There's something in his system
that's changing his body chemistry.
A psychotropic agent of some sort.
- Who did this to him?
- We don't know yet.
- Someone inside.
- Inside Section?
I need you to calm everyone down on this.
Give us a chance to solve the problem.
Why don't you just quarantine him?
It has to appear as business as usual.
That's the only way
we can flush out the mole.
- What happened? I thought that you
- I'm okay.
Does Operations know you're alive?
No. Where are we with Oversight?
I found an opportunity.
We can get to George in the morning.
You got to put it off.
- Why?
- It can't go down.
Not yet. Trust me.
I'll tell you when it's time.
- I can't talk.
- What happened?
Madeline let me go.
I'm sorry.
But even if I hadn't gone after you,
you never would have escaped.
I know. Don't be sorry.
And Operations?
As far as he knows, I've been canceled.
- You're working with Madeline?
- Operations has been drugged.
That's why he's been acting the way he is.
They think it's someone on the inside.
Did Madeline say who she suspects?
What are you doing down here?
Following up on a breach indicator.
It appeared someone accessed a D-server.
- What was it?
- Electrical error.
Why are you handling this?
Everyone in comm.
Was tied into a mission. I had some time.
I see.
I came across a discrepancy.
I was hoping you could help me.
Of course.
Your out-time on the Warsaw debrief
was 48 minutes shorter than we show.
Must be a mistake. I'll look at it.
We'll have to accelerate the schedule.
I'll keep in touch.
- What is it?
- I just located Pogue.
- Where?
- Helsinki.
- Are you sure?
- I want a team sent out immediately.
We've got everyone heading out
on a Class-8.
No, they're not!
They're going after Pogue!
There's been a change in the profile.
We have a situation
that requires immediate response.
So do I. I just found Pogue.
- Let's go.
- You've been given orders, Michael.
Find Pogue, or I'll find someone who will.
No, you won't.
Michael, you're out of line.
- It's over, sir.
- Michael, you are out of line.
There will be no more phantom missions,
no more cancellations.
Have you people gone insane?
Failure to act on my direct orders
will be considered an act of treason!
Until you compose yourself
and have a chance to reevaluate things
perhaps you should take a rest.
Any of you here
want to join these traitors?
Go ahead. Stand behind him now.
Why is she still alive?
- You're just like them.
- I'll take care of it.
Cancel them all.
I gave you a direct order.
Did you hear what I said?
I can't let you do this, sir.
What did you just say?
You're not well, sir.
I'll have to ask you to step down, sir.
You're done here. Take him away.
I said get rid of him!
What the hell is going on here?
I'm relieving you of your duties
and assuming command of the section.
Take him away.
Take both of them away.
If anyone here disagrees
with what I've done today
feel free to come and see me.
Tell Philo I'm in.
Are you sure about this?
The transition's been cleared.
- So George put you in charge?
- For now.
Michael, you wanted me?
I want you to cut the Pogue search.
Start focusing in
on the Shadow Brigade splinter groups.
- Come with me.
- Where?
I want them to approve your transition
to my second-in-command.
What are we doing here?
This isn't Oversight.
No, it's not.
If I had told you the truth,
you wouldn't have come.
So who are we meeting?
Philo's Red Cell, Michael.
So it was you.
All along, you compromised Operations.
He might die.
That's the point.
I don't understand.
I have an agreement with Philo.
He'll feed us certain operations.
I'll do the same
and he'll protect my leadership.
Our leadership.
I can't go along with this.
Not with Red Cell. No.
- I'm impressed.
- I'm glad.
I hear you two were close.
Must have been hard, killing the girl.
It will be a lot easier killing you.
- Now, I want to see Philo.
- Another day. Philo's not ready.
- Not good enough.
- It'll have to do.
You know Philo doesn't see people.
Today he does.
I followed my part of the deal.
Now, you take me to Philo,
or I end this right now.
Philo doesn't like to be threatened.
This is about confidence.
Either he trusts me or he doesn't.
Let me make a call.
Okay. You've got your meeting.
If you don't mind.
Have a seat.
I see you've been quite busy.
You placed the cameras perfectly.
Your orders were quite specific.
I simply followed them.
That's about to change.
Now that you're in command,
you and I will be partners.
My post is temporary.
- I haven't secured my position.
- You will.
He won't last another day.
Someone's followed us here.
You set me up.
Get medical, now.
Did we get him?
We got him.
So this whole thing was a chess match
to smoke out Philo.
It worked.
You would have let me
kill those people in Siberia?
We knew you wouldn't.
Well, I'm glad I met
everyone's expectations.
Even the talk of insurrection,
you anticipated it?
I'm going to have to stop
being so predictable.
If my hands were free,
I would applaud you.
I accept the compliment.
Eight years spent in the cold,
never once did I feel the need to surface.
And trust can be our greatest weakness.
You went to extreme lengths to find me.
Mentally and physically,
you put your own life on the line.
It was worth it.
What happens now?
You've been watching, paying attention.
You tell me.
Good morning, Michael.
- You look well.
- Thanks to your timing.
Another few minutes,
who knows what would have happened.
I still don't understand
why you insisted on taking the drug.
Credibility, Michael.
Leave nothing to chance.
That will be all.
Yes, of course.
- Things went well.
- Yes. Perfectly.
Michael's skills were impressive.
Yes, they were.
He might just have
what it takes to do this job.
Your successor?
I don't think he has the ambition.
He's got it.
He just doesn't know it yet.
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