La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e10 Episode Script

Under the Influence

Hassan is the one on the far left.
- Is he willing to deal?
- Yes.
But he's not very approachable.
There's this entire protocol
you have to go through to get to him.
- And is that a problem?
- Not if you have this.
It's got all his contact points.
- How many units does he want?
- Twenty.
- Exposure?
- Minimal.
Good work, Hugo.
- You and your wife make a good team.
- Thank you.
- We should go.
- Whoa, Hugo.
What about dessert?
- Bring dessert.
- Pour us a drink, Hugo.
It's right behind you there.
Would you mind?
- Everyone drinking?
- Not you.
Hugo, you okay?
- Great shot, bro.
- Thanks, Simon.
- Simon, you like the dessert?
- Absolutely.
I like the dessert.
What, you don't like the dessert?
Come on, eat the dessert.
This won't be a straightforward deal.
It may take you a while.
Yeah, don't worry about me. I'll be fine.
I know you will, bro.
What are you doing? Back off.
Let go!
Where am I?
No, thanks. I prefer younger.
That's too bad. It's just you and me.
We see that you're approaching
Mr. Hassan.
I assume it's to sell him
the anthrax rockets you stole.
You've got all the answers, don't you?
- So what do you need me for?
- Where's your brother?
Where is Simon?
It's been two days
and Karl Peruze still hasn't transferred yet.
Have you looked at alternatives?
- All but one.
- What's that?
The Casper project.
Aren't we still in Beta?
Yes. For over a year.
It's time to try it out.
This is Simon Peruze,
along with his brother Karl.
They operate under the name "Black Sun. "
It's a supply house used for dozens
of wet works and Class 10 activities.
Simon is the inside operator.
He's our target.
Our sources indicate
he owns an arsenal of anthrax rockets
that Karl has been dispatched to sell.
We've only been able
to extract fragments from Karl.
We have a contact number and code
for the buyer, Mr. Hassan.
We believe the plan is this:
Karl makes his deal with Hassan.
When the finances are transacted
Karl will return to Simon.
- But we don't know where Simon is?
- No.
Karl is being modified now
to help lead us to him and the rockets.
Operatives are on standby.
Nikita, see Madeline. That'll be all.
We're trying a new
neural-stripping process on Karl Peruze.
- Your job will be to reprogram him.
- You mean oversee it.
No. You'll be personally involved.
How personal?
You're wasting your time.
Don't worry. We have plenty of it.
I will never give up my brother.
I know.
What's this, lunch?
Here's Peruze's file. Study it.
How much of his memory
are they going to modify?
We're going to erase his mind.
You'll become his teacher.
What's up, Birkoff?
It's about the Martelli file.
He's not coming in till Friday.
It's too early to talk about it.
I think you're going to need
all the time that's left.
What is it?
I was checking out
his activities over the past year
just to make sure he wasn't
abusing our protection.
There was a murder.
Even though we've green-listed him,
he's still a terrorist.
The victim was Stephen Wolfe
Operations' son.
I've already touched the file.
It goes automatically to Operations
this afternoon.
- Can you delay that?
- No.
Okay. Thank you, Birkoff. You can go now.
- Don't you want me to do something?
- Like what?
I don't know.
Martelli's coming here in three days.
I can't think of any outcome
that doesn't involve blood inside Section.
That's not your concern.
- Yes?
- The daily report is ready for you.
Thank you.
Are you all right?
- What happened?
- You were shot.
You've been down for three days.
- I was so afraid.
- Who are you?
- Lay down.
- I asked you a question.
You don't remember me?
How long have I been here?
Three days.
You've been taking care of me?
What do you mean? Of course I have, Karl.
Karl, what's the matter?
What happened to me?
You got shot in the leg. You fell and hit
your head. That's when you went out.
Karl, I think you've suffered
some sort of memory loss.
- That's my name, Karl?
- Yes.
What did you say,
we're supposed to get married?
- You don't remember anything?
- No.
Why was I shot?
Who am I?
- You're a businessman.
- Business? What kind of business?
- I don't believe you.
- It's true.
- You work with your brother.
- My brother? Doing what?
I don't know the details.
You were working on a deal.
It was very complicated.
- I helped you.
- How did you help me?
You came to me
looking to buy a fake identity.
I gave it to you. That's how me met.
- Does Karl suspect anything?
- He has questions.
- None I can't answer.
- Good.
- So he believes you?
- Seems to.
Are there any side-effects
from the treatment?
None. So far.
- Where does he think you are?
- Supply run.
Go to Systems before you return.
There's some new data for you to review.
Is there something else, Nikita?
Yes. I wanted to know what was going
to happen to Karl after the assignment.
- Why do you ask?
- I don't know. I'm just curious.
It's counterproductive
to think along those lines.
- Analysis?
- Satisfactory.
- Where are you going?
- To Systems.
Here's another DVD. Look at it.
- What are these?
- Neural strip maintenance.
Make sure he takes them.
Michael, he was shot.
Do you have anything for the pain?
I don't care about his pain.
Neither should you.
Hey. Looking for something?
Need some help?
- Where have you been?
- Getting supplies.
Medicine for your leg.
Why do I get the feeling
that you're hiding something from me?
I don't know.
Tell me about these.
- That was a crazy afternoon.
- I don't understand, Nikita.
Now, if I am who you say I am,
why would I want to marry anyone?
You really think I'm just anyone?
This just doesn't make sense.
Who's this?
- Your brother.
- The business partner, right?
- His name's Simon.
- What's he like?
I don't know. I've never met him.
I only know
what you've told me about him.
- What's that?
- That you don't trust him.
- Well, I trust you, right?
- Yes, you do.
For all I know, you could have faked
these photos, right?
- I mean, it's what you do, isn't it?
- Karl, this is getting old real fast.
If you can't handle the fact
that we're together, that's one thing
but we made a plan,
and you promised me a third.
A third of what?
$10 million.
I'll take a shower.
I was just coming up.
The returns from the Archipelago are in.
The vote went against the party.
We're going to have platform field ops
in that area.
How does an increase of 10% sound?
That sounds like a good number
to start with.
Is Martelli scheduled
to come in this week?
Yes, he is. Friday.
Do you want to go over anything?
Where's the meeting
scheduled to take place?
Your area.
- Change it to Committee.
- Okay.
Is everything all right?
- Who's the anthrax for?
- A man named Hassan.
You were about to call him
before you got shot.
Don't worry. I'll walk you through it.
- I should wait.
- Wait for what?
To start remembering again.
This is a very dangerous deal.
Yes, it is. But if you wait,
you're going to lose the deal.
Nikita and Karl have
made contact with Hassan.
The transfer will take place tomorrow.
I've uploaded panels
with the time and place.
Take this for me.
We won't interfere
unless things get critical.
Once Nikita and Karl are safely away,
you'll take out Hassan and his people.
I saw that Friday's meeting
with Martelli is still on.
Is that such a good idea?
I mean, won't George be there?
- Yes, he will.
- Aren't you worried?
Martelli is protected.
If Operations does something crazy
Operations is aware of what would happen
if he kills Martelli.
Hello, George? It's Madeline at One.
I have something new for you.
Hey, sweetness.
- What are they doing to me, Walter?
- What do you mean?
I don't know what's happening to me.
Karl disgusts me.
He's as despicable a person
as I've ever met
and I'm falling in love with him.
In love?
I can't help myself.
I've got no control over my feelings.
When did you start noticing this?
Your cover procedure,
anything out of the ordinary?
- No.
- How'd you prep the mission?
The usual way.
Michael gave me some,
supplementary profiles.
Our eyes only.
Let's go take a look.
What's this?
- What?
- Dropped frame.
- It's Karl, the target.
- Look again.
Am I missing something, Walter?
You're not going out of your mind.
You're being conditioned.
- They've all been adjusted.
- I don't see anything.
Look at the irregularities in the skin tone.
They've been airbrushed. Relax.
Focus on the face.
- Okay, what am I looking for?
- Look for differences in texture.
Now watch while I adjust the contrast.
My God, it's Michael.
You mean that all this is happening
just from watching these DVDs?
See that? Fingerprints.
They treated it with a chemical agent.
You took it in through your skin.
It primed your system.
For what?
Your assignment hinged on Karl
believing that you loved him.
Now, they know
that you couldn't do that
so, they directed your emotions
using someone that you cared about.
- What do you think you're doing?
- What do you mean?
You manipulated me.
I slept with him!
We had to make sure
your cover stayed intact.
So how long is this going to go on for?
You'll have your own emotions back
when this is over.
In the meantime, don't fight it.
Come in, Michael.
Nikita and I have finished our debrief.
You knew all along, didn't you?
Don't you ever get tired
of being their errand boy, Michael?
That's courtesy of my own free will.
It's going to be fine.
Don't do dialogue with this guy.
Just get him to transfer the funds,
and we're out of here.
- Should I take a gun?
- No.
- I'll cover you from here.
- Okay.
Karl, it's nice to finally meet you in person.
So, as agreed, the 20 units
will be delivered to you
as soon as you get the
money in our account.
- And when can I expect delivery?
- Forty-eight hours.
All positions, stand by.
Money has been deposited
in your account.
It's been a pleasure doing
business with you, Karl.
- Okay, we're done.
- Good, let's get out of here.
We're clear. Move in.
Take out everyone.
Good! The money's all there. You're rich.
No, we are rich.
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
So what now?
- We wait for your brother to contact you.
- How will he know when it's time?
He'll see all that money in your account.
- But you have to be careful, Karl.
- Why?
I was thinking
if your brother is as suspicious
as you told me he was
then you probably shouldn't tell him
anything about losing your memory.
You're right.
And you also shouldn't tell him about me
So, what should we do until he calls?
We could do a bit of shopping
on the Internet, or
Where are we with Karl Peruze?
Everything's in place.
We're just waiting for Simon to call.
What if he doesn't?
I sent you a report
on that contingency this morning.
I've been busy.
I hope
you don't do anything that you'll regret.
What does that mean?
I read the Martelli report.
I know about Stephen.
If you take unilateral
When I want your advice in that matter,
I'll ask for it.
In the meantime,
you have more than enough to do.
Let me help you.
Can you bring him back to life?
Can you?
Then there's no help you can offer.
What you thinking about?
- What is it?
- I just had these weird flashes.
- Of what?
- I think it was Simon.
Damn it. He's going recall. It's too soon.
Team 6, stand by.
We may need an intervention.
Do you remember?
I don't know. It's gone.
- How's the pain in your leg?
- It's still there.
Here. Take some of these.
- That was weird.
- Come on. Let's go back to bed.
Karl, I see that money's
been transferred into our account.
- We're going into final phase.
- Okay, everyone, we're going final.
One through four, fall back.
They're going to be moving.
Backups, to your marks.
Looks like they're heading toward Glansk.
- There's an airfield there.
- Prepare the jet.
Contact my team.
- Brother.
- Brother.
Good to see you. You look like $1 million.
$10 million, baby.
This is Nikita.
- Hello.
- Babe.
Hey! What are you doing?
I'm doing the exact same thing
I always do, bro.
She's different, you know. We're together.
Well, then, welcome to the family.
- Thank you.
- Double-cross us, and I'll kill you.
So then, tell me all about it.
Birkoff, update me.
They're at the location.
I've locked into the van's GPS.
- How wide is the perimeter?
- Two clicks.
We can't go any closer
until we have confirmation on the anthrax.
So, I went to Nikita for the passport
and we ended up in bed.
Then her boyfriend showed up
and that's when the fireworks started.
But, like I said, we got through it.
- Then we made the deal with Hassan.
- That accounts for the last two weeks.
But, bro, you've been gone
for over a month.
You all right, baby?
You okay?
- Hugo and Athena.
- What?
- They were here, right?
- Yeah, the day you left. What about it?
- What's wrong with you, bro?
- I'm fine.
What's with the 20 Questions?
I did the job, right?
Give me another drink, will you?
Michael, stand by.
We may need to send in your team.
Karl's programming
is starting to fragment.
Let's go.
So, Nikita, what's your story?
- Karl told you I do documents.
- Where?
Germany, mostly. Anywhere in Europe.
- Then you must know Frederick Dragon.
- Yeah, I do.
Who is he?
- What is this, an interview?
- Just answer the question.
Karl, your brother's an ass.
- Take it easy. Drop it!
- Shut up!
I want to know if she's telling the truth.
Now, who is he?
Frederick Dragon,
he's a former Stassi field agent
worked under Hans Drucker,
Drucker Brigade.
Went independent three years ago:
Forgeries, passports
and you probably didn't know this
but he's also into kiddie porn.
I know about that.
I got to tell you, Karl
I won't be spending any vacations
with your family.
She's all right.
- I know she is.
- Fellows, there's six hours left
before Hassan's clock ticks midnight.
- So, what about the anthrax?
- It's in the basement.
The pilot's on his way.
In the basement?
- Isn't that a little close?
- Don't worry about it.
Okay. All teams go. It's on-site.
You know, when we get the money
I want to go down to Martinique.
There's a guy
What's that?
- We're under attack.
- From who?
- You. You brought them here.
- It has nothing to do with her.
- Simon, relax.
- Simon, no.
Karl's the only one who knew
about this place.
- Please.
- Simon, no!
Where's your brother?
Where's Simon?
Karl, are you all right?
rockets you stole.
She did this.
Karl, no.
- You killed him!
- Karl.
Basement's that way.
I must tell you both
that there's a movement
afoot at Oversight
which I'm not totally against,
to scale back some of the sections.
I assume you wouldn't be telling us that
if we weren't under consideration.
Yes. Frankly, there's a feeling
that you've lost some focus.
We're at 93%.
Is there any other department
that has that kind of efficiency?
What you call "losing focus,"
we call "creative methodology. "
Where's Martelli?
He just arrived.
He's being brought up now.
I will say, for the most part, your
green-list program has been effective.
Martelli was instrumental
in the Philippines maneuver.
- Yes, he was. I read the report.
- Sorry, I'm late.
Thank you.
If you hadn't done that, I was prepared to.
Nobody can be allowed to embezzle
even a dime from the sections.
So, when Madeline called
I offered to take care
of the problem myself.
I told him you'd prefer
to handle this matter personally.
Yes, that's the best way.
I should be going.
Things seem to be running
satisfactorily here.
I should be able to convince Oversight
to keep their hands off One. For now.
Thank you.
Alpha test complete.
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