La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e11 Episode Script

Walk On By

No, it's a few frames later.
I don't see how that could be.
You were on your second mark by then.
Look. There.
- Where are you going?
- Just give me a minute.
I need you for this.
- Nikita.
- Yeah. How long you been here?
Just over a year.
What are you doing here?
I thought you were dead.
I thought you died in prison.
Jamie, let's go.
Don't tell anyone.
What do you mean?
You don't know me, and I don't know you.
Stephanie Groves,
first-year Special Service Op, Poland.
She's been coordinating
due to culminate in five days.
She was grabbed this morning.
By the target group?
Likely. Birkoff?
If it is the target group, they'll assume
she's attached to Government.
It'll slow them down, but not for long.
Groves has never been
in hostile hands before.
We don't have a predictor
for her response.
We have to extract or eliminate her
- Do we have a location?
- Yes.
Our advance intel
estimates a very low resistance.
I'm going to open it up as a wet run.
We'll use recruits in redundancy positions.
Let's get to work.
That's everything.
Okay, wait for the recruits then lock it up.
Check this at the van.
We'll go over it en route.
- You get my pack?
- Yeah.
Go in. Don't screw up.
We're on an eight-minute clock.
The hostage is being held in the pool.
Three in, two out, up to five on the circle.
Jamie, you stay at 90. You're at 270.
Take out any of their retreat.
Will there be any?
How are we doing, Birkoff?
There's no change in their configuration.
We'll work off your clock.
We're going into position.
Use a high frequency if there's a delta.
You got it.
Don't ask non-tactical questions.
Why not?
If you got a problem on point
you can contact me on Channel D.
Approaching circle.
Two down on circle.
One down on circle.
Hold, Peter.
One down on circle.
Okay, Michael, circle's clean. Go.
Ninety seconds till it burns through.
Everybody stay where they are.
You'll get a pulse.
- Nikita, are you there?
- What is it, Jamie?
I got movement on the north neighbor.
I'm not sure. How do I know?
Run your program.
Nothing's coming up.
The program's not running.
It is running. You just didn't recycle it.
I forgot how. I'm just going to drop him.
- Do you see the A register?
- No, I'm just going to shoot.
Don't shoot. They could be innocents.
Wait there.
Thirty seconds.
- Where?
- Second floor, lit window.
They're innocents.
Okay, all units in.
Nikita, where are you?
Right here.
I thought I heard a hostile on the stairs.
Let's go.
Hey, I didn't even know this area existed.
I was wondering
if there was someplace we could talk.
When I tell you to meet me
two minutes past the hour
that's when you show up.
We're in this place to do right,
no mistakes.
You should get used to it.
What're you doing?
I'm giving you a fraction of what
you deserve for what you did to Sheridan.
Sheridan? What'd I do to him?
Sold him dope that killed him.
I was messed up back then.
Nikita, I think we all were. Come on.
You going to help me out here or not?
I don't know yet.
I could use some help from a friend.
I'm not your friend.
I was never your friend, Jamie.
You're the closest thing I got in this place.
Did you tell them I screwed up
in the alley?
- No, not yet.
- Good. Don't.
You don't talk to me like that, Jamie.
You want to do this?
You know one thing
you were always good at?
Making deals.
Pack of cigarettes,
place to crash, you remember?
What's your deal?
It's real simple: You help me, I'll help you.
You don't have anything that I want.
What about your mother?
- Hey, Walter.
- Hey, Joe.
Let's take a look.
They got you running recon in Belize?
Two days on the beach. Can't say I mind.
I used to know a girl lived outside the city.
We're talking old life.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- So?
- Come back here, get an address
pick it up and then
maybe you could take a couple of flicks?
- I owe you, Joe.
- Yeah, you do.
So tell me about my mother.
I know where she is.
This was a deal point, remember?
I didn't report you, Jamie.
If you don't screw up again,
I won't report you. That's the deal.
Where is she?
Last I heard, she was looking for you.
She didn't believe that you'd kill yourself.
She kept trying to get them
to produce a body
and when they didn't
she was convinced you were still alive.
She even hired a detective to find you
and now I know why he didn't.
I don't believe you. She wouldn't do that.
She did.
When she stopped drinking, she changed.
She stopped drinking?
- Where's she live?
- Why?
I mean, you can't go back there, anyway.
Isn't that, like, rule number one?
Just tell me where she lives.
Oak Bluffs.
What are you doing?
Just filling in some gaps
from yesterday's mobile.
So how's the operative
we recovered? Groves?
So we're on schedule?
We leave Friday.
Anything happening
between now and then?
It's yours.
- I'm down tomorrow.
- Yeah?
Do you want to spend the day together?
I'd like that, Michael,
but I've already made plans.
Perhaps some other time?
Where's Raymond?
What is this?
That's a closed-circuit live feed.
That's your wife.
My partner's waiting to hear from me.
If you don't cooperate
Do you need details?
No. What do you want?
Pull up the file on Roberta Wirth.
- Roberta?
- Yeah.
- There it is.
- Who's James Lowe?
What have you told him?
I asked him to check
into the missing daughter.
He knows about some agencies
I don't have access to.
- What did he say?
- Nothing.
He hasn't gotten back to me yet.
So here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna call Mr. Lowe
and you're gonna cancel your request.
Make up something believable.
And what about Roberta?
You're also gonna call her.
Tell her you're off her case.
You're passing her file on to a colleague.
Very pretty, your wife.
Very pretty.
What do you mean
you're handing over the case?
Miles, what's going on?
Another case.
I'm sorry, Roberta, but it's taken priority.
I just can't put in the time this deserves.
Who's going to take over the case, then?
I'll ha ve someone contact you.
I've got to go now, Roberta.
I was wondering maybe if
Hey, that's a waltz.
Want me to teach you how to do it?
Did you want to see the report on Belize?
Sit down.
Granting personal favors
for other operatives
violates Section code.
May I have the pictures, please?
Thank you.
I told Walter.
I knew it was a bad idea
but he said it wouldn't hurt
since I was going to be
in the country anyway.
I mean, what the hell, right?
I've never done anything like this before.
This isn't going to be a problem, is it?
Please give this to Walter.
What do I tell him?
Tell him
these are the photographs you took
and that there's a contact number
in the camera's text field.
You put it in for him.
Are we cool?
I'll have to review your record
before I decide
whether I'm going to put you in abeyance.
Please. Look, I will never do this again.
Walter's waiting.
Man, good to see you. So, how'd it go?
- It was okay.
- Did you find Lita?
Yeah, here.
This is great. This is excellent.
How about you?
Did you have a good time?
I attached a phone number for you.
It's in the camera.
- Can I talk to you?
- I'm busy.
It's important.
I need a favor.
Something from my old life's come up.
My mother.
What about her?
She's been looking for me.
She doesn't believe I'm dead.
How close is she?
She had an indirect connection
to someone at Ml-6.
I severed it
but she'll keep trying.
Have you talked to anyone in procedures?
No. They'll take extreme action.
I want to protect her, Michael.
What do you want me to do?
I don't understand the connection.
I mean, do you work at Brainmar
with Miles?
No, I'm an independent investigator.
Sometimes Miles and I
help each other out.
This just doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, Miles was so committed
to finding Nikita.
One of the reasons Miles called me
is that I have deeper connections
in the intelligence community
and if your daughter's alive
that's how we'll find her.
Excuse all the clutter here.
I didn't know what was important
and what wasn't
so I just kept everything.
Is that her?
We'll get on the case right away.
I can't believe you're here.
It's you.
I'm here, and it's me.
The years have been hard.
I'm afraid I'm not the woman I used to be.
Don't say that, Lita.
You're beautiful.
You know what this reminds me of?
The time we were at the party in Belize
and we had to run into the garden
because it was the only place
we could find to be alone.
My little cousin would never leave.
Oh, her.
What was her name?
Maria. That's it.
I used to worry that you thought
she was prettier than I was.
Get out of here.
There's nobody prettier than you, Lita.
Not then
and not now.
Stop it, Walter.
You're embarrassing me.
That's something else I miss.
What you did just then with the flower
put it in your hair like that.
Nobody but you.
So what have you been doing
all these years?
working for different companies.
What kind of consulting?
Nothing really important.
Don't you want to tell me about your life?
Yes, I do.
I can't.
Were you involved in something bad?
No, I'm not a criminal
or anything like that.
I work at a place that doesn't exist.
No, I mean, it exists
It sounds crazy, doesn't it?
I work for an organization
called Section One.
It's not important. Not now.
It's not important.
How did it go?
She's closer than I expected.
She wasn't just relying
on the investigator.
She has other sources.
So what do we do?
She's not going to stop until she finds you.
I know how this has to end.
I'd just like to see her first and talk to her.
- You know this can't happen.
- Why not?
Because they tell us it can't?
You know that my whole life
I lived with a mother that was a drunk.
She couldn't hear me
couldn't talk to me.
But the other day when I saw her
it was like I saw her for the first time
and all those horrible things
just gone.
I've never seen her like that.
let me do this.
She needs me to forgive her.
That's why she's looking for me.
We're 10 km from a population center.
The building
has third-level target security.
There's no indications of air-base defense.
Louis, where's our greatest exposure?
Our target isn't problematic.
It's the local authorities
we have to worry about.
Good. Jamie, why?
It has something to do with egress.
No. Anyone?
Actually, Jamie's partially right.
According to the panel
local authorities have mixed allegiances.
If we get caught mid-op,
we couldn't invoke immunity.
That's right.
The team would be treated as criminals.
So we'd be detained by the locals.
No. It wouldn't go that far.
Air support
would incinerate the entire area.
There'd be no one left to be detained.
I just don't understand the sequences!
Why don't they just tell me
what to do in plain English?
Jamie, it's going to be okay.
Look at me. Look at my face.
I'm going to be listening on the E channel.
There'll be no problems.
I'll make sure of it.
I'm not going to make it.
Yes, you will.
Don't forget, these people
went to a lot of trouble to put you here.
All right?
And I remember once
watching you walk
into a drugstore and rip it off.
You had no fear.
You were in complete control.
That's all they want.
All right.
- You're going to be there, right?
- I'll be there.
We should go. It's time to load.
You're not going out on this one.
- Why not?
- Personnel change.
Good luck.
What's going on?
If we're going to solve your problem
we have to do it now.
Sit here, please.
Hello, Beverly. That's a very pretty dress.
- Did you get it here in the city?
- Yes.
So, tell us about
your meeting with Walter.
We were together
for six hours and 20 minutes.
He picked me up at the airport
we had dinner
and went to the public gardens.
What was his emotional state?
He was nervous at first,
but he loosened up.
I guess it was
when we went to the gardens.
Maybe it was me who was nervous.
I was worried he might suspect
that I wasn't Lita.
Did he mention Section?
What did he say he's been doing
all these years?
Working for a defense contractor
doing R&D.
So, you're saying he maintained integrity?
Thank you, Beverly.
You've been very helpful.
- Was it a clear signal?
- Yes.
Baseline on the dress.
Time on the meeting was a 1.3.
Emotional state, 1.8.
Location, 1.6. Integrity, 7.4.
Thank you, Antonia.
Walter betrayed the Section.
What would you like to do?
Perhaps he was just purging
and it's a one-time event.
or it could be the start
of a behavioral change.
No, I'm not going to cancel Walter.
I owe him for Belinda.
What would you like to do about Beverly?
She lied to protect Walter.
She must have formed an emotional bond.
You're right. Take care of it.
- Hi.
- Come in.
I found your daughter.
This way.
My baby.
My baby, what have they done to you?
What have they done?
When she was in prison
they offered her
an alternative to incarceration.
To be part of a high-risk,
top-secret medical experiment.
She knew what she was getting into.
How could they do this?
These things happen all the time.
Is there any hope for her?
The damage is total.
Then why are they keeping her like this?
They were planning to use her body parts
to do some other experiments
but I was able to gain her release.
You mean I can take her home?
No, but you can set her free.
I'll let you say good-bye to her.
I was never a mother to you.
When I think back on our time together
I feel like my heart is ripping out
and I'm so ashamed.
What I need to say to you, sweetie
the reason I tried so hard to find you
is that
that wasn't me.
This is me
and you're in my heart
and you always have been
you always will be.
You know, I'm sure that there's
one memory in there
a fond memory
and that if you really try hard enough
you can find it. Please.
I want you to find it, please,
and take it with you.
I want her taken off life support
and her organs donated
to someone who can use them.
Yes, Nikita?
Have they come back from Suriname?
Yes, they have. Why?
How did Jamie do?
So, he'll move on to his next rotation?
Yes, he will.
You've taken an interest in him.
It's more than that. I know him.
We grew up
in the same neighborhood together.
We weren't friends.
In fact, I didn't want
anything to do with him, but
I did know him,
and I wanted to tell you that.
I'm glad you did.
- Sugar.
- Hi, Walter. Is Michael in his office?
Yeah, he just went in. So, how you doing?
I'm okay.
You look just as beautiful as ever.
So, I gather you had a very good time
on your days off.
No, good doesn't cover it.
It transcends good, great, excellent
So, are you going to see her again?
No, I just wanted to see her this once.
She's got a life of her own
- but it was
- It was?
I just wanted to say thank you.
That's the kindest thing
you've ever done for me.
Thank you.
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